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  1. The Great Land Robbery Atlantic article on post-Reconstruction (most specifically post-WWII and up to the mid-90s) farm policy in the Mississippi delta.
  2. was looking forward to this. How far in are you?
  3. Between my fibromyalgia, systemic exertion intolerance, chronic Lyme, low T3, and hypochondrism, too many!
  4. N-Side would be my pick from Lacy’s album for me too. It was overall a bit of a disappointment after that fantastic Internet record from last year though.
  5. Another Loaded vote. Overplayed now but Sweet Jane is a great tune.
  6. If you are asking if I think they made up the quotes in this piece, no I don’t think that. The rest of my post above fleshes out my thoughts on the Post.
  7. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘this’. However the CNBC article you posted contradicts a few things that the anonymous convict claimed in the Post piece. And my impression of the NY Post as a NYer is that it is a tabloid, so I don’t think they’re too careful about sourcing.
  8. NY Post is probably not a source we should be relying on for information here. Even moreso when they sre referencing the opinion of an anonymous felon.
  9. A medical point of clarification from earlier in the thread and sorry if already discussed, but the term ‘cardiac arrest’ is not equivalent to ‘heart attack”. In this case it sounds like he was found in “cardiac arrest” - nonresponsive and pulseless - after hanging himself, and thus CPR was started.
  10. Big thumbs up on the bolded. Breezing through Catastrophe now.
  11. vs. 58/422 in the 2017 LV shooting. ETA: 422 wounded but an estimated 851 injured in the chaos.
  12. Newtown was the last time I cried from national news (9/11 and Challenger being the other times). Like others here have mentioned, the lack of any change after that event kind of numbed me as well. But this is ridiculous. We are a sick society and regardless of whether there are other factors involved we need to start taking action now with common sense gun laws. There needs to be more discussion and implementation of solutions to this problem by our leaders and less platitudes. Also, music sometimes helps me deal with emotions: Link
  13. Yeah I iced and stretched, and toe raised my way out of the flare, took about 4 days. Icing felt the best but not sure which if any helped or if it was just backing off on running.
  14. I think I have a mild case of plantar fasciitis. Had to buy some heel inserts for my work shoes. Running shoe recs for fasciitis on the net are divergent - some say go with high cushioning, others say go with minimalist shoes to strengthen the arches. Anyone here ever deal with this? And what did you do?
  15. Brazil 🇧🇷 : family on my side reside in SP and Fortaleza Taiwan 🇹🇼 : family on my wife’s side reside in Taipei Canada 🇨🇦 : just visited Montreal for the first time and loved it