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  1. I believe both starting tackles are also hurt. Not sure what their prognosis is, but I don't love this.
  2. If he falls to me, I'm hoping someone has a boner for him and will make me a trade offer.
  3. Also availability. Zombie Dust has been around longer and is easier to get than places like Tired Hands or Trillium.
  4. I think you mean Nick. His brother Zach is on Dallas. Anyone know what kind of depth they have behind him?
  5. Sunset Blvd is a must see. Despite being a critique of 1950s Hollywood and being very much s movie of it's time with allusions that might be lost on modern audiences, it still holds up about as well as any movie from the era.
  6. The gf was Marion Davies I believe. This all reminds that the podcast "You Must Remember This" is a must listen if up are into Old Hollywood.
  7. Also just discovered John Huston wrote a film with Edward G. Robinson, Bogey and Claire Trevor called The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse. That might be my next fantasy team name.
  8. If he doesn't, I do.
  9. Despite all the things that went wrong, he still made Citizen Kane, Touch of Evil The Lady from Shanghai, Magnificent Ambersons, The Stranger and was married to Rita Hayworth. Not many can top that.
  10. And how about the cowboys killing the last of the mustangs, wild and free in the open American West so they can be sold as food in stores for pets living in suburban homes. Kids don't ride horses anymore, they have motor scooters now. Quite a powerful film.
  11. Great way of describing Clift. A true blend of old school and new school. Speaking of old school, it's amazing to see Gable in such a "modern" movie and he plays it so well. I would have thought he would have been out of place in a role and film like this, but not at all. He was a hell of an actor. I had always taken Gable for a bit more of a Cary Grant. Cary Grant can only play Cary Grant. Now there's no issue in that because if you can play Cary Grant, why would you ever play something else? I just didn't expect the range here from Gable.
  12. I feel bad for him. He is so close to his big contract and being set for life, but I am not sure what it might cost him to get there. He is absolutely a do not draft for me.
  13. In PPR drafts especially, WRs are the rage right now. Hope you got some early.