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  1. Principles / Ray Dalio comes up in podcasts I listen to. Tim Ferris mentions it a lot but haven’t gotten around to tracking it down.
  2. I’m confused as to who owns the property the RV is sitting on. Does a landlord collect rent for use of the space?
  3. It was hard to put summer moon down once i started reading it.
  4. I made one of the most questionable purchases of my adult life, but I was a moth to a flame due to my love of coffee and beer: Pabst Blue Ribbon Spiked Coffee. I can’t decide what time of day I am supposed to drink it. At 8 am and get a buzz? At 7 after dinner and stay up all night? One league mate thinks I may have found the perfect work from home drink
  5. The Four is a good primer on those companies. I also liked Weapons of Math Destruction by Cathy O’Niel which is similar but spends more time on other companies in addition to the algorithms they use and use of AI.
  6. Proposed moving to best ball format for one season in my league that has been playing for 23 years. I figure that cuts down on the league mate angst caused by last minute corona diagnoses
  7. Heard in interview with Baylor Head Coach Dave Aranda and I plan to repeat it, “the keys to winning football are offense, defense, special teams, and contact tracing.”
  8. Less productive. While I love the lack of commute, I keep staying up later, that’s on me, or actually maybe on my kids. Because when I tried the keep the rising routine here’s what happened. With commute, dad left for work I’ll go back to sleep. With covid, oh dad’s down the hall, let’s get up with him at 6:00 and get less sleep and be cranky earlier in the evening and longer. In regards to actual work, people feel they need to check in more frequently because we are working remotely. Example VP used to bring the office together monthly but now we are doing it weekly. Used to do one staff meeting a week, now boss wants two. Seeing this with project teams. I also feel people are putting less into creating agendas. I don’t know if people value conference call time less than face to face. Because f2f would have defined agenda My teams that ship are driving to fedex instead of pushing a cart down the hall, so that is efficiency lost.
  9. Read Mycroft Holmes by Kareem Abdul —Jabbar, who knew he was an airline co pilot and author of Holmes literature? felt like the style of sir Conan Doyle i didn’t love it, didn’t hate it. Glad I read it because i normally don’t read this kind of book so it was a change of pace for me and something different.
  10. Splitting my reading between Atomic Habits by James Clear and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s court by Mark Twain.
  11. There were some kings and queens that fought for decades and some troubadours didn’t make it to Bombay. what is puzzling you?
  12. Jesus Christ St. Petersburg the blitzkrieg JFK and RFK assassinations
  13. I was 10 and my sister was 8. We were playing croquet in the front yard with my Grandfather. I spot a water moccasin cruising down the gutter towards us and yell to my grandfather. He doesn’t say a thing, he calmly walks over to the snake, raises his croquet mallet and with one swing smashes the moccasin’s head. He walks back to the croquet game and taps a ball through a wicket with his gore covered mallet. My sister and I were speechless.