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  1. I was hoping for some outgoing business today, but guess there won't be much happening.
  2. I promised myself I wouldn't get sucked back in but here I am... logo pack, face packs, kit packs and name fixes and off to more sleep deprived weeks. What is it with this game>??!??!?
  3. United lucky to not be down to 8. That Bailly stomp in the first and the blatant foul from Shaw.
  4. Yeah, seems that way. I remember Lazar Markovich sent off for a hand to the face when holding a defender off, accidentally. I didn’t get it then, and don’t get it now. Guess it just is what it is. Makes it easier for the refs I guess. No gray zone.
  5. Interesting to hear the commentators saying that it doesn’t matter how hard you touch somebody’s face, you just don’t do it, or it’s a red. I don’t remember that from my playing days.
  6. I didn’t see it, but I’m sure they will all be deserved when they break the record again this season.
  7. Went to get a new coffee and absolutely shocked to find that United finally had a penalty kick. About time.
  8. No, you are wrong. You will learn. The only positive that could bring is if they manage to limp into Europe somehow, and get some home games to bring tourists to the city (when travel is allowed again).
  9. Hard to dislike that Leeds team. Love the fearless attitude, and I just wish we can get fans back in the stands again soon. Would be awesome for the ManU game at Elland Rd. ETA: 4/24 (subject to change)
  10. Spurs (9 th) away 1-0 West Brom (17th) home 5-2 Palace away (8th) 2-1 Brighton home 4-1 (14th) (ongoing) I'd hold off to crown them for a few, they are Everton, and they are eventually going to Everton. I do agree that Ancelotti has worked wonders with them. I still have hopes for relegation.
  11. Tsimikas had it early Sept, now Mane is in isolation after testing positive.
  12. Very pleased with the Liverpool draw: Ajax Atalanta Midtjylland Travel is reasonable, and nice fan travel destinations (if that was possible ).
  13. Was Pulisic injured this much for Dortmund too? ETA: I googled... 20/21 Hamstring Injury Aug 2, 2020 - 53 days 4 20/21Calf StrainAug 1, 2020Aug 22, 202021 days 2 19/20FitnessMar 17, 2020Mar 31, 202014 days- 19/20Tear in the abductor muscleJan 10, 2020Mar 25, 202075 days 11 19/20Muscle bruiseDec 28, 2019Dec 31, 20193 days 1 19/20Arch painOct 2, 2019Oct 2, 20190 days 1 18 games missed in less than a year, and that is with a 6 month covid break Missed 11 for Dortmund 18/19 MIssed 6 in 17/18 Mostly muscle injuries it seems...