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  1. :spitsoutcoffee: It doesn't matter how bad of a fit Russell was, I honestly can't believe any team would take on Wiggins for four more years at $30MM per year. Lunacy. He's terrible at basketball. Have fun!
  2. Oh my God, somebody actually took Wiggin's off our hands. I hope the pick conveys in 2021. A #4 pick or later doesn't matter, because the Wolves suck at drafting anyways. And if it's top 3, I'm not worried about the 2022 pick being as bad. For full disclosure, I hate the KAT/Russell pairing. Pretty tough to find two superstars (or borderline for Russell) who suck as badly as these two do on defense. But I could give two ####s since Wiggins is an absolute clown show. Party time Wolves fans!!
  3. I expect the Wolves will move Covington. I anticipate a single 1st (likely in the 20s) coming back as compensation. I’d be elated with two 1sts. Three? Cartwheel time. I take that back, no cartwheels. Cartwheels are reserved solely for the unlikely event the Wolves could ever find a team dumb enough to take on Wiggins’ contract.
  4. This. I recommend healthy food over less healthy food when shopping at Costco. Awesome. Thanks.
  5. Are we allowed to have an extreme dislike for Usher’s Amazing Grace rendition during the Kobe tribute? If so, I can’t express how much I disliked that.
  6. Is it just me, or is Lowry waaaaaaay overreacting to the fan “pushing” him last night? Seemed like a legit “let me help boost you off my lap and back onto the court” more than anything even remotely resembling ill intent from the fan. I get that the push from that Warriors investor a couple months back, one that seemed laced with ill intent (and idiocy), may have skewed Lowry’s perception. But my word does this seem like a non-event that’s being made into something. Link with video
  7. Just read they missed clearing the hill by 20-30 feet. I never particularly cared for Kobe while he was playing, but this sucks incredibly bad.
  8. Well it's been a ####ty four weeks since Christmas Day. Felt crappy that day and came down with something mirroring flu or bronchitis that I've battled for three straight weeks, which finally subsided over the past week. But along a parallel path (even a bit longer), I've had stomach pains causing me fits. Had some serious concerns that there was potential lingering damage to kidney or liver from the rhabdo incident in September, but full lab workup came back spotless. Ultrasound results only pointed at one borderline abnormality (enlarged bile duct), so now it's "wait and see" and if symptoms don't subside off to see a gastroenterologist. Needless to say, WSER training has been off to a terrible start. Oh, and I didn't get picked in the Superior 100 lottery today. Super duper incredibly bummed. And I know, I know. There are far worse things in the world than a wicked cold, constant stomach pains, a lack of running, and not getting into the one race I want to get into. But just had to vent. Apologies. /whining