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  1. He's really turning up the ###hole quotient this week.
  2. That's the only gory scene I can think of, other than verbal descriptions of what these guys did.
  3. Start a world war?
  4. What the #### is wrong with these people?
  5. Literacy?
  6. You mean less than a tomato?
  7. Real killers, based on the book.
  8. You know those movies aren't really about him, right?
  9. People care waaaaaaaaay too much what a bunch of football players do.
  10. Hurricane on its way to Ireland. Perfectly normal.
  11. Oof. More good times in the desert.
  12. Finally something I can jump on the Trump Train to support!
  13. Man, I could go for a Danish.
  14. Now we're getting into the important stuff.