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  1. This seems to be the $64 question. Depends on how deep a team is at RB of course, but I could see a RB-needy team spending 15-20% or more. We will surely see him go for much more in some leagues.
  2. Please allow 8 weeks for delivery of your rebate. WTF, please improve your grossly inefficient process! No way this should take more than two weeks, including mail delivery. This is regarding my $600 rebate for the purchase of $7K of KitchenAid appliances for my remodel, but the same pet peeve applies to many similar situations...
  3. That's a good question. I'm trying to just look at the player, attempting to isolate him from the coaching, system, and surrounding talent. I know it's subjective and difficult to do, but that was my thought. But, I'd like to consider Jackson, for example, in a system compatible with his skillset.
  4. Watching Get Up on ESPN and they showed a comment from Joe Theismann saying Dak Prescott is not a top 5 NFL QB. So, Greenie asked Dan Orlovsky who the top 5 QBs really are. His list: 1 Patrick Mahomes 2 Russell Wilson 3 Lamar Jackson 4 Tom Brady 5 Carson Wentz Then Domonique Foxworth countered, saying it should be Dak Prescott instead of Wentz. And Greenie said what about Deshaun Watson? I agree that Wentz is NOT top 5, and not sure about Brady any longer. SO - Who really are the Top 5 QBs ? Definition - Top 5 = 5 QBs who you would want for your team to give it the best chance to win the SB THIS YEAR (assume familiarity with playbook and teammates). My list: 1 Mahomes - easy call IMO 2 Wilson - so solid all around 3 A-Aron - past his prime but close enough 4 Watson - can do it all 5 Jackson - 0-2 in playoffs Yours?
  5. IMO, Jeudy > Sutton in PPR and he's being taken around 1.07 on an average. Then, Jefferson/Reagor/Ruggs are often going in the 8-10 range. I'd put Sutton in that group.
  6. The Charlize Theron perfume commercial which seems to be the most aired spot on ESPN recently. I could watch her for hours just getting out of the pool and walking around. Seems they're definitely targeting guys to buy their perfume for their lady (or mother?). I hope the link works - it's my first attempt to link something here:
  7. I just watched Angel has Fallen on Netflix and found it pretty entertaining. If you can suspend disbelief for a couple of hours and don't have any expectations of a deep or twisting plot, you find a pretty good action flick. Nick Nolte's character was a pleasant surprise, and the scene using drones was pretty cool. I wonder if DARPA took notice of that.
  8. That's some ridiculously good value on Shenault (1.11 in my league) and Claypool (I took him at 3.4).
  9. I don't know if this has been discussed somewhere in this forum, but I've been thinking about the CV impact on drafts that include both rookies and free agents. I believe it's prudent to carry (at least) two QBs since you never know when your stud QB might test positive. I also think that, beginning in round 3-4, veteran free agents are more valuable than rookies because with virtual OTAs and possibly minimal training camp and pre-season games, it will be very difficult for rookies to integrate into the offense in their rookie season. Case in point - faced with the possibility of drafting Duvernay at 4.09, I opted to take Isabella instead. Sure - I may be stupid, but it felt like the safer move for an "end of the bench" roster spot in an FFPC league where I must cut to 20 spots for the season and 14 players + K and DST after the season.
  10. Shula was not just one of the greatest coaches ever, but also a solid role model and great guy.
  11. You've taken a little heat for this one, but I like it. Who can forget the outstanding use of this song in Inglorious Basterds? Also the (only?) great scene in Cat People. Those two movies really elevated my appreciation of this song.
  12. How could Gilmour/Waters allow this trailer trash to disgrace their amazing song? And, as someone who has sung this song (brilliantly) a hundred times in the car and shower, I have to ask - what was that na-na-na-na-na... crap? I will try to erase her blasphemy from my memory.
  13. FFPC - PPR, TE Premium 1 CEH 2 Taylor 3 Swift 4 Dobbins 5 Akers 6 Lamb 7 Jeudy 8 Reagor 9 Ruggs 10 Ke'Shawn Vaughn 11 J Jefferson 12 T Higgins 2.01 Mims
  14. Excellent question and poll. I favor Hurst. As others have said, the Atl situation appears to offer higher target volume and let's not forget that Hurst was a first round draft pick while Hooper was a 3rd rounder.