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  1. I’m in the camp that Watkins is grossly overrated. As with you, I much prefer Davis and his uncertainty/upside after year 1 to Watkins in KC. Doesn’t hurt to offer Watkins for Davis, but I think most Davis owners would be looking for a pretty nice sweetener (early 2nd?) to make that swap.
  2. Well I hit my path-to-obesity-and-inactivity tipping point last night...I burned my lip badly when some cream cheese squirted out of an overheated cream cheese wonton as I bit into it (pro tip: 10 seconds is too long for a singular wonton, and yes, I then heated up the remaining 5 and housed those as well ). So, work should slow and I'm hopeful to get back in the groove now. Actually going to be in Montana in a couple weeks. Anyone do any running in the Bozeman, Billings, or other areas? Even better if it was on trails. TIA!!
  3. Well when you've got the opportunity to upgrade a position, you have to consider it and do your due diligence.
  4. And Ladanian Tomlinson too. He led the nation in rushing with a weak schedule as well.
  5. Because you think if they had serious doubts about Luck right now, that they'd have had the stones to go QB at #3? I'm finding that extremely unlikely. I don't think this deal says much about Luck at all. In fact, this might actually make them more likely to grab someone like Rudolph early in the 2nd round to hedge on Luck's shoulder.
  6. Couple of horse#### calls on Bucknell's best player. Nice work refs.
  7. You will be in the extreme minority.
  8. That was only the fourth worst defeat for Arizona in their tourney history? Not sure why I ever think their squad isn't going to choke cone tourney time.
  9. I think the point is that you're going to take a QB high in the draft, then you take the one you feel is your future franchise QB. You don't sit around and "pick one from the rest."
  10. Is there any possibility that there's any on air personality more insufferable than Dan Dakich? He's insta-mute at best, turn the channel at worst in my book.
  11. Such a dumb ####### signing, but off to a great start helping the Wolves to a win over the Warriors with a -17 in just seven minutes.
  12. For true golf fans, I can't say. For hacks that don't really care, I can vouch that Tiger makes the tournament infinitely better since I likely wouldn't have watched a single minute otherwise.