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  1. Was thinking the same thing. Looks like the same explosive receiver as he typically looks, but just getting less opportunities.
  2. At face value, sure. But when you’re a game from the SB and fielding a team that’s this close, you don’t burn a 1st on a purely developmental QB prospect and a 2nd on a third string RB while planning for two years down the road when you no longer want your 38 year old QB and want to avoid paying your star RB. I digress, but that’s idiocy defined. You play to win Super Bowls and Rodgers with the team assembled had at least half a chance. That’s when you invest your draft capital to get you over the hump. Maybe Love will prove that to be a great move, just like Rodgers did. Fees like two entirely different prospects though.
  3. He looks like an entirely different player this year. Must’ve really been impacted by that injury last season.
  4. Totally get that the leadership of the organization may be (is?) inept. But why do you assume this to be the case? After handing Wentz an extension last year, do you think there’s a chance they started to have serious concerns about him after his play last season? And decided to pull the trigger on a safety net just to be safe? With how Wentz has played through three games there positively remains a chance that it was the right decision. Now, Green Bay on the other hand...
  5. I haven’t watched him enough to form an opinion on that. But if your organization thinks he has that potential, coupled with any concerns about Wentz (namely durability I would think after the massive extension but he’s giving reason for much greater concern), then spending a late 2nd on him isn’t that egregious. I’d love to have him as an option behind Cousins right now on an equally brutal Vikings team.
  6. - Might be a decade saving pick for your organization if he develops into the franchise QB your current one is not. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  7. Good for the Packers. This Hill idiocy at QB when you have Brees is so terrible.
  8. With no bias, that may be the worst spot in NFL history. And it didn’t take the replay to know that.
  9. Sit him until he’s two weeks past feeling 100%. Get well big fella!
  10. I take the 1st pretty easily, but get why you did the deal short term. Drake is one of those players whose value is going to go POOF and people are going to very quickly wonder why they valued him so highly.
  11. The only problem with this is that their line and run blocking is horrible. Playing a 2nd RB most likely exacerbated the problem. The Vikings are a mess, but Dalvin will be fine. The rest of the offensive fantasy relevant players (Thielen, Jefferson, Smith) I’m not so sure about.