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  1. Thanks for the replies - I hope FBG gets some articles out, hard to find material anywhere. You guys did a great job when this was around 3 years ago ? Hopefully, something for this Thursday and definitely Saturday ? Thanks for all the effort !
  2. And I was wondering that too....Hey FBG executive team - Where is the DFS landing page or call it "Pro Plus" Landing page....Thanks !
  3. As a Pro Plus subscriber, any NFL preseason analysis going to be on here for the games ? I would rather not pay for it on other sites....Thanks !
  4. Or are you talking about Canadian Football League which is on DK ? I don't remember FBG having that but they did have College football but as John said that boat has sailed.
  5. Absolutely, DraftKings working fine - I have been rolling baseball every day for last 3 months. The merger fell through, so they are still independent. Draft Kings announced today a bunch of new rules, which will benefit the casual player and many are pumped about that. They opened NFL preseason today and they have $0.10 and $0.50 contests to go along with the usual $1, $3, $4, $5 and up.
  6. Not going to get in an argument, but if you have an open mind - listen to a couple episodes and they bring out the issues of how all media manipulates the news and what you hear. They do not lean one way or another, however my dad who is a diehard democrat said the same thing as you - he lasted 20 minutes. They have some great analysis and in a fun way, after 3 years of listening - I don't always agree but they have some great points and are entertaining - to each his own....
  7. No Agenda Show - the best podcast in the universe. Listen to a couple episodes and it will open your mind.
  8. My daughter diagnosed 11/16/09 at age 6 with Type 1 - no history in family and was a MDI - multiple daily injector until May 2014. At that point we have her on a Medtronic 530G pump (she will not use Elite CGM does not want another hole in her) and she is a "tom boy" - Travel soccer for the last 5 years plus basketball and volleyball. T1D does not slow her down and public schools have been great. In fact, she had 250 kids in her 7th grade class last with 4 kids with T1D on pumps. Must be the water in Michigan to have that many in one class...pretty crazy. Some random items: A1C scores a little lower with pump but more stable BS during the night/day, she loves the pump. We make sure that she is 180-200 at 11:00 pm and then she is good to go for the night. Here friends stay at our house for sleepovers and she does not stay at others house, my wife and I have not been out overnight together anywhere since her diagnoses but you deal with it. There are diseases that are a lot worse than manageable T1D, so we work it out. One of the best things we ever did and we started late when she was 11 (June 2014) was send her to diabetes camp in Michigan - Camp Midicha - Fenton MI. This camp is amazing !! No worries for the parent and my daughter said "It's the only week of the year that she does not have to worry about diabetes". She went for her second year this year in June and she learned to move site from her stomach for the last year to the top of her rear end. She never would have made this site change location without suggestions from the camp - that alone was worth the price for the camp. If you learn anything from my post - SEND YOUR KID TO DIABETES CAMP - Camp Midicha has been going for 60 years and people from states all around drive to this camp even when they have a camp in their state. Everyone deals with life changing events differently, but I have met some parents that do not let their T1D kids do athletics. That is a big issue for me and granted, we are at every practice with her plus both have full time jobs. If other people read this and know some parent with a T1D kid, please make sure they do not keep their kids from athletics. My daughter handles it well and nothing slows her down especially not T1D. We try not to make a big deal because she already knows its a big deal and does not need a constant reminder. There are many frustrations like it took us 3-4 months to get her sites right with the proper "adhesive setup" to survive soccer games but after that we have been good for the last year. There are nights were you check at 11pm and she is too low, you know your up at 3am - 6am to check her etc...But that the way the cards are dealt and you just make the best of it. Feel free to PM me and I have no problem giving you or anyone else a call to discuss items.
