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  1. I’m a Ty owner and that is even too bullish for me. Kerryon has earned a lot of trust and can keep Stafford upright. Let’s walk before we run. Let Ty earn his way up in carries if he can...
  2. Meh if it wasn’t longer than expected he would be playing this week...late September or early October has been the time frame for a bit
  3. Ridiculously so 45% for a fourth stringer that might get a handful of goal line carries is obscene
  4. If your league was deep enough to roster C.J., then it is deep enough to roster T.J. IMHO He can definitely carve out a role in the absence of Theo, Zenner and C.J. hes a backup behind a starter with a little injury history who can also have value now...
  5. Even under the dubious, overzealous unprecedented legal theories used by the Special Counsel, there is not an obstruction case to be made. Moreover, I hope the department offers strict guidance on using such theories in the future as they are dangerous to the republic, Weissman, Mueller and Rosenstein should be ashamed, and I hope that the Inspector General reviews this aspect of the investigation.
  6. Terrible. You gotta be dry-humping me. What a shameless POS. Its a pretty common practice
  7. suddenly I don't feel so bad for screwing up my fantasy lineup.... that sucks.... T&P for that guy and his family...
  8. I'm just going to throw a few things out there: -- remuneration is going to be a sticking point to any agreement -- actual temperatures have been well under the forecasts -- a trend worth watching as the window is small and there is too much variability and there are too many adjustments to have a strong confidence in the numbers -- technological advancements create better options for managing carbon and any impacts I'm optimistic that even with no agreement that the picture is a lot brighter than some people think. I think we need to invest in -- more research -- climate science is extremely complex and we have barely scratched the surface. -- nuclear -- fusion -- solar -- carbon sucking machines
  9. he said himself ion 2008 that he would like to see higher prices, so thank him for his failure to get his way....