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  1. Can he be saved or is this Trent Richardson again
  2. Idp superflex
  3. Had a late drop out, the team isn't too bad and is loaded w/ rookie picks Roster: Picks:*&FRANCHISE=0027 League is 32 Team Duplex league Entry $55 Any questions email
  4. Clearly they change their software so now I have no idea how to setup my off-season waiver request. Anybody want to help
  5. w/ 1.06 and extra 2nd Rookie Pick! Brady / Dalton / and Great RBs
  6. no problem, still looking
  7. bump, maybe one spot left
  8. Team 1 left... once full the rookie draft will begin
  9. thanks you. The entry fee is $55
  10. once filled we'll get this started!!!