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  1. Regarding Kodi's legality, it depends. Like others have pointed out, it can be used to "steal" content, such as PPV UFC fights, movies, tv etc, but that part is still a gray area. It is undoubtedly illegal to be the provider, but the consumers are so far untouched. There have been rumblings in the U.K. from internet service providers, but the worst anyone have seen is their internet speed throttled. VPN services is a good way around that for those worried. There are however many other uses for Kodi, such as streaming free content, or content you pay for, to devices not able to receive a normal signal. Another area could be streaming content not available to subscribe to in your current area. As an example, I don't have any way to subscribe to and pay for Racing UK (English horse racing channel), TSN, Eurosport, etc. if I could I would. I stream these without a second thought. I also stream content from the BBC, which they provide for free on their website, on YouTube and other means, but I don't want to watch on my computer. (They have a ton of documentaries). I usually stream the olympics, because I think NBC's coverage is horrific, but they also have it all online, untouched for free if you have a cable subscription. as with everything it can be abused, but just because it is possible to abuse doesn't mean that is the only use. K4 mentioned wanting to see PBS, that is free, and if OTA isn't possible, Kodi can be an option. ETA: stupid autocorrect ETA2: I am watching a documentary on the Bradford City stadium fire right now. No way that is ever making it to any US channel, but BT Sports stream it for free.
  2. I just installed this on my computer (Jarvis) to test. It does look good, and very complete. Not sure I like having all these various packages installed, because I won't use them, but for somebody new too kodi it is pretty neat. I have yet to check the live tv section, but it is looking good so far. My idea is to put the family version on a firestick for the family room.
  3. Thanks for finding that, I had no idea.
  4. I still think it's on Migs. I was taught early on you have to keep focus and not let anyone surprise you. Have to be able to focus on the wall, and of the guys looking to take the free kick.
  5. Can't hang your entire season on just four players. No way any team can stay fresh a whole year.
  6. Up to the ref, and it's Clattenburg, what do you expect? He should still be aware of what's going on. Been going on for a while in the entire squad. No challenging spots, no drive, no getting in the refs ear etc etc. Hendo did better with that today, but how many times do we have to see players turn their back to the ball in the back four?
  7. Good penalty save by Migs, but he's at fault for the goal. Just unforgivable not staying focused, but that seems to be a trend through the side. Matip should be savvy enough not to allow Costa to earn that penalty. I thought it was as easy as they come for Clattenburg to call. He missed plenty other things, but that one he got right IMO. Frustrating is probably the best way to describe the squad. Too thin, lack of focus, no leadership. It's been evident all through December and January that the legs are gone. I'm just hoping getting back to one game a week will help with the fatigue. Still early in the rebuild, and it's pretty clear where depth is needed and who should be demoted to depth players.
  8. not sure he is ok... I was expecting a sub at the half
  9. would rather flop Lallana and Wijnaldum on the field tbh...
  10. At this stage it's not really about Chelsea, it's getting fluidity back in the team, and not hiding players away.
  11. Jeebus, just saw the Rodwell "tackle". How is that not a red?
  12. Funny posts in here... Time to revert back to what actually worked with these guys in the past, move Lallana back to the midfield, Can out and Mane in on the wing. The current lineup is not producing enough in the final third, and are too easy to defend. Lallana must play further away from goal.
  13. Can we change the name of this thread to the "**** Official MLS thread***"? TIA
  14. I use it almost exclusively for sports, and have had no issues finding a stream for any sporting event I have wanted to see. YMMV because I am not watching ESPN, and have never tried to.