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  1. Going over and fellating the Saudis because they have a ####-ton of oil, doing a huge arms deal with them, knowing their human rights abuses, is absolutely disgusting to me. And it was the first stop. I mean how can you talk about any of this stuff seriously. That speech that Merkel gave, yikes. Someone explain why we should abandon NATO, make one compelling case for it. It's the most bizarre stance to take and helps one particular adversary most of all, oh but don't look there, it's probably a coincidence. You people supporting this turd are completely ignorant of what's happening and you should be ashamed. #### all of you, truly. But Happy Memorial Day to all and goodnight.
  2. I agree, that's my favorite song on that album.
  3. But don't states share warrant info so even if you got pulled over for speeding in Oklahoma in 5 years you could still get arrested?
  4. Christ you guys suck. I had him on ignore by the third post. Boom, he ceases to exist. It ain't hard.
  5. I need to download that show if only for the Heroes cover. Has he ever done that one before?
  6. JFC. Had no idea they were this calculated about it. I guess not surprising though.
  7. Nah, who cares what those idiots think. I'll take my country back the sooner the better, before he does permanent damage to our country.
  8. Three ####### years for a first offender and that little weight? JFC She needs treatment but let's ruin her future instead. War on drugs.
  9. Like a bunch of damn 5th grade girls. Good god.
  10. Yeah, he would actually get #### done which is scary. But at least he'd be competent. It would be a huge relief to go from Trump to Pence regardless of how it happens, though there's nothing about him politically that I agree with.
  11. On demand --> Howard 101 --> Sternthology
  12. Howard Stern tribute available on demand, I'm just starting it now.