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  1. the Cousins trade does put it in perspective too, but it isn't as much the return what he got, it is all the b.s. and everything else surrounding it.
  2. if it was that simple it would be easier to swallow. Could Noel play the 4 at times? possibly. Having a line-up of Embiid and Noel would potentially be a juggernaut in the paint. Only problem is Sixers never even bothered to try it. Noel was also showing signs of improvement an refining his skills. Okafor has not. If they did not intend on giving Noel 20+ they should have moved him last summer or some other time. with him making this move 2 hours before the deadline it wreaks of desperation. Also would be better if he didn't come off as a used car salesman If no market for centers, don't force anything and stop with rumors of Okafor value throughout the league. and to suggest that Noel doesn't have value is short-sighted. he has shown improvement this year (last year his stats were not as good but he was forced to play the year as the 4 with Okafor as the 5), is young and would seem to be only getting better. We will see what his value is the off-season if he isn't resigned earlier, and i would be willing to bet people would be willing to pay for him ETA: add this to the PR #### storm Colangelo and the front office had in the weeks lining up to the trade deadline with covering up the Embiid injury and misleading with Simmons recovery time. Could be easily avoided by just not lying or even after being caught owning up to it. ETA2: and the lie they are trying to promote about the 1st round pick they get in this deal is also what is going to get him killed. SHould have just told it like it was. I don't know the %, but i think it is almost impossible for the Mavs to not have the 18th pick or better.
  3. pretty sure you can find most of the insider articales on reddit
  4. yeah i was nervous that he felt like he had to do something, and so he took whatever. ETA: his PR spinning is worse then i thought. every press release and everything says 1st round pick for Noel. Glad there is enough of a fanbase and groundswell that his b.s. hopefully won't work here
  5. i am really hoping Josh Harris and Sixers owners take more of a role too. is hard to see how the hinkie resignation came about, but they should beg him to act as an advisor or something
  6. worst part is that the reason he is here is all the NBA feeling they had to step in and "fix" the Sixers. the PR stuff is pretty bad too, i wasn't aware of it before but this entire debacle with Okafor was him using his contacts to act like their was all this interest in Okafor when it seems that in reality there was 1 or 2 teams and it was more lukewarm. Amazing how Hinkie can create this huge interest in the Sixers by building a potential championship team, just to see it get dismissed. at least the damage so far has been light, but i can see it suck the fandom from the team. If Embiid wasn't as charismatic as he is the hate could be real strong
  7. We can hope. Fingers crossed and I'll like colangelo a ton more of he sees something others don't. The other issue with the trade is it still leaves the Sixers with an issue. Everybody talked about the logjam at center, which there was, but I still don't know what the Sixers do with okafor. Again hopefully the team sees something nobody else does but no way does okafor become more valuable then he is. Noel could and was gettIng better. I hope okafor proves me wrong but watching him a bunch this year it's hard to see
  8. To your 1st point, when the Sixers started getting healthy (except Simmons), they had a nice tear in January and February when it seemed like things were coming in place and the team was developing an identity. They have been able to maintain a bit even without Embiid out the last month, with Saric getting better and the team playing good overall ball. Not top seed in a conference ball, but competitive without their 2 best players sniffing the court As for the question, I wish i knew. Honestly i would rather if the Sixers decided they were not going to resign Noel, to have traded him much earlier or even just let him walk. I think they are close to having every pick in the 2nd round for the next 2 years, so I really hope Colangelo doesn't think their is value with those picks. And maybe the trade overall isn't that horrendous (though it probably is, but i know i have always liked Noel so i may be bias), but just all the mishandling seems like Colangelo is out of his element. Really sucks going from the smart kid on the block hustling other teams all the time to being the sucker. I mean even thinking about how they tried to sell it as "a 1st round pick" is such b.s. A top 18 protected pick from dallas is like getting a top 10 protected 1st round from Brooklyn. Just smells like crap up and down. For the team, i think it was definitely the wrong move too. You could see an obvious difference in this team from the fall and '16, to the games they played in '17, and the majority of that was the difference between Noel and Okafor. Seeing how they only had Noel and Embiid play a total of 8 minutes together on the court it seems like they knew they were never going to keep Noel anyway. But a horrible trade (i think) and i can't see any benefit they really got out of it, unless a guy who couldn't start in Dallas is all of a sudden going to be something
