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  1. i love what Barbosa said about a title fight. it was something along the lines that he says Eddie as more then a training partner, and as a friend. it is less that he would never fight Eddie, but more that he wants to "shield" Eddie and anybody who wants a title fight needs to go through Barbosa first
  2. yeah, might be a good idea to shut this one down and lock it. I didn't realize Greg Hardy had an FBG account
  3. hmm. I have to check the pics again, but seem to be strange bruises from a cat fight. I am not an expert, but have seen plenty of young ladies fight in my work, and there is a lot of hairpulling, scratching, and marks on the face. a good wife beater knows you can't hit her in the face. I'm not suggesting that he definitely did all of this either. Just glad the NFL said they were going to take a look into it as well, seems that there is enough out there to at least look into. NFL has to have learned their lesson, if this doesn't go to court and NFL does nothing and she ends up beat into a coma in 6-8 months
  4. so is Clarence suggesting that the bruises in the photos she has were self-inflicted? you can't think they come out of nowhere, maybe she is a rugby player or something? Just think they are making such dumb conjectures that she is trying to set him up when she has all of these pictures of these bruises. I guess breaking any news is better then responsible reporting
  5. this might be the funniest thing I have seen all day. Why in the world would anybody expect the Cowboys to say anything but this with their recent history of grabbing wife beaters all around. Of course they don't believe it, and I'm sure it is written in every room in their facility to deny, deny, deny. I honestly think trusting that the Cowboys organization has to be the last group you would trust to take any stand with their players
  6. I hate getting in these threads, but am procrastinating at work. So it seems a lot felt Cruz's stance was awesome. I know the fun factor of these is pretty ok, but I can't imagine there are enough rational people in this country who would feel that Cruz up there showboating narcisstically is exactly the kind of guy you would want to run the country. It comes off more like a kid who was bullied getting a pulpit to try and get the bully back. Kasich seems to have a much better response to all of these kinds of things. I guess my question is will we as a nation ever go back to normal, collaborative discussions or will the pendulum keep swinging this way? and if we can get back, what will need to change? it seems like these things have truly gone off the rails the last 10 years or so (and I am sure they were like this before, we just didn't see every moment of it), and the fact that this is what the country wants is really frightening. It's like that movie with Will Ferrell, "the campaign I think" is really getting more and more realistic each voting cycle
  7. yup. I am nowhere near most in this thread with following politics, but if Cruz could barely win the states during the nomination process I don't think the guy can do anything that will work. I imagine most would rather vote for anybody then him, even more so then Trump. but in all honesty, I don't think anybody can predict political races for awhile, especially in the republican party. The trump fans will not just go away no matter what happens, and they are there to stay in the republican party
  8. yeah seriously. there isn't anybody like a Conner coming around again for sometime, but we just saw a few gorgeous debut of fighters the past weekend. Lesnar came and went before and it took a little luster away from the HWY division, but I don't think it impacted anything that crazy. PPV numbers may decrease, but the popularity of the UFC won't go away. the viability of depending on PPV money long-term is a question that was bound to come up anyway. and I saw that Fox offered $3.6 billion for the UFC, so it isn't like other people think MMA will be on a decline. I think people are mislead because of the meteoric rise of MMA over the last 10 years, but there isn't any reason to think it will go away
  9. so i read up about the Fedor fight being overturned. Pretty funny when you hear the details: from: Fedor, Fabio, and WMMAA @RuckerYeah: What is the World Mixed Martial Arts Association and why should I care what they have to say about the Fedor fight? Great questions. Like you, Ruck, I woke up on Friday and found out that some organization called WMMAA had overturned the results of the Fedor Emelianenko-Fabio Maldanado fight on June 17 in St. Petersburg, Russia, and declared Emilianenko's split-decision victory a draw. This was portrayed as a reputable news item, despite the fact that barely anyone, prior to Friday, had ever heard of the WMMAA, nor had it been cited as a credible authority by anyone, ever, on any matter related to MMA. At first I had to double-check that it wasn't simply a misspelling of WAMMA, the silly attempt at creating a sanctioning body about a decade ago which gave Fedor a title no one took seriously. Don't get me wrong, I'm well aware the decision in favor of Emelianenko was pretty bad. But having some obscure group, who derive their authority from absolutely nothing tangible, act like they have the power to meddle is an even bigger farce. Sherdog and Wikipedia, the sport's de facto record keepers, nevertheless blindly went along with this and changed the result to a draw, even though, in the latter's case, WMMAA doesn't even have a Wikipedia page. I mean, really. Let's run with this logic. I hereby announce the formation of the Intergalactic MMA Association, and as such, I officially overturn WMMAA's decision. And hey! I'm a New England Patriots fan. My brand-new World NFL Association has formally overturned Tom Brady's suspension. No one would take this seriously, of course. And no one should take WMMAA's ruling seriously. Their ruling was based on allegations of conflict of interest, while WMMAA itself has Fedor listed as its honorary president. Come again?
  10. he's unfortunately been in the "hot prospect" category for years, but he is a legit fighter. I think injuries slowed him down too, but he has been asking for legit competition for sometime so hopefully his grappling has caught up
  11. that debut by Vannata against Ferguson on that Fight Night card was pretty spectacular too. His natural weight is featherweight, so i think he may stick around for awhile
  12. Really digging vannata. That first round was one of the best I've seen
  13. well this is b.s. I can only speak for Philly, but if their message is about helping out poor black, going to LOVE park is silly. go the neighborhoods this applies to, not the hipster areas because you do not want to get to the "bad" sections. weak
  14. damn game has me walking around like a loon now
  15. they switched it to main event. probably like 2 mins after Hunt-Lesnar starts