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  1. Never goin' back imo. Wrong way on a one-way track.
  2. Bill Parcells, Martin Yan.
  3. Yeah sometimes it's fun to learn about stuff before you post some nonsense in here that destroys any chance of having some credibility. But you're a pretty funny poster and I enjoy your work regardless.
  4. Possibly my favorite black man besides Kenan Thompson.
  5. The Bon Jovi commercials for DirecTV deserve another mention. I never liked him but to witness him becoming a sad parody of himself with that stupid song in a TV commercial is almost too pathetic to bear.
  6. Most likely was justified based on the video. But who needs facts when you can play the victim to justify shooting cops.
  7. The Road was an entertaining film, but I wouldn't want to live it.
  8. If there are more rubes than expected and he does actually become the president-elect, he's got a plan for that too, known as Plan B.
  9. He goes around presidenting without a care in the world, like we can't all see that he's black. Disgusting.
  10. Only on days that end in "y".
  11. Nope, 6 intact beers made it, probably will be tomorrow on the boat.
  12. Look, all he had to do is illuminate the White House in blue. He apparently couldn't be bothered, because he hates the police. Divider in chief as usual. The birth certificate is forged too BTW.
  13. God they screw up even something benign like a logo. Complete ####show.
  14. Saw this bumped, thought maybe the show was canceled.