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  1. Right, and you’re letting the yeasaying about a magic football player affect your blood pressure because by God all those people are morons! Odd. Good luck in your quest kind sir.
  2. If taking a hardline stance against a prospect (that appears as a no brainer top 2-3 pick at worst) as the 1.01 impacts your blood pressure, then I think you have bigger issues to worry about than CEHs lousy speed score.
  3. Of course you can use their draft capital against them. By all accounts, as a 2nd round RB Chubb has already proven that he belongs (and more) in the NFL. Odds are reasonable that one or more of this years 2nd rounders will prove otherwise. Your premise is like saying you can’t use the draft status of a rookie QB drafted in the 6th round against him when comparing him to Tom Brady, because Brady was a 6th rounder too. Sure you can. Brady, and Chubb to a far lesser extent, have proven they more than belong in the league and likely have staying power. Swift, Taylor, Akers, and Dobbins haven’t.
  4. JFC. I don’t think I’ve had a 77 mile week unless running a race, and you’re just like “time to get back in shape and average 15 miles per day over five days.” Nice work SC. Concur with Duck, time to get you on a 100 mile course. You might not even have to run in the dark.
  5. Sure. I’m saying, at the very least if Mixon were in this draft he’d likely be 1.01. Some might prefer CEH. Some might prefer Mixon. So I think you can roughly call Mixon the equivalent to 1.01 and if so, it’s not outrageous for someone to part with the 1.05/1.06 to get the 1.01. Not would it be outrageous if the owner of 1.01 preferred that pick to the 1.05/1.06. A trade calculator that says Mixon vs Sutton/1.06 is waaaaaay out of balance is of little use IMO. Always hate it when someone responds to an offer I send stating that the trade calc tilts in my favor. No, how about you use reason and logic and tell me why you’re not interested, why you feel it’s out of balance, or how it doesn’t help you or what you’re looking to do. Not what some magic football nerd on the internet assigned as player values without any input as to what your team needs, strengths, league requirements, etc are.
  6. I don’t have a problem with anyone using trade calculators as a tool to gauge reasonableness, but anything beyond that is silly. Even at that, this (Sutton/1.06 vs Mixon as heavily in favor of the former) is a great example of their flaws. Mixon is likely the 1.01 in this draft class. So what is this deal then? Maybe 1.01 for 1.05/1.06? 1.04/1.06? Any way you view it, it’s not heavily skewed one way or the other. Completely personal preference on how you build your team. Wish I knew which members of my leagues were using trade calculators (and which specific ones), as I’d then use it to craft deals that are heavily in their favor...but aren’t.
  7. Almost no chance for this kid, especially since UDFAs are going to have an even more difficult time making rosters with the shortened/limited offseason.
  8. Its an odd thing when you go into a thread that has two pages of posts and realize there are only about half the total posts visible.
  9. Positively love getting him at 1.04 or 1.05 now.
  10. Isn’t this tough?! Pretty near impossible to predict finishing times for road races when we never (a) run roads nor (b) run fast. 🤷‍♂️
  11. I will come cheer you on brother!! Would definitely suck to blow your hammy while on vacation...kind of ruins the lake time.
  12. My wife sent me some link that came through on her (Twitter) feed a couple weeks ago that said “Follow Zach live as he attempts to break the 100 mile treadmill World Record on May 16th!” She said, “I honestly couldn’t think of something more brining to watch.” Followed by, “Well, Simon, lets hope he double knotted his shoes.” Dude pretty much has the flat and long dialed in. Such a machine.
  13. Van is 31. You can nitpick those rankings, but they’re reasonably solid IMO.