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  1. Jet should be money for a few weeks and when Mostert and Coleman are back it really should be a 2 man backfield. Coleman sucks and is nowhere nearly as good as the other 2.
  2. Pittman- he is more talented, Colts have raved about him since the draft and Rivers likes throwing to the big WR's
  3. Yeah he had many runs where only a yard or two were needed for the first down and he got most of those first downs from what I saw. Great for moving the chains and impressing the coaches but does not show well for YPC.
  4. Something with his chest during pre game.
  5. I'm thinking the changing of the guard is basically in place moving forward. Fournette may become a bell cow as McCoy looks done.
  6. They can put the blame on the fact that he lied to them but they really felt the need to buckle under the pressure of social perception.
  7. Yep by goal line I'm basically referring to the red zone. I would hope the total touches are closer to 50/50 moving forward, both are studs and each better at certain aspects.
  8. 1st half I was kicking myself for starting Hunt over Montgomery, thank god they finally started to give him looks and he produced big time!
  9. Chubb a great RB between to 20's, Hunt a great receiving back and better on the goal line. If the Browns are smart and use both backs to their strength= Hunt better for FF
  10. I do not condone what he did but that was way overblown. Him still on KC would be ridiculous.
  11. Last weekend I was feeling sick as I'm heavily invested in the Browns and Bucs, sigh of relief for my OBJ, Hunt, and Baker shares. Now I need Tampa Bay to get things going.