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  1. you would think someone would wnt to take a chance, think Lonnie Walker is somebody teams have to have their eye on to to jump up and grab
  2. well thought out response. Wonderful....... what are you 12? C'mon Steven/ A., let's hear your hot takes next... Has to be something brilliant with how much of an ### you sound like
  3. here, i'll even make it easy for you. this is part of the reason why"
  4. if it isn't about the Celtics or Sixers i can pretty close. Just watched some lead-up of Bagley and agree some with of the mocks that just don't see Bagley that high
  5. i love the week leading up to the draft and all of the inside info about trades coming for the draft. Whole lot of :fartnoise:
  6. trading up for Jaren Jackson Jr. is interesting. not the names associated with trading up for
  7. According to's Jonathan Givony, the Grizzlies "are in discussions" about trading the No. 4 pick to the Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks, Denver Nuggets, Los Angeles Clippers, New York Knicks and Orlando Magic in advance of Thursday's NBA draft.
  8. has to be, they have 6 total picks. getting cash for the owners though always leaves a gross taste in my mouth
  9. the guy he is training with (as well as Embiid and Simmons) is Drew Hanlen. he has been credited with fixing a bunch of shots out there, and the rumor is he doesn't work with guys unless he knows they will work and get good results (he prefers to be a consultant, needs to keep a good rep). all indications are both Fultz and SImmons are looking good. there are some videos out there with Ben just raining down 3s
  10. Brett Brown isn't messing around Love reading this part: The trade likely won't become official until after the start of the new league year, according to ESPN's Bobby Marks, as Philadelphia has already received its maximum allotment of cash this season. Josh Harris and the owners of this Sixers team are some of the most disgusting humans on the planet..... the guy really is gross, there is plenty out there, this is a bit:
  11. the sense as well is that Kawhi's leg injury is a concern. i guess he had similar issue the year before, and it is possible it will be there the rest of his career. this is 100% junk news at this time of year, but it is enough to make teams wonder. i think if he isn't traded before the draft they should just stop talking about it. Spurs have no rush, they dealt with the whole distraction last year. they can wait on best deal, might be mid-season when a team makes a good run at the playoffs. Of course, what value do they get for a half year rental of Kawhi, who knows? and who knows how motivated Kawhi is to play
  12. yup, exactly my thoughts. it really is strange, but it is one of the main reasons the Lakers pick is 10th and not better this year for the Sixers
  13. i'm just wondering if they do it before or after the draft. if they don't get it done before the draft tomorrow i would think the advantage may go to the Celtics because of the draft assets they have. Not sure which team is comparable to what they can offer in terms of just picks.