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  1. So, yes?
  2. First off, how are you?
  3. Doughnuts are poison and should be banned, but, Boston creme.
  4. No, it would be the equivalent of agreeing to a settlement with no admission of wrongdoing. Here, go play for the Jags and shut the hell up.
  5. Wiiiiiiiiiiiild turkeys.......couldn't drag me away
  6. Assumed the porno was fake until he started talking right into the camera god, he looks completely stoned.
  7. HOLY #### HE'S BACK
  8. McCarthy's response is genuine and indicative of the real reason teams aren't all lining up for an unknown commodity, even notwithstanding the political aspects -- these teams do invest years in their young quarterbacks, hoping to develop them with their specific offensive schemes in the event of injury, or maybe as trade bait. Along the way they develop relationships, and confidence that these kids will hopefully be up to the challenge if the opportunity comes. It would be counterintuitive to say the least, to expect a coach to discard a developmental QB in whom he's made a significant investment for Colin Kaepernick. A person who has this expectation maybe has some noble ideas about social injustice, but an extremely poor understanding of these relationship and ego dynamics within institutions. These self-serving pundits who act so outraged seem to expect an NFL franchise to suddenly morph into something other than a business enterprise, and put social justice ahead of their own success. They know better and aren't worth the attention.
  9. Two scenarios come to mind here. Kaepernick, having made every misstep he could possibly make along the way, realizes, on the off chance a team does give him a shot, he'd become a running joke for years to come if a team finally took a chance on him and he stunk it up. So out of fear of abject embarrassment, he files the grievance, hoping it's the last nail in the coffin to ensure he's 100% toxic to any team that would have otherwise given him a shot. This cements his martyr status with the BLM/SJW crowd for perhaps decades to come. Snotnose kids will be wearing Kaepernick shirts when we're all 80 years old, like they wear Che Guevara shirts today. In a nice lesson in unintended consequences, Goodell, fearful of the bad press, twists some arms and suddenly some patsy C-list team like the Jags offers K-RosaParks a league minimum deal.
  10. Disagree; frisbee golf involves a lot of twisting of the back and walking up and down steep hills. I'd lay off it until the back is fully healed.
  11. It's like if you were a drug kingpin operating out of some backwater town and you offered all the sherriff's deputies big bucks to work as your personal security, and they were able to write laws legalizing heroin and meth, and the mayor rubber stamped it. If it seemed weird that these pills are so widely available, now we know. Fairly stunning, if not necessarily surprising once taken into context of how DC operates. Lots of folks in business suits need to be in prison.
  12. What happened to H-Stink's thread?
  13. At least he's transparent about his white nationalism, unlike many who post in here.
  14. Worst SNF matchup I can recall. I thought NBC had the the option to flex out of these?
  15. I'm still trying to understand the "before & after" there. Really nasty and....still really ####### nasty?