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  1. Maybe after I'm done with her.
  2. I've seen 0, no complaints.
  3. Maybe poor wording on my part, or you assume I'm on board with this shift into Idiocracy. My choice would be more like a Biden or Kasic. I'm just pointing out where I see popular opinion heading.
  4. You know, Trump could have been a fine president, if he was actually as advertised. Despite no political experience, a dynamic leader who has a firm grasp on all the issues and will surround himself with the best people. A lot of the job is delegating responsibility to the cabinet, reading, listening, giving great speeches. I don't automatically dismiss Oprah's ability to do those things. If we're going with a non-politician I'd much prefer a visionary like Elon Musk, but Oprah isn't as crazy a choice as most celebs you could name.
  5. This is what we get when the two sides are so massively polarized. After the Trump disaster, we *should* all agree that a candidate without experience shouldn't even be considered. Instead it's "Oh yeah? You think Trump enraged half the country? Hold my beer."
  6. We already have Trump, so qualifications no longer matter. It now seems absurd to argue against Oprah based on lack of political experience.
  7. And the counter argument to that is Trump. He's screwed us in ways we'll be unpacking for decades.
  8. Can't believe I was late with the Kardashian reference. 'Murica.
  9. This is exactly where I am. She'd be an easy pick over Trump (a high school student is an easy pick over Trump), but it's depressing that we've now sunk to this level where anyone with name recognition can be in serious discussion for president. We've sunk so low that anything north of the bottom of the abyss feels like progress. Going from Trump to Oprah might pave the way for a Kardashian, the Rock, Jeff Probst, Steve Harvey. Anyone that you've heard of.
  10. Another amusing thing is Bannon becoming a pariah, because he just couldn't help himself. His ego took over, maybe he was hammered, and he just had to go off. This is the type of person attracted to the Trump orbit, just a narcissistic sack of #### who tells you with a straight face he's the leader of a revolution and then blows his own head off out of sheer incompetence and zero discipline. Best moment we've had in a while.
  11. Seems like all the salacious stuff came out last week, none of it really new or surprising. The key takeaways are that he's childish, mentally unstable, petty, dishonest, impulsive and lacks intellectual curiosity. You would already know that if you were only reading his tweets. Of the excerpts that have leaked, Bannon calling Ivanka dumb as a brick is my favorite.
  12. So I bought in on the second wave for $300. What's that worth now?
  13. Seagal writes great books though
  14. Julia Louis Dreyfus