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  1. Drive is still one of my favorite slow rock tunes.
  2. I wonder how many 8-15 year olds were playing sports in the 1850s? Or the 1910s? Or even the 1950s? The answer is probably 1% in the 1850s and less than 10% in the 1950s. Most were working on farms, and before child labor laws in mines or factories. I love pretty much all sports. But there's little correlation between playing sports and being a good person, teammates, worker, etc. The advent of technology that enables us to do less, both for adults and kids, is what has changed society. Whether it be get our news in 10 seconds rather than read a paper. Or play a game on our phone rather than a family board game. Or order door dash rather than make a meal. Or hop in the car to get groceries rather than walk to a market or grow it ourselves. Or be on a fantasy football website rather than telling stories with neighbors. It's what has given parents the time to be uber involved in their kids 'success' rather than worrying about feeding their family that week. Overall society has gotten easier despite all the rat race, but there are parts of that improved society that have led to laziness and less in-person social interaction. We've gotten very soft as a society, especially the US. It's OK. Everything runs its course.
  3. Watched Boyhood last night to verify this list. ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž The premise of showing a movie over >20 years is interesting. The movie is boring though. This top 100 list was obviously picked by an Oscars board of governors septuagenarian.
  4. And hence why all Redskins watchers were quick to say he sucked and MIN had nothing here. MIN fans see what the national media says. 1st ournd pick, blah, blah. We in DC know he hates to get hit, he can't separate, and he finds plenty of injuries that nobody on the training staff can find. If it was touch football, you'd want Doctson. But if there's a chance for contact, you can be assured he'll find a way to be unavailable.
  5. The highest rated one I've seen is #19. And only 13 on the whole list. That's scary. Either this is a #### list, or I don't spend enough time in front of the TV. My guess is the former. Got to see if any of these are on Netflix.
  6. Trump is crazy, but by making himself to be an #### on a daily basis, journalist fail to bring to the masses the real problems that beset previous presidents - things like Iran, North Korea, spending, etc, etc. They are so focused on his asinine comments and the easy fodder that Trump never has to defend his policies beyond a few words. I think all part of his ploy to get re-elected. He will be able to say the US is better off now than 4 years ago, and whether it is or isn't, not many people will disagree with him because he's blinded the masses with ridiculous comments. Whether or not this is intentional, who knows.
  7. โ€œTo say you won't respect the results of the election, that is a direct threat to our democracy, We've been around 240 years. We've had free and fair elections and we've accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them and that is what must be expected of anyone standing on a debate stage during a general election.โ€ - Hillary Clinton, 2015 "Russiaโ€™s interference in our elections will continue to threaten our democracy until Republicans join Democrats to stop it." - Hillary Clinton, 2019 The Donald set her up 4 years ago. She and the Dems fell for it.
  8. Pretty sure Bob Kraft's lawyer can get him out of trouble. Even if there's video evidence and AB is naked laying on the girl.
  9. Played basketball last night. No energy to get up our stairs. Slept on family room floor. Which sucked even more come morning wake up.
  10. This team is really good this year. I think better than the last few years. Edelman, Gordon, AB, Dorsett, James White. ####### awesome WRs, and a great QB throwing to them. And a bevy of RBs that can get hot when BB game plans for lots of runs. The rest of us are envious. Even if AB gets booted by BB in the long run, they are still stacked.
  11. And the head coach costs the team yet another one. Likable guy. Not a good HC. His issue is very simple ... his judgment is clouded by his stubbornness. So if it's workin, why change anything. If it's not working, the team just has to execute better. This has led to recent personnel decisions like keeping Colt McCoy at all, keeping Perrine for too long, keeping Doctson for too long, and benching AP this week. It has led to him having defensive coordinators that can't take his job rather than those that are good. He continues to believe in the pass, and his run plays are horrendous. They are readable by the defense. His teams have forever been penalized more than most teams. For every team, the drops and bad throws happens. Missed blocks and missed coverages happen. Good coaches overcome it with having more in their play book arsenal. You telling me Andy Reid and Bill Bellichek wouldn't win with this team? They would. They would figure out what works and get it done, rather than worrying about the stats their system produces. Some of this stubbornness comes from above, particularly Bruce Allen. And filters down. But with Gruden you can see it in his brother too. I like the guy. I'd want to play golf with him and hang at a bar with him. As far as a coach. He's several steps behind with his playbook and his judgment.
  12. Percentages please. US Population has doubled since 1970. And in 1970 a lot less kids actually went to a doctor to be evaluated. I don't doubt obesity is an issue in US Kids. But I don't think it has a single thing to do with sports. I think obesity is very much about parents in poorer states making bad parenting decisions with regards to nutrition. Go into a general grocery store and any po-dunk town in the US and you'll see that cheap, poor nutrient options are what there is to choose from. And a bevy of fast food selections down the road. You can choose those cheap options, or buy an old banana or apple that has been on the shelf for a week and costs more than it should. Change will eventually come in these places too.
  13. As a Dad that did this for a few years, yes you would. It starts off fine. But then your friends take it to the next level with the sarcasm. The last thing you need is your spouse piling it on. It's rough when the kids are little. Major boredom, but you are still playing with them or taking them to lame playdates which can wear you down. I don't know how. it just does. Once they hit about 6 and got into sports I was fine. But from 3-6 years old ... kill me if I ever have to do that again.
  14. They base it on BMI, which I will go to my grave saying was the dumbest thing ever invented. Go look up where it came from, and tell me how an early 1800s social physicist in Denmark should set the parameters for how we measure our bodies. Around the world for all cultural genetics? I would think that any chart that shows boxers, linebackers, and hockey players (not to mention Special Ops forces) are all obese would have been debunked years and years ago. I think the measure should be what physical activities a person can do. Pushups. Crunches. Pull ups. How far they can run. Stuff like that. I've seen plenty of skinny people that were totally out of shape, and plenty of BMI obese people that are great athletes.
  15. You have an old mans definition of sports. You are thinking baseball, football, basketball and soccer. Yep, they don't really care about it. My kids played them all. They enjoyed them. They are more about individual activities though. Climbing. Skiing. Running. I think kids are smarter these days. Like WAY smarter. They don't have a pipe dream of being a pro like many of us did. They don' waste time watching them on TV like many of us did and still do. Honestly, sitting down to watch a football game, especially in real time with commercials, is a huge waste of time. They don't want to waste money going to the games. There is free entertainment and content available that is just as good. They get information almost immediately no matter the subject. They think our generation are a bunch of idiots. And we kind of are, but it's because content was so slow to get to us that spending 3 hours in front of a TV was no big deal. As for obesity, my kids are 1000% in better shape than us. As are their friends. Gone are the days of HoHos and Twinkies stuffed into lunches. They haven't had a soda ever and are in college. They call it the modern day cigarette. We used to have 5 2-liter bottles on our counters when I grew up. We ate ice cream and cake. These kids don't They eat organic everything. Their poor nutrition vice is Chipotle or QDoba. Honestly, I just think every generation sees the next one as not prepared. When actually, every generation has been better than the last.