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  1. Ha, maybe should have thought that through. Good point. I've actually changed my mind on Nicole a bit since she has won some key comps and seems to have gained credibility with other house guests . Holly has played ok and won some comps but has essentially ridden a showmance without many decisions I'd consider independent.
  2. I like Mike, but would probably not pay a 20201st straight up for him unless I knew for sure it was 11-12. Adding Preston for me is the same as adding a mid-2nd. That's pretty rich for Mike Williams IMHO.... I don't consider him a reliable enough WR to offer a 1st and 2nd to obtain. I'd want someone a bit more established at that cost.
  3. I don't like Michie and I get the concern that a jury might give Michie the Paul treatment, but I don't think it should. Unlike Paul who announced 'love' to all, Michie made some fairly significant parting of ways with the herd decisions when he disagreed, and he was vocal about it. He completely exposed himself to risk but controlled his fate winning comps and forming new alliances which he stuck to until his alliances failed him first. That's unlike Paul, who relied on deception 100% to stay alive.
  4. Yeah, I get that. Would you agree there is no need or benefit to having additional Congressional testimony until they take that leap?
  5. So be made to look impotent repeatedly is necessary to move to an impeachment inquiry? I just think it is a bad look.
  6. So the strategy is call witness after witness, get stonewalled in public view, and not challenge executive privilege? Am I getting that right? I thought the dem sound bytes coming out of the Hope Hicks hearing was she fell right into the trap asserting privilege 150 times?
  7. Not a real fan of anyone this season after Sam got evicted. Michie is the most deserving since he broke from the big/safe alliance and has been a comp fiend. I don't like his personality, but any other winner would be the worst winner in BB history. Anyone still around is around because Michie chose to keep them around.
  8. Oh, I see. Lying and leaking classified information bothers you. Interesting.
  9. I'd love to see statistics of the last time a Patriot player was flagged for removing his helmet after a good play.
  10. Feeling sort of debbie downer today. It's disappointing when you know the talent is there and low football IQ moments (Cousins throws, Diggs helmet removal) stand in the way of winning. Agreed with Snogger there was no issue at all with the play call, but a vet QB has to understand his situation is not do or die on that play. Oh well, it is maddening to know the Vikings almost need losses like this to get grounded. I was shaking my head last week when Everson saw a need to caution team mates that the Atlanta win was just one win in a long season... and then they fall behind 21-0 15 mere minutes of game play later. It says a lot about the "self-congratulatory over small accomplishments" culture this team always seems to experience. Something you would not expect from a team who has never accomplished anything remarkable.
  11. Maybe splitting hairs, but saying "we know little about the safety" is quite different from "are not safe at all." There have been actual studies conducted, although I don't have links off hand. I don't know about the alcohol commentary, or even whether that is an ingredient in few/some/most products on the market.
  12. I saw a lot about this topic in the politics thread but curious about the thoughts from this crowd. Have to admit, having vaped for 8 years I'm sort of perplexed by the recent health issues among teenagers. Is the issue rogue manufacturers in the industry? On the outlaw topic, I saw one post that suggested products are "being geared toward children" which I don't agree with. I understand there have historically been efforts to make candy nic to lure "replacement smokers" and that stigma will stick for a long time. On the other hand, I'm an adult and should not forced to vape something that tastes like burning leaves... I assume most adult vapers feel the same. The analogies are many IMHO if the solution to all woes involving the under-aged is to limit the market to things that would not appeal to minors. Do we ban any liquor that doesn't taste like gin in order to diminish underage drinking? (apologies to the gin lovers). JMHO, this is an issue where adults shaped the market, rather than being a ploy where demand did not already exist among adults. Stricter sales rules and penalties to deter illegal underage use should be the solution, and not banning of choice to adults.
  13. Agreed this is a major wart on the win. The good thing IMHO is the Vikes only need to aspire for mediocrity at OL to be a winning team, and I do think they are closer to that than they have been in the past 5 seasons. Hopefully O'Neill regaining health will give them better ability to gel, since they really didn't have the opportunity during preseason to function as a unit.
  14. Hmmm, to each his/her own but something sad about her lifestyle based on her profile on the firm's site
  15. There's only a small lot to the NW of the stadium but has been gradually shrinking over the past 3 decades - which is disappointing. On the plus side there are a number of bars downtown linked to the stadium by light rail. I typically hit Sneaky Pete's, which is footsteps from the cheaper Target Center parking, and right at a light rail stop.