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  1. i'd be sad to see Matisse leave, but that deal would certainly be a win for the Sixers. Washington gets some good pieces and can build a culture with Al and Tobias there too. this one seems way too heavy in the Sixers favor, but it would be fun. I just know with Morrey there we will likely see a trade or 2 before the season. will be tough going into the season with this same exact squad
  2. Sixers trading Tobias Harris to the Knicks with a 2nd round pick or 2, send Big Al to Kings for Buddy Heild, and prepare to lure Giannis to Philadelphia as a free agent with Morey, Doc and Elton Brand in the room. .
  3. it will be interesting. With Morey coming in I have to imagine the 6ers change their roster before the new season starts. Not really sure what they do, just very thankful we don't have to endure another season where Ainge bends Elton Brand/Colangelo over again and steals from the team
  4. quite concerned if Ftiz goes to Dallas, he owns Shwartz and the Eagles. luckily the OL has been fool's gold, but man i still think if Fitz goes to Dallas it will bring them right back in the fight for the division
  5. so count me in as one of the nervous one's who is worried with the upcoming trade deadline. Makes almost too much sense for the Cowpokes to go after Fitzpatrick, and that guy knows how to destroy Shwartz defense. I figure Fitz would be a had for a 3rd, probably 4th round pick
  6. i'm actually thinking they play him. he may only get 70% of reps, but considering the following week is a bye he has 2 weeks to rest it then too. they need this win bad considering that loss to the Redskins, and it isn't like they blew by the Giants with them being down 21-10 in mid 4th Q
  7. if i was a Cowboys' fan, this is the kind of play i would be most sad about missing from the team:
  8. so i'm a legit Eagles fan, but man oh man is the WFT defense enjoyable to watch:^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1320427987481874433|twgr^share_3%2Ccontainerclick_1& will be fun rest of the season, good chance the division may come down to the last week of the season.
  9. tailed it myself.....sounded good . Saving it for the 2nd half i'm hoping. Might start with getting more than 10 yards passing for a half, i decided to bench James Robinson for White thinking he would be used more.
  10. this Washington defense is fun to watch. they swarm well
  11. i think Daulton did that on purpose. easiest way to escape this dumpster fire
  12. but do you guys think they quit already? i know the rumors from unnaned sources this week, but are they giving like 40% for the rest of the year? if so, Jer is going to have to give it all to Dak
  13. ehh not trolling, was a serious question. i'm watching red zone, but seeing Dallas clips team just seems like a team that has the look that they quit