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  1. @ Nicks still so high on Dynasty rankings
  2. Got this as a Christmas gift. Not typically my cup of tea. I'm not a big fan of games that have so many hidden wrinkles. I do enjoy the thievery though. Probably why my character's name is "Honey Badger". Every time I murder and ransack someone, I yell "HONEY BADGER TAKES WHAT HE WANTS. HONEY BADGER DON'T CARE!". I'm very intimidated by everything you guys post in here. To the point that it makes me want to stop playing. Seems like SO much work.
  3. i bet that girl locks her doors these days.What was on the tape? Am I missing something?On that video tape, it was something like a graduation party or prom. Something like that.Basically young girls in tiny dresses.My guess is it was something to touch himself to. had to take a break from reading. will return later.Keep us updated.
  4. One bit I have questions on. How did Drew have mail addressed to Rebecca Huismann? Is it mail he had intended to send her (which would've indicated she wasn't random, but an obsession)? Or was it mail that he stole from her mailbox or, even scarier to think about, from inside her home? Seeing how she was sitting in her car, still buckled in, positioned towards getting can actually "see" her final seconds. Truly bone chilling. Big time kudos to the detective that took over and solved this case as he seems like the only competent law enforcement officer in this whole story. From what is said in the episode, they found evidence that suggested Drew was likely targeting a new victim. Seems as if he saved at least one life. Again, thanks for sharing this netnalp. Seriously fascinating stuff.
  5. You are either underestimating the time spent in the FFA during business hours or underestimating the salaries of those who read/post here.I'm guessing it's in the trillions.
  6. Is that a threat of getting a suspension? I didnt post anything that 5 other people didnt also post and I wasnt even the first one to mention it not a threat at all. you just keep saying the same thing over and over again and appear to be doing your best to completely derail this thread.I already cleaned up the hijack in here once. Not sure why we have to keep going over the same ground.
  7. Same here. Appreciate your transparency in this. It was Forensic Files. I remember his episode. I think it's the one where the police watched him outside his job on smoke breaks, hoping to catch his DNA. He'd always put them out and take them inside with him. Then I think he planted someone else's DNA on a butt or a plastic bottle or something to throw off the police he knew were watching him.
  8. What family history with kids?His family history of criminals and perverts. It doesn't have to be the EXACT same crime.Not that hard to comprehend.
  9. Watch it again. Green had inside position and was looking over his left shoulder. The ball was slightly underthrown and to the outside. It was a great adjustment to make the catch.Yeah, I see what you're saying. You could be right. He might not have had time to do much else.He's definitely right and you are wrong. The ball was underthrown and AJG had a step on the defender. If it's laid out where he's hit in stride, it's a TD. No question.FWIW, I was at the game. Green could've had 3 TDs. In the 1st quarter, he had a go route down the right sideline where he had two steps on the DB and Dalton overthrew him about 4 yards. Would've been a 40+ TD.Then he had an endzone look, where he had the defender beat on a fade pattern from about 15 yards out and Dalton threw it too high as it went just off Green's fingertips (pretty hard to do).On the 3rd possible TD, from around the 20, Green put a double move out of the right slot, where he faked a corner post and cut back on a post to the middle. Was WIDE OPEN. No defender within 5 yards and Dalton threw to Gresham for the TD.That's another thing I noticed with AJ. They line him up EVERYWHERE. He played a good deal out of the slot too. He is absolutely special and every deep ball you expect him to come down with. I counted 6 end zone targets. There was even a Dalton boot leg designed strictly as corner route in the endzone for AJ. He was double covered and Dalton went elsewhere. Pretty fun to watch. I've said this before. The only thing that will hold him back is Dalton's development. When Dalton finally gets his accuracy up on his deep balls to AJ, he's gonna be a perennial 10+ TD guy. I feel very strongly about that.
  10. Please point me to the sarcasm. Try to keep your balance as you backpedal.
  11. She's top of the heap....but I prefer brunettes, so that makes her a 9 for me.
  12. Dexter. Not exactly a hidden gem, but I've been surprised at how many people don't know about it. I guess it's bc it's on Showtime. I think the first three or four seasons are on streaming.
