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  1. Can any NYJ fans comment on how he's been playing? Anybody still seeing a great future for him at his current spot? Will he ever replace Harris?
  2. FBG handles IDP dynasty rankings in a similar fashion to re-draft, whereas the timing of dynasty owner needs are the exact opposite of that schedule. Dynasty owners need player rankings in-season for trading/UFA needs, and starting early in the following year in anticipation of RFA and rookie drafts. Everyone understands that things change but evaluation based on knowledge of a player's talent/potential situation at that point in time would be highly beneficial.
  3. Looks like Bradham has the WILB/MLB scoring edge here.
  4. Jene, What's your take on the relative values of Bradham and Alonso given that the latter is lining up as SILB in mini-camp?
  5. Thanks Jene. For some reason, I'd thought that Jordan was a lot smaller OLB type, but he's actually listed at 287 on Rotoworld!
  6. Jordan was the #7 DE in my league last year. I had no problem starting him along with Mario. Shouldn't Dareus be listed at a DT? Is this changing? I believe that NOS is moving to a 3-4 under Ryan, so Jordan will likely be re-classified as an OLB.
  7. Trent Cole?
  8. Part of the "trust" answer is, how will B.Scott be used?
  9. What "good opportunity situation" would be better than CLE currently? It doesn't look good for Hillis getting a long-term deal after last year's constant injuries, so he's likely not coming back unless franchised (they'll likely do Dawson instead).Brandon Jackson will likely get cut and, while Chris Ogbonnaya is serviceable, they're not going to rely on him.If Hardesty, one year removed from his injury, can regain his earlier form, he represents quite a good value currently IMO.
  10. What are the thoughts out there regarding future prospects for Josh Morgan? Is his lack of elite speed the main issue here and can he compensate with his other strengths?