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  1. My landlord discovering I’m actually heterosexual and living in sin with my two young female roommates.
  2. I was deathly terrified of cops from the time I was 3 or 4 years old. I assumed adults got arrested constantly and had to argue themselves out of prison.
  3. Should’ve been Tiger, Fowler, Koepka & Justin Thomas imo. Would be fun to listen to the banter between Tiger and the younger guys, and it would be a lot more competitive.
  4. Anyone else get a little hungry looking at that thing? It kinda looks like a thanksgiving turkey.
  5. Don’t listen to them, eat your romaine. That’s how they get you.
  6. Yeah baby listen, I go to the club once in a while and I won’t be paying with credit cards so I’ll be hauling around wads of 50s mkay cool? My wife hit me over the head with a frying pan just for typing that.
  7. I think with the Kardashians it’s the extravagant wealth, the outfits, the fancy parties, etc. And with the royal family, obviously it’s because they all have big butts.
  8. Springfieldians for Nonviolence, Understanding and Helping.
  9. Here’s the thing, Meemaw. It’s not 1890 anymore. It’s modern day, and women have sex before marriage, and I think we need to celebrate that. And I know in your day, she would be considered a whore. But now, women go out, and they have sex, and they get wild, and they take their tops off, and they have pictures taken of them. And we need to encourage that. That’s part of life!
  10. The girl in the bra represents your mother, the vice-principal is your father, and the lie detector is our nation’s Judeo-Christian tradition. The dream means you are supposed to run for local office, obviously.
  11. It’s interesting. Indonesia is basically Malaysia, especially if you’re an American, and Malaysia had that one plane that disappeared. So this is now TWO Malaysian planes that mysteriously disappeared. Oh thanks for stealing my idea Fat Nick