  13. Going to get my first bottle today. I've read up on "beginner" scotches.....and I'm going to choose between Balvenie Doublewood and Aberlour.....I guess I'll flip a coin. I'm excited
  14. I voted Yes and I certainly believe he'll have a much better shot than Eli Manning ever will.
  15. Where does Bowe sit in everyone's WR dynasty rankings right now? I've seen some people put Steve Johnson in the Top 20 range (I think that's a bit optimistic). It seems to me that we often overvalue players based on how they were acquired. For instance, Matt Forte a couple years ago. He was a mid round pick in most startup dynasties. While not an elite athlete (and certainly not an elite RB) he was taken in the Top 5-10 in most drafts last year. His value with his owners, considering some of the trades I saw, was way too high. These late round gems or waiver wire pickups get this added boost in value from their owners. I think this has the inverse effect on players you have a high investment in. Take Bowe for example. Last year he was a late 1st/early 2nd round pick in a lot of startups. This year he's living up to that value, but he's not getting the buzz of the Steve Johnsons or Arian Fosters or Peyton Hilliseseses. Why is that?
  16. That's where I disagree. I don't think he has matured physically or mentally. I think he looks like the same back he has always been. The one area where DMC has always been unquestionably elite is pure speed. The guy can fly. If you watch the highlights from today's game, you'll see that a lot of his big plays came on sweeps designed specifically to utilize his one elite trait. If the team can continue to give him huge creases, he'll continue to break long runs because he's very dangerous when he has a huge lane. I just don't think he'll be consistent because I don't think he's even above average in most of the other categories that matter for the RB position (elusiveness, power).I'm not surprised that you might take him over Charles or Stewart with today's game fresh in your memory. I'm sure you wouldn't have considered trading Charles for DMC after he rushed for 259 yards against this same craptastic Broncos team in week 17 of last season. I'm sure you wouldn't have considered trading Stewart for DMC after he rushed for 208 yards against the Giants in week 16 of last season.One of things that has become abundantly clear is that people's long-term player valuations are hugely dependent on short-term results. Last week we had people ranking Danario Alexander over Demaryius Thomas. This week it's Darren McFadden and Kenny Britt to the top of the charts. Next week maybe CJ Spiller will finally bust loose and everyone will be vaulting him up in their rankings. The process is really predictable and I don't put much stock in what people say when it's clearly been skewed by short-term trends that don't necessarily tell us anything about the future.Whether you feel DMC is an elite NFL starter talent wise is irrelevant in FF. Is DMC as talented as Jonathan Stewart? No, but neither is Matt Forte...and that bum is in the top 10 in PPR scoring for RBs.
  17. I really don't care about all of your historic "hate" on DMC. But, you can believe that if Jamaal Charles or Felix Jones had a nearly 200 total yard 4 TD game, there would be 5 new threads and old threads bumped. So, don't think for a second that DMC is special in that regard.I don't think a 150 yard game is what we should be celebrating. Maybe it's the 5 starts this season with no fewer than 122 total yards in each game. That's a little more than the "occasional highlight reel moments", especially considering the average talent he's surrounded by. Don't ya think?
  18. Jay with another HR today. If Edmonds truly is helping him with his swing, that acquisition ranks right up there with Rolen. 5 games baby. Looking forward to the STL series....
