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  1. Agreed. The idea of rushing 4 completely blew up in their face
  2. Start Cmike over Marvin Jones, Jarvis Landry or Mike Evans? Right now he's on the bench but I am really on the fence here
  3. I think NE could start my 88 year old Mom at QB and still win. She is still available on the WW in most leagues
  4. Come to Pennsylvania they're on all of the time.
  5. Both the punting and place kicking has improved dramatically over a few years ago.
  6. Someone scooped the Dolphins so I dropped the Eagles for the Giants. Pickings were slim but I did consider picking up either Bucs or Cowboys. I'll try to get the Eagles back in a couple of weeks.
  7. Ringo played Hamburg with Rory Storm and the Hurricanes at the same time the Beatles played there. John, Paul, and George knew Rory Storm and Ringo well and hung out with them. Ringo even sat in on drums for them a few times when Pete Best was AWOL. I don't think Paul's relationship with Riingo is off. They've played together many times on stage, played on each other's records, Ringo and his wife starred in Paul's movie, Paul has written and produced songs for Ringo, attended his wedding, etc. Aside from some tense times when the Beatles were breaking up Paul and Ringo seem like they are on pretty good terms although I doubt that either of their schedules allow them to hang out much.
  8. Yes because only young people's opinions matter and they are so wise.
  9. I know some very prosperous older white people that are voting for Trump and they most certainly have not given up or care about the future -- they just think differently. They're voting Trump for two reasons: 1) They hate Hillary 2) They can't come to grips that they have lost nearly all of the social issues to left. They think the country has gone too far and want to return to the 1950s or at the very least stop the trend towards liberalism and there is no way that will happen with a Democrat or Libertarian in office. They grew up in a time when Mom stayed at home while Dad worked, only men fought wars, abortions were illegal, gays stayed in the closet, minorities knew their place and you weren't labeled a racist or bigot (even though many of them are). They want things to return to the 1950s. They may be backward but they aren't all unsuccessful, miserable people with nothing to live for.
  10. Wow Chargers getting hit hard by the injury bug.
  11. I drafted him but dropped him last week to pick up V. Cruz. I think that might have been a mistake but it is still unclear what the mix will be in Carolina.
  12. I don't think that an excessive celebration after a TD should count towards ejection. Make it an obscene fine, maybe $100k for first offense and keep adding another $50k to the fine for subsequent violations. That would stop the behavior and have no impact on the games.
  13. After looking at this review and explanation of the fumble I can understand why the call wasn't reversed. While it looks like Boyd's knee may have been down you really can't see if he has the ball or not. Very close play and I don't think the replay would have been able to overturn whatever the call on the field was.
  14. Yep went to game. And got drenched in the process. It was a very odd Steelers-Bengals game as others have noted in here. The field looked fine but there were a lot of guys slipping. Weird that both AB and AJ both put up duds and I'm not sure how much of it was the defensive schemes or the weather. Probably both. I was really surprised there weren't more flags thrown as there could have been against both teams. For the most part both teams behaved themselves fairly well -- it is amazing what happens when you remove a jerk like Vontaze Burfict from the game. I couldn't tell by the replay on the scoreboard whether it was was a legit call on the fumble or not but it sounds like most here thought it should have been reversed. I recorded the game so I'll take a look later. Nice to come out of the gate 2-0!