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  1. haven't kept up a ton with camp so far, but as 1 of like 5 fans out there that don't feel we need to burn Agholar at the stake, i am happy to hear this: FanRag's Geoff Mosher believes the slot role is Nelson Agholor's to lose. Agholor shined filling in for Jordan Matthews (knee) at OTAs. With Torrey Smith not showing much, it should be an easy decision to keep Agholor in three-wide sets if his strong play carries into training camp. Agholor has the most invested-draft capital of the Eagles' wideouts, so there's incentive to start him despite a disappointing first two seasons. The competition for Philly's No. 3 receiver job will be one of the more interesting battles this summer. It's unclear where Agholor assuming the slot role would leave incumbent slot WR Matthews, who hasn't practiced in seemingly forever due to "knee tendinitis."
  2. yeah but every division added in the UFC was based on the UFC deciding that. i don't know even know why mmafighting is even making it a story, the ABC really holds no influence or power. They are discussing adding 3 or 4 divisions when UFC is threatening to close 125. The only weight class that would make sense to add that has been talked about for years is something between 205 and HWY, like a 220 or something. the problem is we can see how thin both of those are now, so this certainly isn't the time for it
  3. What ABC says is like a fart in the wind for the UFC. they could recommend 10 new classes and UFC won't do a thing unless they have a strong division and it doesn't water down other divisions
  4. haven't seen it, but i am sure it is out there. And Jon Jones not answering Luke Thomas cause he doesn't like him: i do think the direction MMAFighting has gone, especially with Ariel, may create things like this. MMAHour still gets tons of good interviews, but it does seem that a lot of the same fighters seem to go there and it doesn't get all of the fighters like it seemed to do in the past. i do think there was some history with Luke and Jones, and i know Luke just started doing UFC shows a few shows ago, so maybe that is it too
  5. definite good call: or if it a Friday night, little Yankee Doodle:
  6. i kind of have to agree with Zig. i didn't follow super close, but it seems more like the media writing tons of stories and feeding into him promoting his brand. He sent a tweet to Ben Simmons wishing him a happy birthday and i saw about 6 articles about it
  7. some books carried odds for this year. from the wagering thread: Woah, definitely betting on this. Just not sure what i am taking: Odds to win 06:00a ET Who will sit on the Iron Throne at end of Season 7 Cersei Lannister +100 Daenerys Targaryen +140 Jon Snow +350 Sansa Stark +400 Tyrion Lannister +750 Arya Stark +1000 Petyr Baelish +1200 Bran Stark +1200 Gendry +1700 Jamie Lannister +1700 Davos Seaworth +2500 Yara Greyjoy +1700 Melisandre +6000 Ellaria Sand +6000 Samwell Tarly +5000 Jorah Mormont +8000 Olenna Tyrell +8000 Tormund Giantsbane +5000 Brienne of Tarth +5000 Lyanna Mormont +2500 Grey Worm +8000 Bronn of the Blackwater +8000 Benjen Stark +10000 Sandor Clegane +8000 Gregor Clegane +10000 Missandei +10000 Meera Reed +10000 Podrick Payne +8000 Gilly +10000 Daario Naharis +10000 Jaqen Hghar +8000 The Night King +2500 EuronGreyjoy +3000 Varys +2500 Qyburn +3000 Theon Greyjoy +1700
  8. you guys really think it is thst fixed? how many people actually call and vote? i remember having money on that Sanjaya kid on American Idol and those underground movements can be pretty strong. and if not Jess then who would get votes? the way it goes, seems to make sense to not give to Kevin right now. Wait until he may be on the block then vote for him
  9. i have read a few things about HBO having 4 or 5 different spin-offs for GOT. i think it wouldn't be too tricky to put Yuron's story in an episode or 2 since i do keep hearing there is a lot there
  10. but how much character development can there be 5 seasons in, without constantly adding new characters? i think we are still seeing the development of plenty of characters (Sansa has become interesting as of late, and her character arc is intriguing), and they need to focus on the plot. i think if you go too much focus on character development you get a product like the Leftovers which basically has plot holes galore, seemingly put into the story as a setting/environment simply to better articulate character
  11. i agree about loving the non-Hollywood outcomes, but didn't Arya say "you are not Nymeria" in the episode. I took it to mean that there are more dire wolves out there, and that Nymeria is somewhere else, perhaps a leader of a pack. and i think they always talked about how Dire Wolves are smart, so who knows
  12. yeah, but even those seasons were better then 98% of TV. just amazing, and when people watch this in the future it will likely be binge watching and it will be just as good as the rest in that format, i think
  13. at this point the rest of the series could flop and i still think i would say this was the best TV series ever, hand's down. there are other good series, but i think they are competing for 2nd. the events that occurred in this episode alone would be like 5 or 6 episodes in most series.
  14. i'm confused. are there 2 coming out? i saw this one: and this one: 2 different movies right? is one just a foreign version of the movie, or is it one of those situations where you have "Leatherface" and "The Leatherface" complete side note, i get so pissed every time this movie called "28 days" comes on cause i think it is "28 days later" i turn it on at least 75% of the time, and every time i am like