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  1. Is she running too? Okay I will not vote for Hillary or anyone that's been accused of an sexual assault or harassment. Good thing I was going Gary Johnson. Are you with me?
  2. That's it. I'm definitely not voting for Bill Clinton now. Hopefully there are no accusations against Bob Dole so I don't have to go third party.
  3. Sure. That's what you Jewish, New World Order, Hillary supporters want us to think.
  4. I do but it isn't Eminence.
  5. The people of the future know the power of the FBG FFA.
  6. Well we knew Ben would be out 2 weeks: this week and the bye week. Almost certainly 4-3 going into the bte. Week 9 has us playing Baltimore on the road. It would be a tough win with Landry Jones but not out of the question. At the very worst 4-4 with next week we play at home against the Cowboys. The schedule gets much easier after that.
  7. Yeah. I get to hear a lot of hot confessions though.
  8. That's it! I'm kind of bummed though -- I thought they chose me as the one that was supposed to deliver this message of salvation to humanity.
  9. Not a minute too soon.
  10. Got a message on my land line from a scary voice that claimed to be transmitting from the year 2029. It said that Hillary started nuclear strikes with help from Israel and WWIII results. Apparently she and Israel will also be involved in bacterial warfare in the USA and blame it on China. The result will be millions of deaths, birth defects and still borns. The message went on for 2 minutes and was a bit difficult to understand because of the static (apparently phones in 2029 are worse than they are now). They said they were sending this transmission to the year 2016 because the only way to prevent this was to stop Hillary Clinton from becoming president. I don't think it is legit but am afraid that it could be real. What should I do besides start hiding gas masks?
  11. Tomlin was very coy when asked about Green in his presser yesterday. We'll see if he practices today.
  12. It's just Burfict being Burfict. He is a thug and he isn't going to change. The Steelers have a guy named Mike Mitchell that loves to take cheap shots too. I can't stand him either.
  13. They've been living with each other for a couple years so I think that ship has sailed long ago.
  14. Yep. Definitely not the vacation we had in mind but I'm sure we'll have fun and getting away from the office for a day or two won't be bad either.