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  1. Well in fairness to Donald, he was probably too tired after his fight with Biden.
  2. One in the pink and one in stink?
  3. Mr. Trump is really upset about how unfairly the dreamers are being treated
  4. Trump got powned by the Mexicans
  5. They haven't labeled me anything because I don't have a FB account. FB is the
  6. I know Hillary is one of the most unlikable people in the US but how on Earth could anyone have voted for this moron?
  7. I agree they are both pathetic but it sure shows how easily our current president can be goaded into ridiculous banter. The president of the U.S. used to be considered the most powerful man in the world and here we have Trump acting like a 10 year old brat for the whole world to see.
  8. In Trump's defense he tweeted that a long time ago. 12 days is a long time in Trump years
  9. Has anyone tried this site?
  10. I had no problem with the killing of Glenn because I was sick to death of the Glenn-Maggie love story. I think the biggest problem with the show is they think we care that much about the characters anymore. There are way too many of them and quite frankly none of them are getting enough screen time to establish much of a bond. Does anyone really give a crap about Tara, Enid, Aaron, Gabriel, etc. To be honest my favorite characters on the show are the bad guys and I couldn't care less if they all get blown away. The best thing would be for total bloodshed where only 7 or 8 characters remain.
  11. I find it fascinating that Saccone is going to run for the 14th after getting beat in a district that should have been a landslide victory. I think he is going to have an uphill battle there too. The odd thing is that Saccone does not even live in the new 14th district. I think it is a pretty goofy system that allows that.
  12. True but somehow I am okay with him blowing himself up. I just wish he would have started there.
  13. What are all of those indictments about then?