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  1. i 've been watching horror movies like crazy since the quarantine. i wouldn't say this is a horror movie per se, but still was an interesting movie. The Blackout Experiments is more of a documentary about the blackout horror houses in New York and LA. I went in kind of hoping to see more of what exactly what they are like, but still found it interesting when they interviewed and followed people who have attended the shows. Dudes who run seem ok from what i have seen. lot better than the guy who runs the McKaney manner or whatever who just seems like a creepy bully
  2. like @wilked suggested, a voltage meter would be a good start. you can get one pretty cheap. with fan working fine though i assume the motor is ok. i assume you tried new bulbs (even though they weren't the issue) and still didn't work? i would check the wiring in the light kit, and you may have to loosen fan and check wires connecting from a junction box. sorry no easy answers. had an old tenant that thought issues like that were ghosts, so maybe she was on to something
  3. hard to say. you likely would only use the tiller once, maybe twice, but it certainly wouldnt hurt. might be worth waiting a week or 2 to see if they open the rental places so you can jsut rent one. i have been able to rent some stuff lately from a garden store and a hardware store, so you might be in luck
  4. i did in my rental. but i went with a 6x6 because i had a piece laying around. The 2x4 flange could be just as good though. good news is that is nice a cheap to do, so if not good enough easy to fix. i got a problem in my current house. it is a new house and they built it like a piece of ####. used like 1/4" plywood for most of the underlayment, and it sucks enough that i can hear my 7 pound cat walking around upstairs. not sure there is a fix for it beside sell the house before it gets worse
  5. hmm wondering about a a fire pit myself. got extra retaining wall stones to build one myself. hoping to put up a fence quick enough so i don't have anybody peeping at all the permits i will be ignoring to build in my backyard
  6. so many projects, but i am knee deep in putting up a an above ground pool. just built a retaining wall to hold it up, Rented a bobcat which made life easy, but in the middle of moving 4 tons of sand to also build a sand area. Also have a fence, deck and bar to build. Back already feels like it is toast from the retaining wall and moving the sand, so hoping to at least have the pool up around Memorial day. fence shouldn't be too crazy either because only building a straight wall about 35 feet. the deck will be a little challenging around the pool, but can build that while the pool is up. any hints, thoughts, or whatever would be welcome. Nervous about putting the pool up it is 12' x 25'
  7. disagree. Dak is holding all the cards, guy is just sitting back and waiting for Dallas to blink. Jerry's ego may get in the way, but if he was really concerned he would have gotten Cam or Briudgewater. will be hilarious if Dallas doesn't give in though, will be shooting themselves in the foot for at least 2 years. Dalton is a good name, his skill has dropped and learning a new offense from a new coordinator with limited off-season will have Dallas lucky to hit .500. With Dak, they jave legit ceiling of SB
  8. yeah the I spit on your grave is a little tough. skip the first 20 minutes, then it gets fun when she gets revenge. and yeah the story did not do much explaining, but the little twist with the "Beauty and the beast" angle was a fun change to the usual story they do
  9. Loaded at slot CB honestly, and I like McLeoud a lot at safety. As for CB2 and SS hopefully their plan is better than the current one
  10. Eagles have had Former QB Greg award on the team for 3 years and there hasn’t even been a sniff of any kind of trick or gadget play. Honestly have no idea how they can justify this pick unless there is something big behind going on (I.e. something up with Wentz or a trade already in place)
  11. Back up interior OL is scarier. Heck back up OT as well with vitai going, Kane on his 3rd PED chance and hoping Dillard makes the leap. I think I’m starting to hate this team