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  1. No. Every league I've been in for the last 20 years has always had all dropped players go thru waivers the following week. Only time I really see leagues do a "waivers per player" is on Yahoo or something.
  2. Paid or not, #### happens with technology.
  3. Down for me too. First time in a decade at least. Much rather them have an issue the first night so they can fix it before Sunday.
  4. Only locked players can be requested for waivers. Unlocked means FCFS. If that is what your calendar is then you're not set correctly for the season either. Should be an unlock all players event every week which starts waivers. Just use the General Add/Drop setup page, it will do everything for you and put what you need on your calendar with just a couple clicks. Let the system od the job for you. Then you can add anything additional such as what you want to do now in the pre-season.
  5. Don't see anything wrong at it's base. I was in a popular dynasty league that was run by another web site and often owners would have teams in multiple leagues. So you'd see the same team name with a number after it for example (Frogs 1, Frogs 2, etc.). Usually if the commish had openings he couldn't fill he's ask current owners if they want another team in a different league. Shouldn't be an issue in general.
  6. Same as the last 18 years, back room of a local pub with our own hot waitress (owner takes care of us) and beer specials. Doesn't really get any better then that.
  7. My two local leagues been going 20 years+. If you don't show up or make other arrangements you're out. Only exception is I have one owner who was transferred about 800 miles away but he still flies up every 2-3 years for the draft. Draft weekend is Christmas for us. We go out Friday night to catch up and just shoot the poo. My draft is all day Saturday from about 11 to 6 and my buddy's draft is all day Sunday from 9 am to 5 (auction on that one). My one guy that may do remote just calls in or via Skype. I don't enter the draft in live on the web site as it happens because I have no fun when I've tried that so I record the draft on paper just like the old days and enter it in when I sober up in the evening. All in all, it's a weekend everyone looks forward to all year and for some is the only time we see them.
  8. In my IDP leagues, whatever a player does on the field he gets credit for, period. Scoring for all positions (Offense and IDP) are exactly the same, nice and easy. So if JJ Watt catches a TD pass he gets credit for the reception, receiving yards and the receiving TD just the same as a WR or a QB will get credit for a tackle they make off an INT. Can't get any easier then that.
  9. If it's at work only that's probably an issue with the Firewall at you office, in particular if they cache things and don't refresh the cache very often. Thus the cache right now may be corrupted and will clear itself out over a day or two. This assuming it isn't normal of course. Doing a Shift-F5 to force a full refresh of the web page can sometimes resolve that as well, but that's only if the corporate firewall will pass the force refresh along. Right now at work I'm still getting 3-4 second loads. It's about 6-7 seconds on my cell, majority of that time loading my images from Google Drive.
  10. True, mine are taking about 3 seconds. Only time I usually have a big delay is if there is an issue pulling from Google Drive (I have a couple things linked to that) or to Habman's server as I use his scoreboard.
  11. Back up it appears.
  12. Same. What's weird though is the forum is down too so I wonder if their they getting DDOS'd or something.
  13. Quite a few services offer this. MFL has for over a decade (both game previews and recaps) and I think even Yahoo does and that's free.
  14. Just an FYI as I see a lot of reasons to stay are centered around league history. Just so you know you can import your history into other services, you should check that out. Probably not ESPN. But definitely MFL and I think with Flea and RTS but I may be wrong there. So check out the other sites and see which ones have history import from other services. Give yourself some options anyway.
  15. Great example of PR departments running depth charts was Suggs when he had his contract dispute over trying to get more money and wanted to be listed as a LB. They made up a "new" position and listed him as DE/LB to appease him and his contract. Some of you may not want to hear it or believe it but is not official nor are any of the team web sites. We used to have this argument 10-15 years ago with the Injury report on the NFL website. It wasn't official nor was it accurate many of times yet there were people that refused to believe something on the NFL web site could be wrong. Rotoworld seems to get their information from the NFL front offices and thus I like J Giles trust it as the most official thing we'll ever have access to.