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  1. this article is pretty funny: funny Celtics PR like always. Savior Danny tried to nickle and dime Horford and got burned. nothing like just blaming everyone else. I honestly don't think there is another front office in the 4 major sports that gets such a pass. Looking more objectively at what they have done, we basically see that the C's has treasure chest of assets, great draft picks, and some luck. Seeing how the signs are pointing to them squandering away Jaylen Brown, they will have numerous top 3 picks, and tons of blessings, and all they will have to show for it is Jayson Tatum Yet, we still hear how great they are. How is it possible you have all those assets and great picks, and likely all they will have to show is 1 fringe all-star. Will be interested to see what Brown can get on an open market (i think he becomes restricted free agent if he doesn't sign by October, but seeing how next free agent period will be shallow, i could see some team like the Knicks bid pretty high for him)
  2. Wowzer what happened to Danny Ainge. I know he had that mild heart attack, but it looks like someone stuck a pole up his bunghole here:
  3. so many things going on with NBA and Sixers i almost totally forgot about that Fultz play to Embiid face. Between that, Ben stepping on whatchamacallit's foot, and Zaire food allergy, i can't believe Thybulle has made it this long without a piano falling on him
  4. 538 gets closer than others:
  5. i'd take Cousins over half of the starting centers in the league. we really want to argue guys like Kanter or McGee are better?
  6. funniest quote of the day: "Frank Vogel isn’t sure about who will start for Lakers because team is so deep: ‘When you have too many good players, that’s called a good problem’" do start Davis, LeBron and............... could say Danny Green but Toronto sat him for good portion of the year. I'm a Cousins fan, but hard having him start at this point (hard to have him sit on bench behind McGee)
  7. sheesh, you guys shooting for a 33 win season? can't do much with Jaylen in particular if they don't sign him to an extension. any team trading for him is taking a risk outside of that Memphis pick, the C's really seemed to have wasted away their assets. not sure what they can trade to upgrade from Brown
  8. i feel like i have heard this before, but maybe this is the year? OrlandoMagicPC] Caron Butler says Markelle Fultz is “completely healthy” and has been “working his tail off all summer.” Caron believes Fultz will be the starter, that he’ll be a “huge addition” and will make the Magic a team to be “reckoned with.”
  9. i can see myself falling into the black hole already, but how can you possibly say the bolded above if the guy has had 24 prior arrests and convictions and is on the street stealing a car? Law seems to have avoided this guy for sometime
  10. it has happened. i expect more from the police than i do citizens hanging out on a summer night. i don't have a side for this one, just wanted to add some context to the discussion.
  11. bolded is based on that section of the city. lot goes into the context and environment. Much better chance the guy has a weapon than he doesn't
  12. to be honest, i am going to guess a lot of the people there had to assume Hood had a weapon of some kind, probably a gun if something. i get the law and orderly society, but can't blame people for hitting first. not defending the crowd's actions, but putting myself there i would assume guy had some kind of weapon and would rather hit first than regret it when someone gets shot.
  13. no, but the police have a lot to worry about in this section. i am positive most are happy about this situation. there is plenty of activity in this area, and relations with police aren't the best. they can try and do something if this story catches more attention, but the police would be best served here not to chase down a dad for getting his kids when drug deals occur in the open and violence is regular. could raise tension in the area and not benefit anybody
  14. yup. this is getting it a bit. A lot in here need to understand daily life in North Philadelphia. a fight is no big deal. if someone yells his kids are in a car i guarantee 10 dudes would come out of nowhere and jump in to help. you don't steal a car in North Philly from a North Philly resident unless you really are looking to get killed. car thief had to be f'd up on something