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  1. Have a trip planned in September so assume we will be back to normal by then. Booking flights on Southwest today
  2. Bought two cases of wine yesterday. I already have a stocked bar and since I am am a serious homebrewer I am good to go for beer (9 taps with full kegs, another 6 waiting to be tapped, probably 7 or 8 cases of commercial beer and over 300 lbs of grain to brew more). I may not have enough TP and sanitizer but my alcohol supply will last me months.
  3. What a turd. THIS kind of nonsense is exactly what we don't need from the president in a time of crisis.
  4. Just go word now. Office will remain open by everyone encouraged to work from home through at least March 27
  5. Three weeks ago our company stopped all international travel for business Two weeks ago they asked for an assessment from each manager on their team's ability to work from home This week then banned all domestic travel for business and are allowing no visitors in the building. Still no word on WFH. I have no idea what they are waiting for.
  6. That's right. You're going to want them nice and plump when you have to eat them
  7. I am not taking any potshots at anyone of either party but THIS is the kind of the leadership we need. I hope more of our elected leaders from both parties follow her example.
  8. Until April 12. I have tickets to see Hamilton on April 18 so I am guessing I am SOL in trying to get a refund.
  9. I would be the last team to pull out. Then we can say WE WON!!!
  10. I didn't vote for that charlatan and I know a lot of boomers that didn't as well (though many did). I also know a lot of millennials that didn't bother to vote at all in 2016.
  11. I admit that Trump was right with the Chinese travel ban, which bought us time to prepare and come up with a solid strategy on how to handle this. Unfortunately he and his administration pissed away that time by downplaying it and not believing it would ever reach crisis levels in the USA. We are paying the price for that miscalculation now and it is going to get a lot worse before it "miraculously disappears". Even the most die-hard Trump fan can admit that, right?
  12. Yeah if his actions have been to stabilize the stock market he has thoroughly soiled the bed.
  13. Pittsburgh metro area still has no reported cases. One of the local TV stations reported roughly 90 of 150 tests in the area came back negative and the remaining 60 are waiting for results. If these numbers are to believed it seems like a pretty insignificant number of tests for a population of 2.36 million people.
  14. Pittsburgh has cancelled their St. Patrick's Day parade as well. So far the Penguins are saying they will play in front of fans on Sunday but I have a feeling that will change. Tonight they play the Columbus Blue Jackets in an empty arena. Personally I think it is only a matter of days before the NHL suspends their season like the NBA.
  15. Anyone that buys-into the crap that Limbaugh spews out are gullable and would be easily be fooled by another con-man anyway.
  16. Completely unnecessary. The flu is much worse and the coronavirus is just a hoax dreamed up by the Democrats and MSM to make Trump look bad. It will all miraculously disappear in a few weeks. Or so we have been told by a stable genius.
  17. I am beginning to get the feeling that we aren't going to see this miraculously disappear
  18. I wonder if they had the means to test even if his symptoms were consistent.
  19. The Penguins play the Blue jackets tomorrow night in Columbus. Sounds like it could be in an empty arena, if it happens at all.
  20. My company has banned all visitors from the building. This is a very tiny step and I really don't see how it is going to help much. They are also suggesting that everyone take their laptops home daily in case you or a member of your team show any symptoms. WTF, we're a TECH company, just let everyone work from home NOW...
  21. Seriously, the lines of bull she was dishing out was ridiculous. What's the point in having press briefings if the info is filled with lies.
  22. City of Pittsburgh followed suit as other major cities and cancelled the St. Patrick's Day parade.
  23. I know this isn't the political thread so I won't comment other than to say this has been a problem in the US for a couple of years now.