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  1. I remember when we didn't trade with those Red China commies at all. That's when lots of stuff here said "made in Taiwan". Sure, prices / inflation will go up. It happens. I'll be buying some Micron here once it stops falling.
  2. Good 'ol Johnny Football. He'd make a good used car salesman. Says all the right things until you give him your money .... then it's party time. Unfortunately his 1st NFL pay day has run out. Needs another contract now to fund his fun. Blows my mind when guys "make it" and then don't give 110%. Typically booze, drugs, or mental illness to blame. In Manziels case, likely all 3.
  3. Best action would be to set up a dummy Craigslist account (public computer of course) ... and post lots of adds using this neighbors address. Be creative. - Orgy this Saturday night ... all welcome. Gimp suit is a plus. - 3 ft tall live cannabis plants 1 for $15 or 3 for $30. What a bargain. - Free tortious and terrarium ... to a good home ... you get the idea
  4. It's sideways. That's a "Z" and a hammer. Russian league I presume.
  5. "glass half empty" kind of guy. meanwhile, I'll be living like a king off amzn dividends.
  6. Rocket Launcher - Halo Nothing better than when your holding rockets and 3 a holes in a Warthog come driving around the corner.
  7. Ah, yes. The article does mention the ability to disassemble easy for storage or moving. The hardboard top glued on over the plywood bench top would cover the screws preventing the top from ever being removed. I have no plans to store or move so I'll skip this. Structurally, I went with 3 2x4 joists front to back to support the plywood bench top and lower shelf as this makes the most sense to me ... vs the side to side "rib" that the instructions show.
  8. So I'm planning on building this work bench tomorrow... Work Bench Nice simple design. I'm making it a full 96" vs the 65" that is shown. One question that maybe a fellow FBG can answer for me ... What is the purpose of adding the 1.25" cleat that the top is fastened too? Why wouldn't you just fasten the plywood top to the 2x6's? Is there some structural advantage that I'm not aware of?
  9. I'm in the market. Seems all the big store brands, LG, Samsung, GE, etc., have quality issues. Anyone else own Bosch? Recently purchased a Bosch dishwasher and so far it seems like a quality product. Bosch Fridge
  10. Just because you sold 4 cars last week, you can't just multiply that by 52 weeks and say you make "six figures". You need to factor in the "0" cars that you sell most weeks. I'd guess that puts you at about $35k a year.
  11. Just makes no sense to draft a RB when there are quality guys available for cheap. Unless you're drafting Fournett here, there are much more pressing needs at too many other positions. That said, BB probably grabs a RB early. What do I know. I can imagine the BB interview after the draft: "yeah, we really liked this kid. Had a 1st rd grade on him and we were happy to get him at 2.11 ... even tho every other team had him graded as a 6th round special teams prospect." BB is not from this planet.
  12. I give the girl in yellow a 8.5 ... only because she didn't stick the landing.
  13. and that ends the silly talk of drafting a RB early. Seems they've filled a couple holes in FA now. Plugged up the middle of the D-Line with a big fatty ... now RB is locked up with Hill, Burkhead, White. Here's how I would LIKE them to draft ... 1.31 ... LT (this isn't a position that you can afford to fill in free agency) 2.11 ... MLB (gave up JG for this guy. Make it count! Hightower is a giant injury risk and they desperately need depth) 2.31 ... CB (can't afford to continue overpaying for free agents at this position) 3.31 ... DE / OLB (presumably getting Rivers back this year so they can wait until now. Depth needed as anyone taken here is better than what is on their roster after Rivers) 4.36 ... QB (some D2 guy that no one is talking about) 5.22 ... TE (Gronks future in doubt and Hollister is decent but plays small) 7.21 ... Doesn't matter. ... but we all know their draft will go nothing like this since they'll trade away half of these for future picks. My opinion could change tho as free agency moves along and more players are brought in.
  14. I wasn't suggesting the DB's were to blame for the SB loss... was questioning if McCourty might be better than Butler (who apparently wasn't good enough to start in the SB). When's the last time you saw a NE CB jump a route to pick off a pass? It's usually just a bad throw by the QB ... or a jump ball type pass, that gets them an INT. Nothing manufactured by the CB skills. How about they draft the next Josh Norman and let him do his thing instead of coaching him into mediocrity. I know, bend but don't break, bla, bla, bla. I agree about the front 7 (as you've heard me rant). The LB's are a bunch of turds ... and no quality edge rusher on the team ... or did they re-sign Harrison. Classic BB though ... let the dust settle in the initial scramble of free agency ... then step in and cherry pick from who's leftover. That will then determine draft needs.
  15. ... but is he good enough to start in the Super Bowl? Very frustrating trying to fill this position. I'm not convinced Gilmore is even worth what he's getting paid. They've certainly tried to draft CB / S but haven't been able to land "the guy". All a bunch of jag's. .... Maybe NE's DB coaching is holding them back. NE DB's really aren't playmakers and I suspect it's because they're coached to not take chances.