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  1. Playing him over Jennings and Murray
  2. nice, about time!!
  3. with Ben done the offense will poop
  4. got Buff vs Kap
  5. Panic time?
  6. Projections are pumping Wheeler BTW.
  7. what a cry baby, like hes this tormented soul. Sold him for Gurley right before the season started and I'm happy
  8. about to cut bait
  9. I'm giving him a roll out in my 2nd flex spot
  10. Did you see their week 3 game
  11. Nail meet coffin
  12. This is why its great to have a Big Name Vet LB in FF. Ray Lewis was the king of the ghost tackle... I couldn't stand watching his games and the box scores live especially in his later seasons when Balt was padding his stats. I saw plays where Ray wasn't even in the pile and he would get credit for the tackle. Pretty much if you see an LB get 90 or more tackles yr in and yr out theres some baloney in there.
  13. was anybody tackled in that game?
  14. I was very afraid of this once Teddy went down, ofcourse its week 1 and maybe a slight over reaction
  15. get a good draft pick next yr and try gain