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  1. c'mon bud, you are better then this. That Minny defense was considered one of the best of all time with their 3rd down defense, etc. That Rams team was not a slouch at the time of their match-up easier. and of course the Patriots were a terrible team in the SB..... i'll actually do you guys a favor and just pass over this. to be honest you guys beat the crap out of the divisional competition, be happy and celebrate that. look at your own schedule the rest of the way and see how far you guys can actually go this year.
  2. Cool, got players showing up late to practices and meetings now. Great stuff:
  3. Sid was a flyer when he was brought on, and Darby was one of those actives that was there in case the first CBs all lost their legs
  4. if the team was fully healthy than i could side with you and bigboy. But it is hard to judge this team clearly with the amount of injuries they had. I think our DL would be studs if Jernigan and Jackson never got hurt. So maybe they need to get younger across the board, but if they avoid most of these injuries they are in a much better place. give this team a healthy DJacks and one of those DTs and i would guess they would be 4-2 right now
  5. ### ####, i should be a reporter. Reporter to Carson "Looked like you didn't have a lot of time today, was it tough?" No dude, was great. thanks for the great question
  6. really wish Frank would want to come back and Doug can go into whatever position he wants to. Trade for Frank Reich please!!
  7. i'll give Zach Berman credit, he isn't let Doug off the hook with his "this one is on me, and we need to be better". really would love to know what the hell is going on to lose like that. he keeps pointing to the turnovers, which makes some sense as an excuse, but why does the team not seem to care at times?
  8. if you lived closer to the city i could very easily be talked into going out and breaking something. My dumb ### bet too much on this game tonight too. Joel and Ben better beat the crap out of the Celtics on the 23rd
  9. there are a lot of dumb questions asked at times. some sports reporters are so lazy. Hoping to get some kind of answer or something why the team allowed itself to get it's ### kicked all over the field.
  10. Waiting for Doug's press conference. No idea what to expect but if he gives vanilla answers and tries to get out of there the reporters better rip him hard
  11. not saying gg Cowboys' fans, but no doubt about it you guys beat the hell out of the Eagles in every facet of the game
  12. Chris "they will speed it up now and give it a shot". Really, you think the Eagles may start to try now? well that is wonderful news
  13. depends which Eagles team shows up. The one that traveled to Green Bay may be long gone, but if they come back they can take 2, possibly 3 of those. and after that it is a walk in the park the rest of the way