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  1. I was just offered Alshon Jeffrey and a (late) 2020 1st for Chark in dynasty. Still thinking about it...
  2. While watching the final episode, I finally realized that Homelander is played by the sheriff from Banshee - loved that show, and The Boys is excellent, too.
  3. Is Cam Newton a drop now in an FFPC format (20 roster spots)? He's probably a QB2 for most. Not much on the ww - Stafford, Dalton, etc.
  4. I always figured he'd made a deal with the devil to get Paulina P. Now I see it - "you can marry this SI Swimsuit Goddess, but you only get to live to 75". I think a lot of us would have taken that deal...
  5. Or at least a PPR gem when the Bears are playing catch-up or until they establish a more balanced attack. They might realize that they don't want to rely on Trubisky to provide the offense and that they need to focus more on the ground game. Of course, we can't read too much into one game. It also seemed both teams would have benefited from actually playing the starters some in the preseason.
  6. I own 11 of your players on my 27 man roster. Great minds (or sheep?) think alike?
  7. A vocal minority of fans of EVERY NFL team would react exactly the same way to such shockingly impactful news on the eve of a new season. If you're suggesting otherwise, you're just clueless. And Indy has classier fans than most places I've been.
  8. No way, man. I've watched "Ozark" and I'm never going there...
  9. I've never been - is it worth a visit on my way from DC to NYC? Just finished re-watching Boardwalk Empire. I've been to Vegas many times and will soon live in Tahoe, so not a huge desire to gamble a ton - maybe some $10 table blackjack (am I crazy to think those exist?) and sports book.
  10. As is the nature of this kind of list, we can certainly agree to disagree. Jones is responsible for the creation of the "sack" statistic as well as it's name. Greene, IMO, was the most overrated member of the Steel Curtain.
  11. Here's a good Costco grocery list: I just became a member yesterday - looking forward to gettin' me some bacon!!
  12. Loved this movie. It's probably not a movie many 18-30 year-olds would appreciate, but I think any guy over 40 will really enjoy it. There were many scenes that didn't have a great deal of linkage to the plot; in fact there was not a strong plot at all, IMO. It was just a beautifully crafted and nostalgic re-working of some LA history. And Tarentino's obvious foot fetish was most definitely on full display.
  13. Thanks! I almost have to laugh when people ask me if I think I might miss working or what I will do with all my free time ⛷️🚴‍♂️🧗‍♂️🚣‍♂️. And sorry kids if I end up spending too much of your inheritance 🥂🎲
  14. I very rarely play golf and have never played around Tahoe. I believe the annual Pro-Am where some NFL players participate is usually played on the course next to Harvey's in Stateline. You'll remember one of Roethlisberger's rapes occurred in the casino hotel there or Harrah's. I'm no help with golf advice, but could offer some other suggestions: Stateline/South Lake Tahoe is really where you want to be. Incline Village is a nice place to live and very scenic, but it's much more limited with dining, casinos, nightlife, etc.