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  1. Nobody yet. Good chance he doesn't make the team.
  2. I was also there. It was Charles Rogers first game his rookie year. Roy wasn't in the league yet. Obviously everyone there was shocked at how sick Boldin was, but we were also very happy that our top pick, local Spartan Rogers was making an immediate impact. Sad how Rogers turned out. He should have been AJ Green before AJ Green.
  3. That depends on the "wherever you get him part" because it would be 4th round, could be 6th round or could be you don't get him at all.
  4. Reaches Based on current adp: Ebron: going round 13. If I am waiting on TE and miss Gates, I will jump a round or 2 to get Ebron. I think he projects right into a Ben Watson, Travis Kelce type year. Noting that will blow you away, but enough ahead of streaming to be a weekly starter. Deandre Washington: going round 12. If I don't love the guys available at around 10 or 11, I'll take Washington since I think he has a golden opportunity. That is about it really. Reaching for guys is bad. Buy Highs There are a lot of guys I would take in the first 4 rounds. My first round list is OBJ, Brown, Julio, Gronk, DJ, Gurley, EE, Charles.
  5. I find the Freeman adp and upcoming season fascinating. I can't ever remember a young back that put up a season like that who was so dismissed the next year without a catastrophic injury. If the situation was reversed and Coleman was the #1 RB in fantasy after Freeman got hurt, I think no matter what any coach said about getting Freeman involved, Coleman would be a top 6 pick.
  6. Didn't the FBI get those deleted emails? Which deleted emails didn't they get?
  7. Doesn't the FBI have Clintons server and emails already?
  8. I hear you. Football is such an intricate sport that it is hard to really determine who is to blame. Maybe if Lacy was in top shape, he would have been able to help Cobb and Rodgers out. Maybe coach wouldn't have continued to pull him for Starks. I know Jordy being out hurt the team. It could have been a chance for Lacy to shine and get a bigger workload, instead, he was just ok and the coach had to try working the back-up in jump start the offense.I think this is a case where we can see it either way depending on how we subjectively feel about Lacy.
  9. Ofcourse not, over the last few months he has rolled out a very pro-Russia agenda. Easily the most pro-Russian agenda we have seen outside of the Communist Party.
  10. There were 31 RBs with at least 50 attempts that averaged more than Lacy. He wasn't horrible, but he wasn't really good either. At least not in that stat. He had 4 fumbles on 197 touches. His longest run was only 29 yards. Other than evaded tackles, all his advanced metrics were middle of the road. He was not bad and no Jordy certainly played a role in that, but it was disappointing to see him regress so much after a very promising second year.
  11. As for my ribbing of Em...all in good fun. I usually find his FF takes to be the inverse of his political takes. His FF takes are reasonable and enjoyable. I still owe him for turning me onto one of the great can't miss draft super values of Kelvin Benjamin.
  12. From purely a talent standpoint, Lee Child reminds Em of William Faulkner. From purely a talent standpoint, Ricky Rubio reminds Em of Steph Curry. From purely a talent standpoint, Al Green reminds Em of Michael Jackson.
  13. lol I just meant the idea of anyone openly collaborating or pretending to collaborate with the ruskies.
  14. I mostly vote Republican so you would be very wrong.
  15. Not if I disagree with that what he is going to ask them to do.