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  1. There is lots of blame to around but I thought the play of the defensive line w as abysmal. That is supposed to be the strength of this defense and they should have dominated Jacksonville's offensive line but that didn't happen. Very disappointing performance from that group
  2. Umm. Based on yesterday it is.
  3. Actually aside from Ben they are a pretty young team.
  4. I dunno. They aren't devoid of talent but I don't think our defense is that good, especially without Shazier.
  5. Fair enough. I am fine with getting rid of Tomlin when a better head coach is found until then I am sticking with him.
  6. A well thought out response.
  7. Mitchell blows and the corners, aside from Haden, are still green. Willie Gay needs to retire...
  8. I am still waiting for who you want to replace him.
  9. Yeah the players had nothing to do with it. But okay Tomlin stinks, who is your replacement?
  10. Not trying to let Tomlin or Haley off the hook but Ben could have easily did the sneak on his own. Ben has done one in years so I'm guessing he just doesn't want to.
  11. 11 seasons: Never had a losing season, won division 6 titles, made playoffs 8 seasons, 2 SB appearances, 1 SB trophy. Averages 10+ wins per season. In understand your disappointment, I really do, but not a good coach? Come on...
  12. I agree that we should but the biggest issue the Steelers had yesterday was their inability to stop a previously anemic offense led by Blake Bortles at home.
  13. Jaguars were the better team on Sunday. Congrats. Now do it again next week!
  14. If you want to fire Tomin you better have a damn good replacement.
  15. Agreed. The biggest issue I have with the offense are the two 4th and 1 calls. Personally I wanted them to kick a FG on the first one but okay you decide to go for it and you pitch it backwards and run wide? The other 4th and 1 call was preposterous as well. I can't remember the last time Ben did a QB sneak on 4th and 1. I guess that play isn't in the playbook anymore. I didn't like the onside kick but could at least understand it the way the defense was playing. There is no way in hell I thought the Jaguars would put up 45 points and I take my hat off to them -- they were the better team and deserved the win. The Steelers need to do some serious work to do on the defense this offseason. Go Jaguars, I'm pulling for you this week.