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  1. Same as last yr, miss 4... play 4 and get injuried
  2. trade bait
  3. losing 30 pounds in 3 months is going to take a lot out of him football wise. Starks is the play
  4. Bell's comments sound like something is going on
  5. Lol!!
  6. I'm going to put this in the "where's there's smoke...." category. Unfortunately these rumors are usually more correct than not.
  7. Murray hasn't always been the picture of health, I'm excited to see what Henry will do
  8. with Eifert and Green's injury Fleener moved up 2 spots in majority of rankings. Which 5 guys would you want over him?
  9. I'd take Austin and Jones here
  10. I add .1 or .2 per carry to my leagues
  11. take those gloves away and the NFL goes back to a power running league
  12. Last yr when Hyde got hurt it was miserable having Vereen as my RB, so unless something changes Vereen is basically useless. Lucky I had DWill to start during that time. I think Gurley is going to pump out ADP numbers for the next 6 to 7 yrs, look what he did his rookie year with no off-season and 3 games missed. And on a personal note, I find Beckham to be a very very talented pompous a##.
  13. Maybe Ryan Fitzpatrick
  14. maybe I worded it wrong but I gave up ODB for Gurley