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  1. Was very happy that Edge and Bruce got in. Edge was a dominant all-purpose RB that excelled in the running and passing game. Bruce was a consummate route-runner and clutch performer. No concerns with any of the HOF selections.
  2. Yeah, Carolina's gonna be really bad next year. Luke Kuechly's retirement is really going to hurt an already vulnerable defense against the run. The Dixie Kitties are in full rebuild mode. I still see the Skins as a double-digit loss team next year, especially since they will match up against the NFC West and AFC North in non-divisional matchups. Everyone seems to see the Skins taking Chase Young at 1.02 as a foregone conclusion. But if Cinci falls in love with Young or some GM offers a king's ransom to move up to take Young, the BIG question becomes does Washington then take Joe Burrow? I would think that the answer would be yes, though they could trade down for a lot of picks and still get a franchise left tackle like Jedrick Wills (yet another Bama guy).
  3. Happy New Year Raider Nation!! I like that schedule too. But so much as to how we do hangs on Derek Carr's improvement as a downfield passer and a team leader. He can't just be a "game-manager"; he has to show that he can carry this team when needed.
  4. I agree, DGreen. I think Dan and company was just putting out feelers to see how the fanbase was reacting to keeping Bruce around. It was time for parting of ways.
  5. I was really disappointed that we couldn't close that game out for the loyal Raider Nation. The fans in the Black Hole really deserved to see the Silver and Black turn out the lights with a win. The Coliseum might be a dump, but it was OUR dump. I have so many memories of great plays (e.g,. "The Sea of Hands", "The Holy Roller") in that building. We really need a big-time WR; doubt that he'll be there when we pick, but Jerry Jeudy would be nice.
  6. Kenyan Drake just powered my team to the championship game!! Just mind-boggling that Joe Philbin and Adam Gase couldn't get anything from this guy.
  7. I agree with you on Mostert being this year's D-Will. As the new lead dog in that offense, Mostert may be a league-winner for a lot of championship teams. . Don't feel bad about missing out; it happens.
  8. Poor kid. Seems like he's never going to stay healthy for long. Considering Vinny's Win/Loss Record as GM is better than Allen's, Bruce should have been fired years ago.
  9. Jones might as well sit; he's not playing very well. Instead of calling him "Danny Dimes", Jones should probably be nicknamed "The Big Apple Turnover".
  10. Agree, Doc. Carr has never demonstrated the ability to put the team on his back, and elevate the play of his skill position teammates.
  11. From Rotoworld: Julio Jones participated in Wednesday's walk-through, which is at least a glimmer of hope after he was DNP Monday and Tuesday. Jones isn't someone who needs to practice in order to play either, so hopefully we'll get word well before lineups lock Thursday night. If Jones sits, Calvin Ridley and Russell Gage will see massive boosts.
  12. "Death by Sanu Sanu". (Futurama fans will get the reference).
  13. If I had to take a guess, I would say Marquise Brown. Lamar Jackson is such a dynamic offensive powerhouse, and teams are going to load up to stop the run. That should open up opportunities for big plays over the top for Hollywood. He will give Baltimore a completely different offensive dimension with his explosiveness. Brown isn't just a speed guy; he is a superb route runner with great hands.