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  1. It would be pretty weird to mock (jab?) someone because the have never shot a person, or been shot at. However, bearing witness to such violence, in person and up close can change your belief system quickly.
  2. That question wasn’t for you. I did ask all posters if they had shot a person before. Have you? Or been shot at? Or witnessed a shooting up close? DW answered in the affirmative, and with that credibility, I asked how he felt about those without the knowledge and insight you have when you have been part of the violence. Think, talking about how awesome sex is when you’re still a virgin. Only, instead of something really nice, something life altering bad. I hope you never have to “feel” that way. Sincerely.
  3. I’m thinking a conversation with a non-gun owner about gun control is not comparable to the act of shooting a person, in any way. Maybe you misunderstand my point. Have you ever shot a person? Seen a person get shot? I hope you haven’t, but it certainly gives a perspective that conversation and theory can not. Talking about pulling the trigger, or imagining pulling the trigger, and actually pulling the trigger are worlds apart.
  4. Thank you for your service. How do you feel when people with no experience or training (real life and death decisions, not shooting range stuff) predict how they will react when faced with a split second, worst case scenario?
  5. I’m curious, how many posters in this thread have shot a person before, been shot at, or witness a shooting up close? Combat veterans? law enforcement? Other?
  6. “The thing is, people willingly adopt the mythical past. Fascists are always telling a story about a glorious past that’s been lost, and they tap into this nostalgia. So when you fight back against fascism, you’ve got one hand tied behind your back, because the truth is messy and complex and the mythical story is always clear and compelling and entertaining. It’s hard to undercut that with facts.” MAGA
  7. I agree with congressman Ted Lieu that Trump is a Racist ###. I agree with presidential candidate’s brother, Joaquin Castro, that Trump is a Bigot.
  8. I think you are incorrect in your assessment. I’m pretty sure many people believe our president is racist. I think it’s important for you to understand this, and that there is a factual basis behind it. It’s not made up “faux” outrage.
  9. I was surprised to see our presidents “in your face” racism today as well.