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  1. Sorry Vikings, after watching this i do think fate is on the Eagles side: They tried to invade America once, and it was Philadelphia that turned them away. Come on Norsemen, as Kyle Brandt said, "these Colors don't run"!!! transcript here:
  2. here is the transcript, from bleedinggreennation: NFL Network host Kyle Brandt caught everyone’s attention last week with his epic rant about the Philadelphia Eagles being underdogs to the Atlanta Falcons. Now Brandt is back with another rant since the Eagles are underdogs to the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game. This one is pretty good, too. Check out what he had to say on Good Morning Football: #FlyEaglesFly — Philadelphia Eagles (@Eagles) January 17, 2018 Transcript: My under appreciated is the Minnesota Vikings. They are favored in Philadelphia, and they’re not nearly favored by enough. I truly have looked at this. I think they’re the ones getting disrespected. I want double digits. I want two touchdowns. This game, what it really is, it’s a nice little tune-up for the Vikings’ home Super Bowl, alright? They should request — in writing — for the Eagles, at the end of their blowout loss, to run some Patriots formations so they can get ready for a couple weeks from now. That’s how I want this chatter if I’m in Philadelphia. More. Because they won’t give you a thing. People even think that the football gods are on the Vikings’ side, which is ridiculous. The Vikings survived after a rookie safety made a mental mistake. Philly survived three end zone shots to Julio Jones inside the 10-yard line! Which sounds like an act of God to you? The Eagles, amen! Because this is now bigger, guys. This is bigger than the Eagles. This is not about the team. This is about the city. Find me a winner in Philly, and I will find you someone predicting they’ll be a loser. Allen Iverson was too small, would eventually get broken in the NBA. Brian Westbrook was too small, would eventually get crushed in the NFL. Bobby Clarke was a diabetic. You couldn’t draft him in the first rounds. There’s red flags there. Will Smith was a bankrupt rapper getting his wages garnished and hoping his sitcom pilot worked. Kevin Hart was getting booed off the stage at Philadelphia’s Laff House, had to break his back to get a role in Soul Plane. Hall & Oates couldn’t buy a hit. They bombed for three straight albums. They were THIS close to jumping on a cruise ship to sing Danke Schoen. It almost didn’t work out. And I think most importantly during Championship week, it is important to remember this. A long time ago, there was another young, scrappy team in Philadelphia that was an underdog on its own turf. And that team came to be known as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. And the colonials heard the same noise. ‘Their defenses are too strong! Their ground assault is too powerful!’ Let me them come. Let them learn that one man defending his home is more powerful than 10 men invading it. Let the Vikings ride this wave of being the country’s new sweethearts. I’ve heard it this week: ‘Without the Vikings, there would be no one for America to root for.’ Without the city of Philadelphia, there would be no America! Let the Vikings have Grandma Millie, she’s 99 years old. The Eagles have Uncle Sam, he’s 242! This city and these Eagles know that the two greatest chips on the Americans’ shoulder are taxation without representation and no respect despite domination. Washington. Hamilton. Pederson. Roseman. THESE COLORS DON’T RUN! And on Sunday against that Eagles D, neither will the Vikings! Don’t tread on me, and don’t ever disrespect the womb of democracy! Put your bets on Philadelphia, Fly Eagles Fly to Minnesota, and God Bless America. Under appreciated. That’s right! Both foreign and domestic, all enemies at Lincoln Financial. That’s right. Hamilton, Roseman, Pederson, Jefferson. That’s right! They’re coming into Lincoln! No one ever believed in Lincoln, either! They counted them all out! Philadelphia. […] Doug Pederson was the same age as George Washington was, when the British surrendered at Yorktown. Coincidence? We’ll see! We’ll see. We’ll see.
  3. i originally cut and paste from an article which you cited. Honestly, is it that hard to 1) educate children, parents, and professionals on bite prevention - CDC suggests school programs 2) further fund and support animal control programs. This would lead to stricter enforcement of animal control laws. 3) and collect better data about dog bites this is what i gathered from the CDC suggestions. frame how you like, but do we want to argue that these 3 reasonable suggestions should not be supported so we can reduce dog bites/attacks? i'm not sure what kinds of animal control laws are being suggested but i have faith then can be logical and make sense. collecting better data is 75% of what the arguments are in these thread. CDC suggests data collected is: Dog bites should be reported as required by local or state ordinances, and reports of such incidents should include information about the circumstances of the bite; ownership, breed, sex, age, spay/neuter status, and history of prior aggression of the animal; and the nature of restraint before the bite incident. that is a seemingly better solution, and i would think cheaper then trying to enforce eliminating a breed of dog
  4. this one was way worse. i am pretty sure he was 1-and-done
  5. yeah that sounds right. and wasn't trying to be ignorantly racist, was just remembering that guy with no head movement and thinking how honestly horrible that is to watch. that's nuts it was that long ago, but i know if i would have seen a few fights like that i might have stopped watching MMA.
