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  1. I'd say you don't trust statements but you vote for the policies you've seen enacted you prefer to what others have done. Words are nothing to politicians. Neither side is responsible on spending. Right now Trump is for lower taxes after the tax cuts and the current level of spending. The Dems want to reverse the tax cuts but then would drastically have to increase spending with some mix and match of Medicare for All, student loan forgiveness, etc. rather than lowering the deficit or balancing it. Either way, we are going to be spending way more than we take in. I'll take the lower taxes and relative to the alternative lower spending so that spending is at a level where we could come back and reign it in some, even though I see nobody short of Rand Paul willing to do that today. At least the amount of austerity we would have to impose would be less from current levels than if we were to increase entitlements. The catch to running deficits while raising both entitlements along with raising taxes is that where do you go next to balance the budget? There's very little more to tax because you just raised everyone's taxes and yet nobody is willing to give up their entitlements.
  2. So you're using that to reference the federal deficit? Hey, I'm all for balancing the budget and trimming the deficit. Show me a candidate who seriously has a plan for that. I thought we went through this exercise yesterday where I don't take politicians' words literally. I never expected Trump to balance the budget. You shouldn't expect it of any of them either. It isn't happening. There's nobody out there who is going to curb spending, it's a runaway train.
  3. I'm not sure. I'm still trying to find a remedial course in depreciation and how it affects income.
  4. Not an attorney but I believe this is correct. I also don't see any way Trump would pardon this guy. Manafort, another story.
  5. Perhaps he is. My belief is it’s moreso the tone. He likes to tweak his political opponents and constantly needle them and provoke them. Obviously it gets the intended result. It manifests itself in many ways such as how many opponents of Trump are in this thread I actually didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 but plan to in 2020 given I think it’s likely to be a stark choice of economic philosophy. I’ve voted for more Ds than Rs over my life for President but I feel the Democrats have lurched dangerously to the left on economics. I don’t like all the rhetoric, not a fan of “send them back” but still to me words are merely that and a change in economic philosophy and entitlements on the scale many on the left are calling for could be catastrophic.
  6. I didn’t believe either of them. I guess I’m a little cynical when it comes to politics and any politician so I tend to not listen to rhetoric but more policy and it’s results in the context of the parts I view as important. I don’t take Trump at face value on much in speeches but I don’t for any politician We just view which is worse between words and policies differently. You are talking about the man. I’m not gonna argue that. I wouldn’t want my daughter married to him and have said so. But policy wise I think the new entitlement is much longer lasting and worse for our country. I think way more so than Obama’s policies though the people running today on the left would be far worse than Obama ever was. I’m sure you disagree but that’s my belief.
  7. Also, don't call a plumber to snake your toilet. Very easy to do by making a quick trip to Home Depot and watching a Youtube video.
  8. I'm fine with 100% truth if that's truly your standard. I happen to find a lie about his dad's wealth less of a detractor than lying about a huge national entitlement that we will forever be saddled with.
  9. Well, I didn't believe if I liked my doctor I could keep him either. So I guess it's your ability to see through political speak. Oddly, if my plumber does his job and tells me some stories along the way I don't believe, I'm ok with it.
  10. So you believe everything someone tells you? I got told today my plumber was gonna be here mid-morning. It hasn't happened yet. I'm not overly worried about it. Probably would be much less worried if he'd just told me a story about what his parents had or didn't have that had no impact on how he did his job.
  11. Shame on him for having something to start out with.
  12. Do you want to break it to him you do commercial real estate as well or should I? I haven't been taught this much accounting since I was getting my Masters in Accountancy.
  13. Yeah, I had a net loss. Pretty easy to do with depreciation, especially if you do any repairs or refurbishing. Appraised value has nothing to do with gain/loss unless for book purposes you are writing down land/buildings to market. You never show the appreciation as a gain unless you sell it.
  14. I honestly don't know. It could be really bad or could be a tax accounting situation. It's pretty easy to show losses on real estate/rentals for tax basis. I did it last year on some things I own, and I'm pretty happy with their overall performance. But that's not to say he was doing great, I simply don't know without having all the financials, none of us do.
  15. The very first two words of this article says "Trump's Companies". You need to understand this isn't personal bankruptcy.