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  1. They weren’t. He was 6-11 on contested 3’s against Seton Hall. The looks were similar, the results were not. It happens.
  2. Exactly! Common sense would obviously dictate that they attack them at the rim with their athletic inferiority. That’s how a mid major knocks off a blue blood!
  3. Not really defending him at all. Pointing out how absurd your hot take is. Hey guys, now we’ve got a big game today against Kentucky. I know Fletcher is the most prolific three point shooter in NCAA history, but he struggled against the previous two top ten defenses we played against this year so we’re going to have to assume he struggles today and that he’ll no longer be our best shooter. Donovan, you’re now our best shooter. Fire away.
  4. Which I don’t necessarily disagree with. But I also feel pretty confident that he’s a big part of why Wofford had the season they did, and they are going to go with what got them there. I’m not faulting that from a mid major one bit.
  5. Ahhh, they’re playing a better D. Thus their best shooter shouldn’t shoot? Gotcha. My God this is mind numbingly dumb. The guy had a terrible game against a great D. Doesn’t mean he should stop shooting. This is a pointless argument, so I’m out.
  6. You are correct that he went 0-12. Pretty much indisputable there. But unless you’ve watched Wofford all year, not sure how you can assess that those shots were “terrible decisions.” I think by this season he’s got defenders in his hip pocket and not giving him much space. How many of the 12 he shot in their first round matchup, 7 of which he made, were contested by your assessment?
  7. Last time I checked, it’s a 5 on 5 game, he scored 61 points on 34 shots (which is excellent efficiency), and his team won the game. What am I missing? That Harden’s not on the All NBA Defensive team? Ok. You win.
  8. Welcome to the thread, Mr. Hindsight! “Hey Mr. Most Prolific Three Point Shooter in NCAA history, STOP SHOOTING!”