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  1. Sometimes I wonder why I still like this team...when Rivers retires, it's gonna be hard...and I followed them in the BJ Tolliver years.....
  2. What an ugly game....bad penalties, poor decision making, and Travis Benjamin needs to be cut
  3. He must be related to Marlon least there is a support group for players who cost their teams a playoff win versus the Pats...
  4. Rivers is the master of the corner end zone fade...he's gonna love Mike!
  5. The Chargers will get the 1.1 pick if Rivers goes down.... Those backup QBs are atrocious!
  6. Hunter Henry Torn ACL in May? That was the earliest letdown of playoff talk in Charger history..... Gates to the red courtesy phone....
  7. What's the deal with Sandgren and his twitter posts? Sounds like an alt-right, pizza gate, Trumpkin! Go Chung!
  8. Draft wise... No QB yet.... Go DT first round.....some LB depth....that Defense going hum even more next year Glad they kept Off/Def coordinators London game gonna be fun!
  9. Just curious as I tuned out this forum topic for a little while..... Are there any supporters of his on the board anymore?
  10. IMO each week gets better...I loved the last episode and think it's setting some great possibilities with the story line. Especially where they are physically right now!
  11. Although that sound pretty likely, not sure what playoff spot will do for them.... No H Henry, Injured Perryman, Injured Gordon.....that's a one and done at best!
  12. I used to live in Alabama and am familiar with Moore. A vote for him, and you own all the stuff he does. Simple. Just like Trump. There is no blame for what happens that should go to anyone but the voters that do mental gymnastics to convince themselves it's a good vote.
  13. As someone mentioned, the whole point of mandates is to help defray the cost of pre-existing. If the insurance companies know people have to have insurance, it keeps up volume and profitability. Take away mandate, but leave pre-existing, and people float...get insurance/drop insurance....which is not viable model. This new bill is a wreck...give $$ to States. Red states will have no tax, no mandate. Will burn through $$ like crazy. Eventually Fed will have to bail them out anyway......