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  1. Nothing to add to this thread except, if your feelings are hurt by someone you don't know on an internet forum in a thread about a 2 minute fight involving a team that sucks ... damn. Soft.
  2. Some gym teachers in our county make $100K+ to work 9 months of the year. It's all based on time of service. Plus pension. And they ##### about it. How hard is it to tell a kid to run around the track and do a 2 week lesson on Family Planning or whatever it's called? Most of them look worse than Rosie O'Donnell. My history teacher made over $100K in 1986. In our county you can look up their salaries. I feel fortunate my kids teachers have come from Duke, Stanford, and other great schools. That's why I live here, so I don't have to pay for private schools. I'm told most of them make in the $150k range, and that's again for part of a year. I feel that's worth it for the ones teaching Calc, Econ, Stats, Chem, and other tough courses. Not so much when they are teaching gym jouranlism, etc. I mean the drama teacher is making as much as the Calc teacher. Seems dumb to me. I could get anyone to teach gym or some artsy crap.
  3. In 20 years actually. NYJ, MIA, ATL ... all winners. Won't matter if dip#### is making the decision of a new HC and running the draft. Snyder should trade his #1 pick for the Kevin Colbert/Mike Tomlin combo and throw a bunch of money at them to bring some sense to this dumpster fire.
  4. Love the speech. Do have a problem with player recording it. I think that's an awesome quote ... "Roll Tide...F U"
  5. Sadly I did this about 15 years ago. Started the pump, went in to get a Diet Mountain Dew, came back and got in car, drove 10 feet and heard a thumping noise. Immediately realized I'm a dumb ###. Gas spewing everywhere. Packed gas station. Ran in to get the attendant and he shut it down. Nice guy. Told me it was fine and started cleanup. And I sheepishly drove off under the glaring looks of judgmental people.
  6. One thing I don’t understand is how for 5 years Williams was worried about a growth on his head and he just accepted the Redskins medical diagnosis. He’s got plenty of money for extra opinions. He has an agent that should have suggested he get other opinions. If something growing on my head worried me for even a few months I’d be at 3-4 doctors, and I have nowhere near the resources Williams has. the redskins as usual messed up handling of a player and how to handle his contract/trade request. That’s forever on Bruce, and for so many players he’s handled wrong. But Williams has to accept some of the blame here. He can’t plead total ignorance
  7. I chose D. I think it's ego driven that he doesn't want to give in. I also don't think anyone's tax records should be public information. I don't see how it hurts him beyond the people that already hate him. Everyone knows he's rich. Everyone knows the rich have tax loopholes. The Dems will say he's a cheat. The Reps will say the Dems are on a witch hunt. And vice versa when a Dem is in office. It's all the same no matter what the reason. And it's been that way for 200+ years. A 2 party system tends to do that.
  8. Next Sunday, Bruce will be in charge of challenges, spelling of players names, and making change at the Boardwalk Fries stand.
  9. Dan isn't doing the tweeting. Dan isn't on message boards. Dan isn't even at press conferences. I honestly think the only thing he sees are the team record, the empty stadium, and probably still great profits. Bruce is there all the time telling him "if we only had a better coach, if we only had a QB, if we only had a stadium in DC or VA, if, if..." Deflecting the blame to others. I've said this before, but my friend was Dan's Controller for a while at a different company. So the only person between this person and Dan was the CFO. This person was not allowed to talk to him - on the elevator, in meetings, anywhere. They were told not to even make eye contact I'm guessing most of the ultra rich aren't a-holes, but when the are, they have to be oblivious to what is going on below them. I think that's where Dan is. Oblivious, and the only hope he gets the message are empty stadium and abysmal record. Cause Bruce has manipulated him year after year.
  10. Shocker. Is there any player, coach, fan, or other team that actually likes Bruce Allen? Snyder sucks. Bruce Allen is 1000x worse. With CLE's record, that pick is probably a top 10 pick choice. So the GM of a 1-7 team would rather have an expensive aging veteran sit on the bench, on IR, or at home rather than have a top 10 pick in the 2020 draft. F'in idiot. ETA: Am I wrong to assume that Allen has Snyder so tucked into his pocket that Snyder doesn't even know how much everyone hates Allen? I have a feeling that between his planes, helicopters, and limos, Snyder's head is so buried in the sand he doesn't even know how loathed Allen is.
  11. This is the correct route. But if it doesn't work out, I'd talk to HR next. If they won't do anything, it's probably not a company or manager worth working for. And if there is one lesson I'd pass on to any kid about choosing a job, it's that your direct manager and the person directly above them are what makes a job enjoyable (or miserable). Working for a person you don't like or that doesn't care about you isn't worth it.
  12. Williams ended his holdout. I assume this means Bruce didn't end up trading him as he hoped. And Williams wants to get credit for another year of service for retirement $s and to keep the contract years rolling?
  13. You want to see embarrassing. Cousins is going to put up about 500 yards on them this Thursday even without Thielen. Maybe he can't play when it matters, but MIN is paying him $28M, while the Skins are paying Smith, Keenum, and McCoy $28M combined to throw about 10 passes per game (thankfully not more since DEN paying most of Keenum's deal). Man, give me Cousins every single day over those three. Even is Smith was healthy. Fans can brush it off like they weren't going anywhere with Cousins, but he far exceeded anything else this team had since probably Brad Johnson. More of Bruce winning the deal in his own diluted mind. Hey, he didn't pay Cousins. Hey, he's not going to budge on Trent. I guess that's what he means by winning off the field.
  14. Man, i love Pierce's BBQ. I'd go there and take it back to the hotel room and watch the game. Just sit on your bed with 2 large BBQ sandwiches and a sweet tea and immerse yourself in loserness. I've done it many a time and it's great. Sal's by Victor doesn't have a bar, but they do have a couple of TVs and very good italian. If ever in doubt there is a bonefish grill. Bar there is easy to chill at and swig down a brew with some adequate food.