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  1. lol, Celtics are taking terrible shots. this is likely their best chance to get to the finals in foreseeable future, really need to be smarter
  2. seemed like some home cooking, but it happens
  3. Markelle Fultz already getting ready for next season, ready to tear the league up:
  4. it's weird how this it seems specific to basketball. i imagine most in here aren't fans of just basketball, so do we think it drag into other sports? I guess it is because there are so many opportunities and scoring plays. We all know there is holding in the NFL, and are all glad it isn't called all the time. if i had to develop a theory on it, i would blame it on the refs reinforcing the flops and griping of players. if they officiated not based on crowd reactions or reactions of players maybe that would help the overall perception. with that said, i love plays like this: ETA: though i guess refs do that in all sports, so
  5. game is pretty good, but some pretty big news coming out of Philly:
  6. pre-draft information from teams is almost always the worst stuff out there. Some teams are fine telling their business, but most would rather remain coy and try to get an advantage if they can (like Hinkie trading Elfrid to Magic for Dario and an additional pick. not sure how the 6ers knew the Magic were so high on Elfrid, but they played that one well). ETA: also remember back to the draft where the Sixers got Okafor at 3. I think DeAngelo went 2nd to the Lakers. And there was all this talk at how great Okafor was from most of the media, when you would hear some minor rumblings about how his game wouldn't convert to the NBA. i think people are so scared to be wrong
  7. this is interesting, from mike Bohn on mmajunkie: June 3 represents the 2-year anniversary of first-ever UFC "early weigh-in" The 2 years leading up that point: Just 22 instances of fighters missing weight for UFC fights. In 2 years since early weigh-ins began: Nearly triple, with 62 fighters having missed weight for UFC bouts
  8. so you have the official numbers, cool. Who are the top 5 players on the Sixers.....go. and mind you i stated the entire message i don't follow the Warriors as much so i really don't know. Man people get chippy in this thread, so weird
  9. i wouldn't do the team justice because i don't follow them that closely. I would say if everyone is fully healthy: 1. Curry 2. Durrant 3. Iggy 4. Klay 5. Green