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  1. Alex's last year. They went 'Quiz Show' to make it special.
  2. Caps live off the power play. And without Oshie, they looked awful on it. Look for a different player than Wilson to fill Oshie's power play role tonight. And being a game 7, there won't be a lot of power plays anyway. Someone on a secondary line like Eller, Stephenson, or Connolly needs to step up and put one in the net 5v5.
  3. Honestly we should be more like Lions. One strong male to multiple females (whether 'married' or not). The unwanted males and females don't reproduce. And society benefits in the long run. Fat ### bum men reproducing with fat ### lazy women is what 80% of marriages are. Think of all the costs society bears for these people. Survival of the fittest is the way to go. The human society has done just the opposite.
  4. I thought that was a great game. The kids played hard. The coaches are obviously good at what they do. I've watched UVA a good bit this year now that I have 2 kids there. I'm amazed they are able to pull off all the close games they play. They've only lost 5 games in 2 years. That's impressive in the ACC. Tony Bennett runs a great defense and I think he's got a great mind for the game, but I think he runs questionable sets on the offensive end when they get leads. They were up 10 twice last night and both times didn't get a good shot off for their next 5-8 possessions. I feel like he often has the chance to get up 15-20, but doesn't and next thing you know it's a tied game. They tend to pull it off at the end, so nobody seems to notice. But the whole game I'm thinking UVA should be up 20. How is this even close. And as for the NBA discussion, obviously they are better. But saying Harden or Westbrook on a college team means win by 50 is crazy. They were in college. And their teams didn't even win. The zone defense lets teams minimize great players. That's why your top 5 NBA picks this year didn't win. 1 player cannot win the game in college. No matter how talented. That is why college basketball is fun to watch. And the NBA is boring. The NBA is about the best 2 players on the court. College is about the best 5 on the court.
  5. I always liked Frank Layden, Utah Jazz. Pulled these from the web... Once in a road game against the Denver Nuggets, there was a halftime contest where a young fan won a halftime shooting contest. Layden pulled the kid aside and jokingly asked him if he was interested in helping out the Jazz, who were down by 25 points at the time. Layden then tried sneaking him onto the court with four other Jazz players and got the fan on the court before the referees realized what was going on and stopped play. In a 1985 game against the Los Angeles Lakers, with the Jazz down by a sizable deficit, Layden left the game while it was still ongoing and returned to the team's hotel across from The Forum, visiting the sandwich shop to order a sandwich and chili. During the 1987 playoff series against the Golden State Warriors, Layden arrived to the arena in full Groucho Marx nose, glasses, and mustache getup and did a comedy bit with Warriors coach George Karl to try and make things more lighthearted after the previous game featured tension-filled moments and fighting amongst players. “The team was enormous back then,” Donovan recalled. “You had Mark Eaton, Thurl Bailey, Karl Malone, Marc Iavaroni, Mel Turpin. They were in this square locker room and they were all sitting on one side of the room.” Layden, then the head coach of the Jazz, noticed the bulk in the room sitting closely together and cracked a joke that Donovan remembers 28 years later. “He says to them, ‘You three guys get up and sit over there. I don’t want the room to tip over,’” Donovan said, smiling. "They actually started to get up and move because he told them to and then I think they realized he was joking." When asked how long it would take him to have a good team when he first came to Salt Lake City: "I said 7 years, but I only had a 5-year contract. Why rush things? The world was made in only 6 days, and I don't feel like I would like to have a team in the shape the world is in now." On remembering what it felt like when he was named coach of the Jazz. "That's like saying, 'And now, our next speaker was the lookout at Pearl Harbor.' "
  6. As a Hokie I wanted to keep Buzz. But there's no way VT is going to pay what A&M offers. VT would have gone up some, then A&M would have just gone higher. SEC schools are larger and have more money. You have to look at it on the whole of the SEC vs ACC, since there is revenue sharing amongst the schools. SEC has way, way more $s from the football. A&M is 2.5x the size of VT enrollment wise so lots more alumni $s too. For instance, A&Ms endowment is $9.8B and VT's is $1.6B. And most importantly, the politicians in Richmond don't like the commonwealth universities paying top of the line salaries that some of these coaches get. I'm surprised Bennett hasn't been offered big bucks somewhere like UCLA. I know he's in the top 5 already salary wise, but what's another $1-2M for a UCLA.
  7. Statler and Waldorf on the Muppets.
  8. Pole likely created by a 30-40 year old male. I agree the newer stuff is more relevant to most people on this board though. So I chose Breaking Bad. Older ones... House, ER, Law and Order, Dallas, CSI, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, 24, Hill Street Blues. All of these were absolutely enormous in their time. Also, I loved Ozark.
  9. Well I don't know if it's technically fast food, but I once sat in a Chesapeake Bay Seafood House for over 4 hours all by myself. The one in Fairfax, VA across from Paul VI. Very sad to eat for 4 hours with nothing but a Washington Post at my side. I was #######' starving though and it was worth every penny. Only the DC people will remember Chesapeake Bay SH. You could pay $9.99 for all you can eat spiced shrimp, a drink, and hushpuppies. And this gave you access to everything cheaper on the menu as well (fried and popcorn shrimp, flounder, fried clams, fried scallop. I'm guessing I packed down over 15,000 calories of fried food heaven in 1 sitting.
  10. How does he suck at his job? By your definition there's like 10-15 guys in the world that don't suck at being an NFL quarterback, and that's for a job 99.9999% of US males would want more than their current job.
  11. Carmax is your friend. I sell all my cars to them. I get slightly less than a private sale, but way more than from dealer, and with no hassles or risk of dealing with individual buyers. My last car I sold to Carmax for $34k, and the dealer had offered $22k. And I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them even for a second. They have it down to a science. You give your kid a budget, tell them they have to find something with no more than 25k miles on it for that price, and help them walk the lot and choose. They get something they want. You get minimal hassle and a car that is probably in excellent condition.
  12. Bruce Allen simply does not value QBs. RG3 was Snyder's move and Cousins was Shanny's decision. To Allen, QBs are disposable parts of the team and a mid-range veteran is just fine. Don't believe me - as far as I can tell his drafted QBs in all his years as GM have been Bruce Gradkowski (6th round), Josh Jackson (5th), and Nate Sudfield (6th). I could be wrong and correct me if so. But from what I can tell that's it. So the only time any of his teams have had a capable QB were when Shanny/Snyder made the picks of RG3/Cousins. And therein lies all you need to know about the woes of this team. Bruce has always got a stopgap answer at QB, and even when he had an above average one sitting on his roster his ego ruined any chance at a long term contract. I would have traded for Rosen even for the 1st rounder, entirely based on Rosen's potential. And then if he sucked, I'd draft a first round QB next year. And keep drafting them every year until one works out. Going into a season with Keenum/McCoy screams of 8-8 is good enough.
  13. The Eagles. I love Rush and Metallica, but the Eagles songs are so smooth and you can go 40 deep and still have good tunes. If it was in the 2000s, Linkin Park. But for all time got to go with the Eagles.
  14. Huh? It's a given that he's a top 3 pick. Mayfield got a $21.8M signing bonus in a $32M contract. San Darnold got a $20M signing bonus $20M contract How does a $4.6M reporting bonus from the As, a minor league salary, no chance for another payday until like 2025, and slumming it around in rookie league even come close?