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  1. Disaster is my middle name. Still bargain hunting. Prices need to come down beyond where they were two weeks ago for me to be interested. A 2% discount isn't much of a bargain. quick flip on amzn. I'll get those shares back when the dip is done. She drops $50 and I buy back in ... x 40 shares ... I'm up $2k lickety-split. She drops $100? Even better. As Bob Barker would say .... "C'Mon Down!".
  2. Hope you're still holding this tvix from 10 days ago. Chaaaachinnnnggg!!!
  3. So much for bargain hunting. I panicked and sold off 40 shares of amzn. Lost about $400 while I was procrastinating short term vs long term gains. I will want to get those back when the dip is deep enough.
  4. ... and others like myself will be bargain shopping today. Lack of knowledge? Maybe. ....holding too much cash? Probably. Just wish that I pulled the trigger on that TVIX order that I had lined up at 25.05. Had my mouse on the "submit order" tab and got cold feet ... after seeing the total amount I was putting up. Should have went with my gut.
  5. You've been lowering your risk concentration for the past year and a half ... how much lower can you go? j/k FC ... but imo the market will do what it will do regardless of history, research, and charts. Like flipping a coin that lands on heads 3 times in a row ... it's still a 50/50 shot it lands heads on the next flip. You'll be right eventually ... but until then, I'm in it to win it and I'm not letting "what if doom and gloom" keep me from making a profit.
  6. I dislike the Steelers ... But it sounds to me like the Steelers biggest problem is drafting too well. These guys they brought in are elite and eventually need to be paid ... or they move on. Seems to me lots of teams would like to have this problem.
  7. ... so a slow withdraw ... in the event the stock bounces? that leads to the next question; what to do with all that cash. Bonds seem so lame.
  8. amzn over 1800 today. anyone considering cashing in here? ... or are we expecting this to maintain ...or continue to run?
  9. How do two sport athletes in college chose NFL over MLB? NFL = Shorter career, less money, contract not guaranteed, concussions, .... ?
  10. so racist. Why's it have to be a man of color on the label? White guys from Europe can't dunk? oh boy, .... and it looks like he's dunking a cannabis bud. Might as well just call it "He Got Hops Gin and Juice". ... and you're late to the party. There's already "Got Mad Hops IPA" and "Baby Got Hops". Not very original. You really should have consulted with us prior to finalizing. FBG army would have come up with a witty and original idea ... that isn't so racist.
  11. Why do you think this is? Because everyone hates a winner? (see Tom Brady deflating balls en route to 6 championships) Or is it because he's pretty dooshy to coaches and teamates? I'm shocked that some people can not fathom the idea that BR could have intentionally fumbled. How many times had BR run that play before that week 17 game in 2014? Dozens? Maybe a hundred times? Yet this time he extends the ball too soon and clips the FB. I don't buy this was an accident. What really cinches it for me is when Ben falls on his #### to really "sell" the fiasco of a play that was called. .... So contrived, it is laughable.
  12. Can we all agree that BR didn't like Haley? In BR eyes ... up by 10, one minute left, last game of the season, ... what a perfect opportunity to make Haley look bad there. As I said previously, since high school, no QB extends the ball into the FB when the handoff is intended for the RB. Why do people think BR is such a standup guy? Isn't this is the same guy that raped a girl in the john while his buddy stood guard at the door? Guy has a turd for a brain. I'm convinced he'd like to see Tomlin fired as well ... to the point that he threatened retirement last year.
  13. Now I got a guy that answers his phone in speaker mode.... so everyone around him is not only subject to his side of the conversation .. but now we also get to hear what the other guy is saying as well. Why are people so inconsiderate of others around them? We really don't want to hear your business dude. I hate people.
  14. How about this: "I'm having a really hard time ignoring you with all that noise coming out of your face"
  15. I'd love to pick it up and meet them at the next red light and toss it into their open window. Is it so hard to put the trash in the trash bin (that every gas station has) when you stop to fill up?