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  1. I’m in for at least 10 rounds. Maybe more if I don’t get snipes too much.
  2. So the serum lactate used in the study referenced is a well-established marker for critical illness. It is part of the Surviving Sepsis bundle and its use is standard of care in assessing septic patients in the ER/inpatient/ICU settings. Serum lactate is a hyperacute marker of tissue ischemia. It is often re-checked within hours of initial testing to assess treatment response. It can normalize after a single 1L fluid bolus. All that’s to say it’s not the same as lactate threshold. Neither is serum LDH, which is used clinically as a surrogate marker for cellular turnover, most often in oncology.
  3. RIP to an icon. ETA: Former Pres Obama’s statement
  4. My Father’s Day surprise is a bottle of Four Roses single barrel private selection (picked by a local liquor store). This will be the oldest and highest proofed bourbon I’ve tried. Happy Father’s Day all!
  5. It’s largely preference when comparing Vanguard ETFs vs Vanguard mutual funds as they are treated the same for tax purposes. Advantages to the ETFs are lower buy-in Cost (minimum investment is cost of 1 share) and slightly lower ERs. Advantage to the mutual funds are the ability to buy in round dollar amounts (bc you can buy fractional shares) and automation - you can set up automated investments.
  6. Looks like your current set up is a nice simple Boglehead-style 4 fund portfolio with a REIT ETF as your 4th fund. Relative to the total market you are overweight in US stocks and real estate. My only suggestion I’d make there is trying to make future VNQ purchases in your Roth for improved tax efficiency. What’s your goal with the new investments you want to make? Your plan is an interesting mix of conservative picks (VIG), tech slice (QQQ), a couple stock picks, and more REIT, but I’m not sure what it’s adding to your portfolio other than complexity.
  7. Thanks. Can you elaborate on what you think problems are and from where they derive?
  8. ROC Brewing Company Whoopass IPA Potent but delicious. Nice late-Spring after yardwork treat.