  19. Spiller's game log:2-4-IND35 (12:45) C.Spiller left end pushed ob at IND 31 for 4 yards (J.Lacey). 1-10-IND31 (12:20) C.Spiller up the middle for 31 yards, TOUCHDOWN. Cut back to left side after crossing line of scrimmage. Key block: L.Evans 1-10-BUF9 (9:12) C.Spiller right tackle to BUF 9 for no gain (G.Brackett). 1-10-BUF21 (4:43) C.Spiller up the middle to BUF 15 for -6 yards (D.Townsend, R.Mathis). 3-14-BUF17 (3:26) (Shotgun) C.Spiller left tackle to BUF 18 for 1 yard (B.Sanders, J.Lacey). 1-10-BUF27 (1:28) C.Spiller up the middle to BUF 30 for 3 yards (R.Mathis). 1-10-BUF16 (11:49) C.Spiller up the middle to BUF 21 for 5 yards (P.Wheeler). 2-5-BUF21 (11:15) C.Spiller left guard to BUF 33 for 12 yards (B.Sanders, K.Conner). 1-5-BUF38 (10:18) C.Spiller left end to BUF 44 for 6 yards (R.Humber, J.Lacey). 1-10-IND45 (8:25) C.Spiller up the middle to IND 47 for -2 yards (G.Brackett). 3-12-IND47 (7:42) T.Edwards pass short right to C.Spiller to IND 45 for 2 yards (K.Hayden) [A.Bethea]. Dump pass off pressure, caught at IND 47.So...-6, -2, 0, 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 12, 31(TD)5 out of 10 runs were 4+ yards.... just like most good RBs. It is just preseason, but I cannot see taking this as anything except a positive.Did anyone else catch the stat that the announcers threw out there? Last year Buffalo led the NFL with percentage of runs that went for 4 or more yards with 48%. And I thought they weren't a good running team SP....Get Spiller while you can....
  20. uh oh Oh no. Sell Spiller now while you can....
  21. Aren't these the same questions that are asked for every RB? Is he good and is he healthy. Got it.For a guy who never missed a game in college due to an injury I really don't get all of the injury worry about Spiller. He even played through injuries, which should speak to his toughness.Do I need to pull up the stats from the game against FSU where he tore through them with a bum wheel?Keep letting him slide to 1.04 in rookie drafts and I'll continue to acquire the 1.04 in every draft I can. TIA.
  22. Considering he's going at 1.01 or 1.02 in nearly every draft, how is everyone "so down on Mathews"?
  23. So you are expecting Spiller to average 5.6 ypc? I'll take the under.Did you miss the "or so"? I think you are confusing "expecting to" and "believing he can". So, yes, I fully believe he has the ability to average 5.6 ypc. For example, as talented as DeAngelo Williams is, he's not as "explosive" as Spiller IMO and he averaged 5.5 ypc in 2008. Granted it's behind a different O-line, but I feel confident enough in Spiller's talents to say he most certainly could hit that ypc.180 carries would be on the low range of what I think he'd need to hit 1000 yards. 180-200 is the range I'd feel comfortable consistently putting him as a 1000 yard guy.Do you disagree? What is your take on Spiller? Rather than simply grabbing a stat from my post and adding nothing to the conversation, why not give your opinion? TIA.1. No, I didn't miss the "or so". If you really mean 200 carries, then say that... IMO "or so" does not imply up to 20+ more carries (more than 10% more). IMO saying "he will only need 180 or so" followed by "his ypc will be outstanding" does indeed suggest "expecting to" rather than "believing he can".2. Even now, your bolded statement seems to be saying you are confident he will average 5+ ypc for his career. If he is given a heavy workload (e.g., regularly getting 180+ carries), I don't see that happening.3. Given your Deangelo Williams example, perhaps you are just saying that at some point in his career, when the stars align for him, he may have a season where he averages 5.5 ypc on 180+ carries. I agree that possibility exists, though I think it's very unlikely that it will ever happen even once. But from your post I was led to believe you felt it would happen this season and/or throughout his career. No way IMO.4. My take on Spiller in a nutshell is as follows. First, his talent is a bit overrated by many around here. He is a good talent, but IMO to compare him to Chris Johnson or Deangelo Williams is premature... I don't see the same talent there. I'm not saying I predicted those guys would be as great as they have turned out, but that is irrelevant... we know about them now while Spiller is unproven at the NFL level. The fact is, it is very rare for a RB to turn out to be that good. Second, his opportunity is about as poor as it could possibly be. The team has issues with coaching, QB, OL, WR, and defense... and there are two other RBs currently on the roster who have proven they can carry a feature RB load in the NFL. :shrug:Now, is that enough of a contribution to the conversation for you?#4 is all that was needed. Thanks for contributing.