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  1. Dak is proving the doubters wrong as he continues to display his maturity and leadership, even in a losing game. He has one of the most injured Olines in the league, Zeke was dropping balls, and basically had a nobody at TE and yet still puts up 500 yards and fights to the end. The defense is a sieve, Pollard giving away 2 points, Greg Z missing 2 extra points, stupid penalties and Dak was still commanding this team like a warrior. He leads the league after 3 weeks. Dallas has got to be reveling in the fact he was drafted in the late fourth round and has proven to be a true franchise leader, when you have teams who traded the farm in the drafts and paid 100 millions to QBs who are about to be ran out of town by their fan base. You don’t think teams like Philly and Chicago wouldn’t kill to have Dak and Zeke as their draft picks in 2016? The Jones Clan definitely got that draft right.
  2. I don’t know about that, but it does make it less painful.🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. He was a much worse head coach. Take it from Cowboy fans, expect years of the Clappa Red collapse.
  4. How about CeeDee? What a gift he is to this team. 6 catches for 106 in only his second NFL game ever is putting teams on notice about this rookie.
  5. The Boys really shat the bed in the first quarter. 20-0 and the NFC East teams were squawking, as well they should I guess. BUT, a funny thing happened on the way to the bank- they showed serious brass ones. Dak is a heck of a leader and never wavered. When other teams are quitting on their QB (and it looks like some QBs are quitting on the team) Dak saddled up and rode the win home. No doubt this team has a LOT of shortcomings still to fix, but heart isn’t one of them. Thankfully we have a QB leader on this team. Take the win, and be happy that the team has each other’s back. Other opponents in our division aren’t so lucky.
  6. As much as I hate your owner, gotta say Ron is a class act and good to see him get the win. Chase Young is going to dominate for years, and the defense looks great. I’m not a fan of Haskins, but overall it was a good win for you guys. Looks like you were underestimated and may be the second best team in the division! Congratulations. Go Cowboys! 😁
  7. I didn’t take the time to read DJackson10’s novels, but I can assure you that the crap that the real DJax got covered up, dropped as a favor of higher powers, or even paid someone else to take the heat- we’re definitely going on. Maybe it was his youth at the time, maybe he’s grown out of it now. But by the racist views he’s spewing now it appears he’s not. 100% true
  8. According to QB Data Mine, Dak is the best vertical passer in the NFL, and the most accurate. He’s gonna get paid, and deservedly so.
  9. Mims seems like a better version of Kenny Golladay who he’s similar in size. Faster 40 time, faster cone drill, higher vertical and longer wingspan makes me think he will be a better version of KG. If so, then the Jets found a winner I would think. I watched a bunch of his games at Baylor, and if Dallas hadn’t had Lamb fall to them, then I’d love to have seen him end up there in a 2nd round pick somehow. Jets have a player in Mims.
  10. He has proven a lot. He’s proved that he knew he needed to get better, so he took the year away from football to study and breakdown every game. He worked on his ability to adjust and recognize his short comings. He worked on having a QB that doesn’t think he runs the show. Finally, he worked on having the best draft in years while creating value in every round. As far as playing the game? No, that hasn’t happened yet.(see: season start date). More importantly he was available to take the place of the magnificently incompetent Clappa Red, and that alone gets him a serious atta boy.
  11. Dalton to the Cowboys is a great fit. We needed a better back up, and he went to college right here at TCU and I’m sure considers it home. Nice one year deal.