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  1. You're not wrong. But be forewarned, as talented as Ramsey is he can be disruptive in the locker room. He will challenge authority if he doesn't see eye-to-eye with the coaching staff. And he won't hesitate to be critical to the media in interviews.
  2. My God, the secondary is really bad. Gareon Conley just got abused by Robinson. As usual, Kelce had his way with the safeties. I can only imagine what would have happened had Tyreek Hill been healthy. Josh Jacobs was impressive, but they went away from him once the Silver and Black fell behind. Derek Carr doesn't even try to push the ball down the field. He only averaged a horrific 5.4 yards per attempt today. He simply isn't a franchise QB; the contrast between Carr and Mahomes is as wide as the Grand Canyon.
  3. That didn't take long. 27 yard TD reception on the first drive. Move this kid into the "STUD" category.
  4. I'd be on board for that. The Cowboys are hot and heavy for him also.
  5. I am, with Tyreek Hill out this week. The Cardinal secondary with no Patrick Peterson makes for a mouth-watering matchup for Marquise. Great matchup for Mark Andrews too, if you've got him.
  6. He's a decent QB2 in a twelve-team league or 2QB leagues. Carr tends to be a Alex Smith clone, dinking and dunking down the field. Jon Gruden has been quite vocal in stating that he wants Carr to put the ball down the field in the old Raider tradition. Gets a little skittish in the pocket at times, but he can deliver the football quickly. He should have a really good game against the Chiefs on Sunday. He lit them up for 285 yards and 3 TDs in Oakland last year. The thing that you have to be mindful of is that Carr does have some wide-ranging home/road split stats. Good at home, not so much on the road for the most part. I wouldn't start him in Minnesota in Week 3 or Chicago in Week 5.
  7. Hollywood didn't practice on Friday, according to Rotoworld. That's what he did last week, however. But emerging TE Mark Andrews didn't either. Both are concerning to me, especially since I own both (14th round pick for Brown, 16th round for Andrews in a 12-teamer). Andrews is in a smash spot against the Cardinal defense that gave up 131 yards and a TD to T.J. Hockenson.
  8. Poor kid. Really feel bad for him; very humble and seems to love football.
  9. Solid win for the Silver and Black. Strong kudos to the offensive line, handling Chubb and Miller quite well for the most part. Carr was efficient, poised and solid, though I'd like to see him stop seeing "ghosts" and getting jittery in the pocket. Carr and AB never would have clicked; Derek wants to throw quick within 8 or 9 yards from the line of scrimmage and would not have given Brown enough time to run deep routes. I do work about the secondary. Coverage is way too soft. And we've never had an answer for Kelce.
  10. WTEM just stated on the Radio that Rappoport is reporting that Guice will miss some time to the non-operative knee injury. Wow.
  11. Cue up Kool and the Gang. Hollywooooooooood...... Hollywood Swinging!!
  12. I took Marquise (14th round) and Mark Andrews (16th round) as speculative picks, hoping that Lamar Jackson improves as a passer. Expect more from Andrews immediately, though Hollywood should make some noise at some point this year. Ravens are going to be really run-heavy.
  13. San Francisco: Can Jimmy G. lead this offense? What will the Breida / Coleman split look like?