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  1. Yeah TUF is going to TUF I guess. Buckolz is a goof, guess he just wanted to make sure he got some camera time. I had no idea the dude was still somewhat active taking fights: He was always a goof though and i remember not that impressive whenever he actually fought. Depressing how he tries to get back in the UFC by trying to create a fight out of this. I don't know if it was like a Mike Whitehead thing (i.e. guy is awesome in training and in the gym, then when actual fight comes he just kind of freezes up). That whole team is kind of garbage, interesting how they have begun to lose more and more of their fighters. ETA: Bang Ludwig knocks the F out of them as well if they want to keep yapping ETA2: Worst mistake Cody does is talk. Dude is dumb as a bag of rocks, would be much better to not talk so much
  2. look at the trades Hinkie made and let me know that there are not GMs in the league who would make a dumb trade
  3. why did Brent leave Bubba? i know Ronnie was hinting at it a few weeks ago, wonder what happened
  4. hmm good question, i thought it was someone else but it would make some sense
  5. gotta say, it is getting old clapping for states that finally realize that someone being transgender isn't the devil. Not really a fan of clapping for people who have been ignorant forever and now finally realize maybe they aren't right.
  6. hm, i thought Shuli did a bunch
  7. lol, i'm not suggesting this you silly goose. I simply stated it was strange that this game the Cavs wouldn't bounce back and trounce Boston like games 1 and 2. and as for thinking that this multi-billion dollar league doesn't influence games, you are being naive. Try betting against the Lakers after they win a championship playing in LA. I have watched multiple bets go down the tubes by what some may call completely baffling ref'ing. But it certainly seems determined, same as the refs would likely not call a 5th foul on Lebron tonight, no matter hat he did after that 4th. Not until late in the game
  8. Hinkie >>>>>>>>>>>>> Ainge. The real question is where is Colangelo on that continuum....
  9. well i don't think the holes in the Celtics line-up just evaporate. Maybe it is poor coaching by Cavs, who knows. As a Sixers fans, i am fine seeing the Celtics think they are good to go and this close to a championship.
  10. Man, i really hate to give any credence to the idea that the NBA is fixed, but the fact that this Cavs team didn't bounce back after last game and this game doesn't look at all like both of those games in Boston is pretty weird
  11. grr live betting has the Cavs -8.5. I want to bet the Cavs so bad, and the friggin sportsbooks don't want to give them any points
  12. do people really put that much value into age with these guys? i get if we are talking 23-24 year old senior, but difference between 18-20 seems to be kind of a non-factor. i hear others talk about this too, and it seems to be way too simple of an analysis. I would think if his specific skill set was dependent on him being young it could be possible, but wouldn't his history or how much he has already put on his body mean just as much? Just seems like an arbitrary stat that i hear talked about that i don't quite understand, especially with guys coming over from Europe a few years older then these rookies, but seemingly having a fine career-trajectory