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  1. Great deal
  2. My guess is that will really vary based on how desperate the owner is for a RB and whether the owner is inclined to look at stats or think about the name. If Matt Jones or Eddie Lacy had Crow's numbers people would be falling over themselves to call them RB1s. However, some people just see Crow and think of his 2 mediocre seasons so they aren't buying in. Definition of post-hype guy.
  3. Unless JC and Ware end up in a total committee with Ware gettingn GL, Charles getting catches and carries going 50/50.
  4. Heads up, Philly has a bye this week. Get them for next week. They could be in play for #1 overall D.
  5. What a steal in drafts and what a steal for lions in FA. I'm second guessing if my flipping him for AR15 will end up being a mistake.
  6. Absolutely. Worth giving it some time.
  7. I disagree but it's irrelevant at this point.
  8. The Allen Robinson of 2016.
  9. What you described is a TD. Regained control and pinned ball against pylon. The second the ball hits the pylon/breaks the plane, the play is over.
  10. Right, he bobbled before that but clearly was holding the ball with his right hand when he touched the pylon. Very weird for them to overturn it.
  11. Funny how that one close play changed the narrative so much. If the call on the field stands, its a 14 point day (standard) and Ware is RB12 for the week.
  12. Depends how the coaches look at it. I don't think it was a fumble.
  13. That one fumble was an 8 point swing. Went from very good to ok on that very close call.
  14. Lamar Miller, David Johnson, DeMarco Murray, Crowell. There have been a few guys that have been solid to spectacular each week,