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  1. Northern Michigan and the U.P. opens up this Friday .. 50% capacity.. Going to be a parking lot heading North..
  2. I remember when fishing trips were much better done around here.. Now they just jump into the boat...
  3. Yeah, for the most part, I have too.. I've moved on to trying to help him with strategy when we play duos or squads. Like most kids, he has zero patience.. I'm dead 99% of the time before he is when we play.. so then I "coach" him.. He'll be in a prime spot inside the circle and the remaining players have to come to him and he still wants to rush them. I'll tell him, "Buddy, just wait.. they have to come to you". One game, I'm dead and watching him.. he takes out the last 5 people to win our "Duo".. The last guy is running around below him and he says, "I'm so nervous I'm shaking!".. lol.. kid is a trip..
  4. I saw you popped in on mine briefly last night too.. I was in a squad with 2 friends and a buddy's 6 year old kid.. the worst part is the 6 year old is better than I am
  5. I'm not sure I'll play much once this quarantine is all over... for me, it's more of a way to connect to my buddies and have some "normal" in my life.. I like playing squads while drinking beer and bs'ing with my 3 closest friends.. It's usually talk about stuff going on, sprinkled in with, "squad coming over the hill behind you" type stuff..
  6. Server is set to "auto".. User name Honeybadger Whip
  7. I'm terrible, but have been playing a ton lately .. The only thing I have to play on is a docked Nintendo Switch with a wireless controller.. I'm money with an AR, but can't build for ####.. I get a few solo wins because I hide and shoot from cover.. mainly bushes and corn fields at Frenzy Farm.. lol
  8. Don't marry a #####... it'll only get worse..
  9. In my household are my wife, me, and 4 daughters.. 14, 17, 18 & 22... The 18 year old "was" a Senior in high school, the 17 year old a Junior, the 14 year old in 8th grade and the 22 year old is home after spending a year in Germany as a nanny.. The 3 younger ones got used to not having "big sister" around and now that she's back the dynamic has changed a bit.. Thank God i'm "essential" and still go to work everyday.. might be marriage saving.
  10. I bought 500 at $1 figuring I'd gamble.. I know next to nothing about the stock market, was just going by what Chet posted.. I'm not a big shooter like most FBGs, but figured I could lose $500 and it wouldn't hurt.. I was tempted to sell off today and take my money and run.. the blackjack/poker player in me said to cash out.. But I'm in for the long haul.. Congrats to all you guys with deep pockets that bought a bunch..
  11. I dug out the Switch I bought my kids a year ago and they never used... I've started playing Fortnite.. I suck big time, but have 3 other buddies that play and are good, so we've been playing squads every night, complete with headset and microphones.. My wife and kids think I've lost it.. My daughters were recording me and I'm sure posting on TikTok..
  12. Growing up, we had one in our house.. The neighbor had chickens, so we assumed that's what drew it in.... It scared the #### out of the babysitter.. My dad set a huge ### snap trap.. nothing. We'd see it occasionally and the trap never worked. After awhile, he set out poison. We didn't see the rat again, but after a week or so, we developed a "smell" in the living room. It kept getting worse and worse.. My dad finally snapped and started tearing #### apart trying to find the smell.. He narrowed it down to the couch.. Us kids watched as he flipped it upside down and took a knife to it.. Inside the couch was the nest and the dead rat