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  1. He should get a pinky ring for the SB his team won with Switzer drunk on the sidelines.
  2. I read your pregame report and thought it was well thought out. Great job, and happy for your team. They were damn impressive.
  3. I can believe it goes on... what I don’t believe is that the refs told players straight up, “I’m not giving you that call because you are not Tom Brady, or Dak, or a marketable enough player”. Thats a bunch of sour grapes.
  4. Am I the only one calling BS on this? 2 things it could be- 1) Who ever personally told you that the NFL officials actually said “Hey, you’re no Tom Brady, so we are gonna cheat and deny you the call so we can throw the game” is laughing behind your back because you bought it. Or 2) You are making all this up to justify your stance that the WHOLE NFL is rigged therefore they wanted Clowney to injure Wentz, or another “lesser known player” (which Wentz is a very well known player, even outside Philadelphia, I assure you). All in the name of “marketability? Wow So which is it?
  5. This nails it IMO. Wentz has to make better decisions, and Clowney should have been a penalty. Nothing more though because Wentz was a runner at that point and if it had happened to the WR on an end around or the RB then nobody would be calling for him to go to prison. Wentz is a competitor, so he will get better at those decisions. If not, you have to worry about his longevity in this league.
  6. You are using it just as expected considering your contribution to the discussion. Thanks, Jr.
  7. Re read, Bro. He was money year one, “in real life”. Again with your blanket statements, I’m done.
  8. Well you threw out your credibility with that one. Dak was money year one, regressed in year two, and played (without whining) through the shoulder injury last year. Blanket statements like yours are very uninformed statement. 🙄
  9. Great hire! Boys definitely could use him
  10. You give me 10-11 wins next year and I wont be underwhelmed..... I’ll be in charge of organizing the ticker tape parade.😂
  11. Because my kids tuition has been going to Baylor for 4 years, I obviously am a fan, (even had some close connections to the Briles crew) but I love Rhule! I wanted him at Dallas, but I understand that JJ wanted to go with pro experience and the safer play with McCarthy. I like that hire too. But you guys got a great coach. I’m excited to see what he brings to the game and will be pulling for him to win multiple division titles and hope to play you guys in the NFC championship for years to come.😬 So glad the Giants didn’t get him, that would have been a kick in the sack. Good luck Panthers!👍🏼