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  1. Eureka Springs Arkansas is pretty nice town. Tons of history. Hiking and lake/river close. About a third gay in the heart of Arkansas. Lots of B&B's, good eats, bars and shops. Super old and funky, carved into the side of a hill, cool rock formations. nice old school bathhouse/spa. Not a 90 degree piece of architecture in the whole place. Lots of old switchback roads.
  2. We talk about not wanting government in our healthcare. For the life of me I don't understand preferring an unelected profit driven capitalist executive in charge of our health care. It's like a casino. They get the vig on every single interaction. I do the insurance for my company. BC/BS gets 15% of the action. What possible motive would they have to drive down costs? The profit motive and health insurance/health care are completely incompatible in my mind. Like for profit prisons. The only possible rationale might be they are more efficent because business or something. But they are far less efficient trhan medicare. We already have death panels. Corporations. Employer based health care is preposterous.
  3. Pilgrims, “you’re Indians!”. Native Americans, “no, that’s a whole other country we’re not Indians” 200 years later, “you’re Indians!”
  4. I don't hold out much hope for huge numbers of young people. I think the battle will be one or lost in the suburbs. At least if 2018 tells us anything. Although young turnout is better in Presidential elections.
  5. Sorry mang I just parachuted in with a random thought. Haven;t been following any of your comments. Another one. Hope I didn't Honda anyone's post. Federal law as enforced by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission counts discrimination based on nation of origin as one of several kinds of prohibited discrimination. One example the EEOC lists on its website matches nearly word-for-word the President’s tweets. “Examples of potentially unlawful conduct include insults, taunting, or ethnic epithets, such as making fun of a person’s foreign accent or comments like, “Go back to where you came from.”
  6. Followed by an appeal and a two game reduction.
  7. When you are parsing on defintions and not holding people accountable you have your priorities messed up. The guy came down the escalator and the first thing he did was call immigrants rapists and murders (narrator: They commit less crime than citizens) You are more hurt by the pushback than crime.
  8. Whatever happend to MS 13? They still out killing all the white people? Saving it up for 2020?
  9. I’m down. Hate violence. Just be there next time right wing man kills dozens of people. Happens all the time.
  10. So we know the other team actually murders people right?
  11. More like a summer camp really. We should charge a fee.
  12. Guess we all good then. I find it curious how little regard folks out there have for the quality of our nature. Some absolutely incredible locations out here in the midwest. Beautiful bodies of water as well. And also the fact people seem to believe no pretty women seem to exist outside of california. Weird. Y'all watch too much tv or something. We have theater and concerts and art galleries and everything. Running water and flush toilets too as of last year. But like I said it's I'd actually prefer to be a sleeper state. But you're right. I should talk up my own state like OP rather than talk down someone else's. I'm sure its awesome out there but I've visited places all over the world and its never more than seven days before I'm ready to get home.
  13. Progressive policies are pretty popular.