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  1. Perfect description. Can’t get this one out of my head, great pick!
  2. Rd 15 - Theophilus London ft Tame Impala - Only You That’s it for my picks given I’m innthe midst of a busy work week but I’ll continue to follow along as time allows. Thanks for the great picks so far!
  3. Rd 14 - Richard Swift - Broken Finger Blues RIP. I was familiar with him from his prosuction work with Damien Jurado and Foxygen as well as the alternate universe smash hit Lady Luck and was sad to hear of his demise from alcohol-related complications this year.
  4. Rd 13 - Jamila Woods - Giovanni
  5. Rd 12 - The Weeknd - I Was Never There
  6. D_House

    What's Your Body Mass Index (BMI)?

    From a general clinician’s perspective, BMI is not the be-all, end-all but it does have a role in clinical assessment. It is considered a piece of the puzzle like any other data point. BMI greater than 25 is deemed overweight but BMIs in the mid-20s don’t trigger alarm bells in otherwise healthy adults who are active and lack additional cardiac or metabolic risk factors. However, the average adult American gains a pound a year so it’s something to keep an eye on. And certainly if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, or high chilesterol you have other reasons to work on diet and exercise. Once you hit a BMI of 28 to 30, unless you are a power lifter it’s likely that you are carrying significant excess fat and lifestyle modifications are in order. Above 30 is clinical obesity (stage I) and needs regimented diet and exercise and possibly medication. Above 35 (stage II) with any obesity-linked serious disease is an indication for bariatric surgery. BMI 40 (stage III) and above is morbid obesity and merits consultation for bariatric surgery based on BMI alone. BMI 50 and above is termed ‘super-obesity’. The only other widely used obesity screening metric apart from BMI is waist circumference which is deemed abnormal if greater than 40” in men and 35” in women.
  7. Rd 11 Swearin’ - Grow into a Ghost Just some more catchy grungy riffage with female vocals.
  8. So i think I’ve finally come around on IDLES. Abrasive but tuneful. Good workout music. Also that Nathaniel Rateliff song ‘You Worry Me’ is killer and I liked the song drafted in the midyear draft as well so going to check out the album.
  9. Rd 10 - Mura Masa ft Octavian - Move Me
  10. Thisone gets heavy play on my local college radio station. I dig.
  11. Rd 9 - Anderson .paak - Bubblin So I picked his first single of the year as my first round pick and was debating between this and a few cuts off Oxnard for this draft. But in the end this track has had staying power with me and there’s a cool vid....
  12. Rd 8 - 1010 Benja SL - Ultimaybe Local college radio find.
  13. Rd 7: Shame - One Rizla Another find I credit to the mid-year draft. @Eephus took Concrete which is my favorite off the album but this one deserves a listen too. These guys have a lot of charisma and seem like they’d be a blast to see live.
  14. Rd 6 - Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Talking Straight I believe @Northern Voice picked Air-Conditioned Man during the mid-year draft. That got in my head enough that I searched out the album and it’s solid with Talking Straight being another highlight. Reminiscent of the kind of melodic, jangly, 60s-referencing college rock of the 80s and early 90s. Also the lead singer on this one sound like early Jagger.