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  1. it really is a tricky situation, but the Sixers have set themselves well in that signing Butler won't make them or break them. they can explore options and hopefully get to a fair contract for both sides, but the Sixers are not in a position like most teams in that they need to auto give him a max contract.
  2. so if I were Boston, I would be tempted at this point to drop in seeding to 6th or 7th. 1st round match-up is tough for sure, but despite last night's outcome they have to have tons of confidence still playing Philly.
  3. funniest moment has to be Marcus Smart acting like he wants to fight Embiid. Shove him in the back when he isn't expecting it, then run your mouth when you are 10 feet away. Dude would get obliterated ETA: Cus Cries was up 11 when that happened. Man i hope he is happy
  4. that defense and recovery was the effort the team needed
  5. no idea how they aren't dominating rebounds either well thankfully Celtics fans have encouraged Kyrie from wanting to re-sign there so they will be sub .500 soon enough. Will still sweep Sixers though