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  1. I’m surprised to see him caving to the irrational and crazy media and democrats. Maybe he is ready for other forms of comprise.
  2. Turkey's Erdogan 'threw Trump's Syria letter in bin'
  3. It’s hard to accept that some of my fellow Americans will believe this. At least consider that it may not be accurate before you send him your money. He’s working you, man.
  4. Crazy to compare the two. This is the guy who dressed up like Huggy Bear to film planned parenthood.
  5. Chiefs’ WR Tyreek Hill feels good in pregame warmups and is now planning to play today, per source. Chiefs plus Hill.
  6. That reminds me.... I need to pick up mushrooms at the store.
  7. Being a lifelong Trump supporter, I'm pretty disappointed in the fact that he is a Russian asset.
  8. Probably the worst congressman, which is saying something. Several DUIs. Dumber than Jim Jordan.
  9. Also something about Hillary biding her time while Biden goes down so she can jump in the race.... Amazing how many Americans listen to this junkie liar.