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  1. this baffles me as well. Seattle has been one of the most succesful teams the last 6-7 years, but their OL has been dreadful for 3-4. can't figure out why it is as bad as it is, especially when a poor OL puts your franchise QB in danger every game. this has baffled me for a few seasons now
  2. are there any Mavericks fans in here? i would love to hear what is going on with Nerlens Noel on that team. i get the start of the season shenanigans but we should be past that
  3. Sixers aren't. Boston probably is, but Sixers are working more on developing the chemistry and avoiding injuries. Hear an interview about a week ago how they mentioned the wins now are nice, but they are playing more for building chemistry and being in good shape for a run early 2018. Brown still incorporates a variety of plays, but they certainly aren't trying to go all out for the wins right now
  4. rest assured, if the Sixers beat the Warriors on Saturday i don't think any Sixers fans will declare them the best in the league. NBA champs for the 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 seasons..... sure.
  5. Schedule makers love the Sixers. 10 of their first 14 on the road and now the pissy Warriors after they will likely be little more motivated after playing so poor
  6. Covington is way past funny troll, to straight up d-bag:
  7. as long as they don't win 55.5 i'll be giddy. though not looking so great i have to confess
  8. without a doubt. And no mention of Covington is a little baffling to me. i'd also take JJ Reddick over Tatum any day of the week
  9. yeah, but Ingram looks better then last year, and Kuzman looks legit. better then i thought
  10. this is a long posting of highlights from the game, but Embiid's spin move and Euro-step look wonderful:
  11. Embiid can do this to pretty much every team except maybe 4. Obliterated Deandre Jordan last night. Have fun with Horford defending him, i am sure he will still be on that top 8-10 list of defenders after a game with a healthy Embiid
  12. got to say, i would pay to him see him shoot FTs with his nut sack for the year.
  13. i know all the talk is about Ball, and INgram from last year. But man Kuzman is fun to watch. The hype gets near Celtics level for him, but he certainly shows some nice promise. Hart is also probably a quality 6 or 7 man, got some quality young guys there
  14. he's pretty tight with Simmons too, and yeah it would be a nice fit for him to not have to shoulder the entire burden. they have good cap space, just not sure what Lebron will want to do ETA: you also forgot Fultz on his rookie contract. at worst, when he heals he should at least be a top 6th man