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  1. There's a 100% chance that Pop knows more about the world, about life, and about, well, anything, than you do. He served all over the world. He knows what's up. It must be a miserable life to come to the realization that nobody cares about your opinion on anything. There are people smarter than you, more worldly than you, more educated than you. Just take solace in the fact that his players should shut up and dribble and you'll be fine. "But I love my kids and stuff. That's where I draw my inspiration." Nah. His kids are probably better, smarter, more worldly, etc. As are Kaepernick's. They'll see things and experience things that you will never give your children.. Guy is going to live his life, his family is going to live their lives, and they're going to prosper and enjoy. They'll never be compelled to get on a message board and be hateful, because they'll have better things to do. Good on them.
  2. Sounds like a dive bar which hipsters also love, and can be cheesy. You just have to avoid the middle ground where you're not seen as a dive bar and not seen as authentic with hand-crafted drinks with farm-to-glass bitters and little umbrellas made from responsible logging practices. The hipster is an elusive creature.
  3. I've always thought a sort of hipster Tiki Bar would play great in Deep Ellum, which is where I'm assuming you're talking about. I've been to a couple done right in major urban areas with a similar demo and they are crushing it. Charging $12-18 for very strong tiki type drinks in nice tiki mugs, and are just jammed with people trying to give them money. We went to one in Chicago and they sold the mugs (branded with the bar logo) for like $60, and they were selling like hotcakes. My wife bought two (lol). The problem there is tightroping the tiki bar theme without coming off as kitschy, because that hipster young urban expendable-income crowd detests anything they see as kitschy or contrived.
  4. Agreed. Most people who have strong opinions on things like this (or most things that start "PC" debates), towards either side, are either neurotic weirdos, man-children, or political hacks. Dodgeball was awesome and fun and I have no issue with my kids playing it when they're old enough, but I'm not really going to cry myself to sleep if they get rid of it either. It's whatever. Butts up, man, I had forgotten about that. That sinking feeling when you drop the ball. It was like slow motion watching it fall to the ground. Good times.
  5. Man I didn't read all four pages but some of you are crazy. Boston? DC? New Orleans? San Diego? The hell?! Y'all are doing it wrong, obviously. Some of them like Houston, sure, I can see it. I've found fun stuff and had some great times in Houston, but I can see why it's not someone's cup of tea. Boston and New Orleans are not only two of the best cities in the country, they're some of the best in the world. They're crown jewels of our planet. Cities listed upthread that are awesome: NOLA, Boston, DC, NYC, Detroit, Cincinnati, Minneapolis, San Diego, Atlanta. If you listed any of these cities, I probably do not want to party with you. Actually, the number of American cities >500,000 people that aren't awesome can probably be counted on two hands, and they probably all fit into one of two buckets: 1) Midwestern city 2) Is Philadelphia Cities that suck: OKC, Philly, Pensacola (the actual mainland city - beach is nice), Lake Charles. Newark/Camden/all of New Jersey outside of the beach and gentrified parts. I'm not a fan of LA or Miami at all, but I wouldn't say they "suck" because I can definitely see why some people would enjoy either. The rest of the cities I listed are objectively terrible. I assume we're sticking to big cities here. Otherwise I've been to some really awful places - Gonzalez, TX is probably the worst place I've been and I've been everywhere.
  6. LOL ok - have your semantics victory if you want it that bad. My point was that some 2 seed drawing the Spurs as a 7 seed is going to be much saltier than your typical 2 vs. 7 matchup. I mean we just saw it last year. There is almost no reason to believe they won't be improved. Even if you remove all of the homer/young guy hype stuff that every team has in the offseason, the Spurs add Marcus Morris, Carroll, and DeJounte Murray to a squad that won 48 games last year, without losing really anybody. I'm fairly confident they will end up over 48 wins barring serious injury issues. The Spurs delivered 5 titles to us over the last 20 years - I'm perfectly fine, enjoying Pop's last years for what they are. I don't have a bunch of expectations around the squad. But I know they'll be well coached and they will put up a fight against anyone in the playoffs. There is nothing for me to "wait out" - I'm good. Keep me posted on how that process is going for you though. One thing I'm absolutely confident in is that the Spurs and Sixers have the exact same chance to win a ring next year.
  7. You're talking about seeding last year as if it wasn't like 2 games between the 4th and the 8th seed in the West (IIRC). Plus a Spurs team that will clearly be improved. We're not tallking about the East of last year where you had two contenders and 6 also rans.
  8. Are you familiar with the difference between a team's seeding and the actual quality of the squad in terms of playoff basketball?
  9. I think that's pretty unlikely. The Spurs were right on the same level as Denver last year and will be even better this year. Portland is fool's gold as always. Golden State has giant question marks. The Lakers are one injury to either AD or LeBron from being a lottery team. Houston is an injury or an ego explosion from irrelevance. I think the only surefire bets to be better teams after 82 games are LAC and Utah. The Spurs will be better than a handful of those teams come playoff time next year. I can't tell you who, but I can tell you with certainty that whoever the #1 seed is would not pick a matchup with SA over all of those teams in April of 2020.