  6. i think i am like mot in here with my thoughts of not a whole lot there after we pass, but the concept that we can create life has me thinking that something would have to occur after life as "us" ends. Honestly don't know, but hoping somebody can present a well thought argument for there being something after we pass
  7. Jacksonville Jaguars +4½ (-115) o40½ (-115) 9996 Minnesota Vikings -4½ (-115)
  8. i just edited. the dog masks wil be out: Jax -2.5
  9. hmm odds if Eagles and Pats win look to be: 993 Philadelphia Eagles +7 (-105) o45½ (-115) 9994 New England Patriots -7 (-125) u45½ (-115) Vikings are 3 point dog ETA: oof, dog masks will be out if Jax-Phi. Jax will be 2.5 favorite
  10. i'm too lazy to look up the details, but Eagles defense at home gives up an average of like 12 points. Vikings when playing away have significant drop in PPG as well
  11. hmm, it was like half the page: Editorial Note Editorial Note: During 1979-1996, fatal dog attacks occurred in 45 states (Figure_1). In 1986, nonfatal dog bites resulted in an estimated 585,000 injuries that required medical attention or restricted activity; in that year, dog bites ranked 12th among the leading causes of nonfatal injury in the United States (5). In 1994, an estimated 4.7 million persons (1.8% of the U.S. population) sustained a dog bite; of these, approximately 800,000 (0.3%) sought medical care for the bite (6). The findings in this report are subject to at least two limitations. First, because death-certificate data were not available, the two sources used for case finding in 1995-1996 probably underestimated the number of DBRFs and may represent only 74% of actual cases (1,2). Second, to definitively determine whether certain breeds are disproportionately represented, breed-specific fatality rates should be calculated. The numerator for such rates requires complete ascertainment of deaths and an accurate determination of the breed involved, and the denominator requires reliable breed-specific population data (i.e., number of deaths involving a given breed divided by number of dogs of that breed). However, such denominator data are not available, and official registration or licensing data cannot be used because owners of certain breeds may be less likely than those owning other breeds to register or license their animals (3). Three categories of strategies can be considered for preventing dog bites: Owner and public education. Dog owners, through proper selection, socialization, training, care, and treatment of a dog, can reduce the likelihood of owning a dog that will eventually bite (7). Male and unspayed/unneutered dogs are more likely to bite than are female and spayed/neutered dogs (7). Educational and prevention efforts should be directed at parents and children. Veterinarians and pediatricians should address strategies for bite prevention, including the need for appropriate supervision of children. Other strategies include dissemination of information on preventing bites (see box(Table_B1)), school-based educational programs on bite prevention and canine behavior, and educational programs regarding responsible dog selection, ownership, and training. Animal control at the community level. Animal-control programs should be supported, and laws for regulating dangerous or vicious dogs should be promulgated and enforced vigorously (8). For example, in this report, 30% of DBRFs resulted from groups of owned dogs that were free roaming off the owner's property. Some of these deaths might have been prevented through more stringent animal-control laws and enforcement. Although some breeds were disproportionately represented in the fatal attacks described in this report, the representation of breeds changes over time (Table_1). As a result, targeting a specific breed may be unproductive; a more effective approach may be to target chronically irresponsible dog owners (9). Bite reporting. Evaluation of prevention efforts requires improved surveillance for dog bites. Dog bites should be reported as required by local or state ordinances, and reports of such incidents should include information about the circumstances of the bite; ownership, breed, sex, age, spay/neuter status, and history of prior aggression of the animal; and the nature of restraint before the bite incident. Dogs provide many health and social benefits (10). Most of the approximately 55 million dogs in the United States never bite or kill humans. However, the findings in this report indicate that DBRFs continue to occur and that most are preventable. HSUS and the U.S. Postal Service have designated June 9-13, 1997, as National Dog Bite Prevention Week. Additional information about preventing dog bites is available from HSUS, 100 L Street, NW, Washington, DC 20037; telephone (202) 452-1100; or on the World-Wide Web at http// ETA: sorry so long, but that is in response to not seeing the CDC recommendations from their study here:
  12. yeah i would rather have played the Saints cause they seem real easy to dislike. will be a fun game, and both teams have been through adversity this year which makes both easier to root for
  13. I really don't pay attention to either team a ton, but for the last 2 weeks I kept thinking how easy it was to dislike the Saints, and I couldn't figure out what it was. There was something there, and this clip certainly supports this idea that the team has a lot of unlikeable traits. Glad they are out of the playoffs
  14. Oh colangelo will be called on it, I’m positive of that. I’ll call them on it if they didn’t do their due diligence and look into fultz. Everyone was gushing about fultz being a perfect fit on this team. He still can be, and he looked fine in summer league. It’s just a literal crazy thing that only seems to happen to the sixers as of late.