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  1. Rumor has it, about seven seconds. Ba dum tttt. I’ll be here all night.
  2. Oh. Yeah. So you're saying there's a chance....I'll take it. Unfortunately it's not a qualifier for UTMB. The closest regional qualifiers for me are such notables as Kettle Moraine 100 (WI), Burning River 100 (OH), Mines of Spain 100 (HUH? IA), and North Face 50 (WI). Yuck. Sucks because from what I can recall, it essentially boils down to a race director's willingness to play the UTMB game of having to pay UTMB a fee to be a qualifying race. And quite a few RD's feel it's kind of a scam.
  3. I think you missed the "HOF worthy effort" portion of my post.
  4. Best training run of the year for me tonight. Went 4.3 miles with the last 1.5 miles being a death defying, ### clenching power walk all the way to my doorstep in a SI of 166, and did so without releasing a single squirt into my pants. Basically a HOF worthy effort. Go ahead , for I am worthy.
  5. @Brony, in reading your post I couldn't recall whether I had responded to you with my thoughts previously. Turns out the response I was thinking of wasn't to you, but another poster. I was thinking of this post, which was almost two years ago to the day. Sounds crazy but if you haven't tried it, I would highly recommend giving a gluten free diet a shot for at least a couple weeks. See if there's a potential gluten allergy or similar which may be causing unnecessary inflammation. As I said in the post I linked, I laughed my ### off at the time of the "diagnosis" for my wife but she's been free of arthritic-like symptoms ever since she made the decision and it's been a life changer for her. She's since been confirmed as not having a gluten allergy, but her body definitely has certain adverse reactions whenever she consumes gluten. As I said before, if you've never tried I think it's worth a shot. Good luck.
  6. Yeah, the mid/late summer ultra scene in Minnesota is pretty sparse. There was a popular 50K last weekend (Afton 50K), and there's a 50 miler coming up at the end of July (Voyageur), but I'm not sure I'm ready for a 50 miler in 2+ weeks. I think I'm going to stay the course and just grind on my own. My best bet at this stage is to put in a solid 2 month training block and do my best to ensure I get into early September as healthy as possible. I re-read my race report from Superior 2016 and have given a bit of thought about how much I struggled during the mid-day on Friday in the early part of the race. That essentially ended up being miles 25-44, which is a notoriously tough stretch and one during which I had my lowest of lows. So, I just booked a camp site at Tettegouche (Mile 35 aid station) for a weekend in early August and my plan is to head up there, potentially solo for a full on training and mind clearing weekend, and run an out and back backwards to the Mile 25 aid station on Saturday (20 mile run, ~4200 feet of elevation gain) and then turn around on Sunday morning and run to the Mile 44 aid station (17.2 miles, ~3800 feet of elevation gain). I figure that will be a solid back-to-back effort on the sections that gave me problems, and hopefully provide more familiarity with these sections in terms of what to expect and boost confidence heading into Superior this year. Love all the video links! I've caught a few of those already, but definitely some I haven't watched. Thanks! And finally, thanks for the link the TRN podcast with Jimmy Dean. That's funny...I've fallen out of listening to podcasts and never caught that one. Yep, I'm "that guy from Minnesota." Was fun to chat with him for a few miles during the race. I do crack up at their conversation on the podcast about the "meat grinder" at RDL and how gnarly they make that section sound. I think I said this following RDL, but that meat grinder section that stretches for ~5 miles is essentially what Superior is for 90+. We need to get a few of you Westerners out here to experience it. So whadya say @SFBayDuck, 2019?!?!
  7. More rescue updates, less nonsense. TIA!
  8. Eight!!
  9. Seventh boy out alive per CNN.
  10. So awesome thus far.
  11. Mmmm hmmmm, that’ll be the end of the investigation. Subconscious effort to remain on the trail as long as you can without your time being too slow to arouse suspicion means less time at home with the MIL. Congrats on the “slightly slower than anticipated time.” ?
  12. 18 painful miles on the trail for me this morning. Definitely feel off, but hoping I just work through it. Need to start hitting some 20+ milers here soon, or I’m going to get my ### kicked in September.
  13. Nice race @bushdocda!
  14. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a “bad call,” as that’s yet to be determined. But it’s definitely flawed logic when it seems to be that his claim is that Julio has outproduced Beckham.