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  1. This just happened to me. Leaving a restaurant, double door entrance, I see the dude coming thru the first door, I hold the second door open that I was coming thru ... guy just walks in, head down, doesn't even acknowledge me standing there holding his door. I wish there were some way to tell who the dooches were so I could avoid being courteous to them. Had this guy been wearing his sign, I would have made it a point to pull the door shut behind me.
  2. because they needed the roster space for Michael Bennett, Josh Gordon, and some random offensive linemen.
  3. Kid is a baller. Why can't the Patriots ever get guys like this? oh, wait ...
  4. yes, the city-folk tourist vs the blind, simpleton, hill-billy. Perfect analogy.
  5. yes, and if the defender is out of bounds and touches the in-bounds ball carrier, he's down by contact.
  6. Props to the Niners here. Everything was going against them with the turnovers and the injuries and they battled back against a quality opponent.
  7. Chick SEA fan looked like she was saying "give me a call" as the made the phone hand gesture
  8. to be fair ... no one has ever punched the D-lineman out of his grasp.