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  1. I would have liked to see him make a statement and come in weighing a little less but at least he is on course for now. I know everyone loves to hate on Fat Eddy but I think he has a chance to flirt being an RB1 in standard and should be an RB2 in PPR.He has proven to be very talented and Seattle paid him like a starting RB, I also think their lack of faith in Rawls is one of the reasons they signed him.
  2. After going back and forth since the draft I think Fournette is the safe pick with upside, just hope he gets some receiving work during his rookie season. Trading back to get CMac or Mixon is still a good option if you can pull off a good deal.
  3. After further review and much debate I think Fournette is the choice at 1.1. Time will tell but I'm banking on him being involved enough in the pass game to go along with his yards and TDs to be the the man. With that said I still love McCaffrey's upside in PPR.
  4. IMO McCaffrey comes down to the fear that he is not built or weigh enough to be a NFL RB, or that Carolina is not going to use him like a true feature back. The reason I like him is because his ability to run inside and be an asset as a receiving back.
  5. Um.... I'm trying to get some conversation, intelligent input and debate going vs just looking at poll results.....
  6. Now that the dust has settled it seems like a very tough call who to take with the #1 pick in PPR, especially if you are going to target a RB rather than a WR. Mixon could be in the conversation but IMO it seems to be a 2 player debate between Fournette and McCaffrey. Neither landed in a great situation but also neither in a horrible situation. At this stage I think it comes down to in PPR, which RB do you think picks up more usage with their secondary value. McCaffrey- does he pick up enough carries and occasional TD's to go along with receptions to be considered ahead of Fournette? Fournette- does he pick up enough receptions/receiving yards to offset the times he does not get TD's or lack of carries when they are playing from behind? I think if we can best evaluate this question we can best decide who to take at 1.1 if we are set on taking a RB. After the first round I had McCaffrey slightly ahead but once the Panthers also took Samuel and the Jags took Robinson I think it is now a tougher call......
  7. Is pass protection really a big problem with Hunt? I have not heard much about this being an issue but agree that if a rookie RB can't pass protect it is hard to see the field.
  8. Team A got: Charles Rudolph 2.12 Team B got: Britt Olsen 2.9 IMO team B got the better deal in all 3 phases of this trade, made no sense to me even though team A has the other Denver RB's
  9. Any recommendations for online betting? Safe and simple using paypal as an option?
  10. I own 3 high picks 1.1- I was hoping one of the top 4 RB's landed in a great spot, did not really happen 1.10 & 2.1- great spot in rookie drafts. You either get a highly drafted stud that falls or a 2nd tier player in a great situation
  11. IMO, like the real NFL draft this is the area that can make a real difference for your dynasty team. I think there will be 2-3 RB's from this group that will have short term and long term value in dynasty, that won't cost the high first round value. Obviously the key is to identify which ones fit this scenario....
  12. EBF- great analysis, always look for your input in regards to rookie evaluations each year. I'm always looking for the next under the radar inside runner that seems to have that "it" factor vs combine number hero. Best examples- Emmitt Smith, Arian Foster, Le'Veon Bell. Who do you think best fits this mold for the 2017 rookie RB's?
  13. Great input Bostonfred. Instead of a total ranking maybe I should have asked to point out which RB's out of this group really move the needle and will rank the highest in rookie drafts.