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  1. yeah it is click-bait for him. trolling fans cause he knows people will read stuff if it goes against what they want. power rankings are a bit silly anyway because they are subjective and it is an artificial way to rank
  2. I have watched most of Eddie's career, and honestly I think the guy would still show up for this fight with a broken leg. I can't see an injury that would have him call out of it (knock on wood now that I jinxed him)
  3. Woah lot of 2nd half props. I don't even know what to grab with this game though tamme under 26.5 yards I guess
  4. So no opinions about Marriota and how the team would Look vs wentz and what we have now?
  5. I have Marriota on my fantasy team and he really seems to not be doing good this year. I remember how much myself and a lot of the city wanted him here 2 years ago, im wondering if we just got real lucky and wentz was always better, or if we got Marriota he would be excelling here, etc?
  6. I'm trying to think what wentz would need to do to get boo'd. Kid has surpassed all expectations for this year honestly I can't see anyway people would boo him. Of course I have been asked to change my seat at an Eagles game before when some idiot behind me was booing mcnabb for an incompletion and yelling for Kevin kolb, so not impossible. Wasn't a great moment but idiot wouldn't stop then he thought my Andre waters jersey was Ricky waters and he started talking more ####. Eagles fans can be the best, and the worst at times
  7. look i like Graham too, but you can't realy say passing Earl Thomas was a good call. i know the Kool Aid is flowing, and rightfully so, but we can't have everything
  8. This guy knows what he is talking about
  9. Trey!! Catch the ball you goof
  10. wentz went to the right team. I would feel bad if e went to the Rams
  11. seriously, what the F? Raiders CBs have been torched last 2 games, thought he would at least be serviceable
  12. go over this week, in my amateur opinion