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  1. Honestly .... i'm not looking for these stories. Just seems that every time I come across something bizarre ... its ALWAYS in FLA. Store owner shoots thief over stolen beer
  2. You can't read thru this thread and think FLA is like CA ... or any other state. I'm sure 99.8% of the citizens there are perfectly normal ... but the other 0.2% is whackadoodle squared.
  3. hmmm... maybe you were too feminine for his taste? ... and while we're on the subject; how can the bible be the word of god ... if King James translated and rewrote it?
  4. Trade Stocks. . I'm amazed at how much money can be made buy buying stock ... and then do nothing as they grow. amazon has made me a small fortune in 2 years. Wish I had money to invest 10 or even 5 years ago.
  5. "well at least he died doing what he loved." as his 5 year old son watches him collapse and die on the floor. He's now traumatized for life. so absurd and absolutely disgusting. FLA is such an F'd up state it's hard to fathom.
  6. Fatal shooting in parking dispute - No charges filed
  7. This one had some sort of side panels; Duck Boat Duck Boat 2 Maybe they put them in for rain or whatever.
  8. These vehicles are designed for both land and sea ... but unfortunately are terrible at both. Narrow and heavy is not a good design for floating. I don't think this would have been so tragic had the duck boat not have enclosed sides and a roof. In a typical boat, at least one has a chance to get out in the event of an emergency. If the operator has survived, it wouldn't surprise me to learn the duck boat lost power (flooded engine) and he lost control. Without power, the boat would then turn sideways and be at the mercy of the wind / waves and capsize.
  9. as a boat operator, best course of action in high seas is to steer directly into the waves as the front of the boat is designed to take the wave. Waves crashing into the back of the boat would crash over the stern and fill the boat. Side to the waves is your worst option as you could capsize. Operator looked like they were doing what they should in that situation. Had they attempted to turn, this is likely when they would have capsized.
  10. Depends. Roughly where would she be on the dating chart? Dating Chart
  11. Can't we all agree to not have gross avatars? If you're looking for a specific Audi A4, post parameters in here and let the FBG army go to work for you. A4, Pearl White, black leather int, 6 speed manual, etc. I'll bet these folks would love the challenge.
  12. Well that changes things just a bit doesn't it... - "shouldn't you have bought me dinner first doc?" - "usually I don't go this far until the second date." - "Welcome to my amusement park doc. Roller coaster might me down for monthly repairs ... but the log ride is always open." (and here's a uni-sex one for all to use) - "I came in for tonsillitis doc ... how long is that camera?"
  13. MA needs some good "one liners" to use during his procedure; - (while looking at the monitor) "This is the schiztiest movie I've seen since Bad News Bears 2". - "so Doc, ever do any time?" - "oh, YEAH! ... that's just how I like it"
  14. Just ordered 3 so I haven't tried them yet. Had my house broken into a few years back. Lost the wifes wedding ring, other jewelry, $1000 cash, xbox, my basketball shoes. We STRONGLY suspect the teen neighbors a couple houses down. Real bad eggs. They got busted for breaking into another house. Really wish I had these then. Reading the description and reviews, seems the picture quality is good and motion detection functions as advertised. I'm going to try them without the subscription. Seems that with motion detection and free 24 hour cloud storage, I would think that they would make me aware of any situations while happening that I could then download. If I find a need to upgrade to the $70 a year for 7 day cloud storage than so be it. Just wish they were available in black.
  15. ooh, there's the security cameras that I got. 1/2 price ... tough to beat that deal.