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  1. Why do some think he's going to see any more the 2 games check plus the 1 mil? Highly doubtful he will see the 9 mil unless you know something more. Plus NE can spread that 1 mil and 2 paychecks out over 2 years I heard.
  2. FL govener just said hurricane still tracking west beside models showing north track at some point. More of a concern for FL.
  3. West movement a bit. Huge concern here in Orlando area.
  4. Roger's could be the next Romo of injury bug. Sucks as a Packer fan. Big $$ Packers just paid up. Watching the game and Packers once again snooze on defense year after year.
  5. Pretty much everyday with my tinntus issue. Love to see a cure for this.
  6. By the way the BBB shoes are butt ugly. Around here you' be laughed at if you wore them for not only paying $$$ for them but horrible looking. Shoes are a running joke at the local high schools.
  7. Anyone currntly from 6+/7+ to X have a issue with the cut out screen at the top of the X? Seems this is a major con with the X. Have the 6+ and preorder came in but rethinking the upgrade.
  8. Hate to say it Skin fans but Cousins is not worth a payday he and agent thinks he's worth. Cousin = overpaid. Im a Redskins fan but he's not the answer and Snyder needs to get a clue for once.
  9. The FEMA Brock Long just smoked the 2 MSNBC anchors. I feel bad for all the PR people going thru this but I think the media again is picking and choosing what to report, especially the containers at the port. I hope the media excepts his invitation and has one of their camera crew go along with FEMA.
  10. I could be wrong but latest radar seems to show a slight east movement.
  11. Where are you getting this from. Looking at models and cone is west of central FL. Link?
  12. In Orlando and just saw cerfew starts Sunday at 7pm and text alert of a mandatory evac here of all mobile home residents. Not a mobile home resident but anyone else in Orlando concerned.
  13. Can they run central ac, frig, stove? What's the max it might be able to power?