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  1. The PI call was horrible and Cam Heyward was clearly held on the play.
  2. I don’t feel sad for him at all. He has had countless chances. After his second suspension he should have checked his mental health. Don’t mean to sound like an ###, but sounds like he is pulling a bit of a sympathy card.
  3. You also need TD’s. Why not just go for a TD there. Who cares if it’s 30-13 or 30-16
  4. Colt McCoy?? Kind of like an odd choice to backup for a team in the playoff hunt.
  5. Give it time. There is no video right now, but consider they have a video from kicking the female, and enough to suspend him for the punch in the guy in the resort in June, it’s only time this one blows up. Kid had anger issues and mental issues IMO. He is a danger to himself and others. He needs help. Not a football field right now.