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  1. I know it's just Profootball Focus, but it's still very nice to see Jaylon get recognized. I remember lots of our NFC rivals laughing at Jones selecting him in the second. Who's laughing now? Faster, quicker and stronger than before; a team leader and great work ethics and morals. So proud he is a Cowboy!
  2. Yes, players in private are happy he's gone. Definitely not the kind of thing that "lose a locker room", but brings them together.
  3. The only ring he should put his hat in is the bull fighting ring.... Or maybe Barnum & Bailey's Three Ring Circus. Dudes a clown.
  4. Jason came out with the stock puppet answers "we are happy with our staff, blah blah blah" immedialty following the loss in the post game statement. It's about as generic as a team that won't fire anyone but immediately say "every job will be evaluated and no one should ever feel safe blah blah blah". Nobody here read much into it. A few days later (I'm sure after a few closed door meetings) Stephen Jones came out and said the second generic line. Stephen runs the show, (not "Jerrah" as our rivals like to say😉) so it was no surprise Bozo Linehan got the axe. Who knows where Dallas goes now, but Anyone will be an upgrade.
  5. I agree. Big Red is a good man, who I always respected his treatment of his players. Even as a Dallas fan, Andy was hard to hate as an Eagles coach 😁. I wish him, Mahomes, and FB Anthony the Sherman tank, multiple Super Bowls!
  6. I can reluctantly put up with Garrett since he's possibly made baby steps in his aggressiveness. He still has a ways to go to becoming a good head coach and I would have preferred him gone. BUT, Linehan HAD to get his stale, tired, predictable playbook down the road. He was horrible. Hopefully, it makes JG a bit better too.
  7. Does anyone know the playoff records of Payton and Brees at home, and also what are Pederson and Foles record post season? Can't find it anywhere. Asking for a friend....😂
  8. Surprising storyline about tomorrow's game: Drew Brees went to Austin Westlake HS here in Texas where he set lots of school records. 10 years later another kid broke most of those QB records at the same High School. His name was Nick Foles.
  9. Plus Sproles is just such a threat to break one. As old as he is, he's still legit.
  10. Can't find it anywhere, but what is the record of Saints when both Brees and Payton park in the PLAYER ONLY parking lot, then walk out of the same tunnel, and then, you know, stand on the same sideline?
  11. Bro, I hate the Eagles and their whiney crybaby fans, but that was damn sure a personal foul. He lead with his head too. Bears losing composure here.
  12. Bears should be mad at playing off the WR on 3rd down before it. Horrible, sloppy coverage. Foles capitalizing on it.