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  1. i am just glad they bounced back and didn't show any reservations from last game. was a good win, and yeah Saturday will be interesting. if Sixers take it should only go 5, Heat played pretty well tonight and still lost like they did, so i have to think they are a little down
  2. nice camera work here, good clip of Wade pre-game finding out about Embiid:
  3. lol, seriously? that is a funny story great win for the Sixers tonight, certainly nice when they can control the games. Alaa Abdelnaby was funny tonight too, calling out Olynyk for being a punk
  4. arena is over half empty in the middle of the 4th. Crazy
  5. hah, the kid seems to play hard. and yeah tight game, can't believe Winslow is hitting all those 3s. Sixers were winning most of the half, and they have the Heat in some foul trouble, so hopefully they can get a spurt somewhere and build a nice lead
  6. i think it was a little bit more of a clumsy ### Olynyk ran into Embiid and broke his mask, but whatev's. don't get mad at the big guy for drawing easy fouls
  7. Miami really is a funny place with their fans. Seeing dudes in their white button down shirts trying to talk trash just looks so weird
  8. Honestly, Marco Bellinelli is an easy guy to root for. Must be a pain in the ### to guard the guy cause he can shoot at any time, from anywhere on the floor. Dude just doesn't give an F, and sinks 'em when he is on
  9. also heard/read that the reason why this issue with the orbital bone was different then others was that Embiid had a similar injury at Kansas and it didn't seem to be treated right. found a tweet about it: Ramona Shelburne✔@ramonashelburne The reasons this was such a “process.” It’s the second time Embiid has broken this area of his face. First time was at Kansas. All the doctors involved felt there was significant risk of reinjury. So there’s been a lot of work done in developing this new stronger mask.
  10. whew, Joel has been itching to play for awhile. it is obvious he has wanted to play, and he is playing very physical. literally searching for screens to set and just looking at hurting these guys. Good for him
  11. lol Heat trying to score in the paint . Silly geese and whew, Joel wants to play a physical game. already took one out, and is just looking to set screens whenever he can
  12. Yeah they talked about no restrictions on minutes. Points might be ok, RBs will be tough. Embiid over rebounds could be good. Dude is going to be emotional tonight
  13. Nice. Yeah saw some stuff on Reddit last night that looked good (Embiid All happy in some shots and instagram, etc). Let’s hope the good guys can win tonight and we don’t have to put out a literal hit on whiteside, Winslow, or Olynk after tonight.
  14. took the Sixers -2 this morning. my gut tells me the big guy plays tonight. still listed as doubtful so