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  1. I lived in Dayton for 25 years and miss Marion's - had my work going-away lunch there! Their crust is the saltiest I've had, but quite tasty...
  2. SAUSAGE (Italian?) - But I just got home from a week in N Italy and nobody offers sausage on pizza there! banana pepper onion I'm greatly disturbed that so many of you choose to ruin your pizza with olives. There oughtta be a law against that!
  3. Yeah, I've had the "pleasure" of traversing KS on I-70 four times. That definitely counts!
  4. You are certainly the poster boy for "waiting to draft a QB". Well done!
  5. and (if it's only a few), which ones are you missing? I've been to 47, missing VT, RI, and ND. Also missing MN if "only in the airport" doesn't count. I suspect ND is the state that the fewest of us have been to.
  6. So - I picked up Mayfield last night in my FFPC Dynasty league. I "won" the bid at $333. The next highest bid was $56! Am I foolishly overrating his dynasty potential or did the rest of the league undervalue him?
  7. I don't see these options as mutually exclusive. It does seem logical AND you should hunker down and enjoy a few good bourbons!
  8. Who started Jordy this week?
  9. My Double-Up lineup: QB Watson 6100 RB Murray 5800 RB Breida 5400 WR M Thomas 8900 WR Hilton 6700 WR Fuller 5900 TE Ebron 3400 Flex Clement 4300 D Bears 3500 Any other ideas out there?
  10. I've found that whenever I over-analyze things and try to predict game flow, I'm usually wrong...
  11. Someone just offered me Henry for Sony Michel in FFPC Dynasty.
  12. I've been knocked out in week 1 more than once. Best to play it safe, IMO. Don't you dare take the Dolphins vs Titans. I'm going with Baltimore.
  13. Here's a challenge for any 10+ year fantasy players: Think back on all of your drafts, teams, and fantasy (football) thoughts of the past decade with regard to Britt. Now look at his career stats by season. That must have been some tasty Kool-Aid we were drinking or something excellent we were smoking, am I right? Has anyone else had as much hype with this level of production?
  14. How can one not like Touch Me or Light My Fire? Especially love the Light My Fire performance on the Ed Sullivan show (Google it if you must, kids) where Morrison refused to be censored. Ray Manzarek was brilliant and very underrated.
  15. Hate every Country artist or band except maybe Johnny Cash. But I kinda like that song, "Need You Now".