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  1. While I think this is a good idea I am concerned about Native Americans so please tax me at 10% and give 5% to them. It's the least I can do considering all the harm my ancestors did to the slaves and Native Americans back in Ireland and Italy. I am ashamed.
  2. Yep and I am sure you are correct that some (probably most) are happier beginning the process sooner rather than later. However my perspective is this is life-changing decision and in general those shouldn't be made by minors.
  3. Yeah and I think I disagree. Unless a physician can make a case for it being a medical necessity I think it should wait until you're 18. We shouldn't allow transition hormones to minors.
  4. We are going back to SD and Palm Springs in a couple weeks. Our plan is 2 days in Temecula Wine Valley (north of San Diego), 2 days in Palm Springs, and 2 days in San Diego. If you're into wine Temecula is awesome. It isn't Napa but it is definitely decent. Also plan to hit a half dozen breweries over the course of the trip.
  5. It seems odd to me that we don't allow minors to vote, drink, or smoke tobacco but are okay with hormone therapy.
  6. It actually surprises me that non-emergency medical gender procedures are performed under the age of 18.
  7. /thread
  8. Very sorry to hear about your Mom.
  9. If shooting someone for throwing a bag of popcorn qualifies as stand your ground then pretty much any kid of altercation would. IMO this guy is a serious threat to society and should be locked up.
  10. Ridiculous. This guy is a POS.
  11. I'm guessing someone is going to give Timmons more than the Steelers want to pay him. If so, he will be missed but you can't overpay for a 33 yard old LB. Hopefully Williams works out but I hope they have a better plan for #2 RB besides Williams and Toussaint. I am not as down on Landry as others but I certainly wouldn't be throwing a lot of cash at him.
  12. The day we went into Playa we were approached by a guy selling pot. I don't smoke but even if I did there is no way I would have bought any from this guy or anyone else for that metter. The last thing I want to do on vacation is get busted, especially outside of the USA.
  13. With all of that booze flowing is weed worth the risk of getting arrested in a foreign country?
  14. I had the entire '68 set and more than 50 of the first three sets, including the Hot Wheels club silver Boss Hoss. They were in great condition cause I was getting to the age where I was taking care of toys, putting them in cases, etc. I also had tons of track, super chargers, speedometers, lap counters, tune-up tower etc. I had them until my senior year in high school when my Mom gave them to my little nephews who quickly destroyed them. It is too bad now but back then I never thought they would be worth anything.
  15. I still have this is good working order.