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  1. Gettleman really made a dubious pick by taking Jones instead of Haskins. Not really impressed with Jones' tape.
  2. I agree. He doesn't have that quick twitch that Charlie had. I still want Greedy Williams at 27, but have a sneaking suspicion that Irv Smith might be the pick with Cook gone.
  3. Great pick for the Redskins. This is a guy who's played big games, and knows how to win. Not super mobile, but can make all of the throws. Now get him some receivers.
  4. I'm still pissed about passing on Derwin James last year and taking a stiff like Kolton Miller.
  5. I would have thrown up if they did that. Don't screw up 24 and 27, please!!!
  6. Clelin Ferrell is a good player, but at 1.04 that's a bit of a reach with Josh Allen still available.
  7. That would make sense. The QB-needy Giants are sitting at 1.06 and would likely take Haskins there , don't care what Eli-loving Mike Francesca says.
  8. And that scares me to death. I'm removing all sharp objects from my house to prepare for the draft. Personally I'm hoping for Quinnen Williams (or Josh Allen) at 1.04. 1.24 I'd prefer CBs Byron Murphy or DeAndre Baker, and at 1.27 Clemson studs Clelin Ferrell or Dexter Lawrence. I'd be okay with Irv Smith at 1.27 too; sort of a Jordan Reed type of TE (hopefully without the injuries).
  9. As Scooby-Doo would say, "Ruh Roh." Pete Prisco from CBS was saying that the Jets have been in communication with the Skins about trading for the 3rd pick. The big question would be "Why?" . Are they thinking that the Cards won't take Kyler Murray at 1.01 and would then leap at 1.03 and grab him. They'd have to pay a king's ransom to jump that far. They wouldn't do that for Bama Boy Quinnen Williams; they already have Payne and Allen. Maybe for edge rusher Josh Allen? A lot of intrigue with this year's draft.
  10. I would have chosen Josh Allen at 1.04, but I don't think he'll be there. Quinnen Williams may be the safest pick in the draft.
  11. I"ll bite for the Beloved Silver and Black. 1.04 Quinnen Williams, DT, Alabama 1.24 Byron Murphy, CB, Washington 1.26 Deionte Thompson, Safety, Alabama
  12. It's a big deal when you consider sex trafficking. Trumpty Dumpty's billionaire buddy Jeffrey Epstein engaged it in Florida.
  13. They certainly forced Jerry Richardson out for racist remarks. Don't know if ol' Roger has the cojones to try this. Owners are subject to a morals clause, I believe.