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  1. I still believe in Guice and thought Peterson would break down sooner than later but maybe not so much. 2 years ago it looked like AD was going break down on each of his carries but between last year and how he looked this year so far it looks like Guice investors may have to wait a while for a payoff.
  2. Yeah I thought he might be something early last year but really showed nothing and I dropped him. $200 Dynasty rookie draft this year a guy took him at 1.9, ouch and the kicker is he does not even own Freeman.
  3. With Uverse no longer offering NFL Network and the Redzone I'm looking into options. For comparison Comcast Xfinity 3 TV's and internet with NFL Network and Redzone will cost about $130 a month. It looks like PS Vue is the only streaming service that offers the must haves for us. Core + sports pack will give us live sports on all major networks, ESPN, NFL Network, Redzone, plus all the main basic cable channels for the wife. We will need this for 3 TV's in the same house, do we need 3 separate devices? Which device is recommended? Our son has a playstation but otherwise we do not have any other compatible device. PS Vue with the sports pack will cost $65 a month, then add internet approx $50 a month for a total of $115 a month. Does not seem worth it compared to $130 a month for Comcast Xfinity TV internet package. Did I miss something?
  4. Looks like Uverse no longer offers the NFL Network or Red Zone, going to need to dump Uverse.
  5. Any word from training camp which rb is running with 1st group, AD, Guice, or both?
  6. Yeah makes sense but one way or the other I see BB with a different plan for Hill. Maybe Gilmore with some help, not 1 on 1?.
  7. To me the way BB covers the Chiefs skill players is very interesting. The last time these 2 teams met BB had Gilmore shadow Watkins and shut him down, 2-18-0. Do we really think BB will use their best cover man on Watkins again knowing how Hill has burned them and is the one who can take the top off?
  8. OK I took the bait on thinking this was an entertaining show with " a decent amount of nudity". After a few episodes I have been enamored with the blonde and her braless scenes but only 1 brief set of bewbs??? The show does not have enough substance to make up for the lack of bewbs.
  9. Not sure but was listening to a podcast that mentioned Evans moving on to another team.
  10. Sutton- people forget he is a really raw rookie thrown into a situation where he was expected to be the instant WR1 with a QB that can't throw downfield Godwin- seems to have all the tools to be a true #1 Wr, would not be shocked if TB re-tooled and move on from Evans
  11. I love Harbough as a coach but my god his use of RB's always seems to be very bizarre
  12. Harbough giving him a longer leash than Collins back when he was the man
  13. Gus has run better and Dixon fumbled yet Dixon getting all the snaps