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  1. Not sure this is the right thread for this, but it is interesting and smells a lot like the Kanye situation:
  2. This is true, but I think context matters. I hadn't experienced a lot of my conservative friends raising abortion, 2nd amendment, Ukraine etc. in public discourse. I'm sure they had a stance, but these were topics separate from social action. It's really when a pandemic becomes politicized (which I still don't understand), that issues immediately relevant to their conduct (wanting kids in school, sending invites to social gatherings, wearing a mask, rolling eyes when they do or when others are, etc.) that it is nearly impossible to avoid politicizing ones acts, or as you refer to it, their identity.
  3. (1) Your situation stinks, I'm sorry to hear about it. It's one of the reasons I just bow out of outings. (2) What's done is done but I probably wouldn't text a 20 year friend that sort of message/content. I'd go face to face, see his reactions, hear his instinctive response. Also, I would not text anything I did not expect to be handed to the spouse of my recipient, particularly if it is description of her conduct that he didn't witness. (3) The Old friends/newer friends via old friends was an almost impossible dynamic. These two couples are reinforcing each other - and this is probably their bell cow topic/rant every time they get together. Could also be a bit of a friend competition/displacement thing. It's stereotypical to say, but it's not real surprising this happened on the x chromosome side of your outing.
  4. Sort of reminded me of a situation we had over the summer. My wife's folks (best in-laws/grandparents ever, except...) have a vacation seasonal just 15 minutes away from our cabin. A lot of retirees, events and group campfires every night, etc. They came over weekly the prior summer, but we made it clear in May that we were taking the pandemic seriously, and may need to keep distance until this thing blows over. On some level I understand them... they worked hard for retirement and are not changing a thing - "if we get it, we get it." On the other hand, we weren't too keen on (effectively) inviting their entire campground over to our place. Fast forward to early July, my wife was feeling guilty and called, intending to invite them over for birthday cake for a grandkid. When her mom answered, she said she'd need to call back because she couldn't hear my wife due to the noise at the crowded bar/grill they were at. My wife hung up and said, "yeah, not happening."
  5. I think it is probably true that the streets are littered with potentially successful QBs who were put in bad situations and failed. 7 games in is awfully early to know whether Burrow will develop fine. Blake Bortles looked promising his first two years, but was sacked 55 (2014) and 51 (2015) times. Sack numbers went down from there, but so too did his performance (went from 4500/35 TDs to out of work). David Carr had sack totals in the 60's if I recall, and he never had a prayer to develop. Deshaun Watson, on the other hand, seems to be handling lack of protection (for now). I just don't think it's logical to choose the approach of putting a hopeful QB behind a bad line on the merit that it can work out. It's a multi year commitment to a guy, and odds are against success. Reading route progressions and dictating movement/placement of safeties are critical to QB success unless he is a freak of nature (I think of Russell Wilson). Most QBs are going to require pass protection to develop.
  6. No worries. My initial reply was snarky but I deleted because we both want the same thing, and I don't want to misdirect my frustration at another fan. The success running the ball is a bit of a head scratcher for me, given that this team can't even make a single critical yard running when games are on the line. I probably won't see eye to eye on any justification to deprioritize line. I've always been a delayed gratification guy, I'm not in a real hurry as long as there's a light at the end of the tunnel. We've waited this long, what's the rush to embrace groundhog day? I'd welcome one or two 4-12 seasons if I saw groundwork being laid to provide a future rookie QB the protection he needs to develop. Short term lumps are needed sometimes. And here's the real problem in my mind: You are hanging your hopes on a GM who has no track record finding a franchise (or developmental) QB for teams desperately seeking one. Well, even that is maybe too nice. In his various personnel positions in Chicago/Miami/Minnesota since 1997, he's been associated with the following draft picks (to whatever extent): Chicago 1997-1999: Moses Moreno (7th), Cade McNown (1st) Miami 2000-2005: Josh Heupel (6th) [Jay Fiedler was made starter in 2000 and no other rookies drafted to challenge his role] Minnesota 2006-current: Tarvaris Jackson (2nd), Tyler Thigpen (7th), John David Booty (5th), Joe Webb (6th), Christian Ponder (1st), Teddy Bridgewater (1st), Nathan Stanley (7th). This is of course ignoring the long list of UDFA's Spielman has signed in his tenure in Minnesota as developmental hopefuls. JMHO, that's a putrid record - both using early draft picks for a franchise starter, and late picks for a developmental QB. You mentioned Burrows, the consensus #1 pick from 2020 draft, and I think it's a bit of a red herring unless you believe the Vikes are going to be positioned for Lawrence... I just don't see it. More likely we're relying on Spielman's judgment selecting a non-consensus #1 pick, and hitching our wagon to that guy for the next 3-4 years, OL still in shambles for that guy.
  7. JMHO, this is more an indictment on Spielman. It's my issue if I feed my kids candy for dinner just because they want it. It's my job as a parent to know what is best for them. That's Spielman's job, and who he takes input from is on him alone. ETA: The actual problem you describe is not fixed by changing coaches.
  8. 100% Spielman for me. You need to believe in a GM to believe in the new coach, and I don't. We have a whole team of curmudgeon coaches today, and a roster complied by Spielman that does not fit at all what a curmudgeon coach wants to do. Top down change is needed.
  9. I agree with a lot of your post, but what is the market for the sort of GM you would hope to land in week 7? Would a guy jump from a job on an aspiring team? Seems like a job better filled just after a season.
  10. JMHO, they'll ruin anyone they put behind that pass protection. While the first INT by cousins was inexcusable, the last two came with defenders pushing OL back into him. Whether it is a newbie as you mention late this year or a new prized rookie next year, it's got to be impossible for any QB to operate assuming a 2 second clock. Training any QB to go through route progressions is a pipe dream... which I think is what is causing Cousins to project a single target.
  11. Jefferson has looked really good, unfortunately irrelevantly. There's a decent case for firing anyone, from Spielman on down, but I'm not a fan of reflexive symbolic firings. There's no reason to do anything now and, in fact, it may cause the wrong firing in a biased environment. Nepotism has left Zim in a tricky spot. My biggest fear is someone like Patterson (a very proven coach IMO) gets scapegoated, elevating Zim's son to full fledged DC, when maybe his lack of experience was part of the problem. That's not solving anything. JMHO- Make everyone lay in the bed they've made for 2020 and be judged on results.
  12. Welcome to the Vikings, where even being 1-4 leads to a sense of overconfidence.