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  1. Cooked ahead of time and put in a warming bin. I also thought they moved away from flame broiled and the burgers come with the so called broiled lines on them. Either way most burgers are not fresh off the grill.
  2. Agree with this and their burgers are pretty much off the grill. Most of the others like burger king have their meat in plastic bins under heat lamps (no thanks). Seems none of the fast food burger places serve up fresh cooked anymore but just luke warm hockey pucks.
  3. Need to include Amazon. A lot of folks for go local retailers for Amazon. I've been trying to convince my wife to buy local vs Amazon.
  4. Wish dealerships would get rid of the so called managers behind the glass wall at dealerships. Just another layer to the cost of your vehicle to pad those guys pockets. The more you pay the more these guys make. Poor salesmen get the short end of the stick.
  5. Any opinions on the Linksys Velop mesh? Looking at the AC6600 one
  6. Explain to a novice who is trying to get medical card. Terp?
  7. Any reviews for anyone on the Linksys Velop mesh? Looking to replace cable company router. Problem I have is i have to stick with their modem since I have phone service with them.
  8. Normally don't watch baseball but this was a great series, thought Nats were done after game 5. On a side note, looks like Astro's fan that place the HUGE wager(s) on Astro is out a a ton of money.....Millions.
  9. Why do some think he's going to see any more the 2 games check plus the 1 mil? Highly doubtful he will see the 9 mil unless you know something more. Plus NE can spread that 1 mil and 2 paychecks out over 2 years I heard.
  10. FL govener just said hurricane still tracking west beside models showing north track at some point. More of a concern for FL.
  11. Roger's could be the next Romo of injury bug. Sucks as a Packer fan. Big $$ Packers just paid up. Watching the game and Packers once again snooze on defense year after year.
  12. Pretty much everyday with my tinntus issue. Love to see a cure for this.
  13. By the way the BBB shoes are butt ugly. Around here you' be laughed at if you wore them for not only paying $$$ for them but horrible looking. Shoes are a running joke at the local high schools.