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  1. Just wanted to say thanks & send positive thoughts to all of you that I've enjoyed interacting with here. All the best.
  2. I didn't come back to watch you tap out.  Get in NRJ's Cougar thread asap.  TIA.

  3. What do you think of this SUV? It's nice -- oh my God!!! Mom!?!? Yep! We flew her in from Phoenix for this Chevy commercial!
  4. The fleet I'm going to clean up the Griswold with this guy's method. Wire cup brush will remove all the surface imperfections. The two smaller ones just need a seasoning and they're ready to cook.
  5. Seems kind of passive aggressive to mention in passing that you've got a stockpile of ammo. Spock, you may want to report this post too GB. Can't be too careful.
  6. Man, that was so awesome when we had a president.
  7. And because I get obsessive about things, finished off the collection with an old #8 Griswold today (approx. 10.5"). Probably paid too much but just couldn't pass it up. Again smooth as a baby's ### and feels about half the weight of our existing (modern era) Lodge pan at home. It's probably just slightly heavier than a quality Revere or T-Fal nonstick carcinogen pan.
  8. She looks like Debbie Downer.
  9. Picked up a couple antiques this weekend in Asheville, a #5 Lodge (approx. 8") and a 6 1/2" unmarked Wagner, both 50's era, professionally stripped bare and smooth as glass.
  10. Good god, I don't even know what to say about that. She must have video of him doing something horrible.
  11. OMG, the Masters will be epic with Tiger finally back on tour.
  12. Turning on the news and seeing a school shooting is depressing, but reading a thread like this makes me ashamed to be a human being.
  13. This was a good way to explain that it was actually good without being condescending whatsoever.
  14. For some reason I was just thinking that if humans all collectively chose to stop reproducing today, within 100 years the earth would start to return to its natural state, and within 200 years it would be perfect again. :staresoffintothedistance: