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  1. We've been on 2 Disney cruises. The first one was 20 years ago with the kids ages 12, 10, & 9 and the other a few years ago with just my wife and I. Had a blast both times. When my wife and I went we signed up for Mixology, and a tasting for Wine and another for beer. Lots of fun. We also signed up for the spa and went every day and was a highlight for both of us. We thought the regular restaurants were good but we had two dinners and a brunch in the adult-only restaurants and they were exceptional.
  2. I am certainly not sympathetic to this perv but he has got to be kicking himself. Here is a guy with mansions, private islands, etc. If he could have "settled" for beautiful women aged 18 and up he would be still be living in the lap of luxury. Now he will likely spend the rest of his days in a cell. What an idiot.
  3. Went to college in Toledo back in the late 70s and early 80s and my wife has some family still there. It isn't so bad for a small rust belt city but it also doesn't have a lot going for it either. I certainly prefer it over Akron. I have a good friend that lives in Grand Island outside of Buffalo and it is actually a pretty nice area and you are a hop skip away from Canada. He claims the snowfall in the winter isn't bad but I am not sure I buy that considering the proximity to the lakes. I've lived in Pittsburgh most of my life and I like it pretty well. The people are friendly and the economy has recovered nicely from the 70's & 80s. it has a lot of big city attributes without big city problems and there isn't much risk of natural disasters like hurricanes, droughts, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. The winters have been mild lately but they are still a month too long. I just turned 60 and looking to retire in a few years but will likely remain in Pittsburgh due to our kids and grand kids are here but we are thinking we'll pack up every January and come back in March to skip the cold weather.
  4. Maybe but in the end I don't think it will matter much. Come November 2020 the face of the party will be the Democrat candidate and what swept Trump into office could take him out. Hillary being an unlikable candidate helped Trump tremendously in 2016. If the Dem candidate is moderate and Trump keeps going down this path he's going to be the unlikable one.
  5. Yep he lied but his supporters don't care and I expect most of them believe that PR really did get $91 billion but prefer living without power and in wrecked homes.
  6. Rand Paul blocked the vote due to the costs. Didn't he vote in favor of the tax cut which increased the deficit by more than $1 Trillion?
  7. While I agree that the NFL and NFLPA could certainly afford to put more money into it care I am guessing their drug program and insurance already has provisions for mental health. Bryant has gone through counseling and rehabs multiple times -- in the end it all comes down to him to stop smoking dope.
  8. The Democrats are a mess right now. Trump should be easy pick-in's in 2020 but they seem determined to blow it.
  9. I doubt it. No one is born a republican or democrat, capitalist or socialist, racist or unprejudiced. It is all learned and if we are their teachers these kids are doomed to be just like us.
  10. Only listing places I've been in no particular order: Sedona, AZ Napa/Sonoma, CA Walt Disney World, FL La Jolla, CA Denver, CO
  11. Yes I did neglect to add that it is quite entertaining to point out all of the mistakes and goofiness. It is kinda like Mystery Science Theater 3000