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  1. Obviously thrilled with the outcome but really feel for the Sens. They played their hearts out.
  2. The nice thing about the private tour is that you don't arrive with an entire bus and you can leave or stay as long as you like. One of our favorite parts was driving through the little towns and if you want to stop all you had to was ask. Also the hacienda they take you for lunch is outstanding, easily the best food of the trip.
  3. I think we already knew that long before this BS story
  4. Thanks for the info. $2100 is a bit more than I wanted to pay but the quality might make it worth it. I think I may get an estimate or two just for fun.
  5. Yeah you can but I heard that in most cases you'll be able to see the seam. Plus washing and etching one side at a time would be more of a challenge than just having an empty garage.
  6. Ha ha. Yes I know but they will wash & prep the surface, apply the coating and sealant while I sit on my couch.
  7. The problem is it will probably take $10,001 quadrillion to bring it back and mine it.
  8. In my last house I used Rust-Oleum Floor Coating Kit to paint my garage floor. It did a decent job but was a fair amount of work and I had to put all of the junk in my garage outside for a few days while it fully dried. Now I want to paint/coat the garage in my new house and debating to pay the $225.00 and do it myself or hire a professional which I am guessing would be $1,200-$1,500 for a 2-car garage. Obviously the savings is making me lean heavily towards DIY but I wonder if anyone here has has it done professionally and can share their experience?
  9. I don't hate him although I do get the sense from his actions that he is a jerk and somewhat unhinged by his ridiculous tweets. When he won the election I was hoping that his supporters were right and that he would appoint qualified people and make good decisions. So far it is not looking too good in that department. As far as the Russia thing it certainly looks to me like there is enough there to warrant an investigation. Trump supporters seem opposed to that and have gone so far as to throw out red herrings to distract the American people. They didn't seem to have a problem with the Ken Starr investigations into Bill Clinton that took years to complete that eventually led to a impeachment proceedings for perjury and obstruction of justice charges over Clinton's extramarital affair. It seems to me that all Americans would be concerned about Russia's involvement in a presidential election and possible collusion with a candidate's campaign but that doesn't appear to be the case with Trump supporters.
  10. We took a private tour to Chichen Itza and Ek Balam with this company and it was a little pricey but fantastic. Definitely the highlight of the trip. Not only do you see the ruins but you get a feel for Mexico and how the people live.
  11. By all means investigate the matter and if she is guilty of a crime then prosecute. Is that okay?
  12. Yes. It is unlikely that Cutch's will return to form, the question now is can he recover enough to be a mediocre hitter. However even with this pathetic lineup Cutch should not be batting third. Drop him down a few spots and if he figures it out you can always move him up. I'm thinking that if he doesn't improve by the time Marte comes back then Cutch goes to the bench. They won't do it but they probably should.
  13. Yep he's been awful and it is really difficult to explain. My wife swears that it began when he cut his hair and I'm beginning to think that hypothesis has as much merit as anything else I've heard. It's almost like he caught Steve Blass disease. In any case it puzzles me why Cutch is still batting third. I realize this lineup isn't stacked with offensive weapons but you can't have a guy at the Mendoza line batting third. Drop him down to 6 or 7 and maybe that will somehow get him out of this funk. Certainly batting him second and third hasn't helped.
  14. Sorry EG. At least you were able to reconnect before she passed away