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  1. Out of curiosity, how many people do you know that have gotten COVID and have any died? Right now I know 11 that have gotten it to the point they had the symptoms and tested positive. 1 that died. 2 currently in the hospital on respirators and in really bad condition. All 3 of those are over 60. 8 people have recovered albeit 2 of them really had a rough time with weeks in hospital and quarantine - a 32 and a21 year old.
  2. Meh. He lived in a 'if you aren't cheating you aren't trying' era of biking. No different than some of them recently putting motors inside the gear mechanisms. Bonds and McGuire and others in baseball same thing. Golfers used beta blockers for years. 75% of the NBA is high the entire season. My opinion is it's up to the sports governing bodies to stop it before it happens to protect the field and the sport. Or at least do something as soon as they know about it. Otherwise, everyone is forced to cheat to keep up. He's an interesting story. Not likable in any way. But the story is good.
  3. Colleges rentals are gonna be really interesting. Some went online (Cal system). Some are going (UT, ND). Most haven't decided. But if I pay for two apartment rentals for my kids (12 month lease required on each), and 3 weeks into the semester they decide to send them home I am gonna be uber pissed off. Seems to me they should delay announcements until end of July, with the likelihood of being online. Otherwise they are forcing parents into a $12K rental decision. Online seems to be the smart decision, and then allow kids to take a semester off or for freshman start a semester late. Total mess though.
  4. Northern VA. Technically many things are not supposed to be open until May 29. I'm not sure anyone is listening anymore. But 99% of people are using masks and 50% of people wear gloves. I think people are pretty much acting smart about it. I don't get why anyone would not wear a mask no matter where they live. So it's not full proof. But it's better than not using it. I might stick with it forever. I think it looks pretty damn cool.
  5. It's the same way in a lot of businesses and people don't think about it. Restaurants have become obvious now. Golf courses lose about 30% of their revenue when people make an online tee time. So if you pay $60, the course is getting about $42. That's $18 less per round to maintain the course that you want to be nice as can be. If you call the course directly, they get the money and the rates are the same. Realtors pay 30-50% when people use an online referral site Standard referrals are like 30%. Zillow runs into the 50% range when you figure out the subscription costs. So no matter what you think of realtors, do you want to pay yours 50% less just because you clicked on a Zillow button. While Zillow does nothing but feed from the MLS like hundred of other sites. Amazon is different slightly in that it can provide a price benefit to the consumer. None of the above really do that.
  6. Why would anyone use them right now is my question? Maybe a few min drive in literally zero traffic to save $5-10 for myself and 20-30% for the restaurant owner. Plus I get out of the house. Win for all. Skip the delivery service.
  7. Ughh. Willard? He seemed much younger than 80s. These people are too close to my age and I have no desire to die. Need to look into freezing myself. Sort of like Khan's minions in Star Trek. Wake up in 2000 years and take over the world.
  8. I think he's gonna be a huge weapon. Moreso than any other player on their roster including McLaurin. Turner should easily be able to scheme to get him 1 on 1 with some LBs.
  9. I voted no. Close call though. He has had an awful set of weapons for about 5-6 years in NE. Ever since BB ran Moss out of town. Gronk and Edelman were good, but that's less weapons that he will have in TB. And his OL in NE was full of holes. But still, 5000 yards is a lot for a guys who has only done it once in 20 years and is 43 yrs old. I'm also not sure Brady will be asked to throw as much as Winston was cause they won't be losing so much. I'd say 4,400 if he stays healthy
  10. On point here. Someone has to be insane to put COVID on the list. Not only did the events leading to WWI set humanity back in general, from a death perspective 130,000 people died in the Battle of Argonne in like a week. The US alone put out more ammo in the first 4 hours of battle than was used in all of the Civil War.
  11. COVID? Seriously? Is this a 5th grader? It doesn't even snag the top 100. Maybe handling of disease outbreaks as a whole is top 5. But those aren't caused by humans so much as they are a natural part of living in an ecosystem. Slavery has been going on for 5000 years, and still does, including in many forms not called slavery. There will always be the haves and have not. In many cases slavery, serfdom and similar were a function of society to keep those without anything from essentially dying. I mean, those with resources could easily kill their captured prisoners or beggars or the weak or the oppressed. It's definitely a top 5 though when it is done in a ruthless manner with no benefit at all to the oppressed people. War in general is by far the #1. Whether WWII, Ghengis Khan, Pelopnesian Wars, tribal wars, and on and on and on since the beginning of time. It will never stop. Ever. If I remember there have been 4 years since year 0 where there were no wars of some type. People will always protect what is theirs, and when necessary take what belongs to others. War may be a fact of life, but it's held humanity back immeasurable amounts. The sheer dollars the US spends on the military, if able to be devoted elsewhere, would have done so much to advance humanity. And this comes from a hard core conservative.
  12. I'd pay off Alex Smith's contract by cutting him pre-June 1. That dead money would eat up $32M of the $35M remaining cap space in 2020. But get him off the books forever. Freeing up I believe $21M over 2021 and 2022. The team is not going to the SB this year, nor probably the playoffs. And no matter how hard Alex tries he's not gonna be a starting QB in the NFL again. I'd rather have the extra money in 2021 and 2022, after they know what they have or don't have in Haskins.
  13. He has now made $29M for 22 starts, of which 6 were wins. CHI got a solid 4 TDs and 5 INTs from him for $16M 😧
  14. We got ours a couple of days ago Like $1500. But there are many more needy people. I think they messed up giving it based on income rather than wealth. We had a bad business year in 2018. And that triggered a check. But overall we are fortunate. I mean if Warren Buffett made $0 in 2018 he would have gotten a full check. That makes no sense. Anyway,, I gave it all to No Kid Hungry. Hopefully they can help some people out.
  15. I actually wasn't going off media reports. Only what seemed a good system fit to me. I'm sure BB thinks he can win with anyfat ### at QB, but he isn't winning with Stidham. He just isn't. He better come up with something unless he's OK going 8-8 the next two years