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  1. I eat all of one type of food first before going to the next.. like at a fast food place, it's my fries first until they are gone, then the burger.. At home, I'll eat all of my "sides" one at a time and then the steak.. I can't take a bite of one thing and then another...
  2. We had the most intense game I've witnessed over the weekend with our high school team. State regional finals game against the #1 ranked team in Division 2 and arguably the best pitcher in the State. Lost 0-1 in 9 innings. Winning pitcher gave up two hits, struck out 17. Proud dad moment, my daughter had one of the hits. A one out single and then stole second in the top of the 9th inning. The other hit we had was a two out double off the fence in the top of the 7th.. 3' from going over. Gut wrenching loss
  3. Thought it was great, but was expecting it to be a little darker...
  4. I coach 18U travel softball.. you wish you could throw like some of those girls...
  5. I'm not a fan of him putting his political views into many of his current books.. I don't read his stuff (or any book) for the author's political stance. I read them to "get away" from the real World and enjoy a good story. Him constantly bashing Trump and inserting political comments really isn't necessary...
  6. Didn't he take over the "Cowboys" gang after Curly Bill was gunned down??
  7. I agree.. I enjoyed Season 2 quite a bit... until that happened.. there were a few eye rolls from me during that scene..
  8. The only movie my wife and I BOTH love... the only one.. "For Love of The Game"
  9. Absolutely not.. (that time).... I had broken up with her and was at a bonfire party a week later.. I broke up with her to try and work things out with my ex but a guy that was into her, made up a story about me being at the dance club dancing and kissing a girl (blatant lie). She walked up, didn't say a work and "BAM!" punched me right in the mouth.. I didn't deserve it for what she hit me for, but probably deserved it for other things, so I took it and didn't complain too much...
  10. My wife punched me in the face.. but that was in high school, before she was my wife.. Does that count?
  11. Unless CVT transmissions have improved vastly in reliability, I'd stay away..
  12. I just bought my 13U daughter a new (2018) model Xeno for $179
  13. Gotta believe it's still the Ghost.. But I could be wrong.. My daughter (HS) has the Demarini CFX