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  1. I'm using MFL, the most popular draft here and the sync button no workie. I have to unlink and then relink, that's no good
  2. so how do I look though the FAs in my leagues?
  3. I like Brady in the 8th or later paired with a QBBC
  4. 12 Team, PPR, IDP, 3RR
  5. I got #3 in a slow draft, Took ODB.
  6. So im guessing both parties admit guilt
  7. I want a refund, this is looking way too much like all the other websites that had big promises and then cashed out
  8. Would love to see a good team give them peanuts for Hunter... I still think he can make it. What WR besides Mathews is worth owning there
  9. This modern day tech releasing, nothing is ever a finished product... years ago people would be fired for this and companys would lose their rep, now it's just norm
  10. Looking for 1 more
  11. Email sent, anyone else looking for a great league
  12. All set, theres one more spot available then we'll get started
  13. Still looking, this is a great league with a lot of extra content. Great drafters and we're fast.