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  1. It's silly to assume this is an elite offense.I predicted total implosion before the season started. Team chemistry is real. The Eagles should've known better from the last time they tried this with Vince Young's "Dream Tream". Of course you did. You're a Cowboys fan with an Eagles obsession. You didn't even know who Dallas' third quarterback is. I had to tell you in the Weeden thread. But I bet you know who the Eagles' is. You're an imbecile. Even your own fellow Eagles friend explained why you were wrong in that the Cowboys promoted Moore from the practice squad the same day that they traded for Matt Cassel.I'd love to know where you get that I'm obsessed with the Eagles since I rarely ever talk about them. You mullet having dirt balls keep coming to the Cowboys thread talking smack and generally that's the only time I ever even see you guys. I'm sorry you chose the wrong in-state team to root for. But since you started this mess, I'm going to enjoy finding you and giving you #### as your team imploads. You should've picked The Steelers. I don't post in the Cowboys thread. I post in the Eagles thread. Because they're my team. You, on the other hand, seem to think you need to troll the eagles threads. Because you're a sad little man. Hope this helps. This isn't an eagles thread, Copernicus.HTH You have 17 posts in the Eagles team thread. Not the Cowboys team thread, the EAGLES team thread. I'm an Eagles fan and I barely have more than that. You're free to post whatever you want, wherever you want. But don't get all teary-eyed when someone calls you a troll. Learn your own team's players before you start trying to troll other teams' fans. Wow, nice discussion fellas.......glad I checked out this thread. lol
  2. Ugh would have been exciting. So chances he plays Week 4? 75%? Productive - 50% Chances he strains a hamstring or hip adductor- 50%
  3. picked him the 25th round of my draft......that's how I can roster him, lol-----going with instinct tonight....lots of points to be scored.
  4. Debating on starting Heath Miller or Deion Lewis as a flex. I'm going to roll the dice and go with Dion!!!! Too much upside.
  5. Doesn't appear to me that Ridley has solved the fumble problems as he fumbled once already in preseason on limited carries. (you can debate on whether it was a fumble in another thread.) I drank the Ridley kool-aid last season, and he was un-startable for the stretch run of the season. Then you throw in the unpredictability of Belichik which is a whole other issue. I would throw him in the Gronkowski/Welker category----there is a definite trend, be it performance or injury----draft these guys at your own risk. All I know, is that I want no part of any of them. I have James White and Cody Latimer on both of my teams. BTW, I think Latimer is going to be pretty big this year....and I felt that way before the Welker suspension.
  6. Welker, if he decides to return after this hit, is likely one more hit to the head away from the end of his career. As a physician who treats concussions, the likelihood that he sustains another one in the near future is rather high----especially considering the number of concussions he's had, his position, and the types of patterns he runs. In particular, the fact that he's had 3 in 10 months is very concerning. This reminds a little of the Austin Collie situation from a few years ago, except that Welker has had more concussions. Ultimately Collie came back, but he was never the same player afterward.