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  1. Generally I like GLD, but there are some things to watch for as discussed in the FFA
  2. I've been reading @siffoin posts for many years. He actually is the one who got me started writing put options to pick up stocks I was interested in during a down trend.
  3. Wow, Bernie is pulling away. This thing may be essentially over except for the last ditch opposition by the end of Super Tuesday. He would only have a plurality, but a strong one. Reminds me so much of the 2016 Trump run and you had Cruz/Kasich stay in as long as they possibly could but it was over long before they quit. The main difference is no winner take all states will make his lead a plurality and it will be up to the party and other candidates to decide if they keep others in to deny him the delegates he needs to force it to the convention.
  4. My belief is they did it to make absolutely sure that minority views, especially if said minority views federally were majority views within those individual states, are represented and protected. From the beginning, the federal government always needed support of the individual states.
  5. The numbers make sense and we know as it stands today that a divergence in the electoral college results when compared to the popular vote results more likely favors Trump. Even though Bush beat Gore in 2000 in similar fashion, leading up to that election the odds of such a split actually more favored Gore to be the beneficiary of such a split. Over time those type chances can flip flop. Today it's more likely because of how polarized the nation is and people tend to "live with their own". We live under a federalist system where the states are supposed to share power with the federal government and this system does give power to those individual states. It's the very same reason we have a separate House and Senate and why one gives states more power while the other is strictly based on population. I always find it interesting since Trump's election that the electoral college system that's spelled out in the Constitution comes under fire the most from the same folks who called Trump a threat to the Constitution.
  6. Right. If anyone were confident of that they could buy their ticket today on the generic D at good + odds and hedge it out later.
  7. I do, simply because I believe Bloomberg is just saying what it takes to get elected. Take his stop and frisk reversal, it came only when he decided to run for President years later. Less than a year ago he is on tape saying he would never go on an apology tour like Joe Biden, yet here he is. I think if he got in office he's not going to be as anti-business as many of the others.
  8. For me there was never an accusation made. I was sitting at a double deck table when someone grabbed me by the collarbone essentially and stood me up. I turned around and it was a guy in a suit flanked by a security guard on each side and an older woman with the little librarian like glasses with the chain on them taking notes. He called me by my name, told me his and said he was the shift supervisor at the casino. Told me that I was to not play 21 anymore at the casino and that I was free to play any other game in the future if I wished, but never again 21. He told me further action would be considered tresspass and I'd be removed. So I wasn't thrown out exactly, but it was made clear that further attempts to play would lead to it. I got what I'd consider a "brush back" that time. I had another one years later as well. But after this first one I've never played for long periods again. i can play a little in Vegas now when I go for meetings but I never sit more than an hour in one spot and I never have a player card. I also never gamble where I'm staying. It doesn't mean they couldn't find me, I'm just not playing for the dollars or hours it would take to likely stand out to even get looked at. On the original event, I had friends ask me why I didn't argue with them. But like I said, he never said "you're a counter". He just told me they didn't want my 21 play and they have that right. Also, for people who wanted me to argue, I told them, it's a pretty intimidating thing to get that out of nowhere. The next time I got a brush back I was more prepared, but in that moment it catches you off-guard. You turn and are confronted by multiple people at once and it's easy to say you could do something different, but the whole encounter likely didn't last over a minute.
  9. I need to give it a watch. I was booted from the New York/New York in Vegas back in Dec 2005.
  10. Interesting. But I'll be surprised if Bernie doesn't win. Found this one interesting yesterday: Political Polls @Politics_Polls #National Democratic Primary, Head-2-Head: Sanders 54% (+21) Klobuchar 33% . Sanders 54% (+17) Buttigieg 37% . Sanders 53% (+15) Bloomberg 38 . Sanders 48% (+4) Biden 44% . Sanders 44% (+2) Warren 42%
  11. From my recollection four years ago the Nevada Caucus is a daytime event and results are known by mid-afternoon. Anyone know if that's correct and the same for this year?
  12. Honestly I don’t think he even knew much about what was going on. I felt pity for him more than anything else watching him try and answer questions.
  13. Agreed. It would be easier for me to do though if he’s failing to get institutional change accomplished and it’s more fear based. The more he “accomplished” the more long term Id be looking to other markets.
  14. Kudos for that. It’s easy to say “I'm going to accelerate my investments in a downturn” and it’s another thing to do it with the feelings and negativity out there during such a time. It’s easy to get caught up in I’ll just buy later when it’s cheaper.
  15. That 3 bucks from the broke college student didn’t get her too far