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  1. Fun categories, hate to have miss out any any of them
  2. That is some pretty wild ### speculation.
  3. Even in SE Michigan where we are relatively diverse, when strangers find out I'm a teacher and where I teach, I get the most ignorant comments. "Are the black kids able to learn?" "Have any the Muslims threatened you with jihad?" "Do you feel safe around the Mexicans?"
  4. Prolly just need a day off imo but I'll be around so either works for me
  5. R.A.P. Music (not technically RTJ but really it is) DDFH Blockbuster Night Close Your Eyes (and count to ####) Down
  6. A teacher not caring if they hurt the feelings of their 13 year old student for the sake of a joke means there is hope for the future?
  7. Rain drop. Drop top. There are some goofy young dudes out there in hip hop. It's real hit or miss for me. There's been some stuff I've really liked from D.R.A.M., Kodak Black, Young Thug, Desiigner and 21 Savage (the opening of their song X is just too good).
  8. Well the apology never said what he did, just that he shouldn't have done whatever it was. But yeah, I now see the Fox News team confirmed it so yeah.
  9. Agree, without a video it's not easy to really assess the situation.
  10. The parties will do whatever wins votes ( just like TV will do whatever gets ratings). If we want different poltiics, we have to vote different.
  11. Same here, I was just joking mostly. I don't really care all that much.
  12. Funny, would have thought it was supposed to be the other way around- got kids into musicals or history that otherwise wouldn't have been into it.
  13. Rd 22 Broadway: Hamilton- Washington on your Side I didn't really get what the hype was on this. Then I saw it last week in Chicago and I totally get it. I really really want to see it again.
  14. The issue isn't with the parties, it's with the voters really.