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  1. It's a bad idea both then and now in my eyes, regardless of who proposes it. I posted a link in the wealth tax thread which discusses why countries such as France, Germany, and Sweden all abolished it. This is the link:
  2. Here's just one article on it:
  3. Through business as well
  4. Not sure what that would have to do with turning away from the idea of a wealth tax. If anything, that would lead them to all be in favor of it.
  5. A better question might be why it would work in the U.S. when France, Germany, and Sweden all abandoned this idea.
  6. I'm not worried about my credibility with anyone. I just posted my belief, you can disagree with it if you wish. It's not going to hurt my feelings and certainly not in the context on a message board discussing political issues. That's obviously not a reciprocal thing here as I simply stated a belief that differed from yours and you decided to reply in an insulting way. It's not a fruitful discussion when it comes down to that, good luck to you.
  7. Good grief. Let me help you, because you apparently are having some issues tonight, I specifically said I disagreed with Trump on the way we pulled out. I don't know a clearer way to state it and have stated it. Yet somehow every discussion is coming back to Trump. Shockingly I don't 100% agree with any politician or party. I get that you seem to circle back to Trump, apparently in every thought in daily life, but we all don't work that way.
  8. One thing you and I can totally agree on
  9. Sure I can, and I'd hope you can also acknowledge that there's a huge difference in a semi-autonomous region and a nation state. The Turks have stated many times in the past this was always something they'd never tolerate.
  10. Nope, I recall a no fly zone. What I don't recall is a Kurdish state or as was phrased "Kurdistan of Northern Iraq", which was what msommer was claiming the Turks would not attack in northern Iraq if it were established.
  11. If you want to take Trump shots, plenty of threads here for that. You can be critical of how he handled the pullout, fair enough. Somehow, I know this is big news, the Turks and Kurds managed to have a dislike for each other pre-Trump.
  12. There was this guy there, I think his name was Saddam something or other. Then the US military was there, I missed where a Kurdish state ever existed. Must have escaped my history book.
  13. Again, where did I support an immediate pullout? I've said multiple times we can't stay there, I wish we had done more to broker a peace between the Kurds and Turks before we left and also come up with a plan for ISIS detainees. This isn't that hard to read.
  14. Why? We aren't there now and they moved into Syria. What makes northern Iraq more acceptable to the Turks? They've long stated they'd never accept a Kurdish state on their border, it has nothing to do with who leads America.