  9. I did same thing...Started Bourbon for 6 months and then 3 years went to Single Malt then never looked back.... If you like Whiskeys including Irish, Canadian, Bourbon and all others globally..there are two books you need: World - Whiskey - 2010 and Harcover - Great Book ! and for Tastings of all things whiskey... Jim Murray Whiskey Bible 2011 - Awesome !! Bringing six bottles to a friends house tonight and tasting all night long...Planning my strategy to buy another bottle today ) Love the single malt !!
  10. Some Random thoughts based on last 10 posts using Michigan Prices (higher than most states) Great Whiskey out of the flask: Forty Creeks - Reserve Select - It's tri-blend so it's not just a Canadian whiskey from Kitterling distillery. $23 and quite a treat for most people. Has a "toffee/carmel taste" without the Canadian after taste like Crown...I like Crown too... Or bourbon: Buffalo Trace - $23 - Maker's Mark is the one everyone drinks, Buffalo Trace "thicker and tastes better" - Many people think this is better than Maker's Mark.... Let's talk Single Malt: Oban 14 will be more "peaty" than Balvenie 15 - Balvenie 15 is good and if you don't drink alot of scotch I would buy this over Oban 14 unless you like peat. And if you like Peat, the best Scotch you'll ever drink is Lagavulin 16 - IT IS the best and sets the standard. I like Speyside and have started going to the smoke/peat -- My favorite speyside: Balvenie Fan plus Aberlour Abundah (Holy grail of Scotch) but have migrated to Lagavulin 16, Dalwhinnie 15 (which is coke-smoke from Coal vs. Peat) and I like Highland Park also. I drink all my scotch neat and buy cheaper scotch for the rocks except Aberlour Abundah (cask strength) _ For the rocks, I run Buchannans 12 (50% is Dalwhinnie) and Johnny Walker Black. Current Inventory - (spelling?) Macallan 10 Fine Oak - Nice scotch but the Miller-Lite of scotches like Glenlivet/Glenfiddich 12 Edradour 10 - Not great Lagavulin 16 - The best IF you like smoke (phenolic content 25 -30ppm) - Takes you to almost too much smoke then releases to a smooth swallow and it does smell like your on the shoreline of the ocean in Scotland. Ardbeg 10 - Ardbeg is highest phenol - not great - The Ugendial is smoother but you have to like iodine/phenol - not for beginners Aberlour Abundah Batch 27 - Holy grail - great color, taste, cask strength (~63%) - Over Ice Aberlour 12 - Don't buy get Abundah instead !! Balvenie 15 Single Barrel - Great and it a tie between this and cheaper Balvenie 12 double wood - the 12 DW is great Dalmore 12 - Good, cheap sherry scotch - $48 here... Glenmorangie Nectar D'or - Good Scotch, for whatever reason not a Glenmorangie fan - liked the old Port Wood but those were replaced by Quinta Ruben, Nectar D'or and others. Highland Park 12 - Love the HP, great taste like a speyside Blavenie but more smoke - Phenolic content (10-12ppm). Tried/Have Bought Scapa 16 - Good scotch with medium smoke Bruchladdiach 14 th hole - LOVE this need to find a bottle Balvenie 17 Madierra Cask - Too much "wine" taste for me for the $140 spend....Smooth Websites I suggest: - Great daily news - Daily tastings and GREAT reviews !! THE Best Map of Distillerys Great thread - Let's talk scotch !!! I just started 3 years ago and couldn't stand scotch until you have single malt Cya Kev
  11. Best Bourbon - Buffalo Trace - Full of aroma and taste... Right now drinking Scotch though....Trying to decide between Belvanie Doublewood 12 YR or Aberlour Abundah Batch 19......Yummy Ckev
  12. One way to catch up...Click on the original posters name and read his posts....He has 20-30 replies which will bring you up to speed... Tonight or tommorrow should be interesting... Unless this whole thing is HOWEVER it seems legit. So until then Ckev
  13. Thank You Monsanto for giving me food and a full plate of meat raised on those products No Monsanto Hate Here Just enjoying my food Ckev