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  1. Questionable to return. This dude is killing everyone who drafted him. Start calling him Fragile Fred Jr.
  2. I like the strategy, but Hogan and Goodwin are no longer going that late in drafts. I've completed two drafts online today and in both drafts they were both gone by the mid 5th round.
  3. We draw our spots in June, and our draft is always Labor day weekend. We prefer the earlier time, because this allows plenty of time to mock draft.
  4. The league I'm in uses team QB. Is there any way to incorporate that into the starting lineups? Thanks.
  5. I didn't vote, because Roger Staubach wasn't on the list.
  6. I'm up 39, and he has Jake Elliott. Only way I could possibly lose, is if it's Jake from State Farm and he's wearing khakis! Lol! Championship!
  7. I want to start him, but not sure who to bench. I've also got Bell, Cook, Hunt, GillisLee, and Smallwood.
  8. If the product on the field isn't up to par, then we as fans should boycott watching these games that are played in other countries. I'm not even gonna start on the Thursday night games.
  9. It's back up. I wonder if there was any correlation with MFL down, Footballguys down , and Saints/Dolphins headsets not working.
  10. I can't access any of my Leagues on MFL.
  11. We have a deluxe league that cost $179 per year. Gotta do better than this.
  12. What sucks is that it's a paid site. I could have used espn for free, and gotten the same service that I'm getting tonight. And this is the first game of the season.