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  1. Couldn't view the video as it has been removed ... but wouldn't it be standard practice for a cop to ask someone to get out of the car if they suspect a driver to be impaired due to alcohol or drugs? We're going with "no", I'm gonna sit right here because I don't have to do what you're asking. Use to be we just did what we were told when interacting with a cop. Not because of fear but out of respect. It's a shame we now live in a world where cops get no respect when attempting to do their job / uphold the law. Maybe this particular cop was a d-bag ... or maybe the driver wanted a bazillion youtube hits and a potential pay day at court which is why he provoked the cop. .... either way, I feel for these cops that have to deal with less and less respect from the public each day. It's only going to get worse. Not sure why anyone would want that job.
  2. ZoomInfo has little in common with Zoom Technologies .... according to this article; ... so wth are they selling here?
  3. lemme guess ... he plays the video games. The #1 reason boys don't leave the house. Who needs a drivers license? I would put $2k in VGT and $2k in VCR (Vanguard ETF's) If you use Vanguard as a broker, I don't think there are any fees. This gives you a bit of AMZN, APPL, MSFT, Home Depot, Lowes, Tesla, McDonalds, .. as well as lots of other of what I consider "blue chip" stonks. VGT Holdings VCR Holdings
  4. I put my hand in front of my face like this ... nyuknyuknyuk
  5. I know a little bit about NERV ... 3 drugs in the pipeline ... Stock was crushed last week when Schitzo drug failed to produce "noticeable" difference from placebo at final "phase 3" testing. Conference call later this week pertaining to this. This call would be good or bad for the stock depending on the contents. I'm hopeful they are announcing that the schitzo drug is still viable in that there was a very noticeable difference from base (not considering placebo) Still have 2 other drugs in the works ... insomnia (phase 2) and parkinsons (phase 1), ... and $30m cash on hand. Minerva Neurosciences
  6. .... psychic much? Just did that Saturday night. Was actually Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate and was def better than the Cream de Cacao ... but I actually preferred the Screwball PB whisky straight up.
  7. Wall Street doesn't care about the riots ... or the covid ... Buy the stonks and sell the puts.
  8. If you can get out without a loss... or just a small loss, I'm not going to argue that strategy.... but hear me out ... If the stocks are put to you ... and your break even was less than $5, ... the $5 calls are advertised for 0.60 right now. If the stock price holds at $4.10 and the $5 call price holds at .60, .... you sell the call, collect .60 per share, .... now your break even is .60 less. If the stocks get "called" away, you're a winner at $5 per share plus your .60 premium. If the stocks don't get called away, do it again the next month, collect another .60 per share. There is a chance you loose if the stock price goes down ... but seems that it's already at bottom imo.
  9. I wasn't the one quoted ... but my plan at this point is to ride it out, have the stocks put to me, and then sell covered calls like a sombiznatch till I come out on top. If this price holds I'll need to make 0.25 on a call to come out of this mess unscathed. Might even make a couple of bucks.
  10. Just a matter of time until the rest of you will learn to go the opposite of whatever I'm selling.
  11. If my math is correct, my break even is at $4.23. Stock came back a little today and has settled at $3.70 if she can come back another .50 my losses will be minimal. Still stinks tho.
  12. Anyone want to buy some NERV? ... I've got plenty to spare here. Trading halted for the 3rd time ... likely done for the day at $4.50. I'm guessing it settle at around $2 or so next week. Sold puts at $10's, $7.50's ... lots of $5's and a bunch of $2.50's This one is gonna sting. Sorry to those that followed me. Bout the worst possible outcome ... other than them going bankrupt .. which is still on the table. If they can stay afloat, 2 more drugs in the pipeline ... so maybe I can recoup a little down the road.
  13. Yup. I also like the fact that, without the side chute, I can cut close to trees or any structure from either side of the mower. I found that the grass has to be completely dry or the center chute plugs up very easy. I've ordered the mulching kit which plugs the chute now anyway.
  14. Me and the wife are beans deep in the Game of Thrones ... mid season 4. .. so this will only make sense to those that have watched it ... When I can't remember something she told me ... or I've done something she considers stupid ... I look her in the eye with the dumbest face possible ... and say in my dumb voice "Hodor"
  15. Picked up a decent chunk of DKNG Tuesday. Thank you FBG's.