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  1. According to QB Data Mine, Dak is the best vertical passer in the NFL, and the most accurate. He’s gonna get paid, and deservedly so.
  2. Mims seems like a better version of Kenny Golladay who he’s similar in size. Faster 40 time, faster cone drill, higher vertical and longer wingspan makes me think he will be a better version of KG. If so, then the Jets found a winner I would think. I watched a bunch of his games at Baylor, and if Dallas hadn’t had Lamb fall to them, then I’d love to have seen him end up there in a 2nd round pick somehow. Jets have a player in Mims.
  3. He has proven a lot. He’s proved that he knew he needed to get better, so he took the year away from football to study and breakdown every game. He worked on his ability to adjust and recognize his short comings. He worked on having a QB that doesn’t think he runs the show. Finally, he worked on having the best draft in years while creating value in every round. As far as playing the game? No, that hasn’t happened yet.(see: season start date). More importantly he was available to take the place of the magnificently incompetent Clappa Red, and that alone gets him a serious atta boy.
  4. Dalton to the Cowboys is a great fit. We needed a better back up, and he went to college right here at TCU and I’m sure considers it home. Nice one year deal.
  5. I get it....weird how we go through changing our favoritism of a player once he’s joined the enemy. I spent 4 1/2 years mailing tuition to Baylor 🥺💸 and watching a lot of Mims play. With a 2 inch height, 4 inch wingspan, and a faster 40 time than Reagor at the combine, I was sure he would end up at Philly. Actually he would have seemed the better fit I thought. I struggled as you have with how to root for a player you were a fan of going to a rival NFL team. Luckily it didn’t come to that for me. I got to watch Reagor also, as TCU is in my back yard. He’s a good player, and wouldn’t have lasted to the 53 pick I don’t believe, so if he was high on the board then Howie did what he had to do.
  6. So refreshing to not see anything the Cowboys have done on this list. 🤠 Amazing what firing Clappa Red and having the best draft in the league can do for a team for once.
  7. Tashuan Gipson cut after one year at Houston. I think Dallas should bring him in. He missed a few games from an injury, but other than that he did well. I like him better than anyone else we have at safety.
  8. Wh at is the cap implications of Goodwin’s contract?
  9. I quit reading when I saw he gave the Colts a D Apparently the guy doesn’t put any value on Deforest Buckner as their first rounder. 1)Bucker 2) Pittman Jr 3) Johnathan Taylor alone grades higher than a D🥴
  10. Ron’Dell Carter had 12 sacks and TWENTY SEVEN tackles for a loss last year at James Madison. Likes to speed rush, could be a guy that develops into a rotational player.
  11. You nailed it. Just imagine Philly with Lamb at 17, and Garrett drafting Burrito Carpenter or some other stiff? I can assure you if he would have drafted a QB in the second, after such strong support of Dak as our franchise QB, the town would have burned jerseys.
  12. We were fortunate that after taking Lamb, which was a surprise and 100% the right call, that we were able to land Diggs in the back half of the second. The difference in payroll between him and Byron Jones is crazy. Yet, I feel we have as good or atleast very close to the same player. I like younger and way less cap cost.
  13. UNDRAFTED FA SIGNINGS Sewo Olonilua, Running Back, TCU Garrett Marino, Defensive Tackle, UAB Ladarius Hamilton, EDGE, North Texas Aaron Parker, Wide Receiver, URI Francis Bernard, Linebacker, Utah Rico Dowdle, Running Back, South Carolina Sean McKeon, Tight End, Michigan Ron’Dell Carter, EDGE, James Madison Terence Steele, Tackle, Texas Tech Stephen Guidry, Wide Receiver, Mississippi State Azur Kamara, EDGE, Kansas Luther Kirk, Safety, Illinois State Charlie Taumoepaeu, Tight End, Portland State Kendrick Rogers, Wide Receiver, Texas A&M Anyone with background on these?
  14. The last time Dallas & Philly traded picks was Sean Lee👍🏼. I’m thinking after this one today, that door will be forever closed.