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  1. nice play. For me... gambling on the draft =
  2. yeah i have hit a few. good time to walk away from the computer. i figure most of these are 50/50 cause mostly rumors, etc. i do think it is tough to risk a 1st round pick on a small WR with multiple recent injuries
  3. grabbed John Ross ov 18.5 Thinking i like it quite a bit.
  4. uh-oh hope i didn't screw that up. Basically all about fading the talking heads and i don't see Watson going in top 12 at all. SO i am thinking over 12.5 is the way i wanted. Will be a pisser if i bet these wrong
  5. anybody have draft props at sunwager? that is frustrating also, i'm watching NFL network and they love DeSahun Watson to go in the top 6. Wish this was little closer, but i still think safe: Watson ov 12.5
  6. that is funny, i could definitely imagine. I think some of this is a reaction to the older camps like Lion's Den and Miletich's center that was known more for the general "hazing" kind of stuff and those kind of meathead things. Not saying either is much better or worse, but I would just think going to any training with Matt Hughes would be a lot of eye rolling
  7. what's funny id i remember that is what a lot of the main MMA sites had, but the few that had interviews with Duane etc. certainly painted the opposite picture. Duane has explained it pretty clearly, that a dream of his was to always open a camp in Colorado, he went to help Team Alpha Male, and explained this when it started to look possible and Team Alpha Male didn't want him to leave
  8. he hasn't been there for the first 2 episodes, or if he was it was only brief. TJ seems to be a real good coach, cerebral and good game plan. Similar to his 1st win over Barrao
  9. TJ needs to bring in Dom or Conner for a 1-week guest coach. Uriah and Cody looking to gang up constantly on him is a little b.s. And i think i'm in fo' eva with TUF. I can't escape it
  10. to be honest i forget. I know there were a few things that led people to believe that, but i haven't paid a ton of attn to Perry's career
  11. eeh, i could give or take him. If this came from a guy who has been around like Ellenberger or Jim Miller (hell i can think of another 5 fighters off the top of my head over the last 2 weeks where this would mean something) i would listen. Coming from a guy who hasn't fought in over 2 years it sounds more like a whiny kid
  12. and i wonder what the UFC will do Al Iaquinta. Dude is taking a little too much liberty with just bashing the UFC and Dana. I don't know if it is for attention or what, but i wonder what they will do with him. It seemed like they were doing him a favor giving him Sanchez, and maybe Iaquinta will just cherry pick opponents like that and continue to ##### out the UFC. Sure he has had a couple of exciting fights, but he should have lost that fight to Masvidal. He complains about his pay, but i really am not sure he is warranted with how much he is complaining. It is funny, looking back 7-8 years the fighters have had it a lot worse. I don't think his complaining will get them to where they need to be either
  13. yeah i think it has happened a few times. one of his early fights they had his corner mic'd up and it was pretty ugly
  14. Perry is a real hard guy to like, but he certainly has fun fights