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  1. I may be in the minority, but I really like the picks of Herbert and Murray. Cannon arm QB and Explosive MLB....c'mon admit you are excited to see them ball..... Tua is a small fragile dude....
  2. The new jerseys are pretty sweet! And the intro video was great....the social media guys at the home office have always done a good job!
  3. I'm sure it's just tweaks....who knows, could be full time powder blues!
  4. Shoring up the R side of the O-line...they gonna trade up and get Tua....
  5. I think it's Phil's last year...:( And Lynn will get his hand with new QB next year in make/break season for him.... They have lots of other young talent on both sides, but either need more Oline, or mobile QB that can cover up for lack of O line....
  6. It was bad Phil....very bad Phil that showed up.....
  7. As he gets older, I think he feels the pressure a lot more. Especially with that makeshift O line. He had pressure coming from BEHIND him all night as DE would blow past the tackles on the outside, and come up from behind as he stepped up in the pocket. His decisionmaking under pressure looks BAD. 😓
  8. Tonight is last chance to put season on track.....just don't know if it will be good Phil or bad Phil who shows up......
  9. Sometimes I wonder why I still like this team...when Rivers retires, it's gonna be hard...and I followed them in the BJ Tolliver years.....
  10. What an ugly game....bad penalties, poor decision making, and Travis Benjamin needs to be cut
  11. He must be related to Marlon least there is a support group for players who cost their teams a playoff win versus the Pats...
  12. Rivers is the master of the corner end zone fade...he's gonna love Mike!
  13. The Chargers will get the 1.1 pick if Rivers goes down.... Those backup QBs are atrocious!