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  1. Homer J Simpson

    Are you successful?

    By height.
  2. He's Tommy Boy. Minus any likeability.
  3. Homer J Simpson

    Are you successful?

    If you consider fat, depressed and just waiting for the sweet release of death to be "successful" then hell yeah I am!
  4. Homer J Simpson

    The Overpopulation of Planet Earth

    Also how much sh#t can you pile up?
  5. Homer J Simpson

    Shooting at Texas church

    Right back at ya.
  6. This is capitalism eating democracy.
  7. Homer J Simpson

    Shooting at Texas church

    Oh shove it up your ###.
  8. Homer J Simpson

    What makes a person unattractive?

    Hook hands.
  9. NO! What the hell are you talking about?
  10. Homer J Simpson

    Anyone have plans for tomorrow's Antifa Apaocalypse?

    Antifa staged a coup today and no one even noticed. SAD!
  11. Republicans don't give a #### about kids unless they're still in the womb.