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  1. The President was impeached, and the Senate didn’t so much as call one of the many, many witnesses.... He can pretty much do what he wants.
  2. My thoughts are, there sure are a lot of racists posting over there.
  3. She’s been really good.
  4. NEW: Law enforcement source tells @NBCNewYork Steve Bannon was arrested this morning on board a boat off the coast of Westbrook, CT
  5. Man, the Gabby Gifford speech was really good....
  6. Can one of the lawyers explain a Joint Defense Agreement in simpler terms? Can they just keep adding names and pleading the 5th?
  7. The Joint Defense Agreement included: Donald Trump Donald Trump Jr. The Trump Organization Jared Kushner IvankaTrump Paul Manafort The Trump Campaign Keith Schiller Hope Hicks Michael Flynn Felix Sater “However, the committee was provided with no competent evidence to substantiate the JDA’s existence.”
  8. I can’t help but wonder.... What would Susan B. Anthony think?
  9. Do you mean to tell me that a G.O.P.-Led Senate Panel That Details Ties Between 2016 Trump Campaign and Russia, is more important than ... that lady this threads about.
  10. Qanon believers and followers are indeed detached from reality. At the very least she is unstable.
  11. My wife is thinking Belize.... She’s been there and loves it. I’ve never been, but I hear it’s popular with US ex-pats.
  12. No, I think he was a shortstop for the A’s back in the 80’s...