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  1. Didn’t one of their players threaten to shoot fans after a game a few weeks ago??
  2. Was just going to say this.. My God every tackle they are going helmet to helmet. That said, sadly its a matter of time before a player dies from one of these hits, especially as players get bigger and bigger. They need to start suspending for muliple games, heavy fines, etc..
  3. Pouncey and Decastro are great.. Villanueva and Foster are garbage.
  4. Has an O-LIne gotten worst faster then the Steelers.. It's complete trash. Villanueva is an absolute hack. Its like they miss Munchak.
  5. He should be.. Mason was a 3rd round pick and a backup for a few years.. Baker was #1 overall and a franchise savior.
  6. Devin Jones caught a 16 yard pass, by default he may now be our second best WR behind Dionte Johnson.. Rudolph sucks.. He under throws everything. Hodges needs to be in for the second half. I hope we can lught a few years from now about picking busts Washington and Rudolph back to back, but I have a filling those two picks will haunt us. And cut Villanueva.. War Hero or not, he is bad.
  7. Over Sony is pretty tough choice.. Hope it woks out for you.
  8. I also think Cleveland wins.. Steelers will realize tonight we have a backup QB and Mike Tomlin as coach.. Something dumb will happen caused by a clock mismanagament or a challenge by Tomlin.. Cleveland wins 17-13