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  1. I believe Holland has to beat Sweden by 7 goals to finish 2nd.
  2. Congrats to @B Maverick and the rest of the misguided... Fellaini finally gets the recognition he deserves
  3. I like Boring James Milner much better than Deluded Brendan.
  4. This is ####### phenomenal! Lesson to all fans IMO. This is how you do a European away.
  5. This is ####### phenomenal! Lesson to all fans IMO. This is how you do a European away.
  6. Oh damn, I guess it was bound to happen... Sacked!
  7. I don't think he's needed for his physical abilities as much as he is needed for his ability to actually use his vocal cords. Oh, and I believe his neck vertebrae aren't fused either, so he might be able to turn his head once in a while.
  8. All the best brother Kafka! I have experience of this from my family. Don't hesitate reaching out. Forza Roma!
  9. Sky claims one of the 6 deals is Brighton buying Victor Jansen from Spurs
  10. According to SkySports ticker, there are 6 deals pending approval, still to be announced. They are expecting them at 1am. ETA: Edited to clarify, 6 Premier League deals.
  11. Got Sky Sports News on in the background, ready for any purple events this year.
  12. damn it, I thought they would stay firm... Good luck phil, you ####### %^&*@!.
  13. I think most did. The number was much lower before.
  14. Well, the number a little misleading especially when used to bash people, as most homes not insured are in areas that are deemed safe from flooding. Each area is evaluated, and most areas do not require it. For instance, my area is deemed safe, and my mortgage company told me it was unnecessary. Many that may struggle with monthly bills may have opted out, because it would require something of epic proportions for it to be needed. I still have it, because it is a low cost (maybe $400 a year?) for peace of mind. I have sympathy for those that opted out though.
  15. yeah, no kidding... but I think they are targeting empty houses, so check any neighbors that may have left. I updated direction in original post, meant to say moving west.