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  1. Just tried the publix one. Very restricted options - like cant even get chicken breasts. Seems to be just deli items, bakery and some other stuff. Could be operator error
  2. So all of the walmarts in our area now have a wait for curbside pickup of at least 7 days. Great.
  3. Man, you guys are awesome...thank you to those that helped. My fear is that we are going to see more and more of these types of posts and I can only hope if it ever hits any of you/us that we remain in a position to help. I've already told my wife how to post in here if it hits me. Please, keep the politics out of here so we can all see posts like these if and when this thing hits close to home for some of us.
  4. Just found out some great folks (even if they are LSU fans) in my wife's mardi gras organization are dealing with this virus. Doesnt sound good either as he has some other health issues. They were in the process of moving back home to Louisiana and this virus got a hold of him. I'm not one to flippantly put this stuff out there but if any of you could spare anything in these uncertain times, it would be much appreciated. Such a great family with 2 fantastic college age kids. Hitting much closer to home now....
  5. Just prior to Alabama announcing schools shut out down, we got an email that my daughters school had a middle school teacher test positive. Last day was monday march 16. No symptoms, but started "shortly after". Took test monday march 23. Positive result came back today. The email is very general..."came in contact with many students", "felt Ill shortly after monday", etc. No name obviously. I coach the JV and Varsity boys soccer teams (not a teacher though) and there are 13 middle schoolers on the team. I'm not sure how high risk we are at them moment. We have been good, distancing, hand washing, etc. No symptoms. Gotta say my level of worry has increased a little.
  6. Thinking this too but.... With your experience (understanding hygiene et al) would you be willing to brave one of the supermarkets that are hiring by the thousands? And your company basically just laiid you off by saying you should "hit the unemployment line". That's how you fill out the unemployment app. Fill out the basics and it is on your company to prove otherwise. I would think no company in their right mind is going to question or fight any unemployment claim by an employee (or former employee) right now. Sucks man. Hope I'm not in the same boat any time soon. Eta: they never pay attention to the "must apply to x jobs a week thing". Ever. Too hard to prove nowadays. Eta2: the only real reason you could be denied unemployment is if you were fired for just cause. Theres no just cause here so you would get unemployment even if they fought it. Just might take an extra week or 2. But trust me....they won't. Go file.
  7. So if I genuinely had a pediatric emergency room physician in desperate need of masks in the phoenix area, how could I help? Family friend, used to run the emergency department in our area and I coached her daughter...feel helpless.
  8. Pretty sure in Alabama we are only testing if you have been interviewed after a tornado hit your trailer park.
  9. Anyone not wanting/needing their government check, I will give you my venmo. Got a 16 year old boy that's already tackled the chips, now eyeballing other snacks, a 13 year old daughter who recently started her womanly duties that finds any chocolate or really any sweets in the house and we have temporary custody of 3 year old twin boys that are like little baby birds always chirping "hungry, hungry, hungry" and are not fully potty trained so the tp and diaper issue will hit us soon. We didnt have them 6 months last year so they wouldnt show up in any tax forms for the assistance. I make decent money but I will be glad to use up anyone's "extra".
  10. Didnt feel like keeping up but I'm going to play devils advocate to Tim or whoever it was that may have been to respond to him... Oh no...not all kids have access to internet. Do we just pass those kids?. What about the honors students that usually get all A's? Do they all get A++ now? How does duke look at that I 2 years? I know...1st world problems. But why not just give everyone a pass, say their average is their final grade and start over in august? Seems we may end up catering to the lowest common denominator
  11. In response to the alabama comment/joke (that made me chuckle)... 5 confirmed cases here now
  12. So, a high school about 40 minutes away has some families in self quarantine after a winter break trip to Italy. No other information but guess who we have a soccer game against tomorrow.
  13. Btw, my son also refs soccer tournaments down here. They just got a message to limit handshakes etc. Just fist bump if needed.
  14. Just got a 90 day supply of the main one. Have about 60 of the other so I'm good there. Ask me in about a week or so after our stretch of tough games (high school soccer). May need to use extra doses....
  15. So, I'm not real sure how seriously to take this as of yet. We have middle schooler, a high schooler and temp custody of 3 year old twins. If everything closes for a week or 2, we are hosed. Home life would not be conducive to a learn from home environment. We dont have enough paid time off saved up (see - 3 year old twins always sick) to keep paychecks coming and my wife works at a dental office...cant work from home. I can but if folks arent out building stuff, theres no need for me to design stuff so my job pretty much shuts down. Not a typical FBG here with cash to splurge on gallons of hand sanitizer, to and wipes let alone a stockpile of diapers on top of basic food necessities. Our area hasnt been hit yet but we are a spring break destination (close anyway) so only a matter of time. Generally good health, early 40s and I have medication controlled hypertension. Seems like I should be more worried than I am but I cant convince myself to prep.