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  1. The NFL schedule for each team consists of the following elements: 2x each team in division 1x each team in another division in conference ( rotates every 3 years ) 1x each team in a division in other conference ( rotates every 4 years ) 1x each division team in same finishing spot as you from prior year ( outside the in conference division your team plays in that year ) There is no wiggle room for creating matchups. It's all set in stone years in advance except for the 2 games based on final position in your division.
  2. My 20+ year league drafts the Tuesday before the league opens ( 9/4 this year ). After a few years at the beginning of trying to find a single day that 12 young adults with young families that fit everyone's schedule, we settled on this day, and it has been that way for over 15 years now. The late draft helps with any surprise camp / preseason injuries, and having a known time slot lets everyone make plans accordingly.
  3. This is not a bad solution... a time limit on review. For "indisputable" evidence, it shouldn't take stitching together multiple angles with stop action HD frame-by-frame analysis. Indisputable should also be obvious. The availability of technology is a huge part of the over-analysis of catch/no catch. To me, the Benjamin play is the poster child for "the ruling stands" regardless of how it was called on the field.
  4. I thought he was well known for both volume and range.
  5. Well, there was the whole betray Robb, take Winterfell, behead Master at Arms Ser Roddrick, and kill a couple of kids and passed them off as his brothers... but other than that, I can't think of a thing.
  6. uverse internet & cable - $230. Gigabit internet ( actually see about 700k down ), HBO & Showtime/Starz packages. Hulu/Netflix $20 AT&T phone - 5 lines, 15 Gb shared - 270 with phone payments ( 3 or 4 now, I think ). Amazon Prime, but mostly for the shipping. Almost never use the streaming.
  7. I don't have a true breakdown of NE's formations, but they run a solid percentage of their snaps from under center. Add to that the fact that they typically modify their schemes and sets to suit their personnel, I would have no concerns about AP's usage being effective.
  8. On the other hand, do you REALLY want that diseased d i ck raring to go at the american people. Whiskey D might be the best solution to the Republican "solution" to Obamacare.
  9. New SAT question... Ivana : Ivanka is to Donald : A. Goofy B. Donald Jr C. Donkald D. None of the above
  10. Let's split the difference and say a 3 year window... Given Brady's conditioning and health, and his skill set being much more dependent on cerebral capacity than athleticism, I think expecting a high level of performance from Brady for the next 3 years is reasonable. History has shown that this team does a very good job of roster building and cap management, and they are currently the defending champions, as well as the oddsmaker's favorite to win it all next year. I would argue that Brady, assuming he doesn't get injured, will keep this team as a legitimate SB contender for the next 3 years. With that as a backdrop, and knowing that your roster construction and cap mgmt numbers will be blown up if you have to pay the backup QB starter money to keep him past this 3 year window, I disagree with your conclusion that you don't let him go. I also disagree with the idea that the decision is based on appeasing the ego of the QB that just had arguably his best season. That QB currently gives your team the best chance of winning the championship next year. I've stated I like what I've seen from Jimmy G, but I think the move from Brady to JG will drop the Patriots from SB favorites to playoff contenders right now. I don't know what JG's ceiling is, but while he has shown some ability to play at the NFL level, he's not Brady. He might be able to grow to a top tier QB, but he's certainly not there right now. I will say that he looks to be a starting NFL QB caliber player, and would likely start on over 1/2 the rosters in the NFL today. Is that worth a 1st or more? Tough for me to say, but teams part with more than that to move 10 spots up in the draft for the right to draft less proven talent, and ( understanding the Vikings situation was an outlier ) just last year gave the titular 1st and 4th for a QB (Bradford) that had a pretty deep NFL book on him that showed him to be an average NFL QB.
  11. Getting an early start on the next Internet rumor to try to denigrate Brady? From my layman's perspective and discussing with other football / displaced Patriots fans, I think most of us think JimmyG will be a good to very good NFL quarterback. Personally, I've argued that if NE thinks he is "the goods" ( by my definition, another all-time great ), they should move on from Brady and give JG the keys. I have no idea if he is or has the possibility of becoming "the goods." As many have pointed out here, NE will be a contender for a long time with the coaching staff and culture they have built. They have great depth, are always well prepared, are mentally tough and rarely beat themselves. Add in an all-time great QB, and you have a championship mix. If they have a top 10-12 QB on this team, they are still likely to be a regular playoff team, where anything can happen. I think JimmyG gives them that level of QB play if Brady drops his level of play or gets injured. From your scenarios, I expect that 1 or 3 is likely and based solely on injury. If Brady gets hurt in the next 2 years and the backup is needed for a long stretch, unless Brissett plays better than anyone expects, NE fans will wish they had JG as insurance. I expect scenario 2 is predicated on JG signing somewhere and looking Osweiller-esqe, but even then I think a portion of NE fans will still believe that had he been in NE, he would have had success. And that might well be a large portion of fans, TBH. I don't expect that Brady will physically fall off the cliff, as much of his game is not predicated on physical skills in the first place. His arm is still strong enough, he can still shuffle in the pocket effectively, and as always, he can pre-snap diagnose a defense as well as any in the game, giving him the advantage of usually knowing where his opening will be. He does a good job protecting himself, and I see no reason ( other than chronological age an nobody having done it before ) to expect a physical breakdown that lowers his level of play to the point he'd be replaced. All IMHO...
  12. Do you hold the claims of voter fraud to the same standard? I haven't see one iota of evidence of voter fraud, but have heard lots of claims from camp Trump. Just curious about your level of consistency in asking for proof of claims...
  13. I don't know... The last time the Patriots went with a second year guy as a backup and let a veteran insurance policy walk was 2001. Seemed to work out pretty well back then. I think the Patriots like Brissett better than many here do. I also think that absent a salary cap, the Patriots would absolutely be holding Jimmy G rather than trading him at this point. From what I've seen in practice reports, preseason play and limited regular season games this year, I think JG will be a good NFL quarterback, and with the right surrounding cast, can be a playoff caliber QB in this league. However, although Brady will be 40 before his next start, and as mentioned several times, Father Time is still undefeated, I haven't seen any sign of physical breakdown in Brady at all. Is it unreasonable to see his conditioning and fitness level and assume he is playing as if he is closer to 35 than 40. And to assume a top tier player in his condition, who both takes care of himself on and off the field, playing the position that has the most protections in the game, can continue to thrive for a few more years doesn't seem like a stretch. Assume Brady was 35 instead of 40. Would you be arguing so strongly that the Patriots don't think JG is a franchise guy because they are going with the older guy?