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  1. I agree with most of what you are saying. For now I'm not bothering to try and move AD or Lacy as their value is low and could be worth a lot for me if one of them steps up as an RB2. With Edelman surging in the playoffs for everyone to see and me being deep at WR, I have placed him on the trade block. I have also listed Allen on the block as it looks like many have him rated quite high. As far as Rodgers, this league does not value QB's too much so I think I'm just best riding him out and he should have 5+ years of quality production left.
  2. Trade 2- back when he was young I had Stewart as the #2 talented RB after AD but in Carolina it never really surfaced for FF. Between lack of production, injuries and wanting to remove players that I thought could produce in 2016 (aka hurt draft spot) and not help much in 2017+ I decided it was best to get something for him. Trade 3- IMO and taking the average of dynasty rankings, Dez and Watkins are a toss up in dynasty value right now and "if" Watkins comes back healthy he holds more dynasty value right away and a lot more long term obviously. Lacy gives me a decent shot for an RB2 in 2017+ and worth the gamble. Once again, I really think by removing 4 active producing players- Dez, Fitz, Stewart, Witten for 3 players not active at the time Watkins, Allen, and Lacy also assured me one of the most valuable pieces- the 1.1 pick. We all know that quite often the best team does not win in the fantasy playoffs, as long as you have some studs and some depth you have a good chance to win in the end.
  3. Thanks for the input guys. Yes, once I realized I was out of playoff contention I traded off active players for younger IR players for the future and to help push for the 1.1. If I hit with Fournette or Cook being an RB1 out of the gate then I think I'm ready to win immediately, just need to be able to plug in a 2nd RB for minimal points throughout the year with the rest of my roster being strong. Need to keep a deep stash of RB's on my roster and work the waiver wire as injuries will produce fantasy RB's out of nowhere as they do every year. Still looking to see about trading one or a combo of Allen, Edelman, and 2.1 for a starting RB. Looking at the rosters and lack of RB's right now, I may be better off hoping a RB falls to 2.1 as very few teams can afford to give up a starting RB. As far as moving AD and Edelman I will consider this but don't think I will get what they are worth to me for a few years, maybe Edelman's late season surge will bump his value for a team ready to win now.
  4. 2 that I have not noticed yet. Crazy Car Mattel Talking Football
  5. Winston side
  6. This was this past season during the year but I hope these are the kind of moves that can turn a dynasty around. After injuries and bad luck I realized that it was not going to happen so I decided to make moves to blow up 2016 and improve draft picks while building for the future. Ended up with the the 1.1 so hoping that Fournette or Cook land in a good spot. I may still need to make a move for a RB, see what happens with AD and Lacy. #1 gave L. Fitz & Witten got K. Allen & J. Williams #2 gave J Stew got Funchess, C Thompson, round 3 pick #3 Dez & T Sharpe got Watkins, Lacy, Collins My roster now: Glennon, Mike TBB QB Manning, Eli NYG QB Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB Collins, Alex SEA RB (R) Ellington, Andre ARI RB Ervin, Tyler HOU RB (R) (Q) Lacy, Eddie GBP RB (Q) Peterson, Adrian MIN RB (Q) Thompson, Chris WAS RB Williams, Jonathan BUF RB (R) Zenner, Zach DET RB Allen, Keenan SDC WR (Q) Beckham, Odell NYG WR Edelman, Julian NEP WR Funchess, Devin CAR WR Lee, Marqise JAC WR Miller, Braxton HOU WR (R) Perriman, Breshad BAL WR Thomas, Michael NOS WR (R) Watkins, Sammy BUF WR (Q) Eifert, Tyler CIN TE (Q) Fiedorowicz, C.J. HOU TE Higbee, Tyler RAM TE (R) Seahawks, Seattle SEA Def
  7. Here are some that come to mind that I have watched on Netflix over the years, many are indie non mainstream type. Summer of Sam Transsiberian Somersault Alexandra's Project Man Woman and the Wall Lower City Copenhagen Blue is the Warmest Color Funny Games
  8. I must say a lot of small mistakes I would change and the usual marriage trying moments but my life turned out better than I could have hoped for. For a knucklehead that turned down a few basketball scholarships to small schools and then paid for school but did not finish college, things worked out pretty good. A job with a great company that pays pretty good (not by FBG standards by any means), travel many times a year, fulfilled a life long dream of living on a lake, have a great looking wife and great kids- yes no regrets worth worrying about. But now if we are talking about the going back in time thing I would love to know.the situations that if I would have known to take a shot on the girl it would have worked out. i was a pretty shy guy growing up and would love to know the times (I'm sure few and far between) that if I would have pursued the girl it just may have worked out.....
  9. I thought it was a fluke the way Seattle ran the ball last week because it was the Lions, this is a little concerning for the Falcons...
  10. This was this past season during the year but I hope this was the kind of moves that can turn a dynasty around. After injuries and bad luck I realized that it was not going to happen so here are the moves I made: #1 gave L. Fitz & Witten got K. Allen & J. Williams #2 gave J Stew got Funchess, C Thompson, round 3 pick #3 Dez & T Sharpe got Watkins, Lacey, Collins
  11. Has Cobb been playing many snaps?
  12. There are 2 concerts that I wish I could go back in time for to see: Talking Heads at a venue like Red Rocks back in the day Springsteen in 1978 was the best tour by any musician/band ever. Unreal energy just from listening to bootlegs, youtube and listening to people that were at one of the shows Best shows I've scene were Springsteen in 81 and Stevie Wonder around 85 I think, hit after hit Best song live= Neil Young Hurricane at the old Pine Knob outdoor theater in Michigan
  13. What are the odds of Lacy returning to GB? Montgomery has done OK this year but I think GB will be looking for another RB to be the bell cow. They don't do free agents so I could see drafting an RB, making Montgomery more of a 3rd down back and bringing Lacy back if he does not command a high starting RB contract in free agency??? Will Lacy become a starting RB in the free agent open market?
  14. Is Savage going to take 20 sacks tonight?? Throw the ball!
  15. For the first time ever I have the 1.1 pick and am chomping at the bit for a franchise RB. I do not watch college football much, so at this stage I have no idea other than reading what the experts say. From my experience, I would prefer to take whichever one seems to have that natural instinct RB "It Factor", like Emmitt Smith, A. Foster in his prime and L. Bell. Which of these 2 fits that mold the most?