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  1. I said it before and I'll say it again. Cancel or rework whatever contract they have with the DoD and have the players remain in the locker rooms until after the national anthem is played. The players would need to find another forum for their protests and the president would need to find another topic to post his stupid and incessant tweets.The stupid people that are upset about this would get over it in time and the problem would be solved.
  2. I don't quite understand why anyone would want to take a dog to Disney. Most people are in the parks during the day and dining in the evening. Why bring a dog if it is just going to sit in a hotel room all day? Some people are really attached to their animals I guess...
  3. It isn't respect when you have to force people to stand.
  4. It was a poor choice of words and I think people are overreacting but what else is new?
  5. Could be both I guess. I got the impression he really doesn't give a crap and doesn't feel like he needs to answer to anyone.
  6. What a smug soma##### Ben Carson is.
  7. The explanation is that he momentarily lost possession of the ball and did not reestablish before hitting the pylon. It's in the rules but up until this play it rarely if ever came up because it involved the pylon/endzone. If this play had occurred anywhere else on the field the Jets would have retained possession of ball and no one would have cared whether or it was a ruled a fumble. And that is where the problem lies: fans that have been watching football all their lives have never seen that be called a fumble so they call BS. My issue is with the IR review. The NFL is saying there is no doubt that ASJ did not reestablish possession and to me it looks like he regains it while in the air and his left knee was down inside the 1 yard line. In addition it looks like the left shoulder is in the corner of the endzone when he hits the ground and pylon. I just didn't see enough to overturn the call on the field which was TD.
  8. If it were me I would have taken a minute to tell them I was leaving but I get that you were tired and had sleeping kids so I don't fault you for not saying goodbye. However I think your response to your Dad was crappy. All you had to say was "Sorry Dad but the kids were sleeping and I wanted to get them home quickly".
  9. To state the obvious that was a great performance by the offensive line, even after losing Gilbert (again). I've been really down on the o-line this far this year but they were fantastic against the Chiefs. It was also nice to see them utilize James Harrison in spots yesterday -- and he came through with a couple big plays. Hopefully they continue that
  10. I would have went for it but I guess Tomlin just doesn't have a whole lot of confidence in the offense right now. I was also not happy with the play calling at the end of half. First and goal on the 2 and you throw the ball after running the ball down their throats? The next play we run from the shotgun. Horrible.
  11. He was flagged but he should definitely be get a call from the NFL front office. No need for that type of nonsense.