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  1. Patriots will win because Tom Brady has won the AFCCG before ... so that means he will win it again. In fact, if you look at the numbers, NE has won lots of AFCCG games before. It's overwhelming. Also BB has won more playoff games than Andy Reid ... so that means NE will win THIS time. KC will win because in seasons past, NE has lost in the playoffs when on the road. More than once. Also KC has the league MVP on their team. Everyone knows that the team with the league MVP always wins. When you look at history, predicting the results of this game is so obvious.
  2. Bossman

    My Mom Died Wednesday

    So sorry Joe. Lost both my parents to cancer which was horrible ... but it meant so much to me to be able to say goodbye. So many don't have the opportunity when a loved one dies suddenly ... things they wanted to say or wished you had said to them. Glad to hear you had that opportunity and took advantage of it.
  3. History will have no effect on Sunday. Players will make plays ... or they wont. How about we focus on game strategy and what we should expect to see? How will NE slow down T.Hill and Kelce? Which to double team? Both? Will Watkins have a big game then? Will NE blitz often like they did vs. LAC, forcing Mahomes to get rid of the ball quick ... or will LB's be falling back into coverage and daring KC to run? Assuming KC leaves 6 or 7 in the box to defend the run ... can KC make Brady hold the ball long enough for their pass rush to get home? ... or does Brady quick throw to Edeleman / White / Gronk ... death by paper cuts as they will do ... chewing clock and converting on 3rd and short all game. Frigid cold ... I would expect several dropped passes and some fumbles. Ball is so dang slippery in this kind of weather. Could even slip out of a QB's hand for a fumble / INT. Winner of the turnover battle going to the SB?
  4. Bossman

    Waterheaterguys - A little advice?

    I'm not a water heater "guy" ... but after changing mine and having the new one go bad after only 5 years, I went with an 80 gal HTP HTP Water Heater Stainless Steel - lifetime warranty ... I don't expect to have to change this one ever. Family of 4 and we've never run out of hot water with the 80 gal ... which we did with the previous 50 gal.
  5. History from last year or last 10 years doesn't matter at all. These teams are not those teams. If NE plays offense like they did vs LA ... hand offs, dump offs, quick passes over the middle .. that neutralizes any pass rush that KC has. Key will be James White catching passes. If KC can't stop that, will be a long day for them. NE defense is hit or miss. No idea what to expect from this group. They'll try the muddle / stand up defense to try an confuse PM ... but smoke and mirrors wont be enough and they just don't have the talent to shut down a powerhouse like KC. Should be a close game ... unless Mahomes soils his boxers.
  6. The evidence is about to be submitted and will tell the story. Safe to assume that he did not study for the test. Either: -He did not remember anything taught in class or on the homework. -Or he answered a question or 2 ... then chose not to answer any other questions. -or, like someone suggested earlier, he copied off the person next to him and was 1 place off with his answers. Very different behavior depending on which. Not answering questions ... so he didn't care for whatever reason ... frustrated, something else upset him that morning, etc. or he attempted to cheat. If that's the case, was this the first time?
  7. Bossman

    Chargers vs Patriots game thread

    Funny story about how the Chargers buses were late to the stadium and were blaming NE shenanigans for not being able to drive into the stadium... turns out it was the Chargers own dumas owners blocking the garage with 3 giant SUV's... Chargers bus delay
  8. Bossman

    Indefinite New England Patriots Thread

    Rare when NE is an underdog. Suppose that might NOT be the case if they were playing at home. Interesting that I'm complaining about their defense since last years playoffs ... yet they supposedly have the highest ranked defense left of the 4 teams? ... and NE offense is ranked #4 in the league ... only behind Rams, Saints, and Chiefs (3,2,1) Could I be so wrong? .... maybe defense isn't all that it's cracked up to be these days ... and Sony Michel will carry NE to another championship.
  9. Bossman

    Indefinite New England Patriots Thread

    I suggested that LA likely didn't pack for 2 weeks / 2 games. Are you suggesting that they DID? ... and just chose to go back to LA anyway? Or are you suggesting that the SHOULD have packed for 2 weeks 2 games and DIDN'T? ... in which case I wasn't wrong for suggesting that they probably didn't. Guess the Chargers can try and get a last minute refund on 132 flights to KC today.
  10. Bossman

    Indefinite New England Patriots Thread

    Well THAT was what I thought NE offense was capable of. The first half anyway. 15 receptions for James White. It works, keep doing it. "We're on to Kansas City". Where's your confidence level going into this one on the road?
  11. Bossman

    Indefinite New England Patriots Thread

    Likely didn't pack for 2 weeks / 2 games. Of the 6 days between games, It's going to cost them two days of practice / meetings / film .... while NE has 2 full weeks of practice. That said, NE defense is pretty bad this year. Chargers can certainly get the W.
  12. Bossman

    Indefinite New England Patriots Thread

    Well it could have been a lot easier had HOU won last week. Chargers like to throw to the RB ... Pats LB's are too slow to defend. Wonder if the Pats play a base nickle D (3 safeties) and take their chances with a banged up Melvin Gordon taking handoffs. He looked pretty awful after coming back into the game last week. On offense, I still feel the Pats can put up points when they need to. Just feels like they were holding back all season long .. trying to be "run heavy". ...and now they'll flip the switch. To start with ... more passing to James White and less hand offs to Phony Michel. The last game of the season vs the Jets seemed to prove what "could be" if they aren't running for 2 yards on 1st down. Brady and Gronk had an extra week to help with whatever injuries they seem to be dealing with. ... and LA having to travel back and forth across the country again and again. then playing the early game. Maybe some jet lag.
  13. Quick google search for a Fortnite novel comes up with this: Only 8 reviews on amazon but all 5 star. You leave one of these books lying around and I'd be shocked if he didn't gobble it up:
  14. Yeah, no one suggested this but if "seeking professional help" ... I assume an ADHD diagnosis comes with medication in many cases?
  15. .You may as well "suggested" reading your auto insurance policy with him. If he doesn't like the material, he's not ever going to "want" to read. I like the idea of graphic novels / comic books. Gotta get him to enjoy it. I'd be sure to make it clear that YOU would be the one reading out loud to him. Taking turns. ... and it shouldn't be a suggestion. Should be a ... "ok, time for you and me to read". Not forceful. Not a punishment. If you had a reading time schedule ... then he is going to be prepared for it and not feel like he's being punished. As fathers ... we think nothing of dedicating 3, 4, 6 hours a week on watching football. Years from now we won't even remember these games ... or care. ... yet we don't dedicate the same time to improving our childrens reading skills. Which 16 years from then me and my kids still remember and talk about. Once these formative years are gone, we reap what we've sewn. Relying on the school system to issue IDP's ... or doctors prescription ... to repair the issue is a last resort and not always effective imo.