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  1. Hmmm I've been thinking of moving into your hood. Know of houses for sale?
  2. I wouldn't say anything because he isn't doing anything wrong that I can see.
  3. Some people finance a 30 year mortgage with the intention of paying it off much earlier but have the fallback of a cheaper monthly payment if they need it.
  4. Grandpa thinks that I caught the ####?
  5. That is a lot of procedure there and I think it is much more likely that Le'veon screwed up than the NFL. I'll be ecstatic if he isn't suspended or it is reduced but I have already resigned myself to the fact that he'll be gone until week 5.
  6. Just got this warning sent by our CIO for whatever it is worth:
  7. Only living there a year and he is already able to determine the president is out of line? I think "A" needs to go to next board meeting and calmly state his concerns. If he isn't happy then he should run for the board. Petitioning neighbors to remove the president whom they voted for makes "A" a real jerk.
  8. A quick question: Has Homeowner "A" been the president or served on the HOA board. It is really easy to complain about the job someone else is doing.
  9. 2 games out of the wildcard -- are the Bucs buyers or sellers or just stand pat and hope for the best?
  10. Lol. I know, terrible thread title.
  11. Is that a Honda they were driving? (Sorry, couldn't resist)
  12. Yep. The only way he is with the team next season is if he has a great 2016 and they slap the franchise tag on him. I find it very hard to believe that Bell is going to get a long term deal with Steelers now.
  13. Well if there is a bright side it's not like the Steelers aren't used to playing without Bell. Between injuries and suspensions the guy is rarely on the field.
  14. Agreed. Two idiots and a ridiculous NFL policy on pot has robbed Steelers fans for something that could have been really something to watch.
  15. It is on NFL's main page as breaking news.