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  1. We have similar squads — DJ Hill Golloday Samuels. Now I have Mahomes and am favored by a decent margin so I want high floor guys. So benching DJ for Elijah Maguire (never thought I’d be doing this at the beginning of the season) and Golloday for Edelman. Non ppr.
  2. Possible. Or this is a "get right" game for Goff and the receivers and Gurley doesn't score.
  3. If Gordon practices all week, I think you need to consider him over Gurley who may only play the first half.
  4. Is anyone starting David Johnson? He was useless after that first drive last week...and other weeks where the coaches forget about him or they fall behind and throw (feels like we'll get both this week). Must start 2 RBs...pickings are slim: Michel, Conner /Samuels, Ware, pick up Elijah Maquire?
  5. Conner back to throwing.
  6. Maybe a loss will knock some sense into them that they need to, you know, actually run the ball on the road. 47 pass attempts against a flailing JAX team last week and >50 this week is inexcusable in these close games.
  7. Why would they run the ball? Ben looks great.
  8. Had the same idea. Tracking the game while I'm out. and see Ben has 31 passes in a 1 score game...makes no sense. Isn't DEN weak against the run? Are they stacking the box?
  9. Stafford 20 attempts. 64 yards. HOW?!?!?
  10. Fire up your OJs!
  11. So who's calling the plays this week? Thinking of starting Burton over him if it's Koetter.