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  1. I can't quite grasp the fact, during the big fight scene, Rick runs away from Neegun and his bat .... with his gun in his hand. Hey Rick, about you wait for 'ol Neegs to lean out that broken window and end this dumbness so we can all go watch something better?
  2. I've often wondered .... are they the kids in the hall ... because they just came out of the closet?
  3. Belichick is the only one to blame. Did not / Would not address the O-line in the off-season and old man Brady is getting killed.
  4. How about we cut the old guy some slack here. Let him age gracefully and with dignity ... even if he does suck out loud.
  5. WTF kind of kick was that?
  6. Way over the TE's head. Something is wrong with Brady.
  7. Give MIA D credit ... but I can't ever remember Brady playing this bad.
  8. hate the standard side camera angle. No idea what's happening down field that Brady has to hold the ball. Why can't we have the behind QB view on every play?
  9. 17 points in one qtr. Pretty tough scoring 17 not to mention holding the other team scoreless.
  10. might be time for NE to abandon the run game.
  11. Brady has more completions to MIA players than his own WR's
  12. Ah, ok ... temp in the mid 50's ... so 55 or so. That explains the stocking hats then. Seems to be working so ....whatever.
  13. What a catch.
  14. Cutler playing like his broadcasting career is on the line.