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  1. Thanks! I almost have to laugh when people ask me if I think I might miss working or what I will do with all my free time ⛷️🚴‍♂️🧗‍♂️🚣‍♂️. And sorry kids if I end up spending too much of your inheritance 🥂🎲
  2. I very rarely play golf and have never played around Tahoe. I believe the annual Pro-Am where some NFL players participate is usually played on the course next to Harvey's in Stateline. You'll remember one of Roethlisberger's rapes occurred in the casino hotel there or Harrah's. I'm no help with golf advice, but could offer some other suggestions: Stateline/South Lake Tahoe is really where you want to be. Incline Village is a nice place to live and very scenic, but it's much more limited with dining, casinos, nightlife, etc.
  3. It's an especially tough crowd this morning, Justin. What these comedians are trying to tell you is that this is not the right forum to post your question. You should use the Assistant Coach forum (which is rarely used).
  4. I've always been more impressed by nature than man-made stuff, so I think it's interesting that there's only one mention of the beautiful Lake Tahoe area. It's an idyllic year-round playground with some of the best skiing, hiking, cycling, and lake activities in the country. So, my list is my favorite places where civilization meets nature: Zephyr Cove, NV (Lake Tahoe) - my new home as of my Nov 30th retirement. Carmel, CA Manitou Springs, CO Moab, UT - best mountain biking in the country? and great National Parks La Jolla I believe what Jim Morrison said - the west is the best.
  5. MANY people loved him, but with his muslim conversion, draft controversy/prison, and brash/charismatic personality - many also disliked him. He was one of my heroes.
  6. Hahaha - I'm not supposed to say anything but the Air Force moved the aliens to Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio many years ago...
  7. First, let me say they are both fantastic artists/songwriters. However, if their places of birth were reversed, this probably wouldn't even be close. Springsteen growing up in the heavily populated NJ/NY area has a huge advantage in fan base and exposure over Seger. I believe this results in him being a little overrated while Seger is vastly underrated. Springsteen was also able to surround himself with superior talent. E Street >> Silver Bullet. But mano a mano, on a level playing field, it's gotta be Seger.
  8. No I wouldn't. She couldn't even compete against a good men's player. And don't mention Bobby Riggs. And women only play best of three sets.
  9. This match is a decisive argument against equal pay for women's tennis.
  10. Canceled (2 pts) - and proud of it...
  11. First, you take our yoga pants. Then, you take our "who's hottest" polls. Now we can't even own our fantasy teams? What's next...?
  12. I'm very optimistic about his chances. Speed, route-running ability, work ethic, chemistry with the new franchise QB, intangibles - he checks all the boxes for me. I'm very happy that I got him at 3.09 in my FFPC rookie draft and believe he has a high ceiling.
  13. She's way too outspoken for my taste, but I must say she may have the best bewbs in the biz...