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  1. 10-15 WSW from Leeds! (20 or so east of the Mancs.) Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!
  2. Yeah, it's crazy how early they start. They didn't go to school games that early (scouts), but they sure checked out the travel teams. I don't think there's much difference to be honest, but it is another chance to show what you can do. If she is serious about it, it will not hurt to do it all. My niece is a goalie too btw, freshman, started the last two games because their senior goalie got a concussion and is 2-0.
  3. My niece just started as a freshman, got heavily recruited. What do you need to know? ETA: she went to all camps around 8th grade and forward, played travel leagues, all national camps. Girls can be recruited as juniors I believe, and she got flown to 20-30 colleges around the country. Finally decided as a senior in high school and have a full athletic ride (she also had straight A's through high school, not sure if that played into the full ride). if you want specific details I can ask my SIL, she managed that whole thing...
  4. How does tthis bein sports connect work? Can I view old games, or just live? Pause the live feed?
  5. Huh, neat board
  6. Can is not up to speed yet after niggles and being away during the summer. Firmino picked up a muscle injury in training this week. Nothing serious, but Klopp didn't want to risk him.
  7. yeah, not clicking that link...
  8. Boring James Milner ‏@BoringMilner 7h7 hours ago Funny story from the England hotel. I just made Chris Smalling a cup of tea and accidentally gave him 2 sugars instead of 1.
  9. who? might be a moot point anyway... it says on the site it can't be moved until July 12th 2010 can't assign it to someone, can't pull it out myself, can't send it to anything... but they did inform me they are going to extract a "holding fee" of $3 per month, until the account is empty... nice racket.
  10. doesn't matter... not going to happen.
  11. Anyone remember the WC 2010 pool? I barely do, yay drinking, but apparently leaguesafe does. I just got an email, 6 years after the fact, that we still have $20 in that account. my my guess is that we had someone pay late or I messed up. I'd like to make the payment to the 4th spot in the pool. Anyone know who that was? I could always dig through old emails I suppose, but that seems tedious...
  12. User Actions Following Boring James Milner‏@BoringMilner Just been messaging Daniel Sturridge about his latest injury setback. But his signal must have dipped out!
  13. loving the Jurgenmeister t-shirt... ETA:
  14. Boring James Milner ‏@BoringMilner 31m31 minutes ago I just joked to Firmino that we sneak out from the ground to sample some local cheeses. It was so funny.