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  1. Going to be a sad day when he eventually hangs them up. I hope he stays with the club. Has he started on his badges?
  2. Yeah, I'm another one with great experiences with orbi. I have 40+ devices connected at any given time and used to have many issues. Absolutely no issues since deploying my orbi network.
  3. not sure link works, but happy Friday
  4. I get why clubs need new stadiums and all, but I will miss WHL. The crowds so close to the pitch and almost on top of the players.
  5. Should review Sanes obvious flop against Boro too.
  6. sad day... love the classic old stadiums
  7. You keep saying this in every post. Again, stop reading RAWK, or twitter. It is not correct. ETA: Obviously not in every post, but I've seen it at least 4 times referencing the run-in.
  8. there were many other better examples from that season, and bigger factors as well.
  9. You need to stop reading RAWK.
  10. I heard about a new book that might interest anybody really about supporter culture in the US while listening to TAW player this week: Walking Through The Storm: Watching the 2015-16 Liverpool Football Club season at the North American pubs their clubs call home; Paperback – January 31, 2017 I haven't read it, it's ordered and on it's way though...
  11. Didn't realize this thread existed... tomkins is always a good read. I especially enjoyed:
  12. Who's calm? I'm gutted for days even if it's the U23's losing a training match...
  13. So... reports from the gaffer himself, or other sites speculating wildly?
  14. How do you make all these assumptions from "We don't know until the swelling does down."?