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  1. I've got Allen Robinson in my lineup ahead of him this morning, but looking for a reason to make the switch. Give me one. (Edit: Never mind, and apologies for the blatant WDIS in here. Oh, and Keenan's back in my lineup.)
  2. Added him to my starting lineup a few minutes ago, then reversed it. Ingram is back in, Foster on the pine until next time. For now. I might change my mind again in ten minutes.
  3. I've got Lockett as my WR6 in a 12-team redraft league, with .02 points for every return yard plus TD points. Start two WRs and one Flex, but only seven slots on the bench. Worth a flyer just to see how he does in this scoring format.
  4. I've got him backing up Tyler Eifert after I waited until late to grab TEs. I'm a Lions homer, though, FWIW.
  5. At last week's $200 auction I threw Foster's name out at my first opportunity, hoping he would clog up someone else's roster. Ended up getting him for $19 and wishing someone had gone to twenty. That's looking like a steal now, and with Jeremy Hill and Mark Ingram holding down the fort until Arian's return I might have a decent backfield for a change.
  6. He's carrying my two teams to undefeated starts. It's good to have Luck on your side.
  7. Byes next week will press TRich into my starting lineup. Hoping he has saved his energy for the one week I will need him. Yeah, that's the ticket...
  8. You should watch it because it's an awesome movie, not to sleuth out correlations between two unrelated movies 27 years apart. I think there might be a movie called Fargo or something. Maybe check out that lead? I've seen Raising Arizona more than once, but not in the last five years. I've seen every Coen Brothers film at least once, most of them multiple times. I've been rewatching Fargo the series to cross-reference it against everything in the Coen catalog because I think that's what they did, along with Noah Hawley, when they put their efforts into the show.
  9. Watched the first 20 minutes of Raising Arizona last night, mostly to look for correlations between it and the Fargo TV series. (I saw many references to Coen Bros films as I watched the series, but forgot about Raising Arizona as a CB film.) - Nathan the Furniture King = Minnesota's Supermarket King? They both aired cheesy local TV commercials hyping their businesses, both character arcs hinged on their love for their son. - Edwina the Cop desperately wanted a baby. I kept waiting for her to smell the baby they kidnapped, like Molly the Cop did when she visited the Chief's widow in Fargo...but she didn't do that in the first 20 minutes at least. No strong correlation other than that, IMHO. Was hoping for more, and should have watched the whole movie to complete the process.
  10. I started the first book this weekend as well, through 250 pages or so. So...what are your impressions of the book so far? Has it fleshed out any particular story line for you? (Granted, the first 250 pages probably don't vary much from the first five episodes of the first season.)
  11. The police in Tübingen first learned of the incident when they received a call reporting that “a person is stuck in a stone vulva.”