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  1. This is the part that scares me ... Not forcing it but sometimes it just feels like I'm giving birth... I hold my breath, bite down on a leather belt, and think to myself, "this thing must be coming out sideways". Pretty sure that I've slightly blown out my O-ring at some point. So far, no discomfort though. Just hoping I don't make it any worse.
  2. Guarantee no one here has ever had authentic Italian Rum Cake. Otherwise, how could your answer be anything else. RUM & CAKE ... ITS TRUE White cake with layers of chocolate and vanilla pudding ... all soaking in a sweet, sweet, rum sauce permeating the entire affair. One of these will set you back about $80 for your birthday ... but it is so worth it.
  3. Techno / Industrial? I don't even know what genre this classifies as ... but I love it: deadmau5 Avaritia Long 1 min intro ... really good with headphones / earbuds ... I especially like the way it builds. This guy is amazing. ... skip to 1:00 to get past the intro if your just sampling
  4. Has no one mentioned Crystal Method?? I'm shocked and chagrined.... Roll It Up
  5. I want that. Doubt it will make it this far east tho (MA)
  6. Just announced, Boston closing all schools as of this Thursday.
  7. Bills ... 10 penalties ... seemed like many of them were in the 4th qtr. and lots of the unforced error variety. Just some real dumb football ... and you could see Josh Allen's frustration. I thought the Bills were moving the ball well ... 23 1st downs and won the time of possession by a good margin. Turnovers and penalties were there doom.
  8. They were hoping for this exact scenario ... that way EVERYone gets a trophy. #youthsports
  9. TB gonna set the record for penalty yards by a team in one game tonight.
  10. I should have started TB Penalty over Scottie Miller tonight. It's not even close.
  11. Bears gonna need to run the "Philly Special" at some point here.