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  1. Not really. The Bible is very literal in how it expects people to treat others, give up their money, etc. All believers should be willing to give up every comfort of life to ease the suffering of others. An atheist has no written code so they should have much more broad views.
  2. Not saying they wouldn't. Just logically it would make sense to see an association between level of religious commitment and willing to make financial sacrifices to help others.
  3. I'm sure this was touched on but today in 3 consecutive tweets, DJT said he is going to cut taxes on middle class and businesses, initiate a massive new spending bill and he complained about the massive deficit under Obama.
  4. Of course. I've said this before but the political spectrum isn't linear, it's circular. If one travels far enough in either direction, they end up in the same spot. The extreme left and right (think Stalin and Hitler) are the same thing.
  5. The other real backwards part of this ACA thing is you would think the more Christian party/voters would be the ones supporting universal health care and the more atheist/agnostic party would be like "pay for your own medical care," We live in a world void of logic.
  6. Hey Muhammad Ali's dad did beat the #### out of a lot of Christians so I can see how he could have been mistaken as a terrorist.
  7. Yeah I mean obviously very suspicious to have an American citizen returning from Jamaica in February.
  8. Just seeing this for the first time. Weren't we just talking about 10 months ago about what a tremendous American Ali was? Now we are harassing his son. Da hell?
  9. Just watched Au Revoir Les Enfants for the first time in forever. What a masterpiece. Also a bit scary thinking about the piece of garbage we have as president right now.
  10. I'm so behind on tv shows right now. I think Thrones and Wolfgang are the only current shows I'm up to date on. I definitely need to check out Taboo. I hate comic book stuff outside of Batman (coolest villains and noir feel). Will I like Legion?
  11. The awards people definitely have certain types.
  12. My take is that speeds neither a strength nor a weakness. He's definitely torching MAC defenders, but I don't think he has NFL burner speed. I'm thinking mid 4.4
  13. I consider myself pretty good at being centrist. Trump makes it tough.