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  1. I'm built like a linebacker that gave up the game 10 years ago and gained a few. My problem is never the person in front reclining. I can just do the same but rarely do. Gut, legs ... no problem. My problem is my shoulders. They are about as wide as the entire seat. Put another guy built like me in the middle seat, and discomfort ensues. Not sure if I mentioned it before, but once sat on a flight next to a USC lineman. He only 6'2" but his shoulders were immense. I mean 3" past both sides of the seat. We made do the best we could for 3 hours. As for people on their computers, tough break. It's not an office. It's an airplane. Plan better or apparently fly Southwest, which only reclines 2". This is still all on the airplanes. If you care about business travelers, don't let the seats recline so much except in 1st class. And maybe make seats that aren't made for Hugo Boss wearing Northern European turds. Or vegetarian tree huggers.
  2. Charlemagne
  3. I don't recline ever, but if the seat permits it what is wrong with it. Airlines should change the seats to only recline 1-2 inches. All problems solved.
  4. He sure has a fun time with his star players and celebs. Too bad he doesn't give a crap about his fans.
  5. NBA fixes... Make the court 6 feet wider Let them play zone D. let defenders use hand checks. NBA D is incredibly good, but it's hard to guard a premier athlete when you cant' touch them
  6. I'm a Braves and Nats fan, and I'll forever contend the Astors did nothing wrong and they should have gone with that as their defense. Everyone is stealing signs. This is all about the mechanisms used to do it and how one is ok but one isn't. To me - whether a player at 2nd base, a coach picking up a pitcher's tell, a guy in center field beating a drum, or a wire telling a player what's coming - doesn't matter. It's all stealing signs. Teams should have done a better job to combat it. Like have the pitcher and catcher wear electronics to avoid the other team stealing anything. or the pitcher doing a better job hiding his grip. To me this ihas been one giant non-story.
  7. All that matters to an appraiser are the basics. Tax sq ft. Lot size. Bedrooms. Baths. Finished basement. Garage. etc. About the only things you can do are: 1) have a list of improvements in the past 7 years. Anything older than that is usually not considered an improvement anymore (or at least a recent improvement). So if say you added a patio, redid a bathroom, etc. make sure they know it 2) you can pull some comps and give them to them in hopes they use them. Some do, some don't. They will obviously pull the ones right around you within the last 3 months. But sometimes you can drop one on them they weren't going to use, and you never know. 3) while cleaning up doesn't really help a lot for raw value, it doesn't hurt either. They are supposed to take pictures of every room. Make the beds. Clean the kitchen. Simple things. Cause all of that does get uploaded to underwriting, and if something is in doubt the house appearance can make a small difference. They may do a drive-by appraisal, but it's very unusual except on HELOCs. I've had 1 house of like 300 not appraise in 12 years. When there is a sale they do everything they can to hit the appraised value. In your case it's probably gonna be appraised completely on the nearest 3-4 sold properties no matter what you do
  8. I don't think so. Any trade would mean a new contract for Q. And that contract means he has far less trade value. The top 20 CBs in the league all make > $10M per year. No way someone is paying Q $12M PLUS giving up a 1sr or 2nd for the privilege of doing that. He's never proven he can lock down a #1. He will forever have the "drafted as a WR" tag. He's not particularly fast. And he played for one of the worst defenses in the league. My guess (and it's completely a guess) is that a 3rd and a mid-level disgruntled player are the return package.
  9. There are two types of workers - those that have uncapped income (sales, business owners, executives with bonus/stock structures) and those that have capped income (8-5 jobs like acctg, IT, admins, etc). I've done both and you can make a good living in both. IT for instance obviously pays well. But if you want to max out your $s, find a position where your income is not limited ... like sales. Sure there is pressure. At times a lot. But the hard work pays off IMO.
  10. Quinton Dunbar has requested a trade or release. I'd have no problem letting him go for a 3rd. Cut Norman. Rebuilt the DBs. I really don't think he is all that good even though PFF grades him high. Protected by how little teams need to attack him to beat WAS. Same for Trent. Great player but getting too old for where WAS is right now. Trade him for whatever. I'm not even sure other teams will want him much given his medical and potential suspension for another failed drug test. Probably can get a 2nd.
  11. Top 10 causes of death worldwide Top 20 here My guess is coronavirus isn' even gonna crack the top 25. The press just needs something more interesting than dysentery to write about. This one is interesting too.
  12. This topic can be closed. Start a new one with Pelosi’s next most important idea. Impeaching Trump again. She’s killed the party. Congrats Nancy.
  13. I hope the Wiz stay pat. Hearing trade rumors and I have no idea why. Mahinmi's $15M contract will expire. CJ Miles at $8.7M comes off the books. Get IT out of town. Pay $14-15M to keep Bertans. That leaves about $24M of cap space to find a rim protector at C and sign other crap. So starters would be Wall, Beal, Rui, Bertans, and a defensive minder C. That's a team I can live with. Ish Smith, Bryant, and Wagner first off the bench. Brown, Bonga, and Schofield deeper on the bench. The key is finding a FA center that can play with these guys. Nobody consistently protects the basket on this team so everyone has to help, leaving them vulnerable to the 3 ball. Hey, it's not going to win a championship, but it's a decent playoff lineup.
  14. Nancy Pelosi being the face of the Democratic Party the last 10+ years has done more damage than anything in the history of the party. It used to be a party I would vote for. I voted for Clinton. I voted for Obama 2nd term. I also voted for Reagan. And because of the Supreme Court and almost nothing else I voted for Trump. As long as Pelosi is in charge, I will NEVER vote Democrat again. And I think this is reflective of a lot of quiet voters. As much as Trump is unlikable, the country is doing fine. But the Congress is incredibly terrible. Both houses. So did it change my vote - well it more or less confirmed that while I sit on the fence I don't want her to have any more power, and that's what a Dem President gives her. Total control of our government. Wouldn't want it for Schummer either. It's too bad their few centrist candidates lack support from the party leaders. My problem is she fights the wrong fight. She is no different than Trump. NONE. It's about her just as much as he's about him. This impeachment. Ripping up the speech. If the leader of the Dems would simply become above the fray and talk issues, I think people would listen. As of now she's playing a social media game that she has no chance winning.