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  1. i mean right u down 14 pi drop int thats [rplly tacl;ed om endzpne or td
  2. or just use him as a decoy and not even look his way at all while denver doubles him all game
  3. think they try to get reek involved early since denver plays cover 2 it will be short stuff may try and force him some screens and sweeps and some runs. opens up middle a bit with the defense so hoping kelce eats as he done on the past
  4. Mahomesover 1.5passing tds mccoyover 14.5receiving hamiltonunder22.5receiving kelceover 5.5receptios sandersunder51.5receiving D williamsunder3.5receptions Hillover 5.5receptions Robinsonunder42.5receiving Mahomesunder12.5rushing
  5. yep nice lumpy, i saw a tweet later on that bill saying he basically wasnt going to kick fg;s so grabbed what I could at 5d for $25
  6. I like Hilliman under rushing.. Think Penny will be involved a bit