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  1. "Death by Sanu Sanu". (Futurama fans will get the reference).
  2. If I had to take a guess, I would say Marquise Brown. Lamar Jackson is such a dynamic offensive powerhouse, and teams are going to load up to stop the run. That should open up opportunities for big plays over the top for Hollywood. He will give Baltimore a completely different offensive dimension with his explosiveness. Brown isn't just a speed guy; he is a superb route runner with great hands.
  3. The other great thing about Foles' schedule is that weather shouldn't be a factor in any of those games.
  4. Can't imagine or think of an instance with 3. I can think of one with 2, when Marcus Allen and Bo Jackson shared the Raiders backfield.
  5. Foles certainly does have a favorable schedule, and an especially sweet FF playoff schedule. Week 13 -- TB (30th in FF points allowed vs. QBs) Week 14 -- LA Chargers (10th) Week 15 -- Oakland (31st) Week 16 -- Atlanta (29th)
  6. What a GREAT win for the Beloved Silver and Black on national TV!! I loved seeing the secondary generating turn-overs (thank you Erik Harris!!) Josh Jacobs is just a beast. The kid runs so hard, and with power and vision. The offensive line has really come together. I will no longer rant about passing on Derwin James for Kolton Miller. Let's GO!!!!
  7. LOL. You could use a sundial to time Ballage's 40-yard dash.
  8. Only if picking up a mediocre plodding RB tickles your fancy.
  9. Well done, Ed!!! Pleased by the great win on the road. Relatively quiet day for Waller, but the offense kept humming along.
  10. Rotoworld now has Carson as questionable with a hammy issue.
  11. Really looking forward to this game. Want to see how the Prince of Darkness will scheme up the defense to stop Lamar Jackson, if that's possible.
  12. J.P. Findlay, the Comcast Sports beat reporter for the Redskins had stated that even though Trent had reported, he told the Redskins he had no intention of playing for them. The Redskins have truly become an embarrassment.