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  1. Oh Doyle RULES!
  2. I bet they run it here.
  3. That ball boys head was HUGE.
  4. I've heard commentators talk about the goal line extending "around the world". I'm not sure what the heck they're talking about.
  5. $14 BILLION industry ... and we can't get a good camera angle on any of these game changing reviews.
  6. Gotta go the guys you can depend on. That's why T.Y. doesn't get a look.
  7. Ref was shielded from the ball. Another ref should have helped him out there.
  8. The "always dependable" Doyle leading IND in targets.
  9. Yes, Dwight Freeney.
  10. T.Y.'s 7 for 177 had a little to do with it as well ... so make sure not to look his way at all this game Jacoby.
  11. IND defense is gassed.
  12. Close enough ... kick the FG.
  13. 69 yd FG attempt coming up
  14. They may as well leave Hilton in to pass block. He's not even on Brissetts radar.
  15. Two more FG's and the Titans could take the lead. D'oh ... beat me to it.