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  1. I can't remember a preseason filled with so much yawn for me. But I'll this thread anyhow.
  2. Chip Kelly and the 49ers Are the Worst Match Imaginable : On a positive note, I enjoyed having more time on Sundays this last fall and I can look forward to it again.
  3. If this season wasn't such a trainwreck, I'd be pretty peeved at the officiating today... horrible stuff. In other news, someone spent some coin at the game to say what most 49er fans are thinking.
  4. This isn't a rebuilding year folks, it's a rebreaking year.
  5. And another :
  6. The problem is that you need an organized, sustained effort. Unfortunately, that's exceedingly difficult to orchestrate. I'd probably go so far to say it would pretty much be impossible, given how economics work regarding price-to-sales curves. The only unlikely-yet-possible scenario I can think of would be for some insanely rich person to make an offer even the York's couldn't refuse, or eventually Jed comes into his own as he gains experience. After all, he really only has 7 years of NFL experience, and the same amount in a leadership role. Experience is a wonderful thing. If he'd had the maturity and been a stronger leader, he could have forced Baalke and Harbaugh to get along. Just like a parent of strong willed, misbehaving kids - you grab them both by the ears and remind them who's in charge. But instead, York yielded to Baalke and got rid of Harbaugh, in the most weasle way possible by undermining him months in advance. Yep, he's got some growin' up to do.
  7. If anyone wants an example of how penalties that didn't affect the play can change the outcome of the game, here's one *FROM THE SAME GAME". On 2nd and 9 from Seattle's 46, Stafford hit Calvin Johnson for a 7 yard gain, which was called back because Reid piled on a Seattle player who was already on the ground and out of the play. Instead of 3rd and 1 or 2, it was 2nd and 24 - and Detroit ultimately punted. Whether or not Detroit would have capitalized later in the drive is pointless. It sucks to be on the losing end, but rules need to be called the way they are written.
  8. I'm just happy that Hyde's career isn't over from that bs knee targeting sob. This isn't a team that's likely going to make a deep playoff run, but it's probably not the dumpster fire that we feared.
  9. Jerry Rice, 2010
  10. I know you meant this as a dig, but it's a good point to make. Considering how much the Seahawks' coaching staff got blasted for that call, even Marshawn Lynch can get stuffed. Granted, in the superbowl there were two plays left (probably), but nothing in the NFL is guaranteed.
  11. We'll see how things play out on the field, but I am warming up to Tomsula as head coach. His first few pressers were painfully awkward, but he seems to be getting more comfortable and I'm liking his tell-it-like-it is. Way more approachable than Harbaugh.
  12. This from just last Tuesday (before the arrest) Good Grief. Out there in the world somewhere, a sports voodoo witch doctor is rubbing his hands in glee for the hex he cast on this team.
  13. Holy Hell, what a train wreck. I'm waiting for ownership to start repurchasing PSL's at a fraction of what they sold them for originally. At least then we'll know what their strategy was, because nothing else makes sense.
  14. I'm going to add Bill Walsh dying of leukemia in 2007.
  15. As mentioned by others, Pat Tillman and Junior Seau top my list. Taking deaths out of the picture and only talking player circumstances, here's an oddball one: David Akers. Before you gag, read this. That his following year was so bad - that's what bummed me out.