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  1. In 2 QB or Superflex leagues I'm interested to see if T-Mobile ends up being the starter for the Chargers. He has always produced for fantasy and is a cheap/free flyer right now to hold and see what happens. Hoping someone takes a shot on Hunt being their RB1, can't deny his talent and versatility.
  2. We do it and I do not see the downside, this way it helps to reward the higher scoring teams. If you go against the highest scoring team that week you still have a chance for a win against your other opponent. Use double headers and victory point scoring as the best way to reward the higher scoring teams while still maintaining HTH matchups each week.
  3. I just traded Fournette for Miles Sanders. I have a feeling Fournette will never come close to where his value is now moving forward. Gruden seems to always rely on a 2 back system and the 3rd down receiving back get's the bulk of the passing down work in his offense not a feature back.
  4. Have not seen this mentioned yet, Locked Up on Netflix. Under the radar women's prison series set in Spain with subtitles, started out looking like a bit of a T&A attention grabber turns into a very captivating series. This is much more serious and darker than Orange is the New Black, which I couldn't even finish the first season. This becomes extremely fast moving and really interesting how the characters develop and grow on you.
  5. Need 12 more points in a PPR between Rodgers, Jones and Boone and will be sweating this out in a crap show of a game
  6. Both are to blame, bad pass but the stud WR got his hands on it.....
  7. Jones is elite in the pass game, why the hell have they gone away from that for weeks.....
  8. Horrible, he had Boone or at worst one of his classic worm burners
  9. Watching Abdullah for years in Detroit, he is not good at football.
  10. Two different PPR leagues with the same trio of players and both other teams have no players left. Rodgers, A. Jones, and Boone- down 30 points Rodgers, A. Jones, and Boone- down 50 points, FBG projections are a total of 49 points Hoping the Vikings stick with their running game and the Packers wake up and remember what a great receiving back Jones is