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  1. If these were sent to you I would quickly jump on #2. If you're sending them to him I would quickly reject them both.
  2. I think for me it would really come down to Starting requirements & is it PPR? What is the QB price range looking like? If the upper QB's avg $20+ then I I would be very happy paying $10 for Luck. I Would also keep JuJu
  3. Curious to know the thoughts IF AB is traded, will JuJu still put up numbers like he has, or is he by-product of teams "trying" to stop AB
  4. JuJu & Freeman would be automatic; & I would wait to see how the off-season plays out. Mack & Ballage could be solid keepers also. With the 4th pick what kind of studs could be available that other owners wont be able to keep. That could also play a key role
  5. I am not sure Hunt will be given another chance. I know Rice video looks much worse, but Hunt is currently being investigated for 3 acts of violence in like 4 month period (not sure on exact time frame, but something like that). track record doesn't seem to be on Hunt's side though; but with how little you are giving up, why not take the gamble
  6. not if they have let other eliminated teams make trades before this 1 (i.e. previous playoff weeks). then reversing this trade means they have to go back & reverse others (if any) & that could impact games. You can't go changing rules at the end of season, this should've been established from the start
  7. I agree it SHOULD be like that, but if not then you can't change it now. If other trades have gone through with teams not in playoff's; & is said the deal is fair then no gotta let it stand
  8. Is a PPR league, so 1st question is: Brandin Cooks or Robert Foster I am currently starting Cooks, but the Rams Offense doesnt look good. They should roll against Ari, but will Peterson shadow Cooks (could be an impact). Foster has been hot lately & NE def isn't the strongest. Question 2: I am starting McCaffrey & Zeke at rb, & Mack in my flex; BUT with Gronk at TE & his low season should I look at starting Samuels at TE? I know connor hasnt practiced yet this week & could still play, but I think Samuels will still get some carries & Pitt will wanna score so receptions. I like the move even more if Connor misses the game. Curious if I am overthinking this; I have also rode Brees & the team I am playing has M. Thomas so these moves could help (or hurt) my chances to win the league leave a link & I will answer yours
  9. BUT if the league is still allowing trades; & it isn't a lopsided trade, & there are no by-laws then what ground do you have to reverse it? Is trading still allowed? Yes; go to next step No; then reverse the trade is the trade lopsided? Yes; reverse it & stop the trade No; continue to next step (i.e. if this was regular season would the trade be processed) do the by-laws prevent trading from teams eliminated in playoffs? Yes; then why was trade allowed to be offered No; allow the trade to go through
  10. Is why I set trade deadlines weeks before playoffs start. though what do your bylaws say? if nothing preventing it then you really can't (shouldn't) veto it. Especially if it just giving up best player in deal & not something like Todd Gurley for Josh Gordon (this is just used as a ref)
  11. I would gamble on Smith; he seems to be #2 in targets in ten now (for whatever that is worth)
  12. What's the by-laws say? If no by-laws then should def make sure to create them (w/league approval) & put in a statement on no trades etc... until owners fees are paid in full
  13. I tried offering Ryan; Gordon & either ADP/M. Mack/M. Davis (his team is hurting at RB) instead of Gurley & he said no
  14. this is a 5 player keeper league. so my keepers for next year could be: Rodgers Gordon AJ Green D. Adams open or Gurley Gordon AJ Green Open Open
  15. Start 2 rb/wr/1flex. I KNOW Gurley is rb #1. Green being out I am bleeding at wr. current rbs: Gurley, Gordon, ADP.M. Mack, M. Davis wr: Green (out for couple weeks); John Brown, C. Patterson, M. Godwin, T. Gabreil, D. Parker My: Matt Ryan & Gurley for his Rodgers & D. Adams