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  1. Finding it difficult to find shirts in my stalkee's size. At least the ones I wanted to get. Will continue my search.
  2. As not a single dude, I can't believe some of the stories from my single buddies.....pretty funny (and often depressing) stuff.
  3. I could see my wife getting upset with me over something like this, too. But that's because I always handle anything that is understood as my domain (cars, yard, etc). Do you and your wife have the same understanding?
  4. Oh yeah. I knew I missed the other modification I did. I used one tablespoon of salt. I'll try that recipe on one of my next ones.
  5. What are you going to do with the other 23 hours and 55 minutes after he takes a header off the roof?
  6. So far I've done two smokes on my new propane smoker. Bought a 2 pack of 8+ lb pork shoulders from Costco. With the first one, I made a rub and brine (apple cider and part of the rub) following this recipe. Left in fridge for about 15 hours to soak in the brine/rub mixture. Took out, patted dry, covered in mustard and then the rub. Put on at midnight. Took 15.5 hours at 225 with mixture of apple/hickory chips. Removed, wrapped in foil with some apple juice and put in the cooler for an hour. Fall apart tender. Bark was a bit mushy though. Did not trim the fat cap before or after smoking. It tasted great, but felt like something was a little off. With the second one, two weeks later, I did not use a brine. This one I had frozen. Thawed out in fridge. Trimmed the fat cap. Used this rub recipe with a couple modifications. Added some onion powder and subbed half the paprika for ancho chili powder. Big difference on this smoke is that I found out that my propane tank has about 30 hours worth of use. Started at 6pm. Woke up at 8am expecting it to be close to finished. Steady at 225. Internal temp was 171. Came back out an hour later and my smoker was at 175 degrees. My propane tank was empty. S###!!! I was making this to take for a NASCAR tailgate. We were leaving in an hour and a half. In a panic, I wrapped in butcher paper, tossed it in an aluminum tray and threw it in the oven at 275, praying that I'd get to temp before we had to leave. Luckily, I checked the internal temp an hour and a half later and we were sitting pretty at 197-201 in a few spots. I pulled it, threw it in the cooler, covered it with a towel and we left. I was worried the whole drive to the race. That it was dry or would be tough. It was even better than the 1st one! The heat from the rub was perfect. I also noticed that I had a more even, thicker bark than I got with the brine/mustard/rub approach. I learned a lot with the first two smokes and I look forward to continuing to experiment. Picked up this probe thermometer with Bluetooth (Prime Day Deal for $35) to hopefully prevent any surprises in the future. Few questions for you guys: How do you prevent/fix the mushy bark? Do you smoke fat cap up or down? I changed out my wood chips 3 times during the first 4 hours. They seem to burn through so quickly. Do you recommend this approach or is there a better way? Soak the chips?
  7. OMG I missed that completely the first time. This video has so many densely-layered comedic elements that it demands multiple viewings to fully appreciate it. BACK UP BACK UP BACK UP TERRY PUT IT IN REVERSE TERRY! OHH LAWD!
  8. I use the jack Daniels wood chips all the time, especially when I'm cooking a recipe that uses Jack in the sauce or mop. How does the taste difference compare to just using Hickory or Apple? Are you only using on ribs?
  9. Has anyone tried bourbon barrel wood chips? Saw these at Menards.
  10. The ending punched me right in the feels twice. I don't get choked up by much, but it got me.
  11. Apparently when I added the customizations, I didn't go through to the check out. Luckily, they added more inventory on Friday and I was able to complete the process. Dumb on my part, but the whole process was a nightmare. It took me trying off and on throughout the work day Friday to finally get to the payment screen. I'd get random errors every time I tried to add the upgrade. Then when I finally got the upgrade added, I'd get errors on the "Go to Checkout" button. One time I got all the way through to payment confirmation....only for my upgrade to drop off my order. Brutally, awful experience. When I talked to a guest services rep prior to Friday, she told me that they "didn't anticipate the high demand for the upgrades". Uh, what? Really?
  12. What kind of stuff? Drink. Shop. Eat. Look at the saltwater aquarium in the food court. Play with stuff at Sharper Image. Probably more.
  13. I just checked My Disney Experience account and it appears that my magic band customizations (that I did the day they became available) have disappeared. OH HELL NO. Has this happened to anyone else?
  14. Picked up costumes (Buzz and Jessie) for the kids as we hit the opening of Toy Story 4 this weekend. Super pumped. Got them a little big so they can wear them to Toy Story Land in September, if they so wish. Less than a month until I can get my fast passes!
  15. Orlando has to be on that list right? ETA: Even just for the simple fact that there is plenty of stuff to do while waiting for a flight.
  16. Just seasoned my new smoker yesterday. Been perusing the thread for a bit. Looking forward to my first smoke.
  17. You sound like a Project Manager. Definitely not an "architect", unless you are writing code.
  18. Ed Harris - NOPE Ron Perlman - HELL NO Bill Murray - I'd happily take an ### whooping from BFM
  19. Shhh.....don't tell dwayne Question someone's ability to do something as simple as park like they have a brain, then sit back and watch them get so offended that they can't let it go. Congrats, you trolled yourself.
  20. My only comment after reading this thread....I applaud all you dusty old farts for figuring out how to use the internet.
  21. If you've almost head on into a car pulling thru a parking spot, you need to slow down. Tia Wrong.
  22. Calm down dwayne Park like a normal person. Thank you.
  23. I back in any time there isn't another spot behind mine (ie - parking spots with a curb behind them). I have a truck and backing in ensures that my truck fits in the spot instead of the bed hanging out of the parking spot where some maroon can hit it. Also, I always do it in one attempt (thank you back up camera).
  24. This is 100x worse than having to wait on someone to back in. I've almost hit someone head-on before when they were pulling this same crap.