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  1. That be bad for him. If he gets cut, who will pick him up. He most likely is looking at a suspension and he has 2 knocks in like 13 months. He could be a bad pickup. after 2 knocks they need to start abolishing guys from football. Let them go work a regular job and maybe they will appreciate what they had.
  2. Who still has him on their rosters at this point. In redraft he won’t even be on boards.
  3. Why we still talking AB. He is done and will never play again. Hopefully gets help before going down the Aaron Hernandez route.
  4. Your crazy. Guy made himself a ton of money and is probably looking at 20-30mil a year. He had 22Td/6 INT for half a year. He has a strong arm, can move, and makes good decisions. his D lost the game vs KC.
  5. Rumor about Titans going after Brady. id say no thanks TBH, I think a younger Tannehill would cost less and is a better fit.
  6. Horrible call. I can’t even watch football anymore. Officials decide the games.
  7. Rodgers should appreciate that Mendenhall fumble more tonight.
  8. If this crew refs the super bowl, KC will win hands downs.. I never seen an offense that runs screens, and short passes like KC not hold ever.
  9. 22 is running hard today, probably harder then the prior 2 games.
  10. Just got a feeling KC is now going to score every time they get the ball..