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  1. your late to the party. i got him during summer league when everyone was loving Ball and Dennis Smith Jr. think it was +350 or so. think it's closer to +145 now. still is a very solid play though i think
  2. was loving this season, but holy hell the episode tonight has me really worried it is doing it's normal half-season nosedive. It really can be a simple formula (and i like the plots outside of the horror too), but this episode was bottom of the barrel. Hopefully we get some clowns next week, or i will begin to think that this show is trying to create such rage in its fanbase that it is trying to create it's own Clown Cult
  3. maybe. Marcus Smart is certainly up there. the rest of the team, not so much
  4. it will be something when either of these teams play a team with some defense
  5. not sure when else to show injuries like this, but there have been some nasty one's in MMA that guys have come back from. a few of these:
  6. would Boston have been a stronger competitor in that series if it happened? i'm pretty sure they wouldn't have made Eastern Conference final again this year. Will be interesting to see if the Wizards or a young team like the Heat match up better
  7. is basketball the only sport where this would happen, it seems strange to me. i'm all for good sportsmanship etc., but why go into the visitor locker room mid-game to see the guy.
  8. lol, little bit of a similar situation here. i have taken the Eagles to win the NFC or Super Bowl the last few years because the odds were always really good. this year i skipped the bets because i didn't want to throw the money away again
  9. glad Ainge is finally out'ing himself:
  10. man, i would love some of this Boston Kool Aid....
  11. lol, yup. I'm sure not everybody's scene, but was always nice leaving with a ton of money still in the pocket and a strong buzz
  12. if you are in this section, and want something less crowded, Dirty Franks and McGlinchy's can maybe do the trick. you can wasted at both for cheap. Mac and Dee from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia have a bar in Old City. I was there once, but if anybody is a fan of the show I hear it is a good time. and I think it is right around the main bar section in old city, so the nice thing is if you don't like a bar, you leave and literally walk 12 steps and you are likely at another bar
  13. Woody's is located in the "Gayborhood" so yeah, if not your scene not sure the enjoyment level there. The majority of bars in 4-5 block radius with rainbow flags at each corner are likely to be LGTBQ bars. I am sure you wouldn't even know the difference in most of them, the only one's that stand out are Woody's and Sister's. I would definitely not suggest Sisters, I went there with a lesbian friend and the bouncer was a 230 pound butch who looked like she wanted to kick my ### up and down the block, because hetero dudes are not necessarily welcome there
  14. Woody's does have some killer karaoke, from what I have heard. Serious answer is it is hard to answer without more info. Tons of good restaurants, but it depends on what kind of food you guys want to eat. If you want to be a true tourist maybe ditch the nice food and plan on Pat's or Geno's late night (there are better cheesesteak places in the city though). Steven Star still has a few restaurants in the city and they are considered top in the country. I guess a laid back kind of nice meal might be at the Continental or something. Looking at a list ( I haven't heard of 3/4 of those places, but might be a start. Also depends where you are in the city. I am guessing center city, probably near old city. there are bars literally every single block, so it won't be hard to find something you might be looking for. depends on the scene you want and your location in the city. the night life has always been good (in my opinion) so there are options galore.