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  1. Fun Fact: Fatt Patricia was a defensive coordinator prior to taking the DET HC job. TD Bills.
  2. wonderful day to short tvix. I'm guessing I'll cover Wednesday or so for a nice profit.
  3. I'm hearing the media as having this defense as being near best in the league ... I look at the names and think ... really? Elandon Roberts .... Wise ... Van Noy ... Simon .... old men Bennett and Collins. Is this really a top NFL defense now? This NE defense on par with top defenses from a few years ago, (SEA, DEN)? Or is it that the SB performance against a "deer in the headlights" QB is swaying lots of opinions?
  4. They say that the first $million saved is the hardest.
  5. Just covered my TVIX short from Wednesday. Another $1k in profit. That stuff is like a money printing machine .... once you figure out which buttons to press. I haven't got the minerals to play for the big money yet .... but I'm still having a blast! How are you guys doing with your t-bills and savings bonds?
  6. I earn my money the old fashioned way .... . . . . shorting TVIX
  7. this the same show?
  8. When my son was maybe 3, we were eating steak and he asked me how they get the steak out of those little holes.
  9. Up $1500 on these 20 shares of AMZN. Not bad for 3 days work. I could sell today and lock in profit but I'm thinking it's going up much higher in the near future. You guys sitting on the sidelines with your bonds, T-bills, and 3% safe places are missing all the action. The day will come when markets crash but that day isn't today. ... on that day you will look back and wish you made hay while the sun was shinin'.
  10. Almond milk instead of cows milk. Unsweetened vanilla. It's actually pretty good.
  11. I have no doubt CVS is all about the prescription drugs ... which are way overpriced and I assume UGE profit. The candy and paper towels are just the gravy on top. Now when Amazon is able to fill prescriptions ... (just need licensing in a few more states), THAT will put a major dent in CVS stock. ... and another $426 profit shorting 200 shares of TVIX today. WINNING!!!
  12. .... soooo all you guys keeping profits low to avoid taxes I see. Brilliant. Guess that's why I'm the rookie.