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  1. I’d say U of Rochester is more of a suburban location. Especially in comparison to DC, Atlanta, and Boston schools. The U of R is on the southern edge of the city line. The Genesee River separates it from the 19th ward on the west and north while the campus is bounded on the east by a very large historic cemetery (resting place of Susan B Anthony and Frederick Douglas) and to the south by the massive U of R medical center. So it’s physically set apart from the one urban neighborhood it borders and is just not really in a walkable urban location. To explore Rochester in general does require a car.
  2. Some rare consensus. That was my gut feeling and thanks for your insight @wilked @ConstruxBoy @Random and @-OZ-, much appreciated.
  3. Question(s) for FBG real estate moguls: I’m looking to move (we want to upgrade our primary residence for school district quality and commute reasons). Fully own our current ‘starter’ home in a solidly middle class neighborhood. The metro area is low housing cost but with high property taxes (upstate NY). I’ve been thinking about keeping our starter home and renting it out as an extra source of income/portfolio diversifier (all other investments are in HYS accounts (new home down payment) or vanguard index funds (retirement and college savings accounts). I used this calculator to determine my cash flow and return and it spits out a value called the IRR that is at best 6% (with rosy estimates for rental income and maintenance). 1. Is this calculator any good? Any other hidden costs I should consider when deciding to rent (other than sweat equity)? 2. How is this projected return? Honestly doesn’t seem worth it to me if I consider it an approx 2.5-3% bump over just throwing the amount into payments on the new home (assuming a mortgage rate of 3-3.5%) plus the work involved in managing the property (wife and I both work full time but with decent hours). Am I doing that math right? Thanks for any tips!
  4. Thanks for the insight. Do you have a feel for what made these folks reluctant to vote for President Trump in the first place? Was Hillary Clinton ever an option for them? Would any Democrat be an option for them, given their preference for conservative policies?
  5. This is my conclusion. All evidence suggests that President Trump is wildly popular amongst Republicans. He has a 94% approval rating amongst Republicans, according to Gallup polling. He won 97.1% of 2020 Iowa GOP primary votes. He did less well in New Hampshire, where Bill Weld (who is a MA native) won more than 9% of the vote. However, according to wikipedia, President Trump received the most votes (129,696) in the New Hampshire primary for an incumbent candidate in U.S. history, moving past the previous recordholder, Bill Clinton, in 1996. People in New England are excited to vote for Trump in an uncompetitive primary. This suggests to me that the ‘hold your nose’ contingent of 2016 voters was either smaller than originally thought or that this contingent has come to really like Trump.
  6. My beverage this evening - Black Manhattan Evan Williams Bottled in Bond Bourbon Averna Amaro Fee Brothers (out of Rochester, NY) Aztec Chocolate Bitters Luxardo maraschino cherry for garnish Nice spicy winter warmer, like Cherry Coke but with a chocolate twist. The EW does just fine in this.
  7. Gallup link Another thing to look for is what Romney’s approval rating does after his vote for conviction. I bet it tanks.
  8. Agreed. Latest gallup has Trump at 94% approval amongst Republicans. This after impeachment. Every significant national Republican that has voiced opposition Trump has either retired from office or changed party affiliation. Also I’d think that if a significant portion of Republicans wanted a more traditional Republican in office then there’d be a serious GOP primary challenger for 2020.
  9. Thanks. I guess I’d be considered to belong in the anti-Trump group and I would disagree with anyone making the argument that the economy isn’t doing well. I do think that a generic GOP or Democratic candidate would have had similar economic results, with less market volatility and possibly better outcomes with respect to the trade and budget deficits, without all the other baggage Trump carries. I think this because current economic trends started around the middle of President Obama’s first term, as the link above demonstrates. So to give particular credit to Trump for the economy (above and beyond what a President Rubio would have accomplished) argues that some folks think that Trump brings something special to the table that outweighs all his negatives. And I would think most people who are true independents would have a hard time ignoring the amount of negatives, including his inappropriate actions WRT the Ukraine aid that led to his impeachment.
  10. Budos Band - Burnt Offering (2014): This one from Daptones Records’s resident afrofunk band gets regular play for me. I think this Pitchfork review actually does a good job of encapsulating the sound which is basically Fela Kuti meets Black Sabbath. Instrumentals only though. The Sticks
  11. I have a difficult time seeing how President Trump having well-respected members of his own party such as Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) saying his actions “crossed a line” and were ”inappropriate” on top of being impeached by the House help him in an election. However, as TheMagus and bigbottom suggested in their replies above, I’m also shuked as to how President Trump has any support at all, so I’m probably not the person to be answering this question as I’m undoubtedly missing something.
  12. Thanks. Can you explain how you think the poll you linked, which references voter’s views on the economy, relates to their views on impeachment?
  13. You just invented, down to the fees.
  14. @Otis do your homework on whole life insurance. I’m earlier along in my self education on personal finance but I haven’t read generally positive things on whole life. Term life, on the other hand, is considered essential for high income earners in a single income family. Here’s an article on the topic from a site a lot of people in my field trust.