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  1. I'm going to bow out, deploying this yr, maybe next time
  2. In win now format he's a big buy
  3. In the words of Broken Matt Hardy, "it's ovah"
  4. 240 for his hieght sound heavy
  5. think of the millions he just missed
  6. Name a couple
  7. Good for him, hope he keeps it up
  8. Allen was well on pace to be WR1 last yr especially in PPR before his freak injury. I'd take Allen slight higher
  9. Same as last yr, miss 4... play 4 and get injuried
  10. trade bait
  11. losing 30 pounds in 3 months is going to take a lot out of him football wise. Starks is the play
  12. Bell's comments sound like something is going on
  13. Lol!!
  14. I'm going to put this in the "where's there's smoke...." category. Unfortunately these rumors are usually more correct than not.
  15. Murray hasn't always been the picture of health, I'm excited to see what Henry will do