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  1. Finished the Complacent Class by Tyler Cowan. Basically felt like he copied and pasted his blog, marginalrevolution, into a book. starting Delta V by Daniel Suarez. Space economy, asteroid mining hard sci fi. Three chapters in, fast paced and attention grabbing so far.
  2. After reading fiction I try to pivot to a non fiction book. Just started the Complacent Class by economist Tyler Cowan. It is about about the shifting American behavior towards less risk, more stability, more control over our environments and how our economy is becoming less dynamic and innovative despite what you hear from Silicon Valley. Very interesting.
  3. @shader just finished Red Rising on your recommendation. It was really good, thanks for the recommendation. Strong start to a series, can’t wait to read the next one.
  4. Young children at home. This is footage from inside my house working from home
  5. Very different player attitude in Waco these days.
  6. I see the baby kangaroos @top dog was talking about. There are some giant rats in that video
  7. Space opera has nothing to do with music or singing if that is what you are thinking. I agree the Expanse is awesome.
  8. Agreed just skip Zoe’s tale as it is a retelling of part of the story but from Zoe’s perspective. Or at least don’t expect it to be the next chapter after the Last Colony.
  9. You need to think like a rat. what does a rat primarily want? Food, water, shelter, mate. look at your situation, what rat needs might you or your neighbors be accommodating? you can likely impact 2 or 3!of those and make the area less hospitable to the rat. Gold help you if you are your neighbors are assisting with the mating need. I’d move. Could be you are helping with shelter. Can you find where your rat is sleeping during the day? Holes in the wall? Check your base boards for fecal trails. Rats hate open spaces so he/she is probably slinking along a wall to feel protected on one of his flanks. Do you have a bunch of stuff along the garage wall creating a safe space for him to travel along? Wall on one flank and boxes on the other creating a cozy little path for him/her to travel to his/her destination? Is so move the stuff off the walls to make his/her path feel more dangerous and less hospitable. find the nest. When we bought the house we are in, in the first two weeks after moving in I came face to face with a rat in the garage sitting on the hot water heater. I chunked the can of seltzer water I had come for at him. Of course I missed. But that is when I found the hole where the pipes come out if the wall. Ok how did he get in that hole? Next day, Check garage base boards, no droppings. No droppings on baseboard all the way to the garage door and oh look steel wool (they hate steel wool) jammed between the garage door track and the wall. So previous owner must have encountered this rat and didn’t bother to mention that. Keep going with visual inspection of exterior. let’s look behind this shrub that aligns with the hot water heater. Oh what’s this unusually place pile of stone pavers next to the foundation? Oh it’s attempting to cover this hole in the siding that lines up with the hot water heater. new exterior siding panel installed , go to the hot water heater hole, 3 cans of foam, and for good measure dump some poison in the hole before finishing off with more foam seal. on to food. No food other than canned drinks in garage and a freezer. If he/she can open the freezer door, they win I give up. Start looking at neighbor yard. Lady next door has a bird bath and bird feeder. Strike up casual conversation with her mention I saw a rat has she. Why actually she has. Mention food water shelter concept. She says I bet they are coming to my bird bath and bird feeder. She drains the bath and starts taking the feeder down at dusk. Good neighbor! Talk to other neighbor, mention rats, food water, shelter. Seen rats on fence, blames it on creek a quarter mile away. Couldn’t have anything to do with his ramshackle shed in backyard or brush piles he never disposed of. Oh well not much I can do here. see occasional rat using back fence as a rodent super highway. Rabbits use the bottom of the fence, rats on the middle stringer and squirrels and possum traffics on the top stringer. but no more rats in garage.
  10. I’ve been putting this series off for a while, because I’m a little tired of dystopian novels, but your feedback is making me interested. Finished Scalzi’s Consuming Fire, 2nd in the collapsing empire series. I guess you would call it space opera. Quick read, good plot twists. Decent Scalzi snark, my favorite line “never bring a spoon shiv to a tooth brush shiv fight”. Right now reading non fiction book on Alexander the Great by Anthony Everett. Not bad so far.
  11. All is want is a heads up you are going to recline so I can move my laptop or not be reaching under the seat when you come flying back. And don’t give me a dirty look if I accidentally bump you trying to get out to go to the bathroom.