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  1. First and foremost, and I can't stress this enough, take the hour and go to a running store. Someone there with intimate knowledge of running shoes can analyze your feet/stance/gait and help you pick out the right pair of shoes, which will help mitigate the chance that the wrong pair of shoes is leading to some of your leg/feet issues. Also, good luck! You've got this.
  2. I don't think a crack back block was in the plans for Thomas as that play began. But make no mistake, there was nothing accidental about that collision. Thomas clearly saw Sendejo approaching and blasted him as they met.
  3. It's obvious that the guy who dropped his head and couldn't see what he was tackling whiffed on a hit? That he instead intentionally whiffed, as the last line of defense, so as to not draw a PI? Sure. Makes perfect sense. Super obvious.
  4. You keep saying that like you know and it's a fact. You don't and it's not. And beyond that it's unlikely to even be correct.
  5. Marcus Williams, Toronto Argonauts
  6. Thanks for this. How do you like dem apples?
  7. #### YEAH MOTHER ####### YES!!!
  8. This is going to be heartbreak.
  9. I hope it does, but Lord help the Vikings if this comes down to Forbath.
  10. Waynes can't even stay on his feet.
  11. Yes! Reverse jinxed the goon.
  12. Forbath is a disaster. No way this is good.
  13. This is quickly turning into a classic Minnesota sports nightmare.