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  1. well good news is plenty of MMA still coming up. between Boestch and Mitrione i am just cruising. Hope UFC keeps Hendricks around at MW for a few more fights
  2. haven't had a chance to watch any of it, but congrats. Still got a bunch on Boestsch and i see his line moved a bit. Boestch +160 - 2.5 units Penn +125 1 unit not sure what to do with the main event, but i think i'll try and get money on something somehow
  3. yeah i like Larkin a lot too. loaded up on Boetsch tomorrow too at +165. Big Pig just seems to not give a ####
  4. seriously? i know fat ### went to MW. it obviously isn't muscle that is holding him back. i'll be on Boetsch for quite a bit
  5. I really doubt this. It seems the Boston sports media or Celtics organization themselves loves to put out reports about all of these possible trades for them. But I don't understand if the price was this low why celtics couldn't get him at trade deadline. If Boston really wanted butler they should have just got him. Might have got to cute trying to lowball and gave to the wolves instead. No matter what, I doubt we will really ever know. But my guess is the reports are all writers needing a story or some org. Trying to sell an idea to the fanbase
  6. i can't remember if Korkmaz is supposed to play summer league or not for the Sixers but if he is he is worth a watch as well.
  7. hammered Mitrione -125. you got anything for Bellator?
  8. They bought the 39th pick from the Sixers too. So I guess when you make tons of money winning championships you can just buy picks from owners when don't mind bringing in more money. Good 'old NBA
  9. Love the Bolden pick for the good guys. Sexy outside shooter, should be a good addition definitely
  10. i mentioned above. little more complicated then that i believe (it can convert for 3 years or something), but yeah unless OKC bottoms out should just be 2 2nds. still would have rather just gave up some of the 15 2nds we already have
  11. still wondering what the hell the Sixers are going to do with the 4 2nd round picks they have....
  12. that OKC pick is heavy protected, but still kind of . I'm not up on my Latvian players so hopefully they saw something they liked.