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  1. In my IDP leagues, whatever a player does on the field he gets credit for, period. Scoring for all positions (Offense and IDP) are exactly the same, nice and easy. So if JJ Watt catches a TD pass he gets credit for the reception, receiving yards and the receiving TD just the same as a WR or a QB will get credit for a tackle they make off an INT. Can't get any easier then that.
  2. If it's at work only that's probably an issue with the Firewall at you office, in particular if they cache things and don't refresh the cache very often. Thus the cache right now may be corrupted and will clear itself out over a day or two. This assuming it isn't normal of course. Doing a Shift-F5 to force a full refresh of the web page can sometimes resolve that as well, but that's only if the corporate firewall will pass the force refresh along. Right now at work I'm still getting 3-4 second loads. It's about 6-7 seconds on my cell, majority of that time loading my images from Google Drive.
  3. True, mine are taking about 3 seconds. Only time I usually have a big delay is if there is an issue pulling from Google Drive (I have a couple things linked to that) or to Habman's server as I use his scoreboard.
  4. Back up it appears.
  5. Same. What's weird though is the forum is down too so I wonder if their they getting DDOS'd or something.
  6. Quite a few services offer this. MFL has for over a decade (both game previews and recaps) and I think even Yahoo does and that's free.
  7. Just an FYI as I see a lot of reasons to stay are centered around league history. Just so you know you can import your history into other services, you should check that out. Probably not ESPN. But definitely MFL and I think with Flea and RTS but I may be wrong there. So check out the other sites and see which ones have history import from other services. Give yourself some options anyway.
  8. Great example of PR departments running depth charts was Suggs when he had his contract dispute over trying to get more money and wanted to be listed as a LB. They made up a "new" position and listed him as DE/LB to appease him and his contract. Some of you may not want to hear it or believe it but is not official nor are any of the team web sites. We used to have this argument 10-15 years ago with the Injury report on the NFL website. It wasn't official nor was it accurate many of times yet there were people that refused to believe something on the NFL web site could be wrong. Rotoworld seems to get their information from the NFL front offices and thus I like J Giles trust it as the most official thing we'll ever have access to.
  9. Because projections never tell the whole story. Rankings are almost always different from just a ranked listing of projections. Projections are just raw numbers but don't take into account other factors, least which is how you feel about a guy one way or another. My only suggestion is to never just follow a pure projections list or ranking list. But that is for another thread. By the way, I would rank Brady as a top 10 as well because once he comes back he's a Top 5 QB most likely. But the suspension will obviously hurt his overall projection numbers and drop him quite a ways. This is the perfect example what I just said, which is to not blindly go by a projections list (or ranking for that matter).
  10. Everything working great with the new update. In fact I used the Classic to do some waivers in two leagues that just drafted this weekend. I picked up a guy, went back to the Admin page and synced that league again and my roster updated with that transaction. I have what I need to get thru the season. Thanks! Four MFL leagues, one has two 12 team conferences with 24 teams.
  11. Especially now with one guy it should be easy as cake. Just call the guy on your cell, use a headset or earpiece if needed and you're all set. Draft as normal. Don't need to be online just for him, he'll hear every pick and can tell you his pick just like any other guy. My draft just this past weekend we had a guy remote who just moved. I had him on speaker on my phone for over 7 hours, worked great. We were in the backroom of a local pub so it was pretty quiet until later in the day, at that point I wish I had my ear buds so I could hear him better. I (actually my wife who volunteered to be league secretary, bless her heart) also entered the whole draft live on MFL as commish so just in case we lost connection and couldn't get back in touch he could follow along on the site and draft his pick. Sounds like pretty much every service but Yahoo allows the commish to enter in all the picks live, so that kinda sucks. But in any case, you don't really need to do it. It's 2016, cell phone call, Google Hangout or Skype should works plenty fine to bring a remote guy in.
  12. Joe....I'm in heaven again. Followed the instructions in the first post (made easier since I had done the cloud thing already) and MyFBG classic is back! Using Chrome on Win 7 by the way., 4 MFL leagues. MyFBG Classic may be "ugly" but it is all anyone needs. It's compact (HUGE difference from the new one), fast, accurate, easy to read, team/free agent highlighting that is easy to see and so on. Also so easy to change what you're looking at with drop downs and oneclick. Everything the mobile/new Footballguys app is not. Really appreciate you getting this back up and running. I was seriously looking around at other alternatives. FYI that Fantasy Sharks has their version working pretty well too. May want to peak at what they are doing. The biggest thing is that they can sync scoring system and starter min/max with MFL. Dunno if it's due to something special they have going on with MFL or if it's available via the dev API that you can use too. Thanks!
  13. Just a side note, you need to update your browser, as in yesterday. "Only" 6 months old is ancient in Internet technology and your 6 month old browser is riddled with security flaws and holes. Everyone *must* keep their web browser version up to date, at least monthly. Both Firefox and Chrome have settings to let it auto update itself. The only exception to this is if you work in a corporate environment you may not be allowed to update your browser and IT will update it for you.
  14. Hey guys. Keeping an open mind, I really am trying. I really hate the "mobilization" of everything, but the app works decently in Chrome so it'll do. Here are my observations... 1) Adding and syncing my 4 leagues on MFL worked well outside a couple things. I did want to mention that one of them is a "deluxe" league with two 12 team conferences. It did set that up correctly and only shows players on teams in my conference. I was afraid that wouldn't work. 2) Add/sync didn't bring in my scoring system, all 4 leagues are default scoring system. 3) Same for other settings like starters, roster sizes, etc. So rosters came in fine but the other settings didn't. I'm sure you're working on that. Now my big issue so far with this UI: It's wasting a ton of space. The old MyFBG was a nice compact list of players. Very easy to see on one screen several dozen players at a glance and easy to print. Now, each row has not only a ton of whitespace but each row is "tall" with a player icon (which you can barely make out as it is) and the position/team icons that are under the name. Even full screen on a 1080p monitor only shows 11 players on the page and you gotta scroll to see more. It may look cool but it's just not functional (thus the problem with so many mobile UIs). Please offer an option to "compact" the player lists. Remove the player picture which is just fluff. Move the position/team icon to the right of the name or put it in it's own column and better yet change it to text only. Should be able to easily double the number of players on screen at a time this way. And make this a global option that will save as a default. And extend that option to the news feed...again I do not need all the wasted space with the player pictures. Couple other things: 1) Make the filters remember *per league* and between sessions. Already annoying to have to select and deselect the filters when changing leagues (like IPD selected for those leagues but not for non-IDP, it's not remembering filters per league. 2) Now I can't remember the other. I'll post more as I think of things.
  15. How hard is it to type? Seriously, make your cheatsheet by typing it up. If something happens or you want to re-order it's just cut and paste (or just retype a couple lines) then print out the update. Don't need any skills to do that. Personally I take the Footballguys VBD spreadsheet which give me a ranking based on my scoring system (again, no "computer skills" needed). Then I copy and paste the ranking list to a blank spreadsheet. I'll then put in rankings based on other sites then average them out and sort it, change up what I personally think and viola, my own custom cheatsheet I print out for draft day.