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  1. Who exactly is Trump talking to here?
  2. Burnett will go down as one of the worst Steelers FA signings of the Colbert era.
  3. Even if it was said I don't understand the need to be talking about it now. What exactly does Sanders gain? I am so turned off by NFL players, they are so immature and full of themselves. Big babies is what they are.
  4. Now Emmanuel Sanders is badmouthing Colbert saying he was dissed cause he didn't like his contract offer. I wonder who will be next to take a dump on the Steelers logo?
  5. Some of his supporters don't seem to care who Trump is kicking, dead or alive, as long as he is kicking someone. I guess it makes Trump looks like a bad@@@.
  6. My point was that you were asking "what incentive is there for a high schooler to get good grades". If the entrance criteria to get into college are grades then that would be an incentive to have good grades.
  7. Florida man forced 5-year-old to perform sex acts on him, deputies say
  8. Definitely side with your wife. I wouldn't want a stranger cleaning my house while I am recuperating either. I hope all goes well for her.
  9. Fair enough. Two of the players on the field at the time and the backup QB on the sideline have come to the defense of Rothlisberger so it really comes down who you want to believe.
  10. Wow I have a stalker, Cool!!!! I think everyone misread the room on AB but then we didn't think he would go nuts on social media on an almost daily basis, get involved in a domestic incident, make demands of renegotiating his contract, say that he didn't need to play football again, etc. I mean you have to admit it was a rather fluid situation, changing by the day. I don't recall ever saying they would get a 1st & 2nd for him or openly mocking him other than to call him Mr. Big Chest but then you seem to be my biggest fan so you would know better. Bottom line is that given all of the crap that AB did, it was obvious that the situation had deteriorated to the point that kiss and make up was off the table. Given that situation I think it was good to get the most they could in a trade and move on. That turned out to be a #3 and #5 and I am good with that because there was no better option.
  11. I think the Steelers did a nice job in free agency filling the biggest needs at ILB, CB, and WR. Obviously they should go after the Devins if they fall or move up if not too costly but if they can't they should be able to pick up Greedy Williams or DeAndre Baker (someone has to fall, right?). Then address the ILB position by taking Mack in the 2nd round.
  12. But doesn't this new policy put the emphasis on the grades achieved in high school rather than SAT and ACT scores?
  13. I legitimately do not know so that is why I am asking. Are the "liberals" asking for the elimination of entrance exams to get into college?
  14. Lots of crap being said about the Steelers right now from former players. Meanwhile you don't hear Ben, Tomlin, or anyone else on the team firing back. This is good. I hope they remain silent, let of the drama and just focus on football.