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  1. the entire O-line are the back ups and the LT is on the 3rd string... ouch
  2. I just saw him projected to score more than Drew Brees, this site offers refunds... right
  3. what the hell happened, Mixon did a lot better when Dalton was there
  4. I hear ya, I'm no scout and barely watched Jax when they were on... but when I did watch I felt he was a solid player... don't know why there is this much hate. Brady can change that tune if he gets out of line
  5. I think the idea RoJo is going to be used more on passing downs due to his smaller build and Pass Pro, LF will grind the games out once they get the leads in the later Qs
  6. some dope on ESPN fantasy was saying that he wouldn't take LF until the 12th if at all on my 6 pm ride home... would love to hear him spin his decision making now
  7. just wow, this was one of the best spots for our LF shares!!
  8. even if he waits till after the opener; with no pre-season and COVID I fully expect week 1 and 2 to have dozens of injuries and outbreaks... he'll be playing this year
  9. why not many mentions of the Chargers? Him and Eckler would make a Nice 1,2 Punch
  10. on paper I would say Wash is the ticket, but all the bad PR their getting... then bring in a bad egg like LF. IDK But I hope he gets signed soon, I keep seeing the volume thing brought up, but he was a crap team since draft day, I mean look at his starting QBs... he was always going to be one of the best options to move the chains; the fact he has a 4.0 YPC in Jax is just fine to me.