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  1. just finished the good earth by pearl buck. really simple, entertaining, fast read.
  2. Scheduled for this june according to! ya i thinks it sopranos then deadwood then the wire
  3. Memories Of Ice - Steven Erikson vol. 3 of the malazan books. LOVING this book so far. way better than the first 2.
  4. Good catch. I missed that. whats sayids girl mean?? The Iraqi woman who Locke did the home inspection for was Sayid's girlfriend ("If I had a husband, he would be glad to hear that"). thanks totally missed that
  5. Good catch. I missed that. whats sayids girl mean??
  6. whats this chart you are comparing the hieroglyphics to?
  7. i stayed at the new orleans themed hotel. it was nice and I would stay there again. my annual work conference is held at the swan and dolphin. ive never stayed there since rooms are so high but they are very nice hotels compared to the others ive seen down there. also the shulas at swan is the bomb.
  8. why did that guy take favre? is this assuming all teams start next season and you are building for the future of the club?
  9. i would do this but the new strokes is too good to turn off fer real
  10. He's like you, he turned his back on us. temporarily ill be back when the years a little more current
  11. i thought marco was in this. he drop out?
  12. That was probably the first episode I disliked since the series started. I really could care less about Charlie or Claire. Their characters are so stagnant and tired. MY BAYBAY!