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  1. And at this point I don't think the Steelers would do that unless they could work out a trade before the July deadline, they just want to move on...
  2. Bell missed training camp last season and it took him 4 games to get back to form. This season he missed training camp and likely 10 games. The guy hasn't played a lick of football since January 14. I really don't think the Steelers expect or are planning on a heavy reliance on Bell for several weeks after he reports (if he reports at all)
  3. Godsbrother

    Disney Vacation

    Leaving tomorrow for 6 days with my wife, son, daughter-in-law and their 3 kids (7, 5, and almost 3). Gonna be a blast
  4. I'll take the contrarian view: IF Bell shows up, the Steelers exempt him 2 weeks and then ease him in the next 2 games. Beyond that Conner & Bell share the load and their number of snaps depends on how each week unfolds. If the game is a shootout Bell will get more snaps, if the Steelers are ahead late then Conner gets the bulk of the snaps.
  5. Godsbrother

    Le'Veon Bell

    We will see. There were reports he was going to report last Friday or Saturday for the same reason but he didn't. If he is trying to minimize wear/tear and injury risk the logical thing for him to do is to report the Friday or Saturday before week 10.
  6. Godsbrother

    Le'Veon Bell

    This is Ben Roethlisberger's offense now and if you listen to what he has said over the past couple of weeks Conner is going to remain in the mix. It will really depend on 1) how quickly Bell can come up to speed and 2) the game circumstances each week. Of course all of this depends on when he reports (if at all).
  7. Godsbrother

    ***Official*** James Conner Thread

    Conner. We have no idea what the split will be for Conner/Bell but I guarantee it won't be skewed like it was last season. Conner is a talent and Bell (if he does report) will likely be roster-exempt for an additional 2 weeks. I don't think it is likely that Bell will be in game shape after missing all of camp, preseason and 10+ weeks of the regular season so he will be eased in (if they play him at all). I know that Ito has scored TDs the last 3 weeks but I don't think his performance has otherwise been that great. I understand why he is a hot waiver wire pickup but he'll be splitting time with Coleman and I don't think that changes much. The bottom line is the Steelers have run the ball better and utilize them in the passing game better and you likely won't have to worry about Bell eating into Conner's playing time for at least 3-4 weeks if at all.
  8. Godsbrother

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    Well of course: Democrats LOVE crime and HATE the military
  9. Godsbrother

    Alex Collins - RB - Ravens

    For my RB2 I have a choice of Coleman, Breida, Collins, and Jones. I am going with Coleman but would probably play Breida over Collins because of the matchup. So all of you folks should be starting Collins with confidence...
  10. Godsbrother

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    I like how every one of Trump's endorsements are virtually the same: strong on crime, low taxes, 2nd amendment loves the military, etc. Just once I want to see him endorse a candidate that is for lots of crimes, high taxes and hates the military.
  11. I don't blame the tough guy for being pissed that the brat only gave him one drink. They're building a bridge over a creek, why the hell are they rationing water? And any kid that takes a stick to an adult is a brat -- I can't stand that kid. I also don't like the way that Carol insists the brat give her a kiss goodbye -- she isn't his mom. And there is no way the king is going to settle for Carol when there is a lot hotter women around. /rant
  12. Godsbrother

    Le'Veon Bell

    Agreed. I really question whether the guy's heart is in football. That is not intended to be a knock but the guy made $12 million last season and could have pocketed another $20+ million this year by signing the long term contract offered by the Steelers or $14.5 million by signing the tender. I understand he thinks he is worth more but that is still a ton of money to play a game you supposedly love.
  13. Godsbrother

    Le'Veon Bell

    Sure but wasn't the whole point of holding out was that risk of injury and the impact that would have on his future contract being more important than money now? By reporting 2 weeks early he is taking more risk over a measly $1.6 million.
  14. Godsbrother

    Le'Veon Bell

    I don't see what sense it makes for Bell to report before week 10 unless he wants to come in time to possibly be traded.
  15. Sure I would do any of those but when was the last time the Steelers made an impact in-season trade? My guess is 1958 when we traded for Bobby Layne. Hey it's been 60 years so I guess they are due...