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  1. I watched the game. I thought he was the best player on the 49ers today. He would get a carry and would run for 4-8 yards everytime. Then, Shanahan would try to get Jimmy G going. That changeed the gamescript. They should have relied on Mostert more often.
  2. The hospital that I'm employed with, it takes about two hours for the rapid test results.
  3. I'm playing Carson. Should be a closer game, and he will probably be more involved in the game. Last week they got ahead, and there was no need to keep him in the game. Please answer my question.
  4. I have got to agree with everyone else, take Cooper!
  5. I would do the trade. You are trading the number 1 ranked Wr (currently injured), for the number 2 ranked WR. Plus you are getting a top 10-15rb, possibly top 10 if things go well this season.
  6. It's Edmunds or Mattison for me. If you have Drake, and not Cook drop Mattison. If you have Cook and not Drake, drop Edmunds. If you don't have either upside is Edmunds, safer play is Mattison. And I have no idea what a vampire league is.
  7. It's Mixon for me. You drafted him probably in the 1st or 2nd round. Play your studs!
  8. I've got Brandin Cooks, but Mike Williams is available, Would you drop Cooks and pick up Williams in ppr?
  9. Well I've got AJ dillon, just trying to decide if I want drop him for Hyde. I've got Kerryon, Anthony Miller, and Darrius Slayton as my other options. 0.5ppr rb, and 1 ppr receivers.
  10. I've got Carson, and Aaron Jones rostered in a 0.5ppr redraft league. Would you rather pickup Carlos Hyde or AJ Dillon?
  11. If I had Drake on my team, then Edmunds is a must. If I didn't have Drake, I still think I would go with Edmunds. Could be a league winner if Drake gets hurt. Please answer my question.
  12. I've got Carson in my 12 team 0.5ppr redraft league. Should I drop Kerryon now after the AP signing, and pickup Hyde to cover if Carson goes down? Thanks.
  13. Questionable to return. This dude is killing everyone who drafted him. Start calling him Fragile Fred Jr.
  14. I like the strategy, but Hogan and Goodwin are no longer going that late in drafts. I've completed two drafts online today and in both drafts they were both gone by the mid 5th round.