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  1. Some absolute screamers in that Arsenal v Liverpool LC game. Well worth checking out a recap.
  2. I took Dag and Red to the CL finals in FM 11 (I think it was 11).Lost on pens against Bayern.
  3. This is key for me. I haven't been exposed to coaching at all levels in the US, but from what I have seen (select travel teams, youth academy, college) training drills/discipline etc is not yet up to where it needs to be. That will/could come with time, as players retire and take up coaching.
  4. Not even a mention of this: or (second goal)? (I can't be arsed to find another link. I'm sure there are more.)
  5. Atkinson is true to himself though, not surprising at all. Still, worst half this year from Liverpool. Looking lethargic and uninspired out there.
  6. To be fair, according to the new rules, it is a handball. The rule is horribly poorly written though. Have we had 10 or more of these now this season?
  7. Atkinson is an absolute ####! One of the most UK-biased refs around. Ole should have Daniel James run around tripping himself up in the box for a guaranteed pen, or have McGuire boot everyone. I saw a tweet somewhere that sums it up. "Nailed on pen for Kane then?"
  8. This is where I'm at too, but not only the cost, it's also all the apps, all the different channels/platforms, mostly poor packaging and reporting... in addition different packages all of a sudden drops a channel you wanted (Sling currently has a feud with Fox Sports), ESPN pulls random programming from their main channels to put on ESPNNews not covered etc etc and I am giving up on any of the traditional and newer providers. I've found I'd much rather wait an hour to watch, and stream HD on my schedule from overseas.
  9. I agree with all of this, but you forgot the most important factor of all... wait for it....
  10. To be fair, there are teams in worse form. Tottenham's last 16 in the league (W/D/L) 6-3-7, +7 21pts Manchester United: 4-5-7, -7, 17pts (15th out of 17 teams, only Brighton and Watford are worse) Don't get me wrong, I hope Ole stays forever, but how is that not rectified? For reference, same period, Leicester 31pts (3rd best), and Crystal Palace 27pts (4th best!?!!) Spurs definitely have the players to be up at the top, but Eriksen is a huge loss in my book, and the 4-4-2 diamond is bad news. ETA: I don't think the window should even be closing, at least for some sort of silverware. They still have some very nice players.
  11. That was about 2-3 years ago. Journo's kept bringing it up again speculating during the last 2 or so windows. I believe at the time both Liverpool and Dortmund was too far apart in their evaluation, and the player and Liverpool were too far apart in the role and money.
  12. Was it not just a girl in a Chelsea top, and you could just barely see her belly button? ETA: I think I just answered my own question, that Chelsea top was pretty offensive.
  13. Good morning to you too! This shtick is growing on me... when I can understand it... /oldman
  14. I prefer "supplement", one cannot simply replace Kafka. Forza Roma!