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  1. 2014 Auction
  2. Teams know they have to move from him, they'll be patience and either low ball them in the draft or just wait for him to be cut
  3. what
  4. I'm benching him, Stafford, Matthew DET QBGurley, Todd RAM RBHyde, Carlos SFO RBBoyd, Tyler CIN WRBryant, Dez DAL WRCobb, Randall GBP WREifert, Tyler CIN TEOlsen, Greg CAR TEHauschka, Steven SEA PKFairley, Nick NOS DTAlualu, Tyson JAC DEWilliams, Kyle BUF DEAlexander, Lorenzo BUF LBBrown, Zach BUF LBOgletree, Alec RAM LBRobertson, Craig NOS LBPorter, Tracy CHI CBShead, Deshawn SEA CBByrd, Jairus NOS SDemps, Quintin HOU S
  5. ia sheldon richardson trustable this weekend
  6. same, and it won't let me unsync, been useless the past 2 or 3 weeks nnow... please refund me kellysheroes01
  7. Fisher for not playing Goff earlier
  8. so i could lose last week
  9. after the Josh Brown thing, the NFL is going to investigate all accusations I assume. Funny thing, if she was proven to be lying why isn't the media destroying her like they would if the tables were turned?
  10. Playing him over Jennings and Murray
  11. nice, about time!!
  12. with Ben done the offense will poop
  13. Panic time?