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  1. i am probably more at fault then the board for any issues i have, but it is a bear trying to find the basketball forum
  2. lol, man am i salty with that deuche overpaid clutz needing to complete those 4-5 yard passes (the last being a 2 yarder) at the end of the game. Cracks me up
  3. i honestly think we are the only people still watching this game for the prop bets. no other reason to watch, and in all honesty F Osweiller. ####### 2 yard pass to Jalen Strong. way to try and win the game ########
  4. honestly, i hate him quite a bit now too. You are down 18 and you are throwing 6-7 yard passes? what an ###
  5. ok Houston, you guys lost. just head to the locker room, that's the game
  6. it's hard to read the completions (i think) in certain games. ETA: and as long as we don't get 2 more Hopkins catches i will live with it ETA2: oh yuck, these d-bags going for it on 4 and 10 is not what anybody is looking for
  7. some runs here would make me feel better
  8. if this has to do with your physical ailments, i'm going to have to be honest and wish you the best, but no way am i going to click on that to see
  9. i literally want to punch Gruden directly in the face when he keeps saying to pass it to Hopkins
  10. killer thing with yards though is one broken play can cover the whole bet.
  11. thanks. You want to trade for Kris Middleton, or does anyone want to inquire why ESPN had him ranked in their players if the friggin' guy isn't available for the '16-'17 season???
  12. hint Denver, Brock is throwing 80% of his passes to Fuller and Hopkins. Might be a good idea to focus on covering those 2...
  13. man i like when they hit early
  14. i'll trade you Khris Middleton....