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  1. Good effort, hot girl. She gots my vote!Face is below average. Deal breaker for me really.I know this might be a lot to ask from an anonymous internet messageboard, but can we please try not to be too harsh in directly criticizing my girlfriend's looks? If you think she has a "below average" face, then don't vote for her, but you don't have to insult her like that. It doesn't bother me, but she has been checking out the thread periodically and it upsets her a lot. Thanks for any understanding. Also, thanks a lot for all the nice comments from everyone.Oh boo hoo. She has the sack to try out for a hottest chick thread and throw her ### all over the internet, but she can't take a little criticism? Tell her to man up.
  2. "Toxic assets." I swear if I hear this one more time I'm throwing a pile of feces through the television.
  3. Remember that time, there was some guy on Jeopardy, and he didn't win, but I helped him devise an argument that showed his final jeopardy question was technically correct, and then he got a second chance to go back on the show? Man, those were good times.Didn't do him any good -- he still lost to that old bag with the Coke bottle glasses.
  4. Thank you. Also "pooper", "turd cutter", etc."dumper"I was on this years ago.poop-chute
  5. Sens. Ashburn and Maldonado both represent districts close to me and are very conservative -- surprising that they may be willing to cross the line to get this abortion of a State budge passed.God help us.
  6. Tim, do you have any idea of the amount that goes toward paying for MediCAL and other services for illegal immigrants? It's things like this that are simply bankrupting the state. You don't live here, do you?
  7. Have you considered Denver? I hate to say it cause "we" kinda hate Californians cause they're all moving here, but I like you. It's a great place to live and the weather is actually quite mild. Today it was about 50 out and sunny. We get over 300 days of sunshine a year. Home prices are reasonable compared to most populated areas of California as well.Californians have been ruining our state. The roads are now overcrowded, but the real problem is they bring their ultra-liberal idiocy with them. Their State is a #### hole thanks to their policies. They literally leave their state because they cannot live with the ramifications of those policies, yet what is the first thing they do when they get here? That's right, they spout off about how they use to handle issues in California. Tthen they run for the legislature and they try desperately to repeat their idiocy. #### them. They should be forced to live in their own mess. Nothing personal.