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  1. I think the Lions have officially scraped all the Millen dog crap off of the heel of their shoes.
  2. As the president of the Kareem fan club it looks like I may be wrong, it looks like he also has long speed when it matters . I will continue to try and find the RB's that are not underwear heroes at the combine but just have that "it" factor when playing RB in the NFL.
  3. Wow, thanks and bummer as I just picked up Koo.
  4. Can someone splain what happened?
  5. This! I might wait a week and see if Norman gives him fits, then pounce. I think the talent of Sammy combined with the smarts of McVay will be $ in due time. Buffalo offense seems to be a sinking ship and the Rams offense is ascending, the trade looks to be for the better in the long run.
  6. Hunt strengths- inside runniing with good vision, never fumbles, GREAT balance, good quicks and burst, pass protection, and a very good receiver He is the complete package except for long speed. I see his style as a Rice, Foster, E. Smith kind of runner. Not know for long speed but has great natural running back instincts.
  7. Prior to the injury Ware and Hunt were going to form some type of split. Hunt is now the bell cow and the split with West/Spiller will be minimal. IMO Hunt has everything you want in an RB except long speed. I see him as a Foster, Rice, E. Smith kind of RB. Hunt will be gone by the 3rd round in most every draft moving forward.
  8. Everyone loves to hate Fat Eddie. All I know is he has proven himself to be a top NFL RB but because of the weight issue he seems to be an easy target.
  9. I don't know if he has "mastered" it, but by everything I have read he has received rave reviews for being advanced as far as a rookie RB stepping into the NFL and being prepared for all phases of being a NFL RB..
  10. I agree with the 7th, I was able to get Luck in the 10th as the 10th QB off the board. I may have jumped on Palmer a little early in the 13th but I wanted to pair him with Luck.
  11. Palmer is great to pair with Luck with that easy early schedule in case Luck is not ready the first few weeks.
  12. I just watched all the Lacy touches from the game. He had a very impressive first run, a bad 3rd and short that he did not convert, the other plays I thought he looked ok- not great not bad. I was expecting a worse showing with all the negative reactions.
  13. How bad did Lacy look?
  14. I thought Williams looked good but the runs I saw there was nothing but open turf for 10+ yards, I'm sure I did not see all his runs. Not going to take away what he did but I would wait and see how he looks during tough sledding.