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  1. it's going to be pretty funny when Boston loses in the 1st round, and all the Celtics fans can cheer and do their win countdowns next November again. Might be time to start a "Philly sports....when did we get so good?" thread like some other deuchy fanbases
  2. it's funny the tons of posts in here and tweets from all sports heads about Fultz's horrendous shot, but when the kid fixes it there aren't too many people talking about it. Simmons has also been working on his 3, went 18-20 the other day when one of the reporters was watching. and people think Lebron goes anywhere but Philly.
  3. i don't think there is one team that gameplans for Cole, that is just silly. and Witten still has a place in the NFL, but Tom Brady might be faster than him at this point. losing Dez would without a doubt hurt the Cowboys already suspect offensive talent. Not saying Dez is a top 10 WR anymore, but teams have to account for him and i think the coaching staff doesn't know how to play to his strengths.
  4. ehh, he is probably the top 5-7 CB in the league right now. Yeah he is aggressive and gambles so he can get burned, but he is one of the best at his position. agreed how he meshes with the team might be something, but he is superior to Trumaine Johnson without a doubt
  5. Yikes, Ben SImmons is just nasty: i know all the talk last year was they want him to get the NBA game down, and work on his jump shot after he has a good feel for the game. I think we are there. I don't see how a fan of basketball can't love the potential of Embiid and SImmons.
  6. hmm i forget. i think they suspected he didn't hurt it on the play that he left on, if i remember correctly. if it was any it was only a few plays,
  7. maybe that is why i was bothered by it. If it is that significantly bad, then we should figure it out (of course as fans, it doesn't really matter what we know about injuries. Believe me as a Sixers fan, it can get ugly). but obviously if it looks like it can impact his career the Eagles certainly need to adjust what they may have been doing.
  8. just seemed weird to me, that out of 3-4 sentences that is what a doctor would say. Of course it is on the Cataldi show, so i guess i should assume a little different take on things. For example, my mom has had 3 surgeries in the past 6 months. and if i got to talk to one of the doctors for a little bit, i wouldn't want to hear something like that. Maybe the science is more what i was hoping for. Change that with maybe what is chance of re-injury, or what is the actual reason it is so bad. Just seems weird that the guys says, the injury was real bad, and then references that Carson is religious so he will be ok. but this is off-season, so i'm guessing i am being a little picky with the guy
  9. so i saw the headline about Wentz and got worried. went to get more info on bleedinggreennation ans saw this: Orthopedic Surgeon: Carson Wentz’s Injury Is ‘Worrisome’ - CBS Philly “This is an ACL plus 2,” Dr. Kelly told the 94WIP Morning Show on Tuesday. “This is an RG3 equivalent folks. This is worrisome. Now, his good news, he had a very good surgeon — Dr. James Bradley. He’s going to have good therapy virtue of NovaCare. He’s a man of faith, which is important to me too. This guy is an excellent patient. But I think his timeline is very, very optimistic.” [...] “This kid, God bless him, is probably going to be brace dependent – like Brady, like RG3 was – the rest of his career,” said Dr. Kelly. “This may be a blessing in disguise, maybe become more of a drop back quarterback that we all want him to be.” i was worried, then saw the bolded. What the hell kind of Dr. who is supposed to be an expert says something like the bolded above?
  10. I've been thinking this ever since about halfway through the season. I can see us have an incompletion on the Philly Special and everybody ripping on Doug and the team. I for one have concluded I like the Balls to the Wall approach, and when they fail i'll go with we will get it next time.
  11. seriously. what a crock to fine $600K for mentioning what 1/3 of the teams in the league are doing. would love to know where that 600K would go too
  12. i like this one a bunch too. You go Jaws:
  13. another funny one, i saw Nick Foles the other night on Jimmy Kimmel. He talked about how he can't go to his Whole Foods because now everyone knows him. The other night my wife wanted to go grocery shopping, and i told her we are going to Whole Foods (which i really do not like), and i was searching for Nick. Hope to catch him one of these nights....