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  1. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports Melvin Gordon will be active for Week 4 against the Dolphins but will only play in an "emergency."
  2. What happen to K White from the chargers? Zero Box Score
  3. because that's what they agreed to pay him when they signed.
  4. so was it reported wrong that he signed a 9 million guarantee?
  5. You do that, their the dumb dumbs that signed the pyshco for 15 mil. And yes, so far he hasn't been CHARGED... He's in a civil suit. Good on them for doing the right thing and cutting him but they need too still pay the price, 9 million.
  6. I don't see how, they signed him.. he played a game with them. And he still hasn't been charged with anything. Sorry, they owe him 9 mil
  7. I know its a long shot, but cap won't have much to do with it... these teams make magic happen with their cap numbers these days. I think a 2nd and 3rd would be honestly be enough. SD is going to get close to nothing back anyway when he leaves
  8. Had a draft wednesday night and D Williams fell to me in the 6th... I scooped up Shady shortly after. It was IDP but still, he was projected in the 3rd round... just wow.*&POSITION=*&FRANCHISE=0001
  9. Please call the Chargers and trade for Gordon
  10. any chance the Packers come knocking? Gordon is leaps and bounds better than Jones and he'll be out of the conference