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  1. I can't figure it out. It used to work, but now doesn't, and error says "Error opening sound device. Try changing the audio host, recording device and the project sample rate." All I want to record is the computer audio, whether its the line in or audio from a browser. I've googled it and seen many suggestions, nothing has worked. TIA if you can help.
  2. I watched season one of BCS without having seen Breaking Bad, Then binged on BB last summer. I think I prefer BCS.
  3. Is there any proof that the oak platforms every ten feet or the cryptic message stone actually existed?
  4. Yes, I'm a homer, but the new KISS album, Monster, is getting very positive reviews. Samples can be heard here
  5. III without Sophia Coppola would be watchable, but because of her I cannot stand to have it on.
  6. How do you make Lady Gaga mad? I don't know, maybe kick her in the shin.
  7. Let me chime in and say that this procedure for me was a disaster. Had to do it in two stages, one with a local and one completely under. The first time, the pain was unbearable. I have retractile nuts, which means they crawl way up when spooked. First ball went ok, but for the 2nd doc dug around trying to find what he needed and the pain was indescribable. Went back a month later and was knocked out, pain lasted about a week. Feels like he had to go way up there, as the pain is significantly north of where you would expect it.
  8. My middle daughter is allergic to dairy, egg, tomato, and potato. My oldest daughter is allergic to peanuts, and my youngest is allergic to turkey, lemon, and sunflower. It's near impossible to find a dinner we can all eat, and it's even harder to eat out.