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  1. Just listening to music and scrolling through the Internet. I would never choose to watch a single NFL game unless it was the Lions or it was fantasy playoffs/I bet a lot of money on it.
  2. It's just a real solid uplifting movie. There's nothing groundbreaking, but it's an underdog love story that hits all the right notes. It's funny and has good performances. I don't see it as being a top 100 type movie, but definitely a movie worth watching.
  3. Great film and certainly one of the definitive noirs. Greer is probably the best femme fatale and you can't beat Mitchum. My quick noir top 5: Double Indemnity, Sweet Smell of Success, Laura, The Killing and Scarlett Street.
  4. Tonight we find out if AR15 was just slumping or if he's Braylon Edwards 2.0
  5. Good catch, my memory betrayed me there.
  6. Lots of great French films that I feel like many people haven't seen because they won't do subtitles. Speaking of French films about school kids, The 400 Blows is a movie everyone has to see. It's so perfectly done that it has to appeal to everyone. Who wouldn't love that movie?
  7. Au Revoir Les Enfants is probably his second best film after Elevator.
  8. Got to see Elevator to the Gallows. It's a French noir just before the new wave. Deneuve is amazing and it's got an awesome original soundtrack written and performed by Miles Davis (now known as the music in the weird Matt Mc Lincoln ads).
  9. Wouldn't say it's a top 5 level movie but "Being There" is a real gem. I'm also a huge fan of the following movies that I rarely seem to find anyone that has seen: It Happened One Night His Girl Friday Rififi Elevator to the Gallows McCabe and Mrs Miller
  10. Yeah, liked the 2 week matchup and (correctly) figured all the other streaming teams would target the Jets.
  11. Shocked to see I was. My 10th anniversary was last month. Time flies.
  12. Changes a lot but currently: Casablanca The Apartment Double Indemnity Modern Times Bridge on the River Kwai
  13. Love the Cowboys this week and next.
  14. Also doing this with Gillislee pulling off the double block.
  15. I'm tempted as it's a very receiver friendly schedule rest of season.