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  1. My son, a sophomore in hs now, earned all county 1st team as a freshman in soccer. He was a pretty good basketball player but gave it up after 8th grade and has since grown 6 inches to 6 ft but just wants to play soccer still. Getting some looks from some colleges, mostly smaller but a couple of d1 schools have emailed so that's cool. Best story so far is from when he was 10. Playing park soccer and he had averaged about 4 goals a game. We get stymied in the championship game for some reason and game ends in a 1-1 tie. No way I'm letting the keeper we have do the shootout so I put my son in goal. He blocks 4 kicks and one went wide and as the 5th and final kicker, he puts it upper left 90. In the championship game. We win on penalty kicks. Best part is I get a call from my dad (I played a lot of soccer growing up and even a year of college ball). He says "dont take this the wrong way but I think he is better than you were at this age". Gut punch but he was right. With the current state of US soccer, I only wish he played left back
  2. So, if Oregon wins by 50, are they still not in the playoff discussion? Asking for a pac 12 friend.
  3. Just pointing out that dumpster fires drop you out of the top 10 job opps. I should know (muschamp/mclwain). It'll be awesome when fsu drops 50 on uf this year to save taggert's job this year though.
  4. Nothing to add advice-wise other than a little background on how different generations view things. My 15 yo son never showed any interest in was always sports. Now he has a girlfriend that he has completely fallen for. I dont bring it up to my dad much but he asked if there were any games this weekend he could go watch. No, not this weekend. He has to go to his girlfriends homecoming. My dad's response, "well, glad her name isnt bruce." My dad is 74, as conservative as they come and has a brother that is gayer than Gay Gayerson. No one cares - except him. He just cant grasp the concept but I think it was ingrained in him in another time that was more "manly" and it was taboo. I admit, my wife and I did worry a bit because there was NO interest in girls until about 3 months ago (That we knew of anyway). We just always told him it didnt matter, that would love him no matter what. I will say though, deep down I am kind of glad he apparently wont have to deal with the social/peer pressure of being gay in Alabama.
  5. I mean all in all, not horrible. Our B team beat their B team. But, it doesnt seem to me the subs made were to create "cohesiveness". Instead it seems as the subs made were a result of GB being told "we dont lose in the gold cup". Find a starting 11 1st. One that's not going to get embarrassed by the 2nd tier teams. Then worry about depth. Use training to get them up to speed. You only get 3 subs any way. "Major" tournaments shouldn't be the proving ground. The only thing I saw from the non regulars tonight was that we are still way way behind.
  6. So the point is, at the national level you only get X amount of games to work on cohesiveness. Not really sure this one should be. Get the starters working right. If the subs cant get on the same page in training then training is an issue. ETA there is a huge drop from starter to sub. Big problem moving forward
  7. Oh and the crosses on the ground aimed at the penalty spot... Not gonna work with 8 back in the box
  8. Awful 1st touch all over... Trapp is awful... Left wing horrid... Gonzales has cement boots apparently.. What am I missing?
  9. This x 1000. All but 1 dog I've had has been a rescue. After each passing I swear no dog will ever match the greatness...yet another one comes into our lives that needs us as much as we need him/her and shows me I'm wrong. I swear a couple have even been reincarnated dogs of years past. I like to think they love us so unconditiinally that they just don't want us to know they are in pain. You made the right choice. Hard to judge quality of life for a dog since we cant ask them but his life and yours were better from having each other.
  10. Where are you located? I know we are looking for structural/civil but could dig and find out about the mechanical side. We are mostly in the southeast but have a philly office. Eta: link to mechanical openings More than willing to give my name (not much pull though) and we could come up with something other than "internet guy" as a ref.