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  1. You can look to Europe and Asia as examples and make a strong case that his actions have lead to the polar opposite of business as usual.
  2. I mean they are saying it right out loud now and nobody seems to blink. I don't like what the scientists say so I make the scientists say something different. And less safe. It's so messed up. I can't believe our country has come to this. And these are the supposed Christians.
  3. Obama tried to work with Republicans his entire first term until it was patently obvious they would give him nothing. He put entitlements on the table in exchange for taxes to balance the budget. Nothing. He made concession after concession to the right on the ACA. They simply moved the goalposts. Second term yep he went his own way but at that point the conservative “strategy” had been laid bare.
  4. By the way my irony meter is off the flipping hook how many years conservatives have badmouthed public schools but now they are the best thing since sliced bread with all these myriad of benefits.
  5. I understand its more complex than I can possibly understand. But the one unmoveable stone cold fact in my mind is you can't bunch humans up like that in a pandemic and expect any other result than mass infections, overwhelmed hospitals, dead teachers, and closing schools in the end anyway. You're right back were you started but worse of from a pandemic standpoint. Hope I'm wrong.
  6. We could do the things many other countries have successfully done. I mean the dang model is right there for the taking.
  7. We can cut our losses. We can catch up. We can't bring back dead people. The thing is we are going to do it for supposedly the right reasons BUT IT WON'T WORK ANYWAY.
  8. I'm in the suck it up category. Families are getting fed right now in the middle of summer in my district. Are kids being traumatized? Yeah probably. Not as much as dad or mom or gammy or grandpa being severely sick or dead. We need to get out of this notion of normal. This is not normal. It can't be normal. No matter how much our brains have trouble getting around that fact. We have managed to perfectly thread the needle of maximum economic damage and maximum deaths and just continue to make bad decision after bad decision because we can't come to terms with reality. School will not be able to remain open. Sports leagues will not last. It's a ##### I know but no amount of magical thinking can overcome it.
  9. Do the rules we now know suddenly stop at the schoolhouse door? I feel like this is some kind of mass pyschosis since we don't want to accept reality and suffer. If we had done things like Europe it would be another story, but we got it teed up for the perfect storm by sending 10's of millions of kids to Covid incubator factories. Man we're gonna kill a lot of teachers. Diabolical.
  10. The result of opening schools is a foregone conclusion. Bring it from home, share it with your friends at school, take it home with you. Mass infections on an obscene scale, mass hospitalizations, death. How is this even debatable?
  11. We're accepting even more death from opening schools because the billionaires need mom and dad at work.
  12. That's why I'm kind of surprised republicans won't keep the firehoses of money going for a while longer. Between more shutdowns and that juicy unemployment and PPP money running out there is likely to be some significant suffering the next four months. Think they'll find a way at least through November 3. Then its time for evictions and tent cities.