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  1. Thanks Joe for listening to us and making it right. In all honesty the classic MyFBG is the main reason I have signed up for the multi year subscription.
  2. I agree with some of the above mentioned players: A. Morris- I agree with Elliott in a great situation but I'm thinking Elliott being a rookie may not see the field like a true workhorse back and Alf is going to get a lot of touches Forsett- Everyone seems to want to latch on to one of the other guys but I think Forsett will be the lead dog for this year Some others I like: Garcon- in PPR I think he will see a lot of targets and if/when Reed goes down Garcon should pick up the bulk of those targets Boldin- many are predicting this is the year for Ebron to breakout but I think Boldin puts him on hold for another year Stewart- just a hunch that his receptions and TD's go up a bit and he is being drafted as a RB 3 right now
  3. Dynasty PPR trade I was offered, I'm strong at WR and a little weak at RB Dez, Foster, T. Sharpe for Lacy, Starks, Watkins, Britt Should I do it?
  4. Spencer Ware & Cameron for Forsett
  5. What I'm going to say is basically make it as close as possible to the classic format. My biggest issues: the rows are too high which limits the amount of data we can see at one time the field of data is restricted, there seems to be a lot of wasted space and you cannot see many players at one time- expand the usable field of data vs wasted space use drop down boxes like on classic to easily modify how you want to filter rather than what you have now at this time I think mine is set up correctly but it is just too awkward to navigate for beneficial use even FFToday has a simple format to navigate for their MFL Power, I would rather use FBG knowledge and experience in projections but it is now extremly difficult with MyFBG
  6. I don't want to be against change or all negative but this new format even if working without flaws is nowhere near as useful as the FBG classic. The main reason I'm a subscriber is because of how awesome the My FBG has been and I do not see this new version ever being as user friendly and useful as the classic. What is the reason why we are we being told that having the My FBG classic can not still be an option?
  7. I "think" I got it to work but even if this format is functioning perfect I'm going to beg for us to be able to use the classic MyFBG.
  8. This is all I get: Couldn't Connect to MyFBG If this problem persists, please get in touch with us at with your Footballguys username.
  9. From Rotoworld: Dolphins weight and conditioning coach Dave Polucka said Arian Foster "annihilated" his conditioning test. Things keep looking up for Foster, who has made a seamless recovery from a torn Achilles. He's been cleared to practice and is now off the PUP list. Originally thought to be a backup, Foster is now expected to take the reigns as Miami's starter. Even while playing hurt last season, Foster remained a productive pass-catcher with 22 catches for 227 yards in four contests. None of this is good news for Jay Ajayi owners. Source: Armando Salguero on Twitter Jul 31 - 11:31 AM
  10. I'm not a car guy so I went for practical. I bought a 2007 Pontiac Vibe after much research looking for a dependable car that gets good MPG and is also good for hauling things. Being a hatchback I can haul long lumber, wheelbarrow, etc... This helped to free up my money to move to a home on a lake and travel numerous times a year, not interested in investing money on a vehicle since my only interest is getting from point A to B. I have only invested in wearable and preventative maintenance items and it now has over 140,000 miles on it, needless to say this car will not pick up chicks but has served it's purpose 10 fold. Maybe when I hit my midlife crisis I will buy a yellow sports car.
  11. Every year I follow the Memphis in May BBQ through Icon and this thread vowing next year is the year I'm going down there. This year I ended up using my spring travel time and funds by going to Colorado, next year I'm just going to plan ahead and make it happen. Until then I will continue to enjoy it vicariously through Icon and this thread, keep the photos and updates coming!
  12. Another great cover that has recently come out- In Bloom by Sturgill Simpson
  13. This and a awesome new cover that is out now, Sturgill Simpson- In Bloom from Nirvana
  14. I decided to start a serious weight loss plan after new years eve. I weighed in at 265lbs and decided to set a goal of losing 30lbs in 60 days. As of today I'm down to 242lbs. I'm going to try and bump my goal to 229lbs by Feb 28th. My plan was to take in approx. 1,200-1,500 calories a day, pretty drastic for a guy who is 6'5". I cut out all alcohol, I was basically drinking a case of beer each weekend so this alone was a good reason the weight came off early in the beginning. I know this is not a long term answer but my method works for a short term crash diet. Low Carb Diet- zero sugar, no simple high GI carbs, no processed food, and zero alcohol Breakfast- clean oats w/ a little skim milk and chocolate protein powder, every day but maybe 1 weekend morning Lunch- tuna pouch, pickle, apple, no carb yogurt or healthy leftovers to change things up a few days Dinner- fish and veggies or salad w/ lean protein or a healthy homemade soup Exercise: HIIT Cardio- 3 or 4 days per week I ride the stationary bike with a pattern of 10 seconds balls out then 20 seconds regular peddling. I start out for 5 minutes and keep increasing until I'm up to 15 minutes. I do this first thing in the morning on a empty stomach. I know many don't believe in this theory and say that you cannot spot reduce but I have found this is one way to somewhat attack belly fat vs conventional cardio. Weights- 3 evenings a week I do a full body workout with free weights. I start with fairly light weights while gradually increasing the weight and changing up the number of sets and reps to avoid a plateau. I agree with what a few have stated above, a serious diet & exercise program is easier to stick with if you have a goal driving you. Mine is a beach vacation in Punta Cana first week of March. Once I return I need to incorporate a more basic long term plan than the drastic calorie reduction I'm doing now. Any ideas?