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  1. Any opinions on the Linksys Velop mesh? Looking at the AC6600 one
  2. Explain to a novice who is trying to get medical card. Terp?
  3. Any reviews for anyone on the Linksys Velop mesh? Looking to replace cable company router. Problem I have is i have to stick with their modem since I have phone service with them.
  4. Normally don't watch baseball but this was a great series, thought Nats were done after game 5. On a side note, looks like Astro's fan that place the HUGE wager(s) on Astro is out a a ton of money.....Millions.
  5. Why do some think he's going to see any more the 2 games check plus the 1 mil? Highly doubtful he will see the 9 mil unless you know something more. Plus NE can spread that 1 mil and 2 paychecks out over 2 years I heard.
  6. FL govener just said hurricane still tracking west beside models showing north track at some point. More of a concern for FL.
  7. Roger's could be the next Romo of injury bug. Sucks as a Packer fan. Big $$ Packers just paid up. Watching the game and Packers once again snooze on defense year after year.
  8. Pretty much everyday with my tinntus issue. Love to see a cure for this.
  9. By the way the BBB shoes are butt ugly. Around here you' be laughed at if you wore them for not only paying $$$ for them but horrible looking. Shoes are a running joke at the local high schools.
  10. Anyone currntly from 6+/7+ to X have a issue with the cut out screen at the top of the X? Seems this is a major con with the X. Have the 6+ and preorder came in but rethinking the upgrade.
  11. Hate to say it Skin fans but Cousins is not worth a payday he and agent thinks he's worth. Cousin = overpaid. Im a Redskins fan but he's not the answer and Snyder needs to get a clue for once.
  12. The FEMA Brock Long just smoked the 2 MSNBC anchors. I feel bad for all the PR people going thru this but I think the media again is picking and choosing what to report, especially the containers at the port. I hope the media excepts his invitation and has one of their camera crew go along with FEMA.
  13. I could be wrong but latest radar seems to show a slight east movement.