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  1. i made it about 10 minutes before turning this trash off. Dude says Eagles didn't get a 1st down in the 1st half... Guess being a sports analyst you don't have to watch the games? and their analysis was just silly, .
  2. i don't know where he went because the off-season hype sounded good for him, but it is telling when you don't see him on the field or dressing at any point
  3. holy ####! i have off tomorrow so was looking to find these shows are both are 3 hours long each?? What the F do they talk about
  4. watching some post-game stuff. Clement interview is nice, i like the kid. grew up a Cowboys fan (), but seems like real good kid. See ya Smallwood, we got what we need
  5. i just hope the excuses aren't missing 3 guys = 30 point difference
  6. the arrogance of Cowboys is baffling. you are down close to 30 in 4th Q missing one of your top OL, and they are leaving Dak in there to get murdered. seems like a good time to get the back-ups some minutes
  7. not sure who is playing well. A-Mo, and who else? Eagles play-calling is setting up the Dallas DL beautifully too
  8. and the payday for all of the smart sharks who had money on the Eagles tonight
  9. i gotta be honest, i wasn't a ton confident taking the Eagles 2nd half in this game at -4. feeling little better now
  10. yeah, even with knee down hell of a play by Agholar. glad we get to see why they wanted him so bad
  11. So i guess Taco hasn't been so good for Dallas? i was wondering how he was doing, haven't heard his name much. he looked promising pre-draft
  12. Morris has 100 yards against a top rush defense in the league. running game isn't the issue
  13. i feel for you guys on this one. it was like Eagles fans and Andy with his time mgmt
  14. torry!!!!
  15. hmm, not what i'd want my coach to think "we keep running and something will break". Hope he was just saying anything to get reporter out of his face and isn't just hoping for something to happen