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  1. It is good to hear that returned to practice but I've just about given up hope that he plays another down this season.
  2. In any case it sounds like he's gong to get his package back so I guess we'll have the clear evidence of Joe Biden's corruption soon.
  3. I have 6 guys that get together most Thursday nights to have a couple beers and 3 or 4 more that come every once in a while. We sometimes talk politics and normally keep it pretty light most of the time. After the 2016 election there were two of us that had voted for Clinton and 6 that had voted for Trump. There was no gloating by the Trump voters and both myself and the other guy that went for Clinton expressed the hope that Trump would be a good president. It was actually a pretty cool night. Things are a lot different now and only 4 of us regularly get together for Thursday night beers anymore. I expect our gathering next week will be just as civil: good friends are more important than our political views.
  4. If you want to get rid of the blame / defend cycle get you can start by getting rid of Pelosi, McConnell and the the majority of congress that are more interested in party than the good of the country. They need to learn to propose bills with less pork and be willing to compromise for the common good.
  5. I am rather surprised to hear this. On the other side of the state I have seen the direct opposite. In 2016 there were thousands of Trump signs and nary an HRC sign in sight, I would have put it at least 30:1. In 2020 the Trump signs definitely out number the Biden signs but I see it as more 3:1. Even in rural Washington county it is probably 5:1 Trump signs to Biden but I don't think I saw a single HRC sign there in 2016. Among my circle of 10 drinking buddies we had 2 guys that voted for Clinton and 8 that went for Trump in 2016. That has switched to 8 voting Biden and 2 voting for Trump this time around. Of course this is anecdotal but these are white guys in their late 50s and early 60s which should be in Trump's wheelhouse. I still think PA is a toss up but I certainly do not expect an easy win for Trump.
  6. pizza pie pumpkin pie pineapple pie pizza pie mince tarts
  7. I am buying his story as much as my teachers did when I tried the "my dog ate my homework" line.
  8. Give it up Snorkelson: between this guy, the blind computer tech and Rudy the evidence they have on the Biden's is iron-clad.
  9. I predicted that Biden would easily win the popular vote and would likely win the election and I am pretty confident that will happen. I also predicted that Trump will contest the results and file lawsuits to invalidate votes and he would ultimately be declared the winner by the Supreme Court. I am less confident about that and hope that I am wrong.
  10. This is one of my biggest disappointments with the Trump administration and Covid. The president and vice president give themselves A+ and believe they've handled the pandemic expertly. It is absolutely critical to analyze this and understand what was done well and what can be done better in the future. When you think you've done everything perfectly and the problem has been everyone else there is little chance of actually learning anything
  11. We could both go on and on. Trump and Biden are human. Sometimes they make a gaffe. It happens to everybody
  12. So you think that he was confused and thought he was running against George Bush and not Donald Trump?
  13. He was talking to George Lopez and nothing in his reply shows that he was confused about who he is running against.
  14. Regardless of where you stand politically these last minute "October Surprise" should upset you. The sources of this story are dubious and the timing show it to be an obvious attempt at a last minute smear. The president is on record as trying to get foreign officials just to announce an investigation on Biden and his personal lawyer has been openly trying to find someone, anyone to provide dirt on the president's opponent. Bobulinkski has had years to spill the beans on what info he supposedly has but he chooses two weeks before the election to bring it out? C'mon man. I am guessing the majority of people have made their minds up by now and this "story" isn't going to swing too many votes. Regardless I think it is a sad statement on American politics that a candidate would sink so low.
  15. I am fine with this happening before the election. My concern is what is likely to happen after the votes are counted and one side is attempting to invalidate them.
  16. I didn't make the claim that he did, I was only insinuating that he perhaps he chose her because she was a woman and not because she was most qualified. But I do recall President Trump saying that his choices for replacement of RBG would be all be women.
  17. Obviously Sarah Palin was the most qualified person in the GOP when John McCain selected her as a running mate.
  18. Every day of Clinton's presidency Rush would open his show with "XXX days remaining of America's raw deal" or something like that. I would love to go back to the Clinton days...
  19. I am not sure but the fact that Amy Coney Barret would not commit to recusing herself from hearing cases regarding the 2020 presidential election puts doubt in my mind about her.
  20. I am not sure I would call it a coup if Biden never takes office. I think it is a certainty that Biden wins the popular vote and a 60% chance he gets enough electoral votes for a victory. However Trump has already said they election will be rigged and has done everything in his power to cast doubt on and suppress absentee and mail-in voting. There is no way he will just step down, not a chance in hell. You heard WildBill: there is no way in his mind that Trump could legitimately lose this election and if does it was due to "shenanigans" by Biden. I fully expect Trump to contest the results of any loss in a state where the votes are close, and even some that aren't. He will fight this in court at the state level and it will likely ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court, which is stacked in his favor (IMO the main reason why the GOP insisted on rushing through the ACB vote). Without a doubt this is the worse case scenario for the country but Trump has proven to me that he doesn't give a damn about us.
  21. Biden will likely win initially but Trump is not going to concede. He will seek to throw out or delegitimize votes in states that he loses and he has the Supreme Court in his back pocket. The GOP senators made sure of that. It sucks but that's how I see it.
  22. I think the Steelers are a pretty good team and Super Bowl contender but there is still lots of room for improvement and the AFC has some pretty good teams we have to deal with. It sounds like the Steelers came away from the Tennessee relatively healthy and Hilton is expected to be back too. We'll need to be a full strength and playing our best against the Ravens this week