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  1. went to give my pitbull a treat tonight for remaining in "stay" command for about 5-7 minutes for a picture. went to give her a treat after, tossed it in the air for her to catch, and it nailed her right in the head. After reading some in here, i am thinking she may eat me tonight. Wish me and the family luck
  2. i think you have to love Embiid standing up to these fools in the NBA: "He told me to go home, man. I mean, this is my home, so I guess it's on him to go home," Embiid said. "They won the game, I give them a lot of credit, they did a lot of things. But I mean, the dude shot like 10-of-33. I wish I would've shot 33 times. I guess we would've had a better chance of actually winning the game. But he told me to go home, man. This is my home. I ain't going nowhere." "I told him to go home," Westbrook said. "He was talking mess to Steve-O -- [who] fouled out -- waving to the crowd, which is unnecessary. Waving to Steve-O bye. You know, now it's time for him to go home." Things got chippy between Embiid on the Thunder earlier in the game, as he got into some trash-talking with Carmelo Anthony in the fourth quarter after Embiid scored an and-1 over Anthony. "He just said something like, 'Don't do this with me,' or something like that. I'm like, 'Dude, you're not going to do anything,'" Embiid said. "Guys in the league, I mean, I can't remember the last time someone actually threw a punch at somebody, so I'm not worried about anybody. I've seen that a lot all over the place, about people talking about people coming back at me; I'm African, so don't try me."
  3. ehh, not in this one. Their surge in the 4th was definitely clutch. Sixers were utterly exhausted in that 3rd OT
  4. i just can't wait to see Fultz come back healthy, and for Simmons to dedicate an entire off-season to a jumper
  5. ehh, he has been RoCo in Philly here for years, that train left the station long time ago, too late to stop it
  6. whew, when RoCo is off, he can really get off. and i like Melo getting all lippy with Embiid. JoJo should poop on his face ETA: and i liked Westbrook a ton better before actually seeing him play too. guy certainly seems to beg for calls all game.
  7. hmm, i wanted to like the Thunder before this season, but watching them against the 6'ers tonight and they seem like an unlikeable group
  8. comcast has a monopoly in Philly. 4th largest city in the country and these big companies like Comcast and Verizon have built the market where you have no other option. my parents live about an hour and a half outside of Philly and they have 4-5 options
  9. hmm, i would have to think about other seasons i have seen, but i don't think i agree here. i think this situation is this Crissy lady really is arrogant, pompous, and immature when things don't go her way. of course starving on an island wouldn't show the best of most of us, but she stands out (or editing hits it well) that she is disliked for a reason. i'm not a big enough franchise to remember all the women who made big moves in the past but i can't remember thinking any were doing it in this arrogant, bossy way and liking it ETA: yeah thinking about it, i liked what that Lauren girl was trying to do. she had a couple of missteps but she was playing with a big move and not coming off as arrogant as Crissy. i think the moment i really felt it with her was when they had the alliance of 7 people at the merge, and when she felt safe, she was a total jerk (or editing showed her as such)
  10. Yuck, bunch of unlikeable people left to win this.
  11. if he can learn to shoot high 30'% from 3 he will be interesting. he is playing better this year. so will see if he will be the main #2 C or what. Booker looks like a solid contributor, more then i thought he would.
  12. they got a few things before they are ready to compete with the top teams regularly. Really hoping Fultz comes back and is healthy. I know there is still tons of dumping on the kid, but at the very least you got a guy who can defend the paint very well. And you got Tazmanian Devil TJ McConnel to come in and give some relief. they also really get outclassed at the end of games, which is something you hope they get from building more chemistry and experience. Same deal with the tons of turnovers they have. Hopefully when those 2 turn around Simmons will realize he is using the wrong hand to shoot and get a jumper, and the team will not have any real weakness
  13. Sorry Frosty, T-Wolves just need to recognize... And interesting line-up the Sixers were running for a bit tonight. Putting Saric at PF, and Holmes, along with Embiid, SImmons and Reddick, gives you close to 4 7'ers on the court at a time.
  14. Yeah there are a lot of pretty rough rumors floating around. Basically idea is that Gimple and walking dead lied to Carl that he was there for at least 3 more seasons so that is why he recently bought a house there. When chandler spoke out there is a rumor that this was amc taking a hard line and basically firing chandler. Who knows but out of all the ideas and thoughts, I don’t think they killed Carl off to move along the storyline for the show.