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  1. The Secret Service isn't going to cede any more ground there so it has the potential to get nasty for sure.
  2. Just heard them read that statement from her attorney. Very interesting phrasing to make it clear her kids were not with the policeman involved in this. In other words, he's not their dad leave my kids alone.
  3. OK, but that really doesn't seem to fit indifference toward assault, looting, arson, etc. I'm not sure what is cruel or oppressive about halting those actions. Nobody that I've seen is advocating to stop people from peacefully protesting.
  4. Question for any of you guys who own a business or have direct investment in one. How do you look at your personal asset allocation in regards to your capital invested in your company? It's a separate line item for me but I've always viewed it as being akin to being in equities when assessing my balances. If you were to look at my equity exposure percentage it's very small, but if you add both it and my capital inside my business together it is more normal for someone my age I believe. I'm doing some soul searching on allocations. I'm 45 years old and am sitting around 58% equities/business; 11% real estate, 13% bonds, 19% cash/equivalents.
  5. Yeah I mean I get hindsight is 20/20 and all, but that really kind of irritated me. Granted when we spoke in March I had significant new funds I thought I'd be investing that due to capital/cash needs for my business I had to have a change of plans on and leave in the business. So those new funds would have increased my equity exposure and now you have to re-allocate existing assets to do that rather than taking new funds to do it. Also granted that I could/should have sold bond fund assets out of my self directed SEP and reallocated them to equities myself. Long term I know I should have more in equity exposure because the way I initially built my worth was business driven and I erred on the side of having excess liquidity. But that call given where we are today and where we were just 60 days ago took me aback.
  6. This is the question I asked my advisor today when he called on my managed funds to tell me he thought we should be a higher percentage in equities.
  7. JPM is really getting it done today. I wished I had bought more but I bought just little enough I wouldn't be tempted to flip it. My plan is a longer term hold on that one. I should add the JPM purchase was totally funded by MGM and BLMN profits.
  8. Took some of my gains from BLMN and MGM and put into JPM at 89.00
  9. Good catch, I caught it at 1 AM just after hitting send as well. I was off by a class and should have double checked that first. I feel like Mike Wallace without jumped out of the bushes on me. I gotta be sharper at 1 AM, now I feel stipid.
  10. Funny how CNN uses a Kaitlan Collins, an from Alpha Phi at the U of A to go after Trump these days. If anyone remembers back a few years, they were the ones with the recruitment video of girls in bikinis blowing bubbles, glitter, all white girls, etc. The left got good and riled up over that video, it was sexist, racist, etc.
  11. Total mess is right, I own 3 rentals in a college town. Luckily my complex is across the road from the vet school and some of that would be extremely hard to do on distance learning. We have a lot of vet and grad students but those nearer campus and higher rents are in serious trouble. That's not to say I'm not concerned as well.
  12. May be a little early but I took the gain in some BLMN at $11.15
  13. Have a buddy who is in PK, was looking at it awhile back as well. 20% in a day is a monster. I'd like to get DIS as a long term hold, hope I get a sub 100 shot again.