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  1. ok, seems simple enough. Sell the covered calls to someone that thinks the stock price will go UP. People buying these have the opportunity to profit BIG with a very small investment should the stock take off. I'm guessing it doesn't pay very well on a stock that's tanking? and the way my puny brain sees it, .... the only risk in selling covered calls is that you limit profit potential with those shares should the stock take off. Makes sense to go this route should someone get stocks put to them that they dont necessarily want.
  2. I need to learn more about covered calls. My homework for the weekend.
  3. AGRX was trading close to $4 when I sold put options @ $2.50 strike Paid me .45 a share Meant I would break even if the stock was put to me for $2.05 NVAX actually went below the $7 strike but put was not exercised. If it were, would have been a win/win as the stock quickly bounced back over $7. Just seems like very little risk for a decent premium. Yes, cash secured ... so, yes, ties up $50k a month to turn that $9k profit ... so not for everyone I suppose.
  4. Had a good month selling Feb 21 put options last month ... or maybe I'm just getting "lucky" with these. Sold; 80 AGRX $2.50 strike @ $0.475 = paid me $3800 in premium 20 CVM $7.50 strike @ $1.10 = paid me $2200 30 NVAX $7 strike @ $0.96 = paid me $2880 $8880. Not bad for a months work. Had one loser the previous month (WVE) that cost me $800 so I wont claim they are always winners. Selling put options still of no interest to anyone in here? Is there a risk that I'm not considering? I'll keep at it as long as its working out for me. Let me know how you guys do with CYDY.
  5. Yeah, FDA approval on their new pill patch ... and the stock drops? So frustrating. Sold AGRX puts at $2.50 strike ... expiring tomorrow so hopefully safe there. I did pick up a few shares that are now biting me in the #### though. Guess I'll be holding these for quite a while till the patch thingy starts making money.
  6. as an owner of a few CYDY stocks, very entertaining read in here. Love the back and forth.
  7. Wow ... didn't realize stock prices moved this early. $INO already up quite a bit. $AGRX starting to climb. How do these move before pre-market hours?
  8. Not that I'm aware. ... unless the media is also very late to the party: INO Corona INO Motley Fool Quote "The bad news is that Inovio has never actually developed a commercial-stage vaccine. Despite being in business for 40 years, the company is only now on the cusp of generating late-stage data for one of its DNA-based therapies. Specifically, Inovio is slated to roll out top-line data for VGX-3100 as a treatment for cervical dysplasia in the fourth-quarter of 2020. Another worrying sign is that this isn't the first time Inovio's stock has skyrocketed in response to an infectious disease threat. In 2016, for instance, the biotech's shares took flight after it announced plans to tackle the Zika virus. Per the company's latest clinical update in early 2020, however, its Zika virus product candidate hasn't even made it past a phase 1 trial yet. So investors should probably take this hype over a COVID-19 virus vaccine with a huge grain of salt. Time to buy? If your sole purpose is to own a company likely to benefit from the COVID-19 threat, Inovio probably isn't your best bet. The company has never brought a product to market in four decades, much to the detriment of long-suffering shareholders. Since going public, in fact, Inovio's stock has produced a negative return on capital of 92.7%. Perhaps this story will change for the better with a positive late-stage readout for VGX-3100 later this year. But until then, investors should probably curb their enthusiasm. "
  9. $INO claiming they now have a vaccine for Corona ... just hours after having access to the virus. Might be worth throwing a few bucks at Tuesday.
  10. Nobody else here got a piece of this? Seems this one panned out for me but I'll admit, was risky. Sold 80 put contracts that paid me $3800. 2/21 exp / strike @ $2.50. ..... 2/14 AGRX - FDA approved for a new contraceptive for women ... as I understand, a weekly patch vs a pill every day. Announcement of approval was made after hours Friday which I assume is what limited the stock price from moving much. I expect this to shoot up when markets open Tues a.m. Twirla Approval I grabbed 1000 shares just before the announcement. Probably grab some more Tuesday. I'm a noob, so please do your own reasearch .... but imo Some here might want to grab a few shares pre-market if possible.
  11. I had a boat load of cash sitting on the sidelines and after reading COS portfolio decided to get some gold. Turns out today was a day late. "Revised" Limit order still hasn't triggered. I'll wait for a better entry point ... if there ever is one.
  12. Had an order in for 600 shares this morning and did not trigger. Revised order for 1000 at the now $1 higher price tag. Should have just paid market instead of limit order. Oh well. In it for the long haul anyway.
  13. Considering adding a large chunk of gold to my portfolio. Any recommendations as to where I should be looking? $GOLD / $NEM / $SAND / $FNV ??? .
  14. Alright, if you like a Feb put then here's one I've been keeping to myself... AGRX trading above $4 .... selling Feb 21 $2.50 puts at .45 Fair warning ... about to announce FDA approval on product ... which is why this is so rich with only 8 days to expiration. Sell 20 put contracts and take the $900. You put up $4100 to profit $900. That right there is juicy. Your risk is if FDA does not approve and stock drops below $2.05 ... which I could see this falling to $1.50 in that scenario.
  15. a $1 put on a $7 stock is what I call "juicy". You can sell 20 Put contracts at $1 ... make $2k profit ... with very little risk because the stock price is so small. I'm in for 40 ... so $4k between my $7 and $5 contracts. Not making me wealthy like my AMZN stocks but the extra few thousand certainly doesn't hurt my portfolio. Worst case? NVAX would have to tank to $4 before the March strike ... the stock is put to me ... and at that I still break even. I don't think a virus vaccine companies stock will be tanking in the next month or two. Just my opinion.