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  1. Sorry I meant the 4th, but anyways, mail in voting ballots are going to be deemed unconstitutional due to all the errors by the SCOTUS. 4 More Years
  2. I am 100% confident Trump will win, it may not be as large as a win that I thought, but I see him getting over 340 EV.
  3. I am thinking 0-20, Dems love the meaningless polls, but look at the crowds, the yard signs.. This will be a total landslide.
  4. I am thinking Trump will be called the winner long before California closes their polls.
  5. Which is good for Trump cause anything after the 3rd is going to be eliminated..
  6. Don’t matter. Trump will be appointed after the SCOTUS throws out main in voting. Lol.
  7. I think AB is going to hurt Evans.. Godwin will stat their #1 as he and Brady have some good chemistry. Godwin is also a possession guys who runs smart routes.
  8. I would have considered Godwin for him straight up.. The other guys make that deal a steal.
  9. I can't believe they put the Eagles and Cowboys as the SNF game.. LOL That said, Romo and Nantz are doing the Steelers/Ravens game, so it won't get flexed out as it's the CBS Game of the week.