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  1. Not sure shirtless pics fit in the terms of service however
  2. I have a good pic of shuke shaving in the lake.
  3. This thread is pretty funny. Maybe I should add some bonus pics.
  4. Good reminder. I just applied for all rounds as well. I like that they let you know in July if you were selected.
  5. Is this available online? Looks like you need to subscripe on
  6. Posted one hour ago. Already deleted. All that's left are the dip####s and trolls. Welcome to twitter!
  7. Didn’t Rory’s downward spiral start after he switched to Nike clubs? Also, I thought Nike was exiting the club making business?
  8. Guys, Reed doesn't talk to his family. Get the pitchforks!
  9. Obviously Rodgers is a villain.
  10. I've never heard of Drew McGary. Not sure why anyone cares if he's heard of Patrick Reed.
  11. Well said. Some guys are so lost on their own they actually want someone bossing them around.
  12. Except for the controlling bithc wife. Sounds like once she was on the scene he cut ties with everyone outside of her circle.