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  1. I don't mean falsifying votes but the extent to which they may influence elections.
  2. Well it's not for sure yet. That could be large donors impacting it, who knows. I suppose if big business thinks the GOP is working to cut their taxes it could account for them contributing more to the GOP. In there we could argue a bit about whether that is the basis of democracy or something else.
  3. RNC raised $6 million more than the DNC in September so I seem to think things may actually be trending in Trump's favor
  4. Well last year they wouldn't have had so many 4th downs in the first place because they were moving the ball up and down the field at will.
  5. Also, how good would Freeman be on the Patriots? My god what a perfect fit he would be.
  6. What is the big difference between Sark's offense and the Shanny offense last year? Is it just that Ryan and the line aren't playing as well or are there major fundamental differences?
  7. They would be smart to get him the ball more- especially in space on some passes.
  8. Ryan is just not good this year. Freeman had a good 2 yards on the defender over the middle and instead Ryan forces it to Julio with a guy all over him.
  9. Dion Lewis looks good. Also, the Falcons are also having offensive issues.
  10. Patriots D showing some real signs of life tonight.
  11. Yeah it's funny, kids have no idea about any network TV shows or any movies that aren't superheroes, cartoons or horror movies.
  12. He's a good player on a good offense but he isn't a great player and the offense is running through the RBs.
  13. Steelers D is a force. If teams fall behind and are forced to throw more in the 2nd half of games, it will get ugly. Watt and Bud Dupree are absolute terrors out there.
  14. Oh it's garbage for sure. My wife is Mexican so I am very aware of what is good Mexican food...but once every couple years, I suppose Taco Bell reminds me of being young.
  15. You should take a second look. I see 2015 Cam Newton. On pace for 3800/37 and 405/8.