  9. i'd say you need to consider the SIxers, but damn it i feel like the organization will screw up all the assets and what they have. You have some good youth on the team, a good coach, 1 or 2 foreign players who may have a good spot in the NBA ( i think he is only 19, but Furkan Kormaz has some legit talent, and the only reason he wasn't on the Sixers this year is because he needs to strengthen his body), and the assets are comparable to what the Celtics have. If the Lakers are succesful in their tanking this year we will get their 1st next year which i would guess will be a lottery pick. They get Sacremento's 1st in '19 which should be top 5-7. Not sure what else outside of that, and honestly i would feel a ton better if Hinkie was still in the office, but i would say they are legit competition. Cetics roster is definitely better currently, but a healthy Simmons and Embiid (and i know big IF) certainly make the Sixers competitive
  10. i gotta look it up, and yeah that is a very big generalization, but some validation. Can't find it right now cause the current trade deadline is taking all the headlines, but i think it was something like the Sixers would trade Noel and a 1st round pick or 2 1st round picks for the Celtics pick last year and some garbage. I just remember it being a horrible trade rumor and i remember everyone crapping on Colangelo right away cause it was so bad. Then i know a little bit after the trade it came out that the deal mentioned was never even close to an offer, and it was more about the Celtics baiting the Sixers and looking good in the public eye.
  11. rumor was/is Sixers grabbed Bogut in that horrendous trade as a chip to send to the Celtics. Ainge sounds like a bit of a pain in the ### to work with for trades, especially if they have a PR team that basically insults other franchises. Before today, I would have said that Boston should pull the trigger on a deal because I know a lot of people say they have a great future lined up, they need to realize there are a few other teams in the East that do as well. Of course after today, I think Celtics fans can sleep easier knowing that all strength and awesome assets the Sixers built over the last few years will likely be wasted. I'll forgive Colangelo and sucky trades if he can evaluate talent exceptionally well, and I hope that is what his affection of 2nd round picks will turn into.
  12. yeah Celtics PR and the quotes they give about potential trades always seem to be way out in left field. They pulled that stunt with the Sixers in the last draft too, and Colangelo was getting lambasted at first for even suggesting such a terrible trade until everyone figure out the only source was someone from the Celtics office
  13. I'm hoping that the media is behind and the Sixers made another deal. If not I would give the Ilyasova trade a B, and the Noel trade a D, probably D-. Hoping that news will come out as we go forward that makes more sense for that Noel trade.
  14. If the rumor is true that it converts to 2 seconds, this trade will be dreadful. Unless they had info (Noel was definitely leaving, whatever), this is inexcusable. I would rather see him leave in free agency with nothing in return then settle for 2 2nd round picks. Any good will the franchise was starting to get will leave quick if Simmons doesn't play this year and embiid is significantly limited. More likely I can see it go the other way. If okafor is the starting center for the rest of the year I would anticipate boo's galore
  15. Yeah I think I'm thinking along the same lines. Definite :sad banana: for Noel leaving but I'm hoping it was a measured move by the team knowing that Noel wanted to start somewhere or that Noel was going to command a ton of money they are hoping to have available In the next season or 2 for free agents, etc. agreed the return looks to be weak though. And that is probably an understatement. With Noel's offensive game improving a bit his value is certainly better then what they got in return But I'll wait until after 3 to pass full judgement. Really hoping colangelo is working on some other things. To pull okafor last week and have him not available for games before that knowing he wasn't a great fit demands he finds a trade for okafor. And hopefully some of the pieces he has he can end up with something better at the end of the day. And if this is I really hope Sixers look at their front office before the next draft and figures out what they want to do.