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  1. lol he really is a personality the UFC has to get behind some more. the guy comes up with things daily. and speaking of which, any casual MMA fan who wants to follow a more light-hearted site, MMAmania seems to have let some of their guys post some funny stuff while also being informative. their headlines are usually pretty cacthy too ETA: like this one, jsut good for a smile: always loved Ben Fowlkes for his use of humour and smart writing, and i am sure there are others, but when he left cagepotato he wasn't able to keep the same thing going
  2. So I'm watching fear the walking dead and I am wondering if they are planning on doing the whispers (I think that was the groups name) with nick and his story line. Would definitely be interesting and I'd be in to seeing that story develop if fear the walking dead went in that direction.
  3. DC does this great on his own, doesn't need help from fans or anybody. media (Ariel mostly) have tried to paint DC as this hero, but DC keeps doing things that encourage his reputation from the fans. How he didn't come out of the UFC 200 looking much better is really kind of crazy
  4. one judge had 3rd 10-8, which i know a few others scored it that way too, so overall nice job by the judges. Funny thing is all the #### talking going on and Conner saying they can maybe do it for the belt. Boys obviously haven't been to Philly or the east coast in awhile. Take on 209 and that country in one quick swoop, so those silly advantages should be gone
  5. this one was real close, honestly hard to really have a ton of faith in a winner on either side. They both better stay away from the title shot at 155, would be a severe loss for both.
  6. if anybody was motivated for a Conner win it would be Nate. That 3rd fight will be a beautiful payday for both
  7. Excited for Garbrandt-Cruz. i think Dominic lights the kid up all day, but i didn't think Garbrandt would make it past Almeida either ETA: and Dom's #### talking may be better then Mcgreggor or Diaz. he is just funny and smart, bad combo for guys like Faber and the whole alpha male team
  8. you taking him against DC again? I really want to, but that performance was such a letdown....
  9. hmm, anybody know why they cancelled the post-fight press conference? that bums me out a bit, i missed most of the fight ETA: answsered my own question (security reason)
  10. this was funny pre-fight with Johnson. Guy can intimidate that is for sure:
  11. knew i should have waited until closer to the fight
  12. well, i read this wrong. Thought either could win but thought it would go a little longer then that, and Tex would have a little more clinch work
  13. hmm, it's like crickets in here. Only fight is this McGreggor/Diaz fight? weird
  14. hmm good point. Outside of that Thompson head kick though i don't remember Diaz being stumbled too much. But now that i think about it, with the way the Diaz brothers bleed, could see a potential TKO stoppage or something. good point ETA: i'm on Diaz to win, so hopefully it doesn't matter
  15. weird bet, but i like this one quite a bet. Any other outcome pk (-175) Diaz vs McGregor - Conor McGregor to win by TKO/KO Scheduled: 08/20/16 11:59 PM (EST) Type: UFC 202 - Diaz vs McGregor Sport: Other Sports - MMA - Game (#90008)