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  1. Thanks Brohan! Any advice from you to "take it to the bank" is solid advice!
  2. I've only talked with my oldest about it, she's 21. Her and I are very close.. We went to Africa together and do a lot, just the two of us.. She also told me that after talking with my youngest, she's confused and not sure of how she feels. She likes boys, but likes girls too.. I know she's struggling. There's no doubt I'm supporting her 100% no matter what and don't feel anything but love for all my girls. I pretty much knew what I was going to say to her going in, I was looking for somebody that may have already went through this for a little more advice. This is a great board that has a ton of insight and experience.
  3. All fair points.. the reason for the wording on the title is because that's what my wife said, and my oldest daughter. I haven't sat down and talked to her yet, wife and I have that planned for this weekend. Nothing about her being gay makes me feel anything negative or sad, so I don't believe I'm in denial. I'm more sad that she thinks I'll be disappointed..
  4. Just giving you a hard time You could have told me you ARE in Grand Haven and made me look dumb..
  5. Thanks fellas.. it kills me that she thinks I'd be disappointed or mad. BTW, she's the one in my Avatar..
  6. How can you have an "Official Coast Guard" tournament if you aren't in the "Coast Guard City USA"??
  7. Thanks.. I too come from the age of playing "Smear the Queer".. I know times have changed a lot.. I'm just worried about her
  8. This was definitely going to be the start of my discussion with her..But kids rarely see the big picture...
  9. A little background.. Wife and I have 4 daughters.. 14, 16, 18 & 21.. This is concerning the 14 year old.. She's been having a rough time lately, very emotional, moody, etc.. I wrote it off as teenage girl drama/issues..I've been through it with the other three. My wife told me that after pressing her on what was wrong, she confided that she likes girls more than boys. She's struggling with it because she thinks I'll be mad or disappointed.. (she's always been a daddy's girl). Another key piece of information. My daughter is an athlete and looked up and idolized a girl that graduated last year and got a full ride to a D1 school.. She came out her Senior year as being a lesbian.. They remain close friends thru social media.. We aren't a super religious family.. my girls go to youth group at the local Church, but it's because the like it and want to, I've never forced them to go to Church. I don't really have a strong feeling one way or the other on the issue concerning friends that I have that are gay. If they are happy, so be it. My main concern is, she openly comes out as liking girls..she's in 8th grade. I can't imagine it won't be hard for her the next 5 years of school. Also, I don't think she's old enough or mature enough to fully understand the situation and whether or not she is gay. In the end, she's my daughter and I'll always love and support her no matter what. I'm just trying to protect her from a sometimes ugly World. Does anybody have any personal experience or advice?? As always, humor is acceptable
  10. We had a huge log cabin/house rented for the entire extended family for Christmas one year in Hocking Hills OH.. After the first night, my sister had "bites" on her that she claimed were bed bugs.. Confirmed the 2nd night.. We didn't stay a 3rd.. Exterminators that the rental company sent in weren't surprised and said it wan't their first time there. These guys say when they go home, all their clothes go into bags before they go into their houses..and they don't go to the movies anymore. This was in a 10 bedroom 3 story log house that was damned near brand new... My wife was so paranoid about bringing them home with us, that we had to change in the garage and walk into the house nekkid.. And put all the suitcases in storage for over a year.. Now whenever we go to a hotel, she inspects the beds before we unpack.
  11. Can't believe it took that long to get the right answer... Gloves??
  12. Sorry for the delay in posting my swag, but here is my haul! T-shirt 1 front Tshirt 1 back Tshirt 2 Beer is good Thanks again @Super King
  13. Arrived yesterday at my dad's business.. the mail will usually drop bigger packages for me there instead of at my house because I live back off the road. Stopped by this morning on my way to work and grabbed it. T-shirts are awesome, and can't wait to try the beer! They are in the fridge getting cold for Thursday Night Football.. I'll post pics later today.. Great job Super King..
  14. Glad to see it all made it in one piece.. I wasn't TOO worried.. I bulletproofed that box!