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  1. Herb Adderly was a great, and I mean great CB. He and Willie Wood made up perhaps the best CB tandem that I've ever seen, perhaps with the exception of Michael Haynes (HOFer) and Lester Hayes (SHOULD BE a HOFer; so should Cliff Branch for that matter but I digress). Those were the days when corners were very physical, and could hit WRs all the way down the field. That Packer defense with Nitschke, Willie Davis, Adderly, and Wood was just devastating. I still remember his Pick Six in Super Bowl II (they didn't really call it that at the time) against my beloved Raiders. Jesus, I'm OLD....
  2. Yeah, there's definitely a chance of that. Chase Edmunds looks like a better fit for Arizona's offense.
  3. And 41 TD passes. Didn't see 5000, but that's still a hell of a season statistically.
  4. I fell out of my chair laughing when Jones got tripped up by the Turf Monster on that 80-yard run. If that play isn't symbolic of the 2020 NFC Least, nothing is.
  5. I probably would start Claypool. Seattls is a lot better vs. the run than against the pass. This might be another Chase (as in Edmunds) game.
  6. Yeah, it'll be a down game for Claypool. Just 6 catches, 80 yards and 2 TDs. 😃
  7. Sometimes it's just infuriating that coaches can't see the proverbial forest for the trees. Dobbins' explosiveness is just undeniable. I own Ingram also, and the current three-man rotation makes them unstartable. Ingram has been a good soldier and team guy in the locker room, but his role in the offense should be diminished.
  8. From The Athletic: The Athletic reports free agent Le'Veon Bell is expected to sign with either the Chiefs or Dolphins. This is in line with NFL Network's report that the Dolphins have been "waving around" money in their pursuit of Bell after the Chiefs thought they had a deal done. There is always some way to make the numbers work, but the Dolphins have considerably more cap space than the Chiefs. Bell would knock Clyde Edwards-Helaire out of the top 20 at running back if he signed in Kansas City, while Myles Gaskin would probably slide beyond FLEX status.
  9. Starting Claypool with great optimism as my 3rd WR along with Kenny Golladay and Calvin Ridley. The BIG winner with Claypool's emergence is Ben Roethlisberger. He has a huge array of weapons at his disposal. Cleveland gives up the 2nd most FF points to WRs in the NFL, and the 7th most to QBs.
  10. Facts. Big Ben is the real winner here. Roethlisberger may hit 40+ TDs this year.
  11. The obvious trade partner choices would be New England or Green Bay. Potentially Philly or even New Orleans. i
  12. Terrific win for the Beloved Silver and Black. FINALLY, Derek pushed the ball down the field!! Ruggs can be a weapon; let's use him for God's Sake.
  13. 90% of your FAAB. This kid has league-winner written all over him.
  14. Hoping for a swift recovery for Dak. He's always carried himself in a classy manner. This has been an awful year for him and his family.
  15. What a Beast this kid is. Loved the guy last year at Notre Dame. Mapletron?? He looks like Optimus Prime to me.