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  1. I kind of agree with this. I think when you look at what channel it is on, and realize it is the History channel, you realize why there was no big battle scene. Something tells me History does not allow for a big budget
  2. the best thing I love about post like these is that they are made during a typical work day. Now I don't know, maybe you work a 3rd shift, but are you are really working so hard and everything when you are posting on footballguys in the middle of the day * FYI I started my day at 7:30 today so I am in the clear throwing my stone at the glass house
  3. I think what needs to be examined is why guys fail here, but move to other places and succeed. Maybe it is the scheme, but certainly worth looking into. Same idea as why QBs can not develop under certain coaches, and why our WRs will probably benefit from a stronger positional coach. To be honest I have no idea about any of this, but it would seem to be something to see why other teams can get more out of players we couldn't. I'm sure there are plenty of variables, but I would feel better if they have an idea on this before we get a CB in round 1 and he doesn't pan out because we can't develop him
  4. throw Kurt Coleman in that mix too. One might be a coincidence, but looking at these 3, plus seeing how some other former Eagles defenders are doing, it is worth looking into and figuring out how these guys can be successful for other teams and not the Eagles
  5. yeah, they are tanking/losing on purpose at this point right? I imagine this will be fine by the sports media and all involved, but yeah it is a good way out of getting out of a trade where Hinkie robbed them. Funny how this will all be fine and no one will care when the Lakers do it.
  6. this is honestly so gross. Just give them free points, stop making a joke of the game. Fumbles being ignored penalties out of nowhere. I would apprecaite the Packers much more if they just pushed it back at the NFL and kept missing to test how long they could do this for. But really, just gross
  7. it is funny when fans get so sad when their team is losing when they have been gifted half their season. I probably can't even find Wisconsin at a map (thanks public school education) so i guess when you are from an area where there is absolutely nothing but cheese and the NFL maybe it impacts more
  8. i'm not sure why the NFL doesn't just give the Packers 14 free points instead of this b.s. from the refs every platy or 2. would seem less condescending
  9. i like Rodgers pout face, but i'm hoping Wentz doesn't get one of those
  10. really painful agreeing with a Cowboys fan while discussing football (), but yeah it was. That 2nd effort was pure effort and fun to watch
  11. I would think someone with Mos Def would have a lot more logic and reason in their thinking *Man i hope that is Mos Def in the picture or this posting will not be good
  12. it is kind of why i couldn't figure out why everyone was saying last week's game against Dallas was a great game. It was entertaining, but was much more of 2 inept defenses.