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  1. the comics tell the tale much better. i think this is the producer and directors doing this overkill to such a degree that it is obvious to anyone and everyone, but by doing this they miss some of the nuances which make the story and character better
  2. finally figured out how to pronounce it:
  3. it's funny this is another 90 minute episode. granted this one has enough content to warrant it, but they could have cut both this episode and the other 90-minute one (might have been the hilltop episode) and erased that episode from last week by giving us the 10 minutes of content it delivered. i think it is so frustrating because this show could be so much better, but it is like AMC and the producers are that inept and don't know how
  4. so i figured out one thing that i hate about the show. i'm a comic reader as well, and it is insane how much they feel they need to "dumb down" the show from friggin' comic books. i mean they are literally beating us over the head that there is friction between Dwight and Negan. really no need to shove it down our throat every chance they get. same with trying 40 different ways to show Negan is a bad guy. Reminds me of the 1st season of Sons of Anarchy when the club had to fight white supremacists and child molesters all the time
  5. hope not. i don't mind officials throwing a flag then picking it up, was just strange to see.
  6. that was strange. so players are now allowed to run up and interfere with officials to plead their case?
  7. actually there were some ref comments in the game thread. Eagles got away with an obvious penalty on Burkhead in the first drive. The few of us in there at the time were all surprised, and for me i got to feel what it's like to be a Cowpokes or Packers fan every single week
  8. i hate the helmet-to-helmet calls. I am about 6 minutes behind (9:44 of the game) and Smallwood gets absolutely drilled in the head on a run. Yet no mention of it. I understand it may have been harder to call because he was so low, but it's kind of nutty how sometimes it just isn't called
  9. so higher picks in most of the rounds won't help the team? i would argue a higher 2nd and 3rd round pick could help the team get some better depth at key positions. but again, if they win every game going forward that is fine. I just think the team could benefit from adding more talent
  10. nothing at all to do with trying. I expect them to try every time they are on the field. If they are trying and win out it isn't like i would be dissapointed that they ended the season with a bunch of wins. I just think realistically speaking, if you think this team will be this wonderful Cinderella story in the playoffs i hate to say you are setting up to be letdown again. and maybe where we disagree is that i think that is alright. Making the playoffs is great, Andy did it a bunch of times. I want a team that looks like they have a chance in any game. With this team, i am not positive that they do. Injuries and other issues are a big reason
  11. are you watching this game? DO you not think it would be a travesty, and could very well effect the psyche of the whole team, not just Agholar. You think it is healthy for them to make the playoffs and lose 40-0? I know they aren't as bad as they are today, but in all honesty i don't see any benefit to them making the playoffs. Yes a team can peak at the right time and catch some breaks, but you need to have some strengths on your team to do that
  12. yeah i was thinking the refs were too hard on the Eagles last game against the Packers, but it might be a lot of undisciplined play, especially on these 3rd downs. ETA: these refs are being a bunch of pansies though too
  13. another possible positive is that all the blame for this won't fall on Agholar. Really seems like the Eagles have 4-5 good WR2.5s (not quite 2's, but not as horrible as 3s either). Maybe this helps to build a little confidence in Nelson and he can keep going in the right direction so we can find out if there is potentially in him or not
  14. welcome to the club. Most Eagles fans have been here for a long time
  15. :crickets: