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  1. yeah i am sure the sports radio will talk about this all week and try to bury Doug, but according to the chart (and take that for whatever it is worth), you should go for it most of the time in that situation. the chart was on bleacherreport earlier, can't find it now.
  2. yeah, i thought it wouldn't be as close, but in hindsight, there were a lot of injuries in game, and even coming into it. Our secondary played much better then i think anybody thought they could.
  3. i never thought i would be so happy to dig holes in what feels like 90 degree weather today. I skipped most of the day gambling to work on building stairs for my deck, and looking at the box scores I would have been in a world of hurt. Weird week
  4. so hard to find this without it being directly connected. depending on numbers I could be in if needed. low expectations here though
  5. i thought Paul would win too, but in reality you can't lie to everyone's face and be everybody's friend and think that all will be good. I think by having Xmas and Josh do his dirty work with Alex and Jason, that is where he lost the game. If he would have done of any of those himself, and not tell everyone every time that he knew he was going to get voted out and he is soooo lucky, i think he would have swung another vote or 2. It is funny that Jessica would have voted for Paul, wonder if he is kicking himself for not getting rid of someone who hated him a lot. Like if he got ri of Cody before Jessica, he would have won
  6. sounds like a plan then, let's do it All I want to do is beat Frosty, the rest is gravy to me. PM me if you want, or I can a little closer to the time and we can figure out details
  7. we'll take the local dudes too. Rip Hamilton, Hank Gathers, Sheed Wallace... maybe little Kobe though Lower Merion blows
  8. agree totally here. Absolutely makes zero sense.
  9. i think some of you guys take this show a wee bit too serious
  10. Celtics under 55.5 wins for about a trillion units