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  1. i think the upset shot is Seattle. they've lost 3 of their last 5 and have a bad D. Their wins aren't that impressive either.
  2. The young people on here will have no idea how good MASH and All in the Family were. I don't consider animated. Simpsons was great. But it's easier to make animated stay relevant over years. Seinfeld MASH All in the Family The Office Friends, Cheers, Modern Family ... those were good too.
  3. I look at him and Khalil Herbert as similar players. Same height. Same weight. Same skill set. Could see both going Round 3-5 as multi-use RBs. Both probably too small to play ST at NFL level though.
  4. Smith has impressed...just with the leadership. He's the best QB this team has right now. Haskins simply doesn't have the mobility or intangibles that Smith does. Maybe he will get some of them by osmosis. But one play really irked me in that Dallas game, and it shows why Smith was never as good as Peyton, Rodgers, Brady, Brees, etc. (I know...who is...but the play still irks me). Washington was up like a TD and had the ball. DAL defense is totally confused. They have the wrong guys on the field and half of their D is within 20 yards of their sideline trying to figure it out. WAS offense is set and lined up. Rather than quick snapping and finding the uncovered WR (there were 2 of them with not one single CB within 15 yards of them), Smith waits for DAL to get organized. Then decided what to do. What he does is throw a crappy interception that is returned to like the 10 yard line. If that interception is run all the way back, I think this game could have gone the other way. Smith is a vet. He should have quick snapped and slung the ball to either player on the right side of the formation. At minimum they gain 15 yards. Might have even gone all the way since DAL safeties were looking at their sidelines confused. It's stuff like this that kept Smith from being great in SF or KC. He's always had the talent and been above average. His comeback is beyond words. But the ability to go off schedule isn't there, which kept him from being far more than he was. He has done this where he hasn't gone after backup CBs too. Guy gets hurt, CB comes in game...a vet has to go after that. Just my opinion. He's a solid QB and guy, easily the best on the roster. Just wish he would sense when there is an opening to take advantage of.
  5. This. Look I own little BTC and quite a bit of ETH. But the backers of crypto say 'it's gonna go up' and it sits flat, then almost by default it goes up over time. Suddenly they claim they were right. Um no, like anything if you hold it long enough it's likely to go up. Hey, BTC is gonna be worth $50k. Well yes, that very likely unless it implodes. I'm still not sold on the usefullness of crypto as anything but an inflation hedge. At some point is needs to become usable. But less (not more) companies are willing to accept BTC as a payment method a year later. BTC can process almost no transactions per minute compared to VISA. The system is too slow. And while they are trying to make it faster, it will still be slow. ETH has the same issue, even when 2.0 finally comes around. It' can't sit there like precious metals. It needs to actually be a payment method. In no way, shape or form is it ... YET.