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  1. Yeah said he he was playing in the 240s his senior year.
  2. Safe seems like a good way to describe it. Ripped and tattered jeans are cool, but but if you are going to work, out with family, watching a game at a sports bar etc. you should probably avoid that look for something safer like the dark jeans rolled cuff. There is a time and place for everything. My 23 year old cousin met the family at a pizza and beer joint for dinner in some shredded light jeans. His mom, aunt, grandmother and uncle all gave him a ton of crap about it all night. I think his grandmother for real thinks he is gay and some kind of deviant over his very trendy fashion choices.
  3. Not Kelley. Skins announced earlier this week that Kelley will sit tonight. Teams usually sit their starters for week 4.
  4. To me Rivers, Eli, Cousins, Staff and Tyrod represent the best intersection of value, ceiling and floor.
  5. Didn't see much impressive but it was limited.
  6. Yeah they have to bring in someone. I'm rostering Kelley at this point just because he seems to have a beat on a starting job which is something. That said, I defy someone to name me a worse RB prospect in the last decade that started a game for an NFL team.
  7. If this guy succeeds at all in the NFL it will be amazing. 1st percentile SPARQ athlete who never had more than 95 carries in 4 years of college, had 3.6 ypc as a 23 year old at Tulane. Man the Redskins botched this RB situation badly.
  8. Why does Stafford have a higher injury expectation? He hasn't missed a game in 5 years and is as tough as they come.
  9. Here are Staffs pass attempts the last 5 years: 592, 602, 634, 727, 663. So Staff throwing for 600+ times is almost a lock. In my 6 OT per TD league Staff has finished as QB 8, 15, 4, 10, 5. He has thr easiest QB schedule in the league. There's a lot to like about his ADP this year.
  10. I agree with all of this. RBBC in Washington last year was bad for any fantasy owner that invested in it. R. Kelley is below average in seemingly every way. Matt Jones has never been a good RB at any level. He had fumbling problems last year and is has an injured shoulder. Jones is not guaranteed of anything at this point. As bad as the Redskins RBs were last year, they still have value if the touches fall the right way. Last year the Skins RBs outproduced Tennessee, Cleveland, Indy, San Fran and Jax. Washington RBs had 477 touches for 2240 yards and 7 TDs. The TDs are an issue, but I also don't expect Cousins to run for 6 TDs again. It's certainly not an ideal situation, but if a RB comes out of there with the 50% of the touches and the GL work, then he can be a valuable RB3/4.
  11. I agree that in 4 or 5 weeks, we should see Charles back to the 15 touches a game we expected. My bigger concern is that I think Ware is the GL back all year.
  12. I think I read something about Jordan Reed last year and how he realized the importance of stretching and thats what he credited to his improved health.
  13. Ware looking pretty good right now.
  14. Might need to drop Washington for Kelley. It seems like R. Kelley has the direct path to value.
  15. Vikings released C John Sullivan. Might be a target for the Texans.