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  1. wow, when did draft kings get so thorough with all of their betting selections? DPOY seems just dumb with AD being a -250 favorite, but that does seem to be more of a popularity contest than anything. He is 3rd in the league in blocks and 18th for rebounds. those def rebounds are close to 4 rebounds a game difference than #4 Giannis. It is pretty nice seeing Thybulle getting some love even being mentioned, but having Ben Simmons not top 5 in betting favorites seems strange since he has led for most of the season in steals. Would be interesting to see how that trended over the years. It does seem around early 90's blocks started taking over as > than steals. only a few like Gary Payton snuck in to win it Also pretty crazy how many years Jordan was top 3 in steals. Season&StatCategory=BLK
  2. Graham and Bertans aren't bad, but they seem to be products of terrible teams and being able to score a bunch because of a lack of talent on the rest of the roster. Bam has to battle for stats with Butler and a host of 2nd/3rd tier guys for stats, and he just seems to be the most consistent of the out of nowhere guys.
  3. really have to think it goes to Bam. I am not sure how the award has gone the past 10-20 years, but Bam really seems to be that guy who came out of nowhere and has been consistently good. Luka has been amazing, but i think just like you said he won't get it because it isn't as big of a jump as Bam has had. Brandon Ingram should be in the conversation too, but i don't think he has been as consistent as Bam
  4. ok, i am open to the idea that you may possibly be correct: Derek Bodner @DerekBodnerNBA With Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid both out, Al Horford (4-10), Tobias Harris (3-12) and Josh Richardson (4-12) have combined for just 28 points on 11-34 shooting against the league's 2nd worst defense. That's not going to get it done. Burn this mother F'er down and sell the team please. thing is a dumpster fire and they should consider getting rid of Brown before the end of the season if they have more like this. Also give a kick to the nuts to Silver and the NBA for their courage to stop the atrocity of Sam Hinkie, and leave the Sixers with "Eric Jr." and to eventually have to scramble and make Brand GM. Insane thinking of the position the Sixers were in before Colangelo until now. 🙂 I had Sixers +10.5 in live betting tonight, and these mother F'ers can't even cover that
  5. so Glenn Robinson III was on a streak of 12 straight games with a 3-pointer before he got traded to the Sixers. i believe this is his 6th game with the team, and i believe he has gone 0-whatever since the trade. i'm also positive Harris, Richardson, and Horford are all shooting well below their average now that they have joined the Sixers Pretty fun being a Sixers' fan
  6. writers did some fun gymnastics with that. I see Jerry at one point saying he is stuck and can't move, and next time i look up at the screen i see him on the other side of the tunnel, with no problems.
  7. totally agree here. She was a fan favorite years ago, and somehow the writers took over her character and have made it absolutely atrocious. her scream at Alpha at the start of the episode was just dumb.
  8. maybe. guy is a top 5 candidate for defensive player of the year, basically averages a double-double, and plays hard every night. He is only 23, so i am fine not giving up on him at this point
  9. seems 3 of the rounds were particularly close
  10. well, at least feels better now with the letdown figuring Sixers lose 1st round. all about expectations. and i'm more than happy with Ben so no worries on my end at all about that contract
  11. i liked it better when the Chris Paul contract was considered the worst in the league. Al Horford's 1-7 tonight, and that one was a wide open shot because no one bothered covering him, feels like a kick in the balls every game
  12. i have to think one of the reasons why NBA ratings have dropped so much in part due to officiating. combination of how officials choose to oversee a game, and players seeking fouls, it has just gotten out of control. Guys throwing themselves at a defender to simply draw a foul has gone way beyond what it was in the 90's. and star treatment is just way overboard too. I will say Embiid is one of the worst with this, complaining every time he misses a shot. I am pretty sure there wouldn't be so much outright complaining if it didn't work.the way refs seem to respond and call fouls after a player complains to them it just seems like has become worse and there is no indication it will ever turn around
  13. yeah probably. i panicked and jumped on Mil -11.5 when i heard Ben was out, so pretty sure Sixers cover and probably win now. i'll take the financial loss for a win here though
  14. these national commentators on these prime networks are horrendous. i mean, worse then like dudes off the street. Embiid just got an and 1 and the commentator says foul is on Horford? and i swear Hubie Brown is sleeping half the time, guy just reads things written on post-its handed to him