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  1. No I would only plan on 5-10K for emergency, so a 2 way split may be the way to go.I would still like the option to withdraw the other 10-15K if needed/wanted with no penalty or a small penalty as I'm in my 50's and have other retirement investments.
  2. I understand there will not be a high return in this scenario. Looking for an option with a higher return other than a high yield savings account but may not be as safe short term but fairly safe long term. No this is really the only emergency fund I will have as all my investments are simple IRA type with withdraw penalties.
  3. I just came into some money and I'm looking to invest about $20,000 while still having access to funds in case of an emergency. I'm in my 50's and already have a simple IRA plan through my employer for long term retirement. The goal is a low risk investment, access to withdraw without a penalty while making some interest. A high yield savings account seems safe and has access to funds but the best annual percentage yield I have found is 1.00% with Ally. What other options are out there for this situation? I would consider a higher yield with a "little" more risk.
  4. Got him for 36%, next highest bid was only 6%
  5. I will be starting DW this weekend, for a few different reasons. First and foremost I just lost AD, Stewart and Foster in my dynasty and only have Forsett, Asiata, Cameron Artis Payne left as options I also own Zenner and as a Lion homer I have expected a decent role for a back not named Abdullah & Riddick as both seem to be more 3rd down type backs than full time backs. Once I saw DW light it up in pre-season I picked him up as I think he has the tools to do it all for fantasy- pass catching, goal line and breakaway long runs. Not sure what will happen this week but I fully expect a split with Riddick but DW getting all goal line looks plus enough carries and receptions to put up points with limited touches.
  6. I really think he could be the long term answer. Chris Spielman was raving about him all preseason.
  7. Playing from behind all game, I'm thinking 6+ receptions
  8. Thanks Joe for listening to us and making it right. In all honesty the classic MyFBG is the main reason I have signed up for the multi year subscription.
  9. I agree with some of the above mentioned players: A. Morris- I agree with Elliott in a great situation but I'm thinking Elliott being a rookie may not see the field like a true workhorse back and Alf is going to get a lot of touches Forsett- Everyone seems to want to latch on to one of the other guys but I think Forsett will be the lead dog for this year Some others I like: Garcon- in PPR I think he will see a lot of targets and if/when Reed goes down Garcon should pick up the bulk of those targets Boldin- many are predicting this is the year for Ebron to breakout but I think Boldin puts him on hold for another year Stewart- just a hunch that his receptions and TD's go up a bit and he is being drafted as a RB 3 right now
  10. Dynasty PPR trade I was offered, I'm strong at WR and a little weak at RB Dez, Foster, T. Sharpe for Lacy, Starks, Watkins, Britt Should I do it?
  11. Spencer Ware & Cameron for Forsett
  12. What I'm going to say is basically make it as close as possible to the classic format. My biggest issues: the rows are too high which limits the amount of data we can see at one time the field of data is restricted, there seems to be a lot of wasted space and you cannot see many players at one time- expand the usable field of data vs wasted space use drop down boxes like on classic to easily modify how you want to filter rather than what you have now at this time I think mine is set up correctly but it is just too awkward to navigate for beneficial use even FFToday has a simple format to navigate for their MFL Power, I would rather use FBG knowledge and experience in projections but it is now extremly difficult with MyFBG
  13. I don't want to be against change or all negative but this new format even if working without flaws is nowhere near as useful as the FBG classic. The main reason I'm a subscriber is because of how awesome the My FBG has been and I do not see this new version ever being as user friendly and useful as the classic. What is the reason why we are we being told that having the My FBG classic can not still be an option?
  14. I "think" I got it to work but even if this format is functioning perfect I'm going to beg for us to be able to use the classic MyFBG.