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  1. i'd be upset if they released him without getting further information. Luckily, i think this organization is better then a lot of others, and will gather more information and facts before rendering a decision. i have no doubt if a good portion of this comes out as true the Eagles will drop him the next day, no thought to salary cap or anything behind it. but there are way too many unanswered questions right now, and the Houston PD did it to themselves by feeling the need to call a press conference to announce this. now i assume that the league and Eagles will do a better job investigating this then that police force did, and will act before training camp starts. i mean if there is anywhere i would expect there to be some video of an event/location it would be the SB. at least something, somewhere. i mean you are telling me with security concerns at their highest, they have no indication of anything that goes on with their locked doors in the stadium. And if they don't, how the hell do they know Bennett broke through multiple ones. this was the same SB Tom Brady got his jersey stolen after the game, is this the security detail we trust completely? i just think it makes perfect sense to withhold judgement and get more info. I can see Bennett barreling through a door to meet his brother on the field to congratulate him, maybe run someone over in the process. but the picture this sheriff is painting infers a deliberate Bennett doing everything bad he could
  2. i have to assume this is a or you hate Bennett for whatever other reason, because no one can be this dense. I will entertain for a bit more though. What facts do you have that maybe the rest of us don't have? This event occurred at the SB, where there seems to be a camera literally everywhere. You are telling me there is no video anywhere, as Bennett is breaking through multiple locked doors and storming the field, of any of this? i mean there are so many unknowns right now that a rational person would not be making tons of assumptions and wait to see some additional info. I get if you don't like Bennett and want to see him fail or whatever, but please don't try to infer that the Bennett was running around the stadium looking to "assault" 66-year old women in wheelchairs.
  3. yup. that is exactly what we are doing. definitely what is being communicated here..... very good insight here.......
  4. i was reading some of the comments in that deadspin article, and this one seems kind of spot on: "If this had been Gronk doing the exact same thing it would be laughed off." Reminded me of the Kevin Hart videos too with him trying to get everywhere on the field. i agree with almost all in here that Bennett is 99% not free of doing anything wrong. He was likely be a pompous jerk and had complete tunnel vision wanting to celebrate the SB win with his brother, which is something that i have heard about the Bennett brothers over and over (that they want to win a SB together). Reading different things and seeing all of the "assault" just seems like it wouldn't make any sense. I mean they make him sound like the hulk busting through multiple locked doors and through guards everywhere.
  5. think you are jumping the gun a bit here. i get not liking the guy for whatever reason, but there is a lot more to this story then the paragraph we have gotten so far. i heard a clip of the press conference from the sheriff down there, and it sounds all kinds of nuts. he mentioned Goodell's name like 4-5 times, and there would seem to be zero reason why he would be brought up. Talking about how he busted through multiple locked doors doesn't sound completely accurate either. Yeah, Michael is big, but do we really think he can bust through multiple locked doors? like how did he do that?
  6. I feel kind of guilty, but my honest 1st thought was what the hell a 66 year-old paraplegic woman doing as a security guard at a pretty big event. Still makes Bennet pretty horrible person if all is true, but I can not fathom having a security guard that has the job of preventing people on the field, and hiring a 66 year old woman for that, let alone a paraplegic ETA: and a warrant out for his arrest? Seems all kinds of weird to me.. ETA2: Lol a felony charge, and looking at possible 10 years in prison + a fine of $10K? Really seems like there is another agenda here. I know Bennet has a reputation but c'mon, this is pure nonsense ETA3: and it takes over a year for this to issue this warrant and make this public? like they didn't know it was Bennet the whole time? Really fishy here, something doesn't make any sense. Why not issue this warrant and the charges with-in a month or 2
  7. some good shtick here.a duel porn site/MMA event. Good times:
  8. alright, i'l give you that one. they should have hired that Jon Fox
  9. I missed this after the Super Bowl, made me smile:
  10. that would be good. Let's see if Shwartz can respond and how the team looks. A good challenge is not something this team should shy away from, especially when they should be at their healthiest starting a new season (outside of Carson, Peters and Hicks)
  11. you don't think the Packers or Rams would be hungry? national stage, one future HOF QB returning to the field, or another team that had a disappointing showing in the playoffs coming out to show others wrong? and for me, why run from adversity? so what if this is the best Vikings team for the entire year? that is good, Eagles are a top team too, they should be playing the best they can. Eagles don't need an easy road, and if they do maybe they aren't as good as we all think. "Iron sharpens Iron", let's play a good competitive game against a strong team and see how we measure up. also better to get it over with in the beginning of the year rather than near the end of the year. if they lose this game, they have tons of time to re-focus and figure out where they went wrong and how to fix it
  12. i venture yes if they bring in Jeff Fisher next. But why in the world would someone think bringing on Jon Fox would be good for their channel. Unless ESPN knows something that the majority of fans don't, we simply will hear a former coach who has had the game pass him bye and who is simply not able to analyze anything in a game
  13. i rewound to try and figure out what the heck happened. then i saw again and thought "oh yeah, this is the Walking Dead". and this one i think has nothing to do with the failings on the show, this one i think is all on AMC and them really penny pinching on the budget year after year with their hit show
  14. this is the part I like the best about it. I would like Carson to be able to start the 1st game, but if he can't hearing "FOLES" is pretty close to being as good. nothing worse then another fan base stealing your chant and turning it against you. My guess is that it won't be as easy as the beating we put on them in the NFCCG, but should be fun
  15. ehh, you guys can probably split with Redskins, maybe get both from the Giants. Solid 8-8 season...