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  1. It is odd that you said that hypocrisy from the left is what turned you to Trump but you admit that Trump's a hypocrite too. I am guessing that hypocrisy isn't really high on the reasons why you turned away from Obama and moved toward Trump. If it were you would likely turn towards a thirdparty or abandon politics altogether.
  2. Not to make light of your situation Sheik cause that really sucks. Having said that: now I know what to say if I get pulled into a situation with my boss and HR.
  3. If I am reading this right it sounds like these 83 are not confirmed to have coronavirus.
  4. This guy is an invaluable resource for eating/cooking on a shoestring budget
  5. Agreed. I have lots of hops in freezer and in my third year of growing them so expecting a big harvest this year!
  6. The biggest problem that I see is if someone gets seriously sick and it becomes obvious they aren't getting better without professional medical assistance. At that point someone is going to have to break ranks and take them to a hospital and risk further contamination.
  7. I have 9 taps in my house that are in various stages of fullness with 6 kegs full kegs waiting and another beer in a 1/2 Bbl batch in a fermenter that needs to be kegged in the next 2 weeks. I have about 250-300 lbs of grains so I could brew at least another 10 kegs. My fridge has about 3-4 cases of beer and I have another 2-3 cases in my beer cellar. I should be good for a few weeks too.
  8. Impressive plan. I am wondering what the plan is if one or two of the 4-5 couples + kids come down with the virus?
  9. This is a I am really not interested in hearing the same arguments over again in this thread. I am legitimately curious as to what would cause someone that supported Obama to switch to supporting Trump. The two men and their positions on issues are different in so many ways it would be very interesting to hear.
  10. Back when it came out I had 6 bottles of the Sam Adams Triple bock in the 7oz cobalt blue bottles. It was thick and uncarbonated and not much like a beer. Like an idiot I drank them all but I should have saved them cause they're quite valuable now.
  11. I am going to bummed if Bernie wins the nomination but he has my vote if he goes against Trump.
  12. Solid prediction there. Would have more useful a month or so ago though
  13. I am in no way trying to beat on Rush or revel in his illness but are there people here that agree his assertion that the coronavirus is merely a common cold and is being weaponized as yet another element to bring down Donald Trump?
  14. Went on Amazon to get masks. Damn they are expensive. Decided to go with this instead
  15. While it is always a good idea to have spare water for all emergencies a coronavirus outbreak is unlikely to affect the water supply. Stock up on canned, frozen and dry foods, tp, bleach/disinfectants, cleaning products and medicines.
  16. I don't know I thought the video of him throwing a football was a good sign.
  17. Sounds delicious. With that kind of inventory you should be safe from looters
  18. I work for a software company that has offices worldwide. Our offices in China have been closed for more than a month. Some offices in Japan, South Korea and Italy are closed as well. I was just asked to make an assessment whether my entire team (all in North America) is able to work remotely.
  19. Not defending Bernie here cause I am not a big fan but I don't think Trump was/is any better: We didn't build a wall that Mexico paid for, he didn't repeal Obamacare and replace it with something terrific, his economic policies are not quickly balancing the budget (quite opposite, in fact), and his tax reform did benefit the rich more than middle class despite claims to the contrary Politicians make promises all of the time that they can't keep.
  20. What would he have died from prior to impact? The G force?
  21. Yep. And then the show became repetitive squabbles and "wars" between Rick's group and others.
  22. Thanks, we will definitely be checking out musuems when we are there. I would like to go to Katz's for pastrami, NY pizza, and a fancy place for dinner on her birthday before we go to Hamilton but don't think I want to drop a grand for a meal for 2. I'll eat pretty much anything but my wife isn't a big fan of Indian.
  23. Thanks. We have reservations to stay at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square.