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  1. could be the best part of the whole thing. I would assume Trump supporters who will be there in opposition will not have face paint, but good #### if they do
  2. Juggalos, who i assume have to be the hardcore one's who go to that gathering, meeting up with Trump people is destined to be one of the finest moments in American History, i would love to get transcripts of some of the conversations that occur
  3. i wish they could adjust the timing of these games. That game would be absolutely perfect for the 3rd Monday night Football game (yeah i know, not west coast, but whatevs) and have Chris Berman doing the color commentary. Him and Dilfer
  4. oh c'mon Bills end the game. just lose jerks ETA: really refs? you had to call that off-sides when they stopped them on 4th and 10? #####
  5. Cody saying he is going to marry Jessica. i like his hubris saying how crazy and bad the rest of the house was. Dude knew the girl for 30 some days
  6. i gotta say, this sounds awesome!!!
  7. they let Eminence back in here? he was the shark in here for the last few months i thought
  8. so who do you like for the first month and a half of CFB this year?
  9. so i'm watching the episode again and Reek's guys are pushing the boat for Jon and look to hop in with them. Theon i guess avoided this boat? seems like a good use bringing him north, wonder where he is hanging out
  10. i'm going with the hound getting bit by a walker and turns into a white who Jon brings to King's Landing and we get the Cligaine bowl of both the mountain having to defend the realm against another living dead
  11. also think we need to change the title of this thread to a dig on Zeke. i'm too sleepy right now, but an anti-Zeke point seems more then appropriate
  12. i think it depends on what you want. a lot of sensationalism out there, and Larry's suggestion of BGN radio is a good mix. it is funny cause the 6ers have a few real good one's, and the Eagles are more popular but not really one that stands out
  13. hmm, well i guess we will see. i do agree though that this doesn't increase McGreggor's chances much. i liked Jones over DC more then my Mayweather bets, but i can't imagine watching this fight and not having any money on it
  14. I got in some on -500 and again with a site where I found -450. Feel safe with them still, but yeah that is where the safest money is.