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  1. so out of curiosity since i don't know if it was talked about much in here, what should the UFC do with guys like BJ? if they don't let him fight, Bellator picks him up and BJ brings in very good ratings for Bellator for a few fights, no matter how bad it looks. And we are just kind of seeing the start of some of this, What happens in 5-7 years when other guys start getting past the sport but want to still compete? Hopefully it will be different because money won't be such a huge motivator (looking closely at Ken Shamrock, i will watch him fight no matter how bad he gets so he can make a few more bucks) going forward, but it does seem that the issue of guys getting old and past their prime and still wanting to fight isn't going anywhere. It's proven that the names of familiar fighters fighting can make significant money, and i don't know any organization who will turn that away. Fighters want to keep fighting and make some money with still being competitive (there can only be so many gyms MMA fighters can start-up), and really who has the right to tell them they shouldn't be allowed to fight because they aren't as good as they used to be. It's a situation that will grow and there doesn't seem to be any clear good answer. Legends/Masters league would be fun, but not sure it is realistic. For as much of a joke as Bellator can be, they certainly have a very good business model that will continue to be successful even with them putting Dada 5000-Kimbo fights on main cards, and every single MMA organization won't turn down growing their business. So what should be done?
  2. this was the original fight they signed on for. Honestly with this one, makes a ton of sense. Fed BJ to a wolf because BJ probably still wanted to fight after putting his body through a rigorous training camp. This is the UFC letting BJ have the fight he probably signed up for. Much, much better then Bellator. I like Rampage stating his target weight for his rematch with King Mo is 260. I will be honest and say i haven't seen much of Rampage training, so maybe that is all positive weight gain. All i have seen from Rampage in the last year are videos of him playing video games, so something tells me he isn't looking to come in at 260 with a low body fat %. Things like this from Bellator are much worse then when they just let the older veterans fight.
  3. i was never a fan of the whole "people make mistakes" thing. Reminds me of the born again Christian movement, with the idea i can do whatever i want, and eventually become born again and everything will be fine. Anyway, I am curious your thoughts (since you bigboy, unfortunately, seem to have become the spokesman for pro-Mixon) as to a comparison with the Ray Rice situation. If NFL teams barely looked into Rice last year when they had desperate need at RB, why would they take a chane on Mixon. I know most rookies never have better value than they do pre-draft, but if teams steered clear of Rice, i can't figure out why they would spend a draft pick and probably more money on someone who hasn't even shown if he can be effective in the league. I think the situations with Rice and Mixon are comparable
  4. lol, i can't escape this vortex!! quick question though, who is a better NFL RB for next year, Ray Rice or Mixon? The more i think about it, seeing this kid as possible 1st round pick has me salivating cause if i can bet against that i will do so in a heartbeat. Ray Rice has proven track record, seemed remorseful, and married the woman he KO'd (whole other topic to discuss). I haven't see a ton of Mixon but i watched some highlights the other night when i was looking around, save the draft pick and probably money and i would even take Rice over this kid ETA: and i know Rice is older and some question how good he would have been last year. But seeing how some teams were truly desperate for RB help and no one was even mentioned as considering Rice, i just can't fathom why a team would knowingly open this can of worms
  5. yeah so weird we are having this discussion. Life long Eagles fan with generations of family same, and Vick also made me not a fan anymore (definitely wasn't as interested because like was cited, i couldn't bring myself to root for the guy). Let someone else take this and the baggage on, kid is not some otherworld talent that won't be available next year, or the year after that, etc. Give me a half healthy Jamal Charles any day of the week over this pud.
  6. gotta disagree (and this is my last post on this kid, hate getting sucked into these when discussing pre-draft Eagles). I will say i am out of touch with most of society so i don't know everyone's reaction, but there isn't a more telling video clip then the 15 seconds it takes for that girl to push that kid, him throw his loose right, hurt hit the floor, and him leave the store without even seeing if she was alive or suggesting someone calls an ambulance for her. and what is he doing picking on the other kid she is with anyway. Does he not have more important things to do then chase these 2 into a coffee shop? Vick at least seems somewhat remorseful, and he was tied into it for financial gain. it doesn't make it anymore right, but to say Mixon is fine compared to what Vick got is short-sighted. I would think organizations like WOAR and any of the local domestic violence places would certainly let others know what they think
  7. and whoah i didn't see we were discussing this in the thread for a few pages. How about Mixon takes a hike from the thread and finds his own. We can bring this up if the Eagles make the horrible decision to draft this kid.
  8. had a good looking chick throw a right cross right in my face once when we were out drinking and i had on a Mike Tyson t-shirt. Have to agree, i didn't have any inclination to swing back simply because it didn't really hurt and it would have made no sense.
  9. gotta disagree with this. We are just assuming this is "who threw the first punch" thing? the way he doesn't even hesitate to throw one of the sloppiest right crosses i have seen doesn't mean that he had to be pushed. And i wouldn't call that a "hit". If it was, i don't want this guy anywhere near the Eagles if a push from some chick is going to bother him that much.
  10. same way that everyone pissed on the Sixers when they began "the process", things will be just fine. It isn't a big deal of a surgery, and he should be back to working out in a month maybe little more. Since the start with this injury, i am just pleased it isn't his feet or his back. Minor mensicus tear isn't anything that can't be fixed up and fine going forward
  11. f it i got the bug, grabbed Sixers ML at +540 too. too juicy to pass up
  12. and F, since i am making some plays took Sixers +10.5 in live betting against OKC. no idea what to think of this team, but that seems like a lot and the reason they lost to Magic was tons of fouls called on the team had them down to like 6 guys by the end of the 4th Q
  13. -4.5 at sunwager. This Magic team showed some moxey against the Sixers last game, they didn't get the memo they should be losing more
  14. well they aren't wrong. the freak out about the Sixers the last 2-3 years was pretty crazy, and at this point you can see that it wasn't a terrible idea (if successful, we will see. Health and avoiding injuries will play a big part). Gotta blame the NBA though. They saw this coming when Hinkie basically showed them how to dig a team out of mediocrity and give them a chance for a future, and didn't do anything but feel they had to remove Hinkie. This has been done before Hinkie as well, but this year does seem that more and more teams are not making a devoted effort to win. they funny part is the team's that are losing with these other teams, yet they are trying and have no future panned out.