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  1. How many different pitches does she have and can she locate her fastball? What's her speed on her fastball vs her change up? How does she respond to adversity on the mound? Oh, on the cheating thing?? I've got nothing...
  2. Two weeks ago my completely finished basement flooded from a broken water line... The following week, my dishwasher drain hose broke and leaked all down into said basement, ruining a bunch of ceiling tiles The following day, my daughter totaled out her car in the College parking lot This morning I woke up to a flat tire on my wife's vehicle.. Yeah, 2020 can kiss my ###...
  3. I found I'm a much better player after a few drinks.. lol.. Much like golf.
  4. I WAS a life long fan of this horrible, horrible franchise.. Two years ago, I just "stopped".. Stopped wasting my Sundays and getting angry when they'd inevitably lose.. I don't root against them and I'll watch if I've got nothing else going on, but haven't watched a complete game since then. If the Ford's don't care about winning, why should I care about the Lions?
  5. So I'm at our local Thirsty Thursday where we drink beer and cook/grill stuff. I brought one of the bottles of bbq sauce that @ffweasel sent me (The Salt Lick) It's gone and the guys here are taking pics of the bottle so they can go online and order some. Safe to say it was a big hit.
  6. I owned two different Bronco II's back in the day.. Michigan winters as well.. I loved those things.. but dangerous as hell. I had it on two wheels once just turning a corner too quickly. I also loved to "bounce" the front tires off the ground. Had a manual shift and in 1st gear I could slam the gas, let off it, slam it again and get the front tires to bounce. Of course it ate thru driveshafts like crazy. My old man kept asking me how I was ruining driveshafts.
  7. As promised, mine is "in the mail" today.. Heading to @ffweasel Edited to add... I've worn all 3 shirts from @ffweasel so far and have gotten comments on all 3. The "Whataburger" shirt usually gets a look.. lol And the beer was gone as soon as it was cold Still waiting to try out the sauces.. Thanks buddy!
  8. My deepest apologies.. I'm behind the 8-ball this year. I WILL have a package in the mail to @ffweasel by Friday at the latest. The brewery i'm getting the last t-shirt from is closed today for employee training and cleaning.
  9. Gotta love this time of year.. Tryouts! My graduated Senior has her first College Cross Country meet this Friday.. I'm excited to watch her compete at the next level. My youngest is a Freshman this year and her entire travel softball team switched organizations (for the better). I'm down to one daughter playing travel and I'm just a "dad" that the coaches know they can ask to help with whatever they need. I've been coaching and around travel softball for almost 10 years.. I'll miss it for sure when it's all over, but I won't miss it too..
  10. I have 90% of mine.. just trying to get the last item. Plan on shipping out by the end of the week..
  11. Did something change? I play on an Xbox one and now it's asking me for a subscription to play
  12. Reading this thread made me go fill my water bottle back up... Good Lord..