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  1. I have one and it sounds like my yard is about the same size. I never had a problem with a battery running out, I usually have above 25% left on the battery when I'm done. . It works really well for me and the battery charges really fast.
  2. If you want moist chicken breasts, check out Sous Vide. It makes a very moist chicken breast with very little effort...
  3. I have used this with good results...
  4. SuperPeel for transferring pizza to the stone...
  5. My ancient projector finally is on its last legs and I am looking to replace it. I was looking at the Epson 8350 or the Panasonic PT-AR100U. Any opinions on these? Any other projectors in the <$2000 range I should be considering?
  6. For those looking for a addition to their cast iron collections... My link
  7. Looks good. Is that a WSM enclosed in brick?Its a WSM (22.5"). Not enclosed - more of a build-out. I like to take the show on the road a few times a year (which is why I have a WSM instead of BGE). I documented this in one of the other threads, but here it is again...Concrete slab below my screened-in deck before pic Artists rendition of project Actual project finished pic Front view pic How much does the wind break help with the maintaining of temps? I'm thinking of redoing my backyard this year and could consider something like this...
  8. When I was reading the books, the execution of Ned turned it from a good fantasy novel to a must read series. The fact that the good guys can die makes the story more interesting. I have been waiting to see what the reaction to those who didn't know it was coming would be to the scene.
  9. I have a Santo plv-Z4 that the bulb just went out on, is the difference in quality worth upgrading to something like the epson 8350($1200 less whatever I could sell mine for) or should I just pont up the $200-$300 for a new bulb?
  10. I think as you listen more, and thumbup different songs, the variety will increase...but, I went online and added artists to my different stations...a little customization.Thanks! I went online and was able to configure the stations. I was trying unsuccessfully to configure it directly from the Android App.
  11. quick question regarding Pandora on Android(Droid 2, ver 2.2), Does the Quick Mix function mix the music from all stations? It seems to only play music from one station.