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  1. Is this a keeper or redraft league? redraft then I say go by the league vote. Keeper league, all owners should get the chance to add a player they could keep for next year. Or make it that any player picked up during playoff's cant be kept
  2. Jackson is out & nursing an injury. I don't think you will get any takers on a trade for him. So if you want Watson, that is the easy drop choice (IMO). After Howard's thursday night game, would still make him available & see if you get any offers
  3. The Value of keeping Chubb is there, but how many others are going to have a 1st rd pick? What pick do you have?
  4. Have you asked him what positions (besides rb) he is looking for? I think the only way you get him to even think about it is adding Thielen instead of Fuller & swapping Funchess for Goodwin. even then I see him rejecting pretty fast
  5. another for Watson & Golladay
  6. I would roll w/Mahomes & not worry about drafting a qb till late (if at all).
  7. is this ppr or non-ppr? ppr I would go: Bell, Mixon, Cook, Williams, Gurley (bias & avoiding Gurley) non-ppr: Mixon, Bell, Cook, Williams, Gurley (bias & avoiding Gurley)
  8. If these were sent to you I would quickly jump on #2. If you're sending them to him I would quickly reject them both.
  9. I think for me it would really come down to Starting requirements & is it PPR? What is the QB price range looking like? If the upper QB's avg $20+ then I I would be very happy paying $10 for Luck. I Would also keep JuJu
  10. Curious to know the thoughts IF AB is traded, will JuJu still put up numbers like he has, or is he by-product of teams "trying" to stop AB
  11. JuJu & Freeman would be automatic; & I would wait to see how the off-season plays out. Mack & Ballage could be solid keepers also. With the 4th pick what kind of studs could be available that other owners wont be able to keep. That could also play a key role
  12. I am not sure Hunt will be given another chance. I know Rice video looks much worse, but Hunt is currently being investigated for 3 acts of violence in like 4 month period (not sure on exact time frame, but something like that). track record doesn't seem to be on Hunt's side though; but with how little you are giving up, why not take the gamble
  13. not if they have let other eliminated teams make trades before this 1 (i.e. previous playoff weeks). then reversing this trade means they have to go back & reverse others (if any) & that could impact games. You can't go changing rules at the end of season, this should've been established from the start
  14. I agree it SHOULD be like that, but if not then you can't change it now. If other trades have gone through with teams not in playoff's; & is said the deal is fair then no gotta let it stand
  15. Is a PPR league, so 1st question is: Brandin Cooks or Robert Foster I am currently starting Cooks, but the Rams Offense doesnt look good. They should roll against Ari, but will Peterson shadow Cooks (could be an impact). Foster has been hot lately & NE def isn't the strongest. Question 2: I am starting McCaffrey & Zeke at rb, & Mack in my flex; BUT with Gronk at TE & his low season should I look at starting Samuels at TE? I know connor hasnt practiced yet this week & could still play, but I think Samuels will still get some carries & Pitt will wanna score so receptions. I like the move even more if Connor misses the game. Curious if I am overthinking this; I have also rode Brees & the team I am playing has M. Thomas so these moves could help (or hurt) my chances to win the league leave a link & I will answer yours