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  1. My buddy’s wife is a nurse with supposed inside info on Big Ben’s surgery and made the remark that he is going to be fine, possibly better than before. Im not sure how much she really knows cause she won’t say any more so take it for what it’s worth which I know isn’t much. My concern is if Ben really has the desire to come back after essentially a year away from the game. He certainly doesn’t need the money.
  2. Maybe I am thinking of someone else but didn't Flynn ADMIT to wrongdoing?
  3. We've seen your posts here at FBGs. We don't need people like you voting in our elections.
  4. It is nice to see Garrett was sincere about being remorseful.
  5. Not that it matters what I think but the problem with AB's apologies is that it is difficult to believe that they are sincere. Someone finally got through to him that he's been his own worst enemy and he so he is tweeting out these half-baked apologies. I was as big AB fan as anyone but after his behavior over the last 2 years I have had enough of him. I hope that he gets the help he needs to live a long and healthy life but I don't care if he ever plays another down in the NFL or not.
  6. She isn't very smart. She could have easily been raped and murdered. Meeting someone by yourself in a rear parking lot, leaving your phone behind and getting into a van with tinted windows is beyond stupid.
  7. Well for one thing they could have nominated a more moral candidate to run against Hilary
  8. I doubt the Steelers would bring him in and start that circus all over again. AB has burned that bridge down to the ground.
  9. First off no one is giving away free stuff. We all pay for it through taxes and the ever growing deficits. Giving away the enormous tax break to corporations while increasing spending was just reckless unless you feel deficits don't matter and if that is the case you might as well give free stuff to everyone right? Secondly the federal government gives subsidies to farmers, corporations and all kinds of others. Do these bother you? I hear a lot of conservatives complain about the cost of social programs but they usually don't talk a lot about these bailouts.
  10. Talk is cheap. If the GOP finds the next Democrat president to be as corrupt as Trump then I'll join them in their pursuit.
  11. Other than Healthcare, climate change, raising minimum wages, stricter gun controls, increase taxes on wealthy, immigration and other policies you might be right
  12. Possibly but I am thinking they are going to have a hard time getting a lot of their proposals past the House and Senate