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  1. At this point no one should care about "which party is winning". We need to remain diligent and do what it takes to keep the pandemic from overwhelming out health care system and at the same time help the American people and businesses remain solvent. Let's do that and worry about the election this fall. (it is the president's job to lead by example in this regard when the country is in a crisis)
  2. One thing you can count on is our lawmakers in Washington never pass up the opportunity to do the wrong thing and that goes for both parties.
  3. Everyone wants to get back to work ASAP but there is this little pandemic thing that we need to get under control first, moron. Nobody gives a crap about you. This guy is unbelievable...
  4. I also don't agree with him on many issues but he is 100% more presidential than the dip$$$$ in the oval office.
  5. We were all warned about this "red plague" that was started by the US government and blamed on China.
  6. I know. That is disappointing but any day that has gains is a good day
  7. You've been around here long enough to know that there is always going to be a faction of people that are in the "blame everything on the president" crowd. Clinton got it, Bush got it, Obama got it and now Trump is getting it. It goes along with the job.
  8. I was sick 3 weeks ago. No fever but headache, sore throat, runny nose, head and then chest congestion. Had a very minor cough. I was over it in 10 days which is a little longer than I usually take to recover from a cold. I don't think that I had Covid-19 but who the hell knows...
  9. Thanks and I agree. I was saying that at this point even if the Mayor/Governor/President all gave "back to work" orders tomorrow, there is no way I would go to NYC before June.
  10. Not at all. My point was that the few times Trump finally does get some praise from the left he quickly (almost immediately) falls back to his old shtick of patting himself on the back, making outlandish claims, and blaming others. It is a perpetual cycle with this guy...
  11. We have a trip to Canada in July that at this point is probably 50-50. We also have a Disney trip in September that I think has an 80% chance of happening
  12. I just cancelled a trip to NYC for the wife and I on April 17-23 for her borthday. We were flying into LaGuardia, staying at the Marriot in Times Square, going to a couple Broadway shows, hit the tourists sites, go shopping and obviously eat at NYC restaurants. If NYC reopens tomorrow the odds of us rescheduling are zero even though the Broadway tickets are not refundable if they don't cancel so I would be eating well over $2,000. The point is that things are not going back to normal for a while no matter what the president or governor say about getting back to work.
  13. Again he was being praised 2 weeks ago on this very board and the sentiment for most posters was "finally, he seems to be taking this seriously". Since then the president has gone back to his old ways and so have the FBG critics.