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  1. And Gordon with about a 4 on the football IQ score. GET UP AND TACKLE THEM YOU GOON!
  2. Eighty miles is a hell of a run @BassNBrew . It sucks to hear, but it sounds like you made the right call. No sense in causing any long term issues just to finish. Rest up and be proud. I’ll double back on your “red pee” and Advil comments when I get my ### around to posting a Superior race report, hopefully this week.
  3. He’s slowed just a bit, but not surprising with this many miles logged and running in the darkness. Still right on pace for a 27ish finish if he can hit 20 minutes per mile. Dig BnB! Diiiiiiiig!!!
  4. Nope, seems the exact same situation as every other RB. Mysterious injury (or not) late in 2018, workhorse RB that’s “fine” getting limited touches on a run to the Super Bowl, talk about a degenerative knee during the offseason, team trading two picks to move up in the draft to grab a RB, limited practice participation in the preseason, trend of not receiving more than 16 carries in a game continues into 2019, “quad injury” significant enough to keep him out of a game 10 days after it occurred after playing just five games. Pretty much nothing out of the ordinary compared to other RBs over the last ten months. Status quo, I’d say. Look, I’m glad Gurley has been “a value to you thus far for what you paid for him” (not sure how that’s quite possible as he’s RB17 in my ppr league, but ok). I have a hunch he’s about to become just just a bit more complicated for you than “if he starts he starts.” But like I said, we’ll see. Let’s double back on this in a month.
  5. 60 mile mark in 14:05, so if accurate his last 8 miles were at just over an 18min/mile pace. If he keeps that pace up he’ll finish somewhere between 26-27 hours. Hopefully he’s not dealing with any major issues as he heads into the night.
  6. Awesome, on both accounts? Good luck from here on out deciding whether or not to start him.
  7. Half way through in under 12 hours. That’s awesome. I’d say he’s in great position at this stage to hit his goal of sub-27.
  8. Believe a blitz pickup = RB carry all you want. Haven’t seen too many RBs suffer significant injuries blocking a blitzing linebacker. At this stage, it doesn’t really matter if there is an “other context” limiting his carries, nor what anyone assumes that narrative might be. It’s been ten straight games over two seasons in which he hasn’t had more than 16 carries. The Gurley fanboys can believe it’s a 6/1 defense, a weak offensive line, or an incompetent coach. I could care less. It’s pretty clearly a trend, and whatever injury he’s dealing with just five weeks into the season isn’t going to increase the likelihood that he receives more workload upon his return.
  9. Looks like BbB is through 37 miles in 7:32. That’s a heck of a pace. He’s almost done with lap 2, so he now knows what’s in store and should be adjusting his approach for the last three laps. Giddy up BnB!
  10. BnB on pace early on. Looks like through 23 miles in 4:32.
  11. Guess I’m not exactly sure what your scenario is? “In the pile” typically means on the ground. If you’re talking about him getting hit in a big mass of players while actually upright and running with the ball, but without a clear camera view of the hit, that’s absolutely plausible.
  12. Yep, and now comes the enjoyment for Gurley owners of trying to guess how much workload he gets in each and every game once he returns. My guess? Not as much as the max 16 carries he’s been limited to ever since he was injured last year.