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  1. So he'll be returning about a yr from when he was suspended. This has to make everyone happy expect us Chubb owners
  2. its funny how this stuff leaks now that the league wants him to go away. Wonder who's leaking it. Also, how can he be on the exempt list when hes not even on a team? Does that mean he can just name anyone, including me to this list?
  3. Showed the video to my girl friend, she's pretty level headed and agreed that everyone in the wrong but to cut him over this is stupid. Don't worry, there's 31 teams lining up to sign him. If Foster got a job the following day then Hunt will surely be picked up.
  4. Right, their comparing him to Foster... well one was charge w a crime and the other wasn't.
  5. What are talking about, he's totally being sent away and it's not right
  6. Total bs, he notified the league and team of what happened. 10 months later a video comes out and now their ready to take action. So where's the motivation to ever report a situation to the team. And where the hell is the players association, they should be taking action for the player
  8. its over Jimmy, this proves that Rodgers just doesn't look for TEs
  9. I have no idea where he can go next yr. Maybe Jax but there oline doesn't seem much better