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  1. I'm a little confused over report of an agreement reached with DOJ to provide the House Judiciary Committee with certain of the Mueller's "most important files" related to obstruction. Based on the blanket stonewall efforts, is there any reason to believe the DOJ will actually provide anything of actual importance without being forced? These "accommodation agreements" just don't make much sense to me vs. just getting court orders. Side agreements seem more likely to be part of a stall tactic. I'm also confused how getting testimony from John Dean does anything but make Congress look like they are grasping for anything. JMHO, sort of wish Congress would just pursue judicial orders to enforce their authority and subpoena relevant testimony as needed. The obfuscation needs to be simplified in a way regular folks understand, and not complicated by a bunch of side deals (making a stonewalling DOJ appear to be accommodating) and irrelevant testimony from people like Dean who have no connection whatsoever.
  2. I'm confident they will eventually release a highly redacted final report which hides all of the specific conduct that "concerns" them.
  3. Not the same dollar value involved, but might want to track this recent arrest of a man who kept the wrong size TV shipped to him and is being charged with larceny:
  4. Did I hear right that the court order to unredact Flynn provisions in the report is being made public today? Based on the reaction of the judge at the Flynn sentencing hearing, I'm sort of eager to see more.
  5. I agree impeachment is going to happen. I'd be surprised if Democrats want to push this close to the election as a strategy. Call me a sucker, but I think Pelosi is being transparent about waiting for more investigation and bipartisan support, and why wouldn't she? Trump will lose court battles left and right obstructing Constitutional requests in plain view as a tactic. Scathing court decrees.... one after another. I do think Mueller should be forced to testify, if only to have him read significant paragraphs in the report (by his own rules). If anything is clear after today, he is very mistaken that his report speaks for itself. He basically did not change a word in his statement today, and it was still newsworthy to most. He's kidding himself if he thinks even 1% of his audience will read his self-described "carefully chosen wording" that was landslided by a 4 page false narrative.
  6. While it would be downward spiraling from a democracy standpoint, I'd probably get a little humor if China did what Russia did to get its trade war foe out of the picture in 2020. Boy, can you even picture the FLIP OUT factor on the right if it happened? Like everything else in politics, it is all about whose ox is being gored.
  7. I just saw the Sarah Sanders briefing... am I understanding that the new White House narrative is: Mueller had a moral obligation to defy DOJ policy if he felt a charge was warranted. Because Mueller did not act on a moral obligation, that should be interpreted to mean he concluded no obstruction? That position is about as flimsy as they come.
  8. In the grand scheme, I think today was a necessary and positive development in terms of resolving. Set all of the false narratives aired over the past 8 weeks to the side. Congress is the body responsible for pursuing obstruction. Resistance providing evidence sought through a Congressional subpoena, arguing that this is a "do over" of something substantively resolved under the Mueller report, should be completely dispelled. Courts, even the right-leaning Supreme Court, should agree this is valid exercise of a Constitutional responsibility. Congress should not act in any way until it has all facts deemed necessary to support a decision.
  9. The one gaping hole in "ball is in Congress' court" narrative is Congress is being refused the full report, and ability to hold its own follow up investigation.
  10. It's not difficult to spot people who disingenuously claim to have read the report. Some of this characterization of what Mueller did/didn't do in recent posts is comedy gold. Mueller could not have been more clear that he refused to make a prosecutorial decision due to the OLC opinion. Credit to Mueller, he did not think it fair to conclude a crime that he was hamstrung from prosecuting under OLC policy. For anyone who did not understand that simple concept [I guess count Barr in this group], he emphasized that his findings did not exonerate Trump - going out of his way to say he would have exonerated Trump if his findings supported it [interpret to read "were not so obviously damning on that question"].
  11. I think it is a legit concern. I think of our populace as being 35% not going to change republicans/35% not going to change liberals/30% whatever direction the wind is blowing deciding faction. For reasons I can't understand, that 30% population seems willing to tolerate a lot. My guess is as long as the 401K is good, they're good. If going after a doomed impeachment process satisfies the blood lust in the 35% lib base (who would never vote anything but lib with or without impeachment proceeding), but is perceived as political gamesmanship and deters half of the 30% deciding segment, it's a bad idea. It's a lost cause without bipartisan support, and a Trump victory served up on a silver platter. People in that 30% who would have liked to see dems push impeachment are not going to vote Trump if they don't... they are already dissatisfied. Another portion of the 30% may be more willing to vote against Trump if they don't have a cynical view of the democratic party. JMHO.
  12. I just hope Yara understands there will still be no more reaving, roving, raiding, or raping.
  13. Treadwell has become a head case who is unreliable with the hands even when he runs a route correctly and gets separation. I feel like we've seen this movie before (Cordarrelle) and you just need to cut bait sometimes. I've never been a fan.
  14. My impression viewing was it was a last expression of defiance in the face of futility/hopelessness. I think there was way too much going on around him, ducking back and forth from the boulder looking for a window, to be aware of anything else. JMHO.