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  1. best bet i am thinking is Lombard -110 weird that the line has gone in the opposite direction i thought it would. But Hector should tee Big Rigg up with ease, who is going up a weight class the wrong way (not too big or gaining muscle)
  2. hasn't improved his game since his time with the Sixers, but Sweet Lou will always have a soft spot in my heart so i can't rain on his paraded
  3. yeah, slow to come around to it. but 1st episode makes a lot more sense. should have thrown in a southern twang (I'm a Philly guy, not sure if "twang" is right word) to sink in better for some of us dense folk. i thought this could be a lazy watch at first but glad it is making viewers pay attn i read a good story line with Legion from a few years ago, if they cover any of that (and it would be like 8 seasons from now) will be amazing TV
  4. i'm glad it's on FX instead of a lot of other channels (quite a few, but AMC especially). i think they don't mind spending, and if they go into a lot of the comic stories it will be real fun. i haven't read too many of them, but they can do a whole lot if they don't restrict it not sure the story with his girlfriend though. seems an awful lot like Rogue
  5. i gotta think almost everybody loves that, but thinking about it i can't blame him. When a guy like McGreggor can come out and dominate the MMA media it seems apparent that showboating is what people want to see. I think everybody is pumped to see it bite somebody back, but if he wins that i am sure he helps his career. i for one though am happy watching that
  6. they don't have to trade, but it is impeding the further development of the team because it isn't giving minutes to Noel and Holmes so the team can see if they can continue to grow and worth the money they will need (particularly with Noel). Players have done a real good job dealing with this and not having chemistry issues (probably a lot of that is from Brown too), even with how much this front office has screwed this up. Hopefully Simmons plays a bit this year, and adding him to the puzzle cuts down minutes for these guys even more. Would love the Sixers to move Ilyasova or some other pieces that are not part of the long term picture (moving Henderson and Sergio for a 2035 2nd round pick would be perfectly fine with me). The team has begun to establish an identity and it would be good for the team to see if Simmons can handle PG responsibilites at all before the upcoming draft and decide if they commit a lot of money to a back-up center in Noel. I agree with Embiid's health (and nothing to do with the current situation, more concerns with his back and foot previous injuries) that they need to have a better than average back-up center. But with Okafor, it just looks like over and over that his skills and playing style do not fit with how Brown wants the team to play. I think his struggles have much more to do with that then his ability
  7. how is a president supposed to control race relations? i never really understood that idea (if we are talking the simple black v white which everyone talks about, like somehow the other ethnicities and racial groups around the world don't matter). I would also think you consider what Obama walked into when he started that he improved things more then he likely gets credit for. Of course this stuff is b.s. for majority of people who look at it. Not sure the exact criteria to measure this but seems awfully bias and subjective a lot of the time. Funny thing is i would guess that Trump will possibly improve race relations (again if we are still looking at this in the simpleton terms of the black vs. white that seems to be all people really talk about). Nothing better that unites people then a common enemy. May see some progress simply based on easier to find a common enemy then really look for things that are that similar
  8. Not sure why, but i turned on this All-star celebrity game and have watched for last 30 minutes or so. 2 quick thoughts: 1) Not sure there is a worse thing associated with any all star game then this event 2) Might just be, but it is kind of depressing including the WNBA ladies in this game. The ladies have legit talent and seem more than capable, and they march them out there to play with fatty Master P., etc. I get it that it is probably good for them overall showing their talent when there isn't a ton of fan appeal as is (seems to be working for me), but is kind of depressing at the same time ETA: and very well could be my age, but i don't know 70% of the "celebrities" they have in this game
  9. That really is the huge question of the NBA these days. One of the bad things Hinkie has brought to all of us is that everybody uses the term "tank" way too much, but in all honesty it is without a strategic way to not get stuck in that limbo. Only think Hinkie did wrong is that he wasn't ashamed of it and basically made the NBA look silly with really only 2 options on how to have a team in the NBA. You see plenty of teams now not trying to win every night, and most are doing it for advantageous reasons to avoid that 1st round beating. Lakers are doing whatever they can to get in top 3 of the draft, and honestly i can't think of anybody who would really argue against that (even with the trade connotations taken out of it). NBA just seems in a strange place, and none of the other major sports teams seem to have this issue (NFL came a little close with the Colts when they got Luck). Not sure how you fix it either. lucky for the NBA 50% of the fans and others don't care enough about not getting stuck in that limbo so i guess they will keep doing what they are doing. A mediocre team is seen as more valuable than a team that is able to build from the core up and have a very high ceiling ETA: and didn't mean to apply this to the Celts specifically, more the general NBA. Ainge has worked wonders up there and has that team looking like championship contendors with not a bad floor potential either
  10. i'd be curious to see his MMA plays for the next few events. With NFL over i want to get back into looking deeper into some MMA plays and see if i can get a good winning streak back. Not sure why some of my bigger plays the last few months didn't work out, and wondering if i am missing seeing some things or what. Always love discussing MMA plays too
  11. our of curiosity, is it hopeful optimism with Jalen or do you guys see something there? he seems to have raw talent an athleticism, but i am not sure his ceiling is ever more than simply just a starter. Of course i am sure i have read fan posts about him then i have actually seen him play, so wondering from a fan of the team is there something actually there, or just hopeful optimism? ETA: if i had to compare to the Sixers, is he like a TJ McCollum. A great teammate, and a spark for the entire team, but i am not sure he would ever be a main player on the team, and most likely just a spark off the bench (that is if i take my Sixers goggles off)
  12. think the love for the Celts may be a wee overboard. I have only seen a few games this year, and i know the love for the team definitely has merit, but watching that Sixers game the other day either the Sixers are literally a better version of Ilyasova away from being there, or there is as much congestion at the top o the eastern conference as their is for the cellar for the NBA. I know the foul in the Boston-Chicago game was a rough call, but watching Isaiah in the 4th Q of the Sixers game it seems like his move half the time is to simply run into the lane full speed and wait until he gets a call.