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  1. Much, much worse. Consistently missed wide open receivers. And Matt Nagy thinks having Trubisky throw the ball 50 times is a recipe for victory??? Trubisky is a bust; Ryan Pace will go to his grave saying "I shoulda taken Mahomes".
  2. That's too funny. The Vikings are favored by 16 for the TNF matchup.
  3. Good assessment, Tom. Gareon Conley is just terrible; the guy can't tackle to save his life. The thing that really drives me nuts is the Carr fumble; he did exactly the same thing losing the ball when he dove at the pylon 2 years ago.
  4. If you aren't certain of whether or not Kyle Shanahan wants to stick it to the Redskins this Sunday, you should listen to his press conference. When Kyle was asked about what he liked most about coaching for the 'Skins, he said "working with my dad and some other good coaches". When asked what he disliked the most, he said "Everything else".
  5. Really unfortunate that Hollywood will miss out on what is likely going to be a track meet with the Seahawks. Hopeful he's going to be 100% after the Week 8 bye.
  6. What a mess. This guy was a certifiable league-winner late last year, and now he's just trash. Mahomes being out won't help matters for the Chiefs' "running game", if we can call it that.
  7. I concur. 'Reek is the Chiefs' most explosive player, and Andy Reid is going to have to manufacture ways to get him the ball.
  8. The issue with this trade (yeah, you're getting a great player) is that it doesn't "fix" Jared Goff. Defensive coordinators may have figured him out and confusing him with their coverages.
  9. Very proud of the boys, as Davey likes to say. A lot of similarities between them and the Caps two years ago.
  10. The 49ers defense is no joke, that's for certain. Kyle Shanahan should be an odds-on favorite for Coach of the Year at this point, but it's early. I can imagine that he has the match-up with the Redskins next week circled on his calendar, considering the "bad blood" between the Shanahans and Redskins team president Bruce Allen. The Skins just barely beat a Dolphin team that's trying to tank.
  11. Since I wrote the original post, Devonta Freeman has scored 12, 18, 18 and 26 points/contest in ppr scoring. The window's probably closed on buying low at this point.
  12. LOL. I can imagine Kevin Sheehan from WTEM working out "playoff scenarios".
  13. Freeman's really getting it done in the passing game. Welcome back to being relevant, Devonta.
  14. Tate is really impressive. Several leaping and diving catches today.
  15. Yes, he does. Still should have a decent game against the pitiful Falcons secondary.
  16. Yeah, he could have. Garappolo had him wide open in the end zone and put it a bit behind Coleman. Coleman still should have had it.
  17. Yes, they do. Mahomes has taken a lot of hits over the past couple of games. He's only thrown 1 TD pass in the last 2 games; who'd have thought that would have ever been the case?
  18. From Rotoworld: PATRICK MAHOMES QB, KANSAS CITY CHIEFS Patrick Mahomes (ankle) is practicing Wednesday. After tweaking it in the Sunday night loss to the Colts last week, Mahomes said he's fine. He should bounce back in a big way this week at home against the Texans with Tyreek Hill (collarbone) possibly rejoining the lineup. SOURCE: Sam McDowell on Twitter Oct 9, 2019, 1:41 PM ET SAMMY WATKINS WR, KANSAS CITY CHIEFS Sammy Watkins (hamstring) is not practicing Wednesday. Watkins made a cameo appearance to start Sunday night's eventual Week 5 loss to the Colts but quickly left after coming into the night questionable. A long suffered of lower-body injuries, Watkins can't be trusted for Week 6 against the Texans. Tyreek Hill practiced again Wednesday and could be back to join Demarcus Robinson, Mecole Hardman, and Byron Pringle at wideout. SOURCE: BJ Kissel on Twitter Oct 9, 2019, 12:55 PM ET
  19. Normally don't say this about kickers, but Justin Tucker is on a Hall of Fame trajectory.
  20. Yeah, I heard the press conference. Bruce gave the press non-answers to almost every question. Especially how the opposing teams' fans out-number Redskins fans. Has no idea just how 'f'd up things are in Ashburn. Really classy move to have Gruden come in at 5 to get the axe.
  21. All about pride and poise in London. Great win for the raiders.
  22. Having Juju on the field (even as a decoy) is a good thing for Johnson. The Ravens won't be able to put bracket coverage on Johnson; they will be forced to account for Smith-Schuster.
  23. Of course not. This is the Redskins' "braintrust" that we're talking about here.