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  1. Sigh. Guess we'll have to cancel social security and medicare. For the good of the country. Nothing could be done. Trump gets re-elected they are coming for SS and Medicare. Promise. He's said as much. His current budget says as much. All part of the plan.
  2. If you've got a problem with Trump, how can you possibly make a case against Trump? Only people that love and support him can make a case against Trump. But if you make a case against Trump, do you really love and support him?
  3. The main google search is largely multiple pages of Trump calling Lawmakers unAmerican and treasonous because they didn't applaud him at the SOTU. Which I suppose is bad enough. But I have heard the "Democrats are unamerican and hate American values" FULL STOP comment at his rallies but do not have a link for that. I am sure of it because I remember it so distinctly. I don't have time to review rally footage or transcripts. But in general I'm sure you will stipulate he uses quite abusive language towards fellow Americans pretty regularly. I mean people LOST THEIR MINDS on the Obama offhand "clinging to guns and religon" comment. That he said once. Off the cuff. It's so toxic its hard to comprehend.
  4. Also, in case you were wondering, it hurts. Never felt that way with W or GHWB.
  5. Economy is a strong argument. I just have a real problem getting over the fact he describes me as a democrat, hating America and hating American values. Pretty regularly. How do your reasonable Republican friends feel about that? Oh well? A little collateral damage? i mean that is an amazing thing for the American President to say about his own citizens. He villifies and dehumanizes anyone that stands in his way. Regardless of party. Not a pundit making those commments. Not a random twitter commenter. Not idiot me on a message board. The President of the United States. The most powerful man in the world. I've read numerous pieces where white kids are echoing his rhetoric in schools across America. Whats the long game consequences of that behavior? All these reasonable Republicans at rallies cheer it. Enthusiastically. What percentage of GDP is worth that? "Resonable poeple" have supported some pretty horrendous acts across the span of history.
  6. Plus society sooner or later pays the cost for repairing these free independent busted up people.
  7. Yes I think the weighted choice thing is new in relationship to early caucus.
  8. Certainly lower because McConnell and Republicans would do anything in their power to stymie and sabotage a Democratic President. Ask me how I know this....
  9. I think the profit motive and health care are hard if not impossible to align.
  10. Yep. Houston better be ready to rumble a lot. I bet the league does more suspension days this year than the Astros do.
  11. Use the levers of government to punish your enemies and your friends go easy. We're there kids. Why in the world would these guys not put their thumb on the election scales? Of course they would, did and will.