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  1. It’s a killer 1-2 punch when combined with gerrymandering that ensures a republican legislature. The Republican Governor will always have more power than a democratic governor. If that looks like legit representative democracy to you then I can’t help you. You know this is sleazy Jon.
  2. If it’s no big deal why did they do it? Or better yet why didn’t they do it when it would affect their own Governor? Your argument is self evidently ridiculous. “This thing we just HAD to do isn’t even a thing really I mean did anything really happen even?” Absurd.
  3. The legislative body they’ve so comically gerrymandered so they are grossly over represented based on proportion of votes they received? That legislative body?
  4. We’re at the jumping off point I think.
  5. Pretty dim view of the function of the UN. I'd like to think it can still be a useful and important organization.
  6. Go ahead. Turn her into a martryr. Good luck with that.
  7. Jackstraw

    TRADE WAR discussion thread

    Wild ride today? The world's largest futures exchange, CME Group, had to repeatedly halt trading in US stock futures for brief periods this morning because of violent price moves, in an unusual intervention that has stunned traders. US stock futures reopened this morning in Asia after an unscheduled closure to mark the funeral of former President George H.W. Bush on Wednesday. Tuesday's trade saw Wall Street selling off heavily, with the key indices down around 3% and the Dow down 800 points. When futures re-opened in the Asian trading day on Thursday, stock futures plunged again, falling up to 1.9%. (They soon recovered and a short time ago were down just over 1%.) It was during this opening in trade that CME Group intervened to manage the volatile trading activity, putting a stop to algorithms closing orders. The price action caused several CME "Velocity Logic" events, which are triggers to halt futures trading when price movements move too far, or too fast in a given direction. CME announced this morning that it intervened to prevent steeper falls in US equity futures.
  8. Thought about it some. If I was incoming governor I think I'd use every technical trick in the bag to screw these guys hard. I'd fire every last one of their friends in various state offices. Everything. If they want scorched earth them by golly give it to them.
  9. Tough balance. You want to do the go high road but then you are forced into assymetrical political warfare.
  10. A kind of trifling uninspired BOF SIDDEEEZZZZ!!!!!
  11. That's what bugs me about the people that are SO into guns in order to "fight the gub't" or whatever. They are the same people that are tearing down democratic policies as fast as they can. One might think they want those guns to BE the Gub't more than fight it. If they gave one #### about democracy they'd have been howling for years now.
  12. Wisconsin dems received 190,000 more votes overall and received 36 out of 99 house seats for their trouble. Makes you feel warm and patriotic doesn’t it? This cannot be constitutional. These are the same scumbags that pretends to be offended by a black man kneeling during the National Anthem.
  13. It’s voter suppression in every sense of the word.