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  1. I think 9 minutes will be closer. Suspect that the recent spree of pardons was nothing but smokescreen for immediate pardon of Stone. It would have looked off it was just Stone out of the blue without a recent track record.
  2. Agreed it seems dumb for the favorites not to be voted out immediately, but geez, sometimes you have these own-worse-enemy players like Danni who are so bad it’s impossible not to vote them off. From a numbers standpoint, it really does not hurt the ‘new’ group to eliminate an old player. Of course, when Ben is on your side numbers might not matter.
  3. 35% will vote Trump regardless of who the Dems run. 35% will vote against Trump no matter who the Dems run. Of course it is a battle for the middle.
  4. The Twins should not even pick up the phone if it rings with a 617 area code. Getting a starter would be good, but there are arguments on both sides of that trade. Bullpen is an increasingly important role when starters are limited to 5-6 innings in today's MLB.
  5. I think we're talking past each other. To me there is a tactical question of whether you want the outcome reliant on your ability to score against the KC D, or your ability to stop the KC offense. It was going to boil down to one of those alternatives. JMHO, I don't think the odds of SF winning was > 25% if they scored on that play, needing to stop a KC offense with 1:30/3 TOs. Now, if you think SF had < 25% scoring a TD outside of that play, I can see where you are coming from. I'm maybe more optimistic than you on SF ability to score a TD without that play call.
  6. And yet, they didn't score. They didn't have a realistic chance at 4th and 10. Even had they connected, I'd have liked KCs odds of scoring in 1:30 with 3 TOs. I don't see a lot of upside in the playcall, but oh well, as mentioned it's just an opinion.
  7. I don't care enough to debate it, but even if they connected as a best case scenario, it was a decision that places the ball in the hands of KC's hot offense to determine the outcome. The two prior KC drives were: 10 plays, 83 yards, 2:40 (TD) 7 plays, 65 yards, 2:26 (TD) JMHO, I'd have expected SF to keep fate in their own hands and take advantage of a 4-down drive to score a winning TD.
  8. Congrats Chiefs fans, pretty good Super Bowl. The one play that had me scratching my head was the SF decision to pass deep on 3rd and 10 with 1:40 left. Even on the upside that the play works, it is a decision to give a hot KC offense the ball with 1:30 and 3 TOs left for the win, needing only a FG to tie. When they missed, it set up a 4th and 10, which is a low odds do or die distance.
  9. I don't think it is that at all. I think it is the 'talking out of both sides of the mouth' for WH counsel to argue "should have gone through the courts" in impeachment and DOJ to argue "should use impeachment" in the courts. I hope that tact is considered by the courts. ETA, not that DOJ is defending Trump... but it is pretty hard to distinguish them from WH counsel at this point.
  10. Sorry if already mentioned, but apparently the DOJ argued in court today that the solution to resolving ignored subpoenas is not the court system, but impeachment.
  11. The things that outrage the far right, in comparison to the things they find acceptable, is perplexing.
  12. I thought the point of having Roberts presiding is they don't go through multiple layers of courts to reach a decision on evidentiary disputes like the McGahn dispute has. I could be mistaken. Any event, if part of the goal is to throw a bucket of water on Trump's efforts to corrupt the 2020 election, going through courts until November seems like a bad option. People are more aware now of the facts than they would be seeing news blurbs about legal briefs being exchanged. At least when the public hears dubious foreign news about his opponents now, they can put it into proper context, if nothing else. Also, this is really making Republican Senators look putrid, and they would not be in a hot seat themselves for running interference until after the November elections if Dems allowed themselves to get bogged down in courts. That was probably the best outcome that could be hoped for from the beginning, since everyone knows the last card to be played is "Acquit, because nothing amounts to abuse of power." More evidence and testimony is pointless given that reality, but Dems should keep pushing because Republicans look worse and worse with each passing day that they do.
  13. Meh, I think the problem is you are suggesting Republicans are interchangeable. I don't believe for a minute that any Republican president would be impeached. There are political consequences/realities that make impeachment a very difficult thing to happen. Beyond that, you have to be pretty cynical to ignore the underlying facts here... a president breaking the law (holding Congressional earmarked funding) to bribe a foreign country to influence a future US election via announcement of a manufactured investigation against his political rival. That conduct from a sworn US president is about as bad as it gets.
  14. Awesome walleye! Hoped you'd do better in warmer weather. I caught a 25" 'eye the week prior but other than that it was perch/northern, although we did lose a few larger mystery fish using 4-6 lb fluorocarbon leaders. I just tell myself those were walleye. You should consider sleeper houses for a future trip so you don't have to even think about getting up early or staying late. I've never had much luck with a daytime walleye bite on Leech... seems like it is after hours or 5-7 AM. My 25" struck at 9 PM. Like I said before, pretty exciting to wake up to a rattle wheel at 2:00 AM. Bunks/no bathroom isn't for everybody, but makes for a great grizzly adams weekend.
  15. Interested to hear how your trip went BTM if you get time. I was reserved to fish Walker Bay this coming weekend but the outfit has moved us to Lake Kabekona (15 miles north of Walker) due to continuing poor conditions on Walker Bay. Initially I was put off that they didn't just relocate to Pine Point, but have researched Kabekona, and seems like it has interesting structure. 133' max depth, 50' average depth, sharp shoreline breaks, 20' humps) so looks like an intriguing lake that has much of what Leech Lake/Walker Bay has, in possibly a more scout-able size lake.