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  1. Was going to carry philly and Pittsburgh into playoffs but after today’s performance I am thinking just use Pittsburgh.
  2. Want Steelers and philly. But had to drop philly because of engram injury
  3. In a league with 4 bench spots and waivers and adds close when the playoffs start. Brutal. typically I go 2 rbs, 1 wr, and a qb on the bench to have backups at the core positions This year i would like to carry philly (13 - 15) and Steelers for 16 vs the Jets. Lamar Jackson is my qb, so his rushing usage raises the concern of injury higher in my mind and gives me pause about carrying 2 defenses.
  4. Good point on eagles Eagles against Chicago is not bad this weekend. Trubisky has 3 ints and 1 fumble, Chicago Is giving up 2.7 sacks per game, it’s n philly over is 43 which looks fairly low
  5. Went Pitt as well. After colts and Rams, they look like decent plays. Cleveland twice, cincy (but green may be back by then), cardinals, bills, and jets (week 16!) andy Dalton now benched for Finley in the cincy matchup looking at the cle and den matchup this weekend. can’t make myself pick up the jets d
  6. Still here. Survived poor decision with Brisset but Steelers came through.
  7. I’m dropping Gonzalez for Lambo. AZ offense was in complete disarray after Edmonds went out and Zenner was trying to pick up the blitz. I imagine Drake/Zenner trying to figure things out on the fly against this brutal defense stretch. I don’t see many opportunities for Gonzalez. the only thing with Lambo is bye on week 10.
  8. 14 team ppr redraft QB Lamar RB CMC, Aaron Jones, Coleman (ww), Montgomery WR K Allen, DJ Moore, John Brown (ww) TE Engram K Z Gonzalez (ww) Def stream Jax, Car, Buff, Pitt, Phi, Dal, Jax steaming Pitt this week and targeting Jacoby for Lamar
  9. Chargers is the last chance for a breakout for him?
  10. pick up Pittsburgh this week in preparation for Miami next week and then pick up Jets next week for a stretch run is what I am thinking.
  11. need .1 from Aaron Jones, then he can go back to the bench.
  12. Up by 9 need bad juju and Steelers D to dominate
  13. Only 1 Kirk target, any feedback as to why?