  10. The general argument for the Spurs being better is: - Marcus Morris is a great fit, and Carroll will add some much needed depth. We needed front court players badly. - We get DJ Murray back from injury. Worst case he'll solidify wing defense and be a good rotation guard. Best case is he goes towards an all star caliber player. Obviously there's the usual homer hype over a young guy but it's not unwarranted. - Players seem to take a full year to really get into Pop's system. So there's belief that Poeltl and Derozan will contribute more next year. We're talking regular season wins, I'm not sure how you deal with the fact that Derozan is a terrible fit for modern playoff basketball. - Gay seems to be on an upward trajectory as he continues to get further away from the achilles tear. - We have high hopes for the young guys - Derrick White flashed last year, and there's some hype for Lonnie Walker. I realize that every fanbase loves their young guys and will tell you how they're on a trajectory to be the next Kawhi Leonard - so grain of salt here. I think the Spurs are almost certain to be a better team next year. The question marks are health and the fact that the West somehow got even tougher than it already was. We won't contend for a title but I'm fairly confident we'll be that team that nobody, even the elite tier teams, will want to see in the playoffs. Guessing for wins is really difficult because it's hard to project for the strength of individual teams in the West (particularly in the division with Dallas/NOLA/Memphis making major changes), but as a Spurs fan with a reasonable ability to remain objective, I'd put us at 48-52 wins barring major injuries. Hopefully that's good enough for the 8 seed.. yeesh. Also LOL at whoever was trying to make the Iverson->Westbrook comparison. They are/were both volume scorers, and that's about where the comparison ends. Their games on both sides of the floor were not even remotely similar.
  11. They are actually led by throwback weirdo LaMarcus Aldridge, and throwback weirdo Demar Derozan is a close 2nd. But your point stands.
  12. Of course you do. Your coworkers aren't going to be mad at you. They're going to be silently rooting you on, living vicariously through you, and wishing they were in your shoes. I mean, get the SOPs written, but besides that, who cares. And "working hard" isn't a trait that's unique or special to you, but it sounds like the concept of it is important to your self-worth. If so then just knock the SOPs out, send to your boss, and be done with it. She'll either fire you (free money) or give you more to do (work to do so you can work hard on stuff). But I'll let you in on a secret. Nobody in that company gives a **** what you do over these next two weeks. - HR, as others have said, is doing everything they're doing purely out of compliance and risk management. Their ideal scenario is to pay you your 2 weeks and have you leave voluntarily. If I were in your shoes that's what I'd have done. Gone to HR and said "you don't want me here, I don't want to be here, if I resign will you pay me out the two weeks?". They would say yes, and you'd be playing golf right now. - Your boss doesn't want you around but sees the SOPs as a last thing to hold over your head and browbeat you over. She'd have fired you, if HR would have let her. - The C-Suite and Board is probably the same as HR - Your coworkers wish they were in your shoes and are very unlikely to hold ill-will towards you. And if they do, so what? I don' t mean that harshly, I'm just trying to help to you get over the obvious guilt or whatever that you're feeling. Nobody is going to look poorly on you or care if you slack off. It's expected in these scenarios. It's actually pretty much what everyone is hoping you do. Keeps you from making waves with coworkers, introduces no risk, and just generally makes a smooth exit.
  13. Man, do you think you might be overthinking this? Just go in and screw off for two weeks. Be respectful but dismissive to your boss, if that helps you feel like you evened things up some. Play some games online, surf FBG, write the SOPs as slowly as possible, and leave. If your boss gives you any grief just tell her you want to be thorough, and you'll get them to her as you finish them. Finish them the last couple of days and submit for "revisions". If she fires you because she thinks you're slacking, they'll pay out your two weeks (source: do HR consulting). You're in a no-lose and yet you're managing to lose by over thinking it and letting it all get to you. Go to a long lunch and drink a few beers, hit the driving range (doctor's appt.), come in late/leave early (assuming there's no hard policy on arrival/departure time), etc. Spend the time thinking about little things you can do to passively aggressively irritate your boss without doing anything against policy. Wear shorts and flip flops. Rarely in life do you have a "who cares" situation, and you're wasting it. If you get fired early, well, you just earned 8 days of pay for nothing! That in and of itself is a parting shot at your boss, that she paid you to goof off and there's nothing she can do about it. This should be a fun, goof-off two weeks, not something that's stressful. Don't blow it.
  14. Could have the Kathy Griffin character be the one that's editing his Wiki page for the negative.. that would be great.
  15. I can't imagine the mental aspect of spending 2.5 years in jail with nothing to do except replay all ten of your missed shots over and over in your head. The second you miss #10 you're off to jail to ponder for 2.5 years that if your 8th shot was just 2 inches left you'd be a millionaire on a beach somewhere right now vs. sitting in jail away from your loved ones. To me that'd be magnitudes worse than a run of the mill jail term for something criminal you did. No effin' way I'd try it for any amount of money - and I'm pretty sure I'd hit at least one in ten about 90% of the time. No freaking way. You'd kill yourself over the mental anguish of knowing how close you were to setting you and your family up for life. And you'd have 2.5 years to do nothing but think about it. It'd be horrific. Just the thought is giving me the heebie jeebies. No amount of money.