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  1. This has always been my view, the President's term is not over until Inauguration Day. Constitutionally Obama was doing his duty to nominate Garland. I said it four plus years ago and stand by it now. It's also Trump's to be able to nominate a choice.
  2. That, eliminating the filibuster, and essentially packing the Senate by adding two states to add four D's to the Senate is the game plan.
  3. Is Hunter in the crowd? I saw Trump's kids there. Maybe Trump should invite Hunter up to the stage to speak for himself?
  4. I mean I saw more orderly discourse as a 6 year old on the old 8 AM Southeastern Championship Wrestling broadcast from the Dothan Armory
  5. I predict by the end of the 2nd debate that Trump will have Joe talking about the size of genitals just like Rubio did.
  6. Well the fact anyone is going to change our tax code to change the effective rate the super high net worth individuals make is a flat lie. Both parties have had all 3 branches in recent years and nobody is interested at all in doing it.
  7. Neither party is truly interested in changing this. It's an easy fix, and it has nothing to do with incremental tax rates.
  8. There's no real right answer. Sometimes if the police do announce their presence, it can lead to someone having moments to prepare an ambush for them. I knew this guy from the minor league baseball team in the area. He was killed in just such a situation.
  10. Well then I do get it. The protestors are obviously offended by bad manners, language, hand gestures.
  11. True. But these acts are totally random and mob action mentality fueled. Just like businesses that are looted or set on fire, there's no real concern as to the owner's politics or skin color.
  12. I think for the guys at the table, if they could afford to be eating dinner out they weren't with the cause. Just my opinion but the ones doing that kind of thing are more anti society than pro BLM. At the very least, their gripe is with society at large and not just BLM.
  13. Ha yeah. My favorite of the go to moves is all the big boy cursing they are brave enough to do with the numbers. It’s actually pretty sad in a way. While you can’t see everything you can tell they are pretty weird individuals or misfits in many of these cases. Probably why they are so bitter and so ready to join a cause to feel a part of the group. It’s pretty obvious some of these folks are more anti society than they are pro BLM.