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  1. As I think I've watched nearly everything I have interest in on Netflix, I started digging into my watch list. Stuff that I had earmarked for later when I ran out of original content. Started watching Weeds. Blew through 9 episodes like it was nothing. Mary Louise Parker
  2. He was next level on Super Tecmo Bowl.
  3. Top 10 Bengals based on Approximate Value: 01 - Anthony Munoz - 174 02 - Ken Anderson 161 03 - Ken Riley 127 04 - Willie Anderson 108 05 - Boomer Esiason 106 06 - Geno Atkins 104 07 - Andrew Whitworth 104 08 - Reggie Williams 103 09 - Chad Johnson 101 10 - Andy Dalton 98 Willie was a beast. Surprised I forgot about him. Probably best RT in the NFL during his playing days. Awesome to see Geno that high up.
  4. I guess not. I was struggling to find a Bengal to list there. Joyner isn't a player I am familiar with. Ken Anderson or Chad Johnson would be 2nd on my list to Munoz.
  5. Fixed your spellings. And a guy that had 1400 yards across 3.5 seasons should be in the conversation? You are now the 2nd person to say Joiner for the Bengals. I thought he made his bones with the Chargers. What am I missing?
  6. who? There's 4 players I like over both Lamb and Jeudy as well. I only have 1. Maybe 2 once I dig in more. As most of my league mates are on this site, I'll hold off for now. Unless you want a PM.
  7. If you are looking for a comedy to binge, I recommend "I'm Sorry". It's a TruTV series and the first two seasons are on Netflix. It's worth it just to watch the scenes between Andrea Savage and Jason Mantzoukas (Rafi). Example
  8. Not entirely sure why, but this thread sent me to YouTube to watch the funniest scene from any movie ever for me. I think I've probably watched this scene 100 times and I still watch it anytime I need a laugh, as it always delivers. Like a gd dump truck ETA: Voted for Once Upon a Time as it's the only movie in that list I've seen.
  9. What do y'all think about New Riff? Had it for the first time a couple weeks ago. Thought it was tasty. Oddly enough, the distillery is in Newport, KY, just across the river from Cincy (about 30 minutes from me) and I'd never had it. Only tried it as a result of a recommendation from a dude in Louisville when I was in town to hit the bourbon trail.
  10. IMO, instead of looking at first, second, third, etc WR drafted and comparing those (as the talent pool can differ so much between years), I think it would be much more telling to compare where the players were drafted as groups instead (1st round WRs, 2nd round WRs and so on).
  11. Wife and I are really looking forward to Locke and Key, releasing February 7th. Trailer
  12. Congrats! You look healthy and happy. Have you had any issues post-surgery? A relative of mine had this surgery ~20 years ago and has had issues many years post-surgery: No appetite, which led to.... Major vitamin deficiencies (potassium and vitamin B being the worst). In fact, her potassium was so low at one point about 3 years ago that she nearly died. It affected her liver, etc. SEVERE Acid reflux (almost immediately after the surgery and recovery) Sleeping issues (unsure if related -- but wasn't a problem pre-surgery)
  13. Faulk, Tomlinson, Gates, Brees being left off the list seems ridiculous.
  14. I dunno. I personally wouldn't trade him for anyone below #5....maybe Godwin, but certainly no one else. ETA: And I wouldn't trade him for JuJu. So I guess I have him as my WR6 in dynasty. And if I'm being completely honest with myself, I don't know that I could pull the trigger on anyone except Thomas and Hopkins.
  15. These are the same people who quit dynasty leagues when they discover they are in over their head. Not defending the offer, as it's terrible, but if the dude has 1.12 I doubt he's in over his head.
  16. Had not heard about this before reading it in this thread. Did Aaron Hernandez kill to cover up secret HIV diagnosis?
  17. Crazy. Maybe he got a 2nd round grade and is betting on himself. Although, I don't know what benefit there is to him being a 1st round pick. Unless you can get into the Top 10 and get the money that goes along with it. I'd think RBs, who have a shorter shelf life, would prefer to be 2nd round picks to eliminate the 5th year team option.
  18. As far as the potential 1st round WRs go, Jalen Reagor and Laviska Shenault aren't what I would call skinny.
  19. Easy. Will Graham (from Hannibal) or Sherlock (Cumberbatch). If a serial killer, Holden Ford.
  20. I kept waiting for John Smith to turn back to the good side. His arc with the flashbacks to when the war ended, Daniel, etc and then going to see Thomas in the other reality seemed to suggest he was heading down that path. Then he becomes the leader of America and I'm thinking, yes, this is it. His right hand man has already made statements that they could take back the country. Now he has the power and means...yet he orders the strike on SF? His answer to Helen when she tells them that they can change...."I don't know how." That really said a lot. I really thought we were going to find out that he was taking the country back (especially after what happened in Berlin), only to have Helen turn him over to the rebellion and they kill him before he could put it into motion. Or that the strike he ordered wasn't on SF but either top Nazi bases in America or Berlin.
  21. Friendly advice: if you are ever at a gathering that is serving Skyline Chili Dip, get some early because if you wait, you